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Video! Our Reptilian Overlords Unmasked

Tuesday, August 26, 2014 18:35
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They are among us. Blood-drinking, flesh-eating, shape-shifting extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids with only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the human race. They are our leaders, our corporate executives, our beloved Oscar-winning actors and Grammy-winning singers, and they’re responsible for the Holocaust, the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 attacks.


Who are the Reptilians and where are these Reptilian Aliens from? Reptilians some believe are from the Draco system and are also known as Reptoids or Lizard people. Reptilians have existed for millions of years and they are responsible for the creation of the Grey Aliens and their war mongering nature continues to challenge the supremacy of the Arcturian Aliens. Despite their inability to fight their greatest foe, Reptilians have managed to infiltrate Earth through deceit and lies and begin their attempt to take over this galaxy.

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  • kingbabylon

    Nothing new old story tnx

    • Equalizer

      Pure factual Satanic gold… Every single word is truth.

  • MileHiLife

    Oldie but a goodie. Important part of the process of awakening for the newbies :idea:

    • SonOfJohn777

      When I first read the title of this article, I instantly remembered all the storiesthrough the years about rabbis passing stds by sucking the blood out of baby penises like little satanic dogs… sadly this article contains no such truth.

  • King of Shambhala

    This is going to be voted down here: the Obots can’t stand this.

    The Left Wing is crazy. Blacks like Michael Eric Dyson and other mentally sick Leftists have been saying Obama’s the Messiah since a long time. Black activist Michael Eric Dyson says many people say Obama’s Jesus.

    Deranged Nutbag Michael Eric Dyson: ‘I Ain’t Saying Obama Is Jesus, BUT….

    Remember mad Jammie Foxx? he said “Praise Obama our Lord and Saviour.” What is wrong with these people? I ask. Remember Oprah? “Obama is The One.” Remember James Farrakhan? “When the Messiah Speaks! And the Messiah is definitely speaking. (It’s Obama.)” These are mentally deficient and diseased people.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t worry though, the cowards here can keep on voting comments down.

      Some day the tide will turn and it can be fast now.

      Lyn Leahz has said many times Obama’s the Antichrist and she’ll be making new articles saying Obama’s not the Messiah but the Devil In Hell instead.

      That can happen fast now.

      Strike like lightning.

      All the signs of the end are here for the Antichrist Obama. Israel’s signing with Hamas a peace.

      Obama will become the “False Man of Peace” aka the Beast aka the Antichrist.

      The Bible prophecy is realizing right now.

      Obama is not REPEAT “NOT” the Messiah.

      • criss2002r1

        I have a scorpios draconis spirit we are not all left-est not all of us want to take over or rule the galaxy and the cube is not in the draco constellation its in the scorpio constellation. KOS you are quick to judge others and you yourself sir speak like a dragon. I dont care for Obamas views either but I am not obsessed with not liking him you sir have a very negetive point of view. Your words are a reflection of a very judgemental, egotistical, negetive energy if you have studied buddism as you have stated on other post then you should really try harder to implement some of those fundementals and core values when you post comments that would serve you much better. Have a good day OLE MIGHTY KING OF SHAMBALA

      • King of Shambhala

        criss2002r1, yes I’m Buddhist, the highest form of culture in the world.

        It’s Kalachakra apocalypse-prophecy predicts Obama as the demonic Antichrist.

        But being Buddhist means I like goodness and reject evil; so that’s why I’m revealing the Antichrist Obama and I won’t let up until it’s over.

      • sarah

        Obama is the Devil’s Messiah according to Lindsey Williams source.

        The Elite are supposedly real smug about that fact is the way it come across to me, when I listen to Pastor Williams relate that story.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Once again twit, stop spweing your speil in other people’s articles!

      • King of Shambhala

        The Obots can’t stand me saying Obama’s not the Messiah but the Antichrist instead for usre.

        I think some of these deranged nitwits actually beleive he is the Messiah so they’re certifiable if they think that.

        Maybe mental issues?

      • King of Shambhala

        Repeat, Repeat, Obama is Not repeat, the Messiah.

        What crazy Leftists can believe Obama’s the Messiah?

        C R A Z Y !

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        @Smitthy-boy regarde-toi dans le mirroir! Tu devrais aller voir ton psychiatre c’est le temps.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s good; the news is getting out that the crazy Leftists think Obama’s the Messiah.

        How crazy can people get?

        Blacks are saying Obama’s the Messiah. Standing up for the homosexual agenda is so stupid. That agenda kills people. Homosexuals die 17 to 28 years younger than straights.

        Why say Obama’s the Messiah? That’s just stupid.

        Farrakhan, Oprah, Jamie Foxx, Michael Eric Dyson, these black crazies are what Obama’s got to stand up for him and say he’s the Messiah. They’re certifiable crazies. Why do they do that?

        The Left Wing is crazy. Blacks like Michael Eric Dyson and other mentally sick Leftists have been saying Obama’s the Messiah since a long time. Black activist Michael Eric Dyson says many people say Obama’s Jesus.

        Deranged Nutbag Michael Eric Dyson: ‘I Ain’t Saying Obama Is Jesus, BUT….

        Remember mad Jammie Foxx? he said “Praise Obama our Lord and Saviour.” What is wrong with these people? I ask. Remember Oprah? “Obama is The One.” Remember James Farrakhan? “When the Messiah Speaks! And the Messiah is definitely speaking. (It’s Obama.)” These are mentally deficient and diseased people.

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        @Smitthy-boy quite the introductory article your good… buddy Jaywill wrote 4U there…

      • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • King of Shambhala

        This is the Apocalypse. Get with it if you want to be saved. Obama NOT the Messiah.

        666 The Mark Of The Beast: An Amazing Interview With The King of Shambhala – Geir Smith – The Reluctant Messenger Of The Apocalypse

  • MediaMike

    1. There was no holocaust. The jews have been quoting the “6 million” crap since 1913 when they started their attack on the German people (thru US media, they coerced America into WWI because Britain was forced to. promise Palestine to the jews if the jews could get the US into the war and win it against Germany.)

    • THOTH

      Even the most famous American WW2 general Patton said “we fought for the wrong side.”

    • MileHiLife

      There are many post WWII books and researchers, Jewish even, who admit the holocaust didn’t happen quite the way as presented, and certainly not with 6 million, or 4 million, murdered. Regardless of the numbers, the slaughter was with the blessings of the Nazi-Zionists.

      Why? Isn’t it obvious?

      Israel. Born May 14, 1948. Deceased 201*?

    • Arlene Johnson

      You´re absolutely right MediaMike. Good for you. I have numerous articles proving it didn´t happen in my work starting with my sixth edition. Then, in my 18th edition I exposed that David Ben Gurion tripped himself up with how many Jews were in Europe at the beginning of WW II as there were not even 6 million in Europe at that time.


      Arlene Johnson
      To access my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

  • Mariano


    Pure evil.

    • Busta Myth

      either Pure Evil or Pure Fantasty

      it sounds more like a Josef Goerbells Big Lie, “it wasn’t me it was the Lizards!”

      You’d think that somebody who really beleives they’re closet Lizards would have waited until a bunch of “Suspected Lizards” were LIVE on TV and tested the theory :lol:

  • kjbaran


    ….He said, “I come from the land of darkness”
    I said, “I come from the land of doom”
    He said, “I come from the land of Gamehendge
    From the land of the big baboon
    But I’m never, never going back there
    And I couldn’t if I tried

    ‘Cause I come from the land of lizards
    And the lizards they have died
    And the lizards they have died
    And the lizards they have died
    And the lizards they have”

    He told me that the lizards
    Were a race of people practically extinct
    From doing things smart people don’t do
    He said that he was once a lizard too

    His name was Rutherford the Brave
    And he was on a quest to save
    His people from the fate that lay before them
    Their clumsy end was perilously near

    The lizards would be saved, he said, if they could be enlightened
    By the writings of the Helping Friendly Book
    In all of Prussia only one existed
    And Wilson had declared that any person who possessed it was a crook…..

  • Don't be hating!

    No comment..Phewww..

  • slamdance13

    ‘only one objective in their cold-blooded little heads: to enslave the human race’ hahahahahahaha. what’s taking so long?

    • Equalizer

      Nothing…you as many are too stupid/preoccupied to know the difference of true “Freedom” and enslavement. Go back to your Doritos, beer and smart phone.

  • StavoV

    Excuse me….I thought the article, was about Mitch McConnell or John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and all rightwing, supposed G-ds Disciples, looking for money. I mean, they are reptilian in all aspects. :shock:

  • Anonymous

    This woman is a NUTCASE!
    o’bama is simply a Narcissistic person, created to be that from being told since birth that they (the Elites) were going to make him the Fraud-in-chief. His puppeteers will likely throw him under the bus (do a JFK on him) when he outlives his usefulness.

  • GK

    AAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAH. Crappy video editing (it was a good try though, adding those slits to peoples eyes) and a story that’s as bogus as King of Shams. Good for a laugh though.

  • YouGuysAreIdiots

    I get it. This is a Sanity Test. Those who believe any of this asinine crap fail miserably.

    Seriously, how can anyone believe any of this reptilian overlord crap? How damaged do you have to be to give any credence to this silly stuff, Obama being the anti-christ or devil or whatever included.

    Well, bound to be idiots in the world. Guess I should be glad they have found a place to commiserate.

  • Mr Lightbeam

    This Is all Sci-Fi

    There has got to be more things out there than just bloody lizards conquering the Galaxy.


    BRING BACK THE DALEKS!!! :???: :cool: :lol:

    • criss2002r1

      ROFL right lets be sure and include everybody now there were seven dam tribes not just one..LOL

  • jay67

    they are democrats in human disguise.

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    I could kiss you!

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      Humm, this was a reply to a good comment. Why is it gone??

      • criss2002r1

        Its six comments above this one you gotta be quicker then that ROFL

        • Big dog.../small fish...

          I hate it when the links don’t work.

  • BStallard

    The picture of that baby, thats harlequin syndrome ! It is not a reptilian baby,

  • zanaelf

    This is a load of tripe, originally invented by David Ike as a marketing technique for gullible minds. The religio political elite are nothing more than corrupt power crazy human beings… providing video pixelation as evidence of shape shifting to demonise extraterrestrials is both lame, boring and stupid.

    • criss2002r1

      Is not kitty kat

  • IRHologram

    The digital anomalies on faces are easily explained as digital pixel distortion. But the eye slit pupils may be another thing. You can easily prove or disprove this to yourself by doing screen shots of news makers and enlarging the eyes. I suggest you do this.

    RE: King of Shambala being reptoid, we should examine his pupils. Lol

    • King of Shambhala This comment has received too many negative votes.Show
      • criss2002r1

        Nobody likes you dickel nose LOL what about me what about me ……somebody like me

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Go and see Jaywill’s introductory (it’s now exactly that it’s more like shoving down people’s throats) article about King of Nonsense here. Worth the detour.

      • slamdance13


      • THOTH

        Just so we’re clear, I don’t like Obama, or any other politician. They are all lobby group PUPPETS.
        Obama does what he is told and answers to his AIPAC owners and NOTHING more. He does not make decisions. He might as well not even have a brain. He is just another AIPAC marionette that could be replaced anyone. He is a joke among the international community. I don’t care that he drew 666 in a lottery in his home town. It means NOTHING. I went out for lunch the other day in my home town and the total came to 666 :eek:
        It’s not the first time it’s happened either :eek: IT MEANS NOTHING.

        Do you realize that reluctant means the opposite of willing? You have proven innumerable times on BIN just how willing you are to spout the same old story. You are the furthest thing from reluctant. You are a megalomaniac, NOT the messiah. Obama is NOT the anti-Christ. If he was he would be easily defeated and there would be nothing to worry about. He’s an expendable, replaceable, puppet.

        KOS you have become worse than spam, polluting every comment thread with the same old non sense.
        Everyone votes your comments down for this reason. You are so repetitive, it’s like you are a machine.
        By the way KOS, where is Shambhala? Is it in Tibet? Or the hollow earth? Or is it a 4th dimensional city of the gods, which can only be accessed astral bodies

  • Anonymous

    A complete waste of time any true believer will know and do as I did turn it off within 3 minutes or sooner. This is nothing more then a distraction, or someone using it to make or take your money. Don’t waste your time, learn your real enemy and spend your precious what is left if it preparing to fight the real enemy.

  • Anonymous

    The usual idiotic nonsense. It’s amazing what people with no critical thinking skills will believe.

  • Anonymous

    They are called ‘demons’. Not ‘reptillian shape shifters’

  • Anonymous

    Do they have tails? if you rub their tummies they make coo noises i heard . and they like lettuce leaves
    and ground beef and flies the babies are real cute.
    I want one.

    • criss2002r1

      If your a pretty girl…Then lets turn the lights down low and tell me what you see cause I have this secret escape where we could be :lol:

  • Jiliane

    Yes you are correct. There are other races here to strip our planet bare and use humans
    to do the work. They don’t need all 7 billion of us; 2 billion will do.
    They believe we are poor shepherds of such a richly divest planet. the degradation we have
    caused in the last 150 years is alarming and can’t sustain humanity at the current level.
    Our greatest threat is the intervention being cast upon humanity. However God has given
    us the power to remove this threat! Suggested reading: Life in the Universe, Allies of Humanity
    volume 1, 2 & 3, Wisdom of the Greater Community, Steps to Knowledge and many others.
    Spread the word….Knowledge lives in Humanity, wake up people!

    • criss2002r1

      You are smart very smart guess Ill be seeing you in the 5th awesome liberty, equality, love and light to you and all you touch… good day

  • criss2002r1

    I cant masterbate because my arms are too short and was lucky to find a girl that would give me sex………..CAUSE AM THE NON MASTERBATING TYRANNOSAURS REX :loRRRROOOOOAAAARRRRRRR :lol:

  • Equalizer

    Arizona Wilder is one of 3 mother earth goddesses. There are always 3. these are typically replaced by their own offspring daughters once the daughter reaches the age of eighteen, which means the mother is thirty six or thirty two, (not sure which ). These three are used for the sex magic blood rituals that have ben ongoing throughout this age, and indeed, several ages past of life on this planet. There are 640 billion galaxies in man’s universe or bubble of existance. The math is that there is a certainty of life elsewhere. This life consists of what we call the angelic race. They are all more advanced than us as they have no corruption like on earth. Earth is a reflection of those things in heaven, yet is now under control of the king of the air satan, and is in physical corruption. Those who follow the leading of God’s holy spirit, the God of Abraham, are some 50,000 for each predestined man or woman on earth waiting for us to call upon to assist us. One third are fallen and scientifically we would say they exist in zero enthropy, yet have no connection the the holy spirit, so are spiritually dead, and are now predestined for hell and then outer darkness from the memory of man. Not all of mankind are predestined for heaven. There is free will which God will not interfere with, but his knowledge of each one’s choice does not alter this.

    What Arizona is seeing, is into the spirit dimensions. Like the movie Avitar, these mixed blooodlines are those who from all the generations have served satan. They have as shown in the pyramid design, levels of power, both in the spiritual dimensions and in the physical dimensions. There are seven spiritual and five physical in existence. The seven spiritual dimensions are our true reality and nature. The physical with the end being physical death, is a corruption that came with the fall of man. Much of our DNA is sequestered in order to survive in this age, that was a result of the conditions of our last age.

    Just s the Illuminati fight among themselves for the highest level of evil power they can get, so too the fallen have the pyramid structure of the spiritual dimensions. We know we do not fight against flesh and blood. The spiritual warfare is between the fallen angels and the angels that serve God. All battles must happen in the spiritual dimensions before they can be manifest in the physical. In any fight, the fallen looks at you and knows when seeing your angel or the lack of having an angel, to know how to defeat you. ANGELS DO NOT WORK IN SIN. God says…if you will do this, I will do that. If you don’t do this, I cannot do that.

    There is a council of nine, and of 13, and this is the druidic council, which have positions in the world as with the pope, now Petrus Romanus and the pindar (penis of the dragon ) who is the CEO of earth inc, baron Guy De Rothschild. the 13th of the houses.

    There is but a single senior prophet that holds the keys to the kingdom of God at this time, and has ten prophets as stated in Zechariah 8:23 and these men lead the 144,000 who will be the spiritual leadership that brings Israel back to God as his inheritance. This five fold ministry will begin in the last 3 1/2 years of human civilization. Nothing will be able to harm these, and they will have NO FEAR to go anywhere and serve their purpose for God’s plan of salvation of bringing his people back to the promised lan once the time comes. This land is Saudi Arabia, which will fall into their hands after the failure of the false peace treaty where the muslim confederates attack and fail to take Israel.

    Those that are fallen and in the flesh are partly of man, and also of every description of animal both land and sea on earth. They live beneath the ground. They also operate their superluminal vehicles, and allow those of the globalists to control out as far as Mars. They are of mankind, but are spiritually possessed of the fallen, which appear as the serpentine. These are the strongest of the fallen and are known as the Gorgons. The grey’s are a synthetic form they grow, to do their bidding, to continue their plan of evil, to mingle their seed with that of man, so those people cannot be saved. This is the theme of all language of symbols…the mixing of clay and iron. As in the geoengineering and GMO food, the goal is to alter the DNA, by permanent change, by taking the mark from a vaccine which will accomplish this, and that person will not even be able to die when left behind as they are then demonized as the holy spirit leaves the earth. All who accept this mark, either by the mind or the physical condition of altered DNA, cannot be saved.

    God too will mark his own, and only then will final destruction come. There will be no rapture. Many will have their head taken and be with God as stated. Many millions will die and miss the time of their visitation as they refuse to open their eyes by willfull ignorance, or are given over to accept the lies of the globalists. They will die in their sin. The time of grace has ended. We are called to repent and we are under the laws of Moses. Those who accept God’s salvation will die and be in his kingdom, but those who also keep his laws as in the Torah, will not be harmed.

    Do not believe that the globalists, beneath the skin, are actually a different being. The mixing is far more subtle that that. It is at the DNA level and they look like anyone else, or else they are spiritually possessed. The star seeds are of a mixed blood, whose parents were taken and used for creating the mixed blood offspring. I do not know of the line that one crosses by their bloodline birth, who choose to serve God. This is beyond my knowledge. I do believe those who serve God can effect their physical condition however.

    • Net-in-YAHOO Says

      The Dracos come to feed on YOU, human!
      YOUR RACE ARE LIKE CATTLE to the Draco’s.

      It is time for your rather pathetic creatures to SAVE YOURSELVES!

      Because the Draco’s are real. They do feed on your species on a regular basis.
      They existed long before your species on this pathetic, violent, disturbed planet.

      You PREY to the white-skinned mangod fable to “save you”, when the one MAN who did end their rein of terror during his epoch of earth time, YOUR VILE holy roman catholic church found guilty of Heresy, and burnt him to death at the stake, as long ago legend records.

      THE Christian Orthodox church reveres this man as much as jesus.
      Coptic Christians in what is now Ethiopia hewn a church out of SOLID ROCK, below the surface of the earth, AND dedicated it to this man, when euro-Caucasians were killing themselves in a true barbaric, pre-Christian time! Considered one of the 8 modern wonders of the world, YOU Brain washed morons have NO idea WHAT or WHO I am talking about.
      He is the Patron Saint of England. His shield, as a Symbol OF HIM AND HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS, have been usurped over the ages by King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, The Crusaders, England (shield used in the royal Crest), and the Rothschild Family crest of 400+ years (his shield, positioned like at a funeral, with two little Draco’s running up each of the sides of the shield.

      I mean NON-christians OF OTHER RACES AND PARTS OF THE WORLD know who I am talking about!
      What he killed (the beast) is part of their calendar!!

      I mean, after all, Fable boy “jesus” sat down next to pure evil on a hilltop one fine dessert day, and LISTENED TO A SALES PITCH!
      And then, let that pure evil walk away to TORMENT you sappy ‘believers” to this day.
      “YOUR” white-skinned mangod DID NOTHING VS. Pure Evil!

      No “negotiation” with it, pure evil.
      Just Action! True Protector of man & woman kind!
      NOT some sappy fable “mangod” you “FREE WILL” believing MORONS HAVE TO FOREVER WAIT FOR!

      TO “Save” you???????

      NO, NO, NO, SAPPY, self-centered, HOARDING MALE KILLER THUG judeo-christo-muscle-SCUMDUMBS!!!!!!!

      THEY COME TO “SERVE” YOU, for their dinner!

      Scamper to the hen house, little chicken humans.

      It is dinner time! And YOU are the Thanksgiving Turkey!!!!

  • criss2002r1

    Equalizer helped us out thats better this is good stuff LOL

  • criss2002r1

    Now its nine above thanks stupid time line I quit they win

  • Big dog.../small fish...

    There are too many mentions of the reptilian agenda in the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus-
    for me to put here
    all I can say is this:
    when we encounter the upcoming nuclear winter which is a result of two super-volcanoes –
    this is what is ”sent to us” to get rid of reptilians.
    They do not like the cold – and despite what our ”scientists” say we are going into an ice age as a result. The very reason for this ice age is to rid the Earth of the reptilian problem, so we should be truly grateful. The beauty of it is that there is nothing the reptilians can do about it, yet humanity can.

    Just get ready

  • Silver Tarnish

    Wish we had more nice reptiles. Like Rango, or the Geico commerical lizard. Heck, the Lizard off of Marvel at least had SOME good traits. As do some argonians.
    Sadly, the ones from Draco seem to be pure evil.
    the ones from earth, although I wouldn’t call them pure evil seem to be heartless dicks at times. Kind of a cold haughtiness. Not evil or hostile, just unintentionally prickish.

  • thedarkparadox

    Immediately lost all credibility once I heard David Icke’s voice. Also they aren’t aliens; that’s a lie directly from them to you and others. They’re demons or fallen angels. Just a suggestion: check out CE4 Research Group ( The aliens agenda is just the same lie repackaged. God bless.

  • Dallas63

    Heard this ages ago…get it together BIN. She sound’s less than convincing. Poor woman needs help.

  • Elva Thompson

    OMG! I’ve read the comments…and I know homo sapiens is a failed species.

  • Dan Evans

    I love how the King of Shambhala talks about people being crazy. That’s just the best. You can’t write stuff like this, only nut bags can consistently spew out gems like this and call it news. Besides, huh, ya. Duhh!

  • JCs

    World is only 7 thousands year old but that don’t mean they don’t exist
    God allowed me to see one but they wasn’t aliens He was showing me they are fallen angels that in revelation 16

    The frogs that the anti christ false prophet and dragon spew 12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared.

    13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

    14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

    15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.

    16 And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.

  • Peace Angel

    For more than four decades I have followed, researched and written about the Illuminati and the take down of the US and the world.

    I first learned of them when a good friend of mine and I found a huge trunk of Skull and Bonesmen and Illuminati and Free Mason and NAZI CABAL history books and paraphernalia in his basement. We took it and hid it and went through it for months.

    I had a friend who I believed had seen a lizard on his property in Angel Fire, NM which is considered to be a hot spot for them with a local portal.

    BUT if all these people are shape shifting in public on news stations then HOW is it NO ONE sees it on their TV’S?????

  • AnotherFella

    I doubt that a highly evolved life form (at least higher than us) still lays eggs to birth their offspring. There’s a theory that other evolved species turn out to have similar traits to humans (symmetrical body, eyes, mouth, etc.)
    Just read the lacerta files, they’re far better evidence (if you dare call it that way). At least better than this interview.. :wink:
    You all are just too lazy to read, listening and looking and pretty pictures is far easier, I suppose :evil:

  • Brahmand Yaatra Project

    These are disinfo videos, shapeshifting doesn’t work this way.

    Earth is currently controlled by a federation of Reptilian races, known as the “Orion confederation”. The greys are their slaves, as we are their slaves.

    There is another reptilian race, native to earth, the Lacerta. They are not as negative as the extraterrestrials are, but won’t help us until we help ourselves.

    Infinite universe – Infinite possibilities. Everything is what you create.

    • Big dog.../small fish...

      So I deduce you’ve read the ‘CONVERSATIONS’ with Lacerta. Personally I found them ‘enlightening’.

  • Me

    Really, shape shifting lizard people? I’ve heard some crazy things in my life, but really? How can anyone believe this?

  • JCs

    With modern technolodgy today they can do alot of mixing dna’s and try to pass it as them but they are all fallen angels also known as evil spirit’s satan came to eve as a serpent, satan came to God as a fallen angel in Job 1

    Satan came to Jesus as a angel of Light trying to deciece him by saying i give you all this if you just follow me

    they can come to us as angels of Light tryn to seem Holy or Gods but are disguising and still up to there old tricks

    Entertaining Angel’s UnAware (scroll to bottom )

  • JCs

    They come with one goal and that is to kill, steal and destroy-

    What matters now is not how they come to us whether as reptilians or aliens

    they here and now and use us if we allow

    and they come disguised to bring about there agendas

    Which is soon to come in for the kill-

    The New One World Order / Anti- Christ / False Prophet

    The Beast are Rising

    Satan knows he has but a short time now his fate has already been determined

    We know as Christians

    When he confirms this ( False ) 7 Yr Peace Accord with Many

    We told to be ready !

    He coming to finish what he thought he stole

    and that was our Eternity !

    But for God so Loved the World !

    Why He gave Us Jesus-

    No one could Redeem Us, something only He could do !

    Jesus ! God ! Im-manuel ! Which means God with Us !

    Why these beast are rising as a False Leader and Prophet

    to try and steal more souls !

    Especially anyone who is a believer of Christ and is sealed with the Promise of the Holy Spirit

    That is why this war is happening, why they gonna unite the world and why they have set up there gate ways portals where they gonna kill so many

    and Marshall Law and allowed our selves to go bank rupt and be in debt to other nations and soon a cashless society as Revelation 13 says

    The Mark of the Beast that every one will have to take in order that they may buy or sell also known as Survive-

    and why they gonna pass the law for the gallitines so when the abomination of desolation happens ( ceasing of all worship and prayer )

    After they have Promised every one everything as he did Jesus !

    After he has taken the souls of many

    Through Peace they will destroy many

    By there Victories ! As the people chant !

    Who can defeat them and make war against them !

    be not decieved- but Ready ! We not supose to be here when anti- christ is revealed and why we told that he will be the one confirming this 7 year peace accord that starts the 7 year Tribulation-

    We are to be watching Isreal and when they get ready to confirm this accord and says with many which are already listed as bible said would

    its all been written and unfolding his fate is written and why we are his target !

    Luke 21:36
    Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

  • JCs

    sry left out the most important detail
    Luke 21:36
    Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

    and that is by knowing what God has done for us through Jesus

    Which is not just in the new but old tooo

    He was written about way before He was born

    How He would come to save the World and be born of an Immaculate Conception cuz it took God Himself incarnated to come undo what satan had done

    Why He gave Us Jesus !

  • JCs

    We in a War, and not just a Physical War, but one we cannot see
    A Spiritual War ,,, One for your Soul-

  • JCs

    had to come back and say World is 6 thousand years old, i had said 7 cuz that will be the total when all this is said and done with the 1 thousand which will be the millennium which satan will be bount and be a time of rest, everything that was created was done in the first 6 days evan Adam and Eve and His Heavenly Host ( nothing more like what is mentioned ) and on the 7 He gave up the Ghost as He hung on the cross for 6 hours and the 7 He passed over

    • Good Sexgirl

      jc the christo-LUNATIC!
      :razz: :razz: :razz:
      GO AWAY, WORTHLESS IDIOT white-skinned mangod FABLE “worshiper”!!!
      :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
      Better yet, become the FOOD OF “YOUR” “gods”!!!
      jc, the LUNATIC (for Christ, of course)!
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  • turtle

    Illustrating turtles theory of diminishing marginal returns on comment offerings (up to this point : ) ….

    I actually thought the video was OK. No idea if it’s true or not. Not sure that it changes the material facts of what we already know.

    But keep at it. The truth will out all and thereby set you free.

  • Mayhem

    Lizard people? I spit in their general direction.

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