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J20 WAR in Washington

Friday, January 13, 2017 18:22
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J20 WAR in Washington.    Inauguration Day for Donald J. Trump.    Anarchy.  Destruction.  Violence.


J20 WAR in Washington!   It has started NOW!  (J14-J20)  Prevent Trump from becoming President.
Last best chance for the criminal Globalists and Soros to do a “Coup d’état”,
suspend the Inauguration, declare Martial Law, and have Obama continue as the Dictator
of the United States.

1. Over 100,000 brainwashed Clinton supporters vow violence,
are being drugged and paid to fight in the J20 WAR in Washington.

2. Over 100,000 supporters of Obama, dnc, Soros hop in busses, are provided with food,
money, lawyers, necessities, to do what? To fight in the J20 WAR in Washington.
To give cause to declare Martial Law, and suspend the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

3. Other supporters of liberalism, perversion, and lawlessness, are descending on J20 War
in Washington at the urging of Obama. A minimum estimated total of a quarter of a million
people have sworn to prevent the Inauguration of Donald Trump as President.
250,000 people, to 1,000,000 people are estimated for J20 WAR.


There is a huge media WAR going down. FAKE NEWS is everywhere.
CNN and Buzzfeed were both caught red handed in “PeeGate”.
A LIE of a file on Trump, handed through dnc, even John McCain.
This shows the depths of criminal actions going on in Washington. All to smear Trump.
All to fuel the false Fire.
All to start WAR on J20. From Media War, to Civil War, to Martial Law, to Dictatorship in USA.


Breaking News: “Bikers For Trump” who are one of the few approved protest groups (Pro-Trump), have shouted they are forming a “WALL” to protect Trump and will take any action needed to
protect the President, President Donald J. Trump. These armed mercenaries are a force that
puts fear in even the Military. They don’t know how to stop. They won’t.
If the Hillary political hacks start a fight with these guys, there will be injury and many deaths.


Bikers For Trump are the personal guard for Trump. Breaking News: NYT, WP, Media,
have criminally told people to Riot J14-J20. Beginning Saturday January 14, 2017 (J14),
Activists are told not to protest, but to be Violent, Criminal, and cause Physical Harm.
To Block interstate and all roads, transportation in and out of Washington.
To cause RIOTS!!! It starts NOW! It is a brainwashed propaganda of call to arms. (wrongly).
They are deceived liberals. They follow entertainers ie Rosie O’Donnell, PUBIC Madonna,


and other uneducated entertainers. Does that not say it all? Be careful, everyone.
These drugged up zombies will have weapons and will use them against you.
Avoid these no-brainers. The FAKE MEDIA only wants to sensationalize this,
and report it against Trump. Be Wise!


Breaking News: Trump bringing in his own “Military” to the Inauguration.
An insider revealed that Trump does not trust people on “the other side”
and is distancing himself from certain CIA, FBI, DOJ, DHS, Secret Service, and Military.
Israeli Mossad are part of his personal protection team.
Concerns of an assassination attempt abound. At inauguration, a would be assassin
could be “let through” security posts by guards disloyal.
This gets them in range of an assassination attempt.  Anything could happen!
Trump is also bringing 5,000 National Guard.  We think he should bring 50,000!
Any attempt could derail the Inauguration, also satisfying the Soros/Obama/hillary Agenda
to prevent Donald J. Trump from becoming President of the United States.
J20 is a day to watch and pray.


Conclusion: J20 WAR in Washington is organized and funded by Foreign Gov, George Soros, Globalists, Obama, Hillary, DNC, Saudi Arabia, and Pay to Play Clinton Foundation.
This Terrorism is Treason. J14 to J20 Anarchism.
Trump does not have the power to prevent this Planned Chaos and Mayhem.
Trump will do well to survive J20 and complete the Inauguration. Pray for him!
The “Hidden” Forces on both sides will be coming to the J20 WAR in Washington.
We predict there will be RIOTS. We predict shots will be fired.
We predict that Donald J. Trump shall be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States!

Our Hopes and Prayers are with you, President Donald J. Trump.

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  • Jack


    • Penny

      wow! close shave!

      • StrongBeliever

        hahaha. I get it. double meaning…..

        • Texan

          I don’t get it>?

    • Dick

      very solid

    • jojo

      great news story

    • jojo

      Really great news story

    • StrongBeliever

      Thanks all

    • Texan

      Knock the bull out of the barn!

  • Jack

    Where is Soros?

    • Penny

      Soros is scary!

      • StrongBeliever

        Soros will get his due. He is not long for this life.

      • Texan

        Don’t worry your pretty little face, Penny, some real men are on the job!

    • Dick

      lol. EU

    • jojo

      lol Penny

    • jojo

      6 feet under I hope

    • StrongBeliever

      posse time?

      • Texan

        Did someone say “Posse Time”?

  • Jack

    Damne. I hove to go buy something “Nikey” now!!!

    • Penny

      Men?! She is curvy downstairs though.

      • Texan

        Oh sheet. Now I see. Boy do i see…..

    • Penny

      This report is very detailed. J20. Apt name.

      • StrongBeliever

        ty. yes J20 is D-Day

    • Dick

      WOW :eek:

    • Dick

      J20…..sounds ominous

      • StrongBeliever


    • jojo


    • jojo

      Where’s the nearest Nike store?

    • jojo

      Had to go back and look again. Crap that’s sweet!

      • Texan

        jojo! You sound like a bull in heat. hahahaha

    • StrongBeliever

      yes, that is one sweet creation.

  • StrongBeliever

    Hey jojo, got your message. hahaha. Like that one?!! :lol:

  • StrongBeliever

    Check out my latest stories, and visit the website!

    • Texan

      So many new stories. Five in one day. You’re a Rock Star!

  • StrongBeliever

    OH, i GET IT

    • RAIN

      Yeah I think every-one does now.

  • StrongBeliever

    Condolences to ELB, Ph.D. He is a Dead Link. A coward. A fool.

    Just because I have friends I tweet to come comment, don’t be jealous.

    Admin can confirm we all are our own people. Ph.D.??? Who’s the LIAR?!

  • StrongBeliever

    You are a Psychopath. You have real mental health issues buddy. Go get help.

    Your continued harassment is not correct and not appreciated.

    You make no sense. Less sense as you ramble on. You are recorded.

    What a weirdo troll you are. Enjoy your PhD troll life. You are SPAM and

    such a low life BIN troll. If this is your “10 years” of life, you have major problems.

    Go look in the mirror. Troll.

  • StrongBeliever

    You have been reported to the authorities. BIN will give them your identification/IP.


  • StrongBeliever

    You are full of yourself. phD? really? As i said, admin can confirm my friends. You are such an angry person? Not like losing the Election?

  • StrongBeliever

    As a Webmaster, I have encountered Trolls like you many times. You do have a real problem. Please get help.

    As for “correcting” someone, you don’t correct with lies. You don’t correct with false accusations. You don’t correct with harassment.

    You know nothing, but pretend to know everything.
    Your Passive/Aggressive behavior demonstrates you have problems.

    Admin here has been requested to obtain your IP
    and it will be given to the authorities for investigation.
    There are Strict Laws about Online Harassment
    and Bullying. You have done both. For Hours.

    You have a problem, fake name. Please get help.

    Cease and Desist your Harassment, Trolling, and Bullying.



    You’re on crack.

    Now, fool — anyone with one eye open and an IQ greater than their waist measurement can see that you are one person.


    A sane person wouldn’t have gotten so worked up about being called on it.

    You see, looney…

    …the BIN is a great psychological petri dish and anyone who posts here is subject to interaction. So here I am, doing what I do. I interact. And there you are, simpering and complaining about harassment.

    It would have been easier to just admit the charge, no?

    But you want to play.

    So let’s play.

    I hide behind nothing.


    Yeah. Cuz the authorities really have time for this kind of crap.


    Tell the website moderators they can call me if they want to. They have my number.


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