What You’re About to See Should Scare You, This Message will Change Everything!! My name is Dr. Shawnfost PhD and I am a highly trained and educated Physicist with 14 years of teaching and lecturing at a University in australia. I am also a Planet X Investigator and my main

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Wake Up! The MOST HIGH Power Of Israel Ain't Playing With These NWO Wicked Bastards! When We Spiritually Wake Up It Will Be On Like Donkey Kong, As They Say...You Can't Kill The 144,000 Class AB Blood Type Celestial Indigo Blue Glowing/Shining Warriors Of The MOST HIGH...They Will Call Us Hostile Aliens From Another World Upon Our Spiritual 12 Strand ROOT DNA Activation. You Can't & Won't Win You NWO Bastards. SELAH

Urgent Alert for Boston MA: The US Government Has a Sinister Plan to Poison/Contaminate Major Cities' Drinking Water Supplies With Murrain - The Diseased Viral Blood Rust of Mars the Destroyer - Ancient Anthrax/Lab Made into Retroviruses so They Can Cunningly Put These Cities Under Massive Quarantines Along With the Pre-planned Extermination of Millions Under NWO Population Control Agendas

Beware, Hebrews/Negroes Working on or Within Government Facilities, Military Bases, Installations and Within Other Operations Around the World - You Better Get Out...

WARNING To All Hebrews/Negroes & Natural Seed Gentiles Across The Southern Region & Ones In Other Regions Who Are Spiritually Awake: Jade Helm Plain Civilian Clothed Undercover Raids/Early Roundup Protocols Go Live On 4-23-18. PLEASE Let's All REPENT, HOSEA 2:16. SELAH

The Antichrist Super-Mall Was Just Birthed! Globalists Will Be Enraged When You Discover Their Secret

Q Anon: Trap Card Played - Trump Card Coming - The World Is Watching (Video)

PizzaGate: Snuff Film Discovered in Kansas via Child Protective Services (Video)

Murder! 10 Blood Chilling Cases of Killer Kids (Video)

Urgent Warning for 4-23-18: The White Horse Carrying Obama of Revelation/the First Seal Judgement Will Soon Be Opened, Directly Connected to Revelation 17 Obama Plus UN and ISIS Related Terrorist Attacks From the West Coast to the East Coast, Coupled With Fallen Angel Technology Driven Unnatural Mega-Disasters Designed to Further Cripple the USA/Babylon and it's Already Fragile Dying Economy

Destined2B within this paper are many logical and biblically sound questions: questions that confirm the very foundation of what you teach is nothing more then quick sand.

We are not under the Old Testament law, but the law of Yahshua wherein there is Amazing Grace

I Know This Sounds Crazy, But Everyone Has AIDS! The Satanic Thorn DNA Virus Of Rebellion Is In All Our Flesh Causing Diseases & Death. However, Some Who Are Righteous Will Not Experience Death, Thus Resurrecting/Transforming Alive Unto Eternal Life Through The WORD Within. SELAH

Hopi Indians Warning, Natural Ancient Currently Dormant-Deactivated Dimensional Earth Portals And Intermittent Semi-Functional Earth Portals Will Fully Reconnect & Remain Open As Heavenly Cosmic Electromagnetic Energy Steadily Increases Providing More Power Through Earth's Natural Nervous System, Allowing Many Previously Unseen Strange Creatures & Beings To Manifest Within Our Dimension From Other Hidden Dimensions Within The Earth Biosphere Containment Cell System In Which We All Live. SELAH

Dunamis of Acts Part 9 “Preaching n Persecuted” on Battle Lines - | WARN Radio Christian Ministry |

Beware, Antediluvian Advanced Fallen Angel Technology Located/Hidden in Plain Sight Throughout the World: Remember the Saint Louis Arch Gateway/Portal to the West Is for Quick Travel in the Ancient World

Image of Reptilian Jesus - The Fiery Flying Serpent Inside the Vatican (Video)

Comey Memos: From Hookers to Urine to Fake News and Leaks, Read Them Here (Video)

What You're About to See Should Scare You, This Message Will Change Everything! (Video)

Q Anon Exclusive Q&A Interview With Q (Video)

The Beautiful Word Cancer/Love and its Real Meaning Has Been Cunningly Associated With Many Horrible Lab Made Retroviral Diseases Plus Chemical Corruption of Healthy Cells Which Causes Run Away Mutations Within the Body Leading to Cell Meta-Stasis/Cell Death

Wake Up! Cancer Is a Beautiful Word Which Means Love/ISHI Who Was Born During the Sun's High Noon Position in the Cancer Constellation

Google Earth May Hold the Key to Plato’s 400-Mile Undersea Land Mass Atlantis!

Beware, Late Spring/Summer Zombie Rage Flu Retrovirus Apocalypse: Amid Major Transitions/Corruption/Assassinations Within Government, Wicked Joe Biden and His Partner Oprah Winfrey Come Forth in the Fight Against so Called Cancer (Code for the Love/Word Within Which Is Fighting Against Viral DNA Mutations), Deceiving Multitudes of Spiritually Blind Desperate Frightened People/Unwise Sheeple into Accepting the Chimeric Antigen Receptor Fake Cure-All for Cancer and Most Diseases

Turkey, Iran, Russia, Andrew Brunson, Christian persecution, Arab-Israeli conflict, Free Speech, and Prophecy News - | WARN Radio Christian Ministry |

Q Anon: "Set Up" Armenia Connection - Latest Q Deciphered (Video)

Q Anon: Deep State Desperation - Good Vs Evil Is Real - Are You Awake? (Video)

This Is Very Weird, Billions Will Be Led Astray: Possibly Joe Biden and Well Liked Oprah Deceptively Pushing the Chimeric Antigen Receptor "Resident Evil Mutating" Mark of the Beast/Chimera 666 Fake Cancer Cure-All Together as Temporary President and Vice President After Donald Trump and Mike Pence Meet Their Untimely Demises Amid All the Corruption Within Government

Imminent Intense Extra-Solar Heavenly Cosmic Outburst: Obama Knows That Things Are About to Get Sirius as a Brilliant Bright Blue Day Star Supernova

Warning: Approximately Every 1,000 Years Since the Sinful Fall of Adam and Eve, Sirius the Day Star Has Changed Various Colors Throughout History as a Major Sign/Signal of Great Earth Changes/Corrections of Earth's Fallen State Above and Below, Step by Catastrophic Step Because it Would Be Too Disastrous if it All Occurred at One Time

April 19, 2018 Psychic Reading - Dr. Rita Louise