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Busted! The Secret Agenda Behind Ebola No One is Talking About and Dallas to Activate Emergency Plan and Restrict Freedoms by Declaring State of Disaster over Ebola – What That Means for the Locals …

Thursday, October 16, 2014 12:58
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“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel


People like Rahm Emanuel make me sick to my stomach! They are elitist who think they own the world and attempt to play god by using crisis to further their goals and agendas. This is exactly what they are doing with the Ebola virus that surrounds us at this moment. Those who rule the world behind closed doors are using the fear of Ebola to spread panic and implement their devious agendas.


But don’t get me wrong, Ebola is a real virus and one that we need to keep an eye on and be ready for. It is really killing people and it is really spreading. But the elite just flat out don’t care; they are using it for their own benefit.


That said, all eyes are on Dallas with three persons who have been diagnosed with Ebola. At this moment there is talk of a declaration of a state of disaster. The video explains this in detail and more…




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  • Pattie

    But! But! But! I was assured by the media and CDC that it was all under-control (wink). Maranatha! Maranatha! Maranatha! Oh Please Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ) come.

    • Sean

      Lisa Haven, Why have you deleted my comments like Live Free and Die?

      Doesn’t fit this Ebola Agenda BIN is Pushing

      • EboLie

        I have read BIN for years and it seems to have Changed with the Fantastic 4 live free and die, lisa haven, lyn leahz and susan dulcos, no better then a MSM site now

      • Dustdevil

        Don’t feel bad, Sean. Rumor has it, she’s already black-listed God and had him kicked twice from her posts already anyhow.

        See, the problem with not allowing ALL (within decent language) posts, is that you never know who you’ve KICKED, just because you don’t like what they’ve said.

        I hear that several prolific contributors on BIN have caught the attention of ‘very powerful forces’ that they profess to listen to. Glad it’s not me, in the end, who has to account for the ‘fear-porn-sensationalism’ and the ‘adamant filtering’ that some do here.

        I guess they never figured their ‘god’ might have been on the board, speaking to them, even trying to give them nudges and counterpoints to consider. NOPE, if it isn’t what they want to hear, kick the comment poster, don’t matter WHO he is.
        (and no, it’s not me…I’m something else, entirely…but I find it beyond funny, what I’ve heard on the subject. Trust Me!)

      • fedupwithcowards

        She does this to everyone Sean. Look at it like a badge of honor. :wink:

  • Dallas63

    Hey Lisa Haven, this will rock you to the core. It is not happening in Dallas. Fear monger extraordinaire.

  • MDW

    There are actually 5 different Ebola strains of which all, being a Virus, are dangerous to mammals. However, it took the ingenuity of the Federal Government CDC to create a new Ebola strain that is a true virus in the sense that it is transmitted via air – coughing, sneezing, spitting, etc. and it is so good at spreading, killing and mutating that the Federal Government filed for and received a patent for it. I would imagine it hangs next to the Soetoro Nobel Peace Prize.

    This new strain was tried out in Africa where it won great accolades in its ability to spread and kill, which is similar to the Obama Global Terrorist organization. The Virus worked so well that Obama brought it to America to share his new found disease. No, it’s not his boy/girl Michelle but a new plaque as hoped for by the NWO.

    Obama will use this plight to declare Marshall Law and reign as king forever. We have all known this from 5 years ago. However, this Ebola virus is curable with nano-Silver and the CDC and controlled Media are covering this up.

    Ebola can be cured and eliminated; just like the viral pigs that are feeding on America can be and should be and will be eliminated starting with POTUS, SCOTUS and COTUS.

    But the Government Media will keep the death Plaque alive that will bring on Marshall Law

    • Anonymous



    • eagererin

      It’s MARTIAL, NOT MARSHALL! I wish people would please learn how to spell and pronounce the English language.

      • MAJ-12/SM420

        And here I thought I was the only one who would like to see proper English. It would be nice…especially from those supposedly English. I’m Hispanic and every single day- I see mis-spelled words, improper construction of a message, and so fourth. I’m not patting myself on the back- I barely went to school If it wasn’t for the female factor? I wouldn’t even have gone in the first place.

      • The Druid

        So it’s Martial Arts and the Marshall Islands then? Ingrish is such a difficult language to learn.
        Air hair hare heir, lead (metal) lead (what is attached to a dog’s collar) Straight, strait. Then their is Black Country, Georgie,Scouse, cockney. Yow can get right Gobsmaked by it all, ar. ar biz thee a dooin me old cock sparra?

    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      Absolute bs. The patent covers a particular strain discovered years ago. It is, in fact, one of the older strains. Lastly, your definition of “airborne” is not the medical definition.

      Take your meds.

    • Equalizer

      MDW…. Bull’s eye!
      Barack Obama said he was considering appointing an Ebola “czar” to coordinate the fight against the virus in the United States, but he remained opposed to a ban on travel from West Africa. Obola is clearly trying to spread Ebola virus throughout the United States to ring in martial law in America.

  • Hayduke


  • The Seer

    if a town village or community gets infected with Ebola then yes seal it form the rest of the World there should be no (its my God given right) if it takes the Army to do it then yes why not

    • Damien

      That what they do in the African countries that have had it. Or used to be.

  • djfxw

    MMMMMM lisa Haven….yummy, yummy!

  • Anonymous

    The “crisis” is a HOAX. Go to YouTube and there’s videos that point out how FAKE it is.
    Sure, it’s a real disease discovered in 1976, has killed people and will kill more people but it has ALWAYS been Controlled locally.
    The question to ask is “why is the crisis foisted here?”
    To make us believe when all those Africans die (are killed by the military) so the gold, diamonds, and oil are stolen?
    To get people to take Bill Gates’ vaccines, which might kill people (slowly)?
    To get people to acquiesce to being herded into FEMA camps (where “they all died from Ebola but we confined it there so the rest of you are safe”)?

    As to a comment from the CDC. Maybe they know it’s all a HOAX and don’t want to bother using their resources to “protect” us from the boogie man.

    • oldfatguy

      Ebola was controlled “locally” by killing everyone in the rural villages where it struck. This time, it found its way into cities where sanitation is typical of the third world, where hospitals lack the ability to heat water to temperatures that can autoclave instruments, IV’s are not widely available, and people stricken are being encouraged to the sip water to rehydrate. It is an RNA virus, that mutates within every victim, so that the version spread by each individual is a little different from the version by which he was infected. This IS something to fear, but may not become the killer here that it is in the third world. All you can do is pray…

  • justiceday

    The US military wants to take control Id rather have Ebola than them!

  • damdems

    Dallas Nurses Told Talk to Media Your Fired

  • MrAnthony

    Well, Dallas didn’t declare an emergency, so Lyin’ Lisa strikes again. And with that lynchpin gone, her whole argument completely falls apart.

    Pay no attention to the Fear Whore.

  • Unicorn

    Rahm Emanuel , one of the top ten repulsive Jews destroying America.

  • Riding the Tilt A Wheel

    Hey Lisa, Have you seen this report, you may find it interesting. I have mixed feeling about it, check it out.

  • Faye

    This ebola event is like watching a suspenseful movie thriller, full of bad choices, wrong decisions, and lack of common sense put in play JUST SO the virus can spread for the sake of the movie.

    I would say that something unseen has prevented this ebola virus from already being widely and rapidly detected in an epidemic spread, simply because the foundation for an epidemic has been thoroughly laid out.
    1st … the man is sent home with ebola.
    2nd … the man returns, hospital is seriously unprepared to handle even the waste produced by the man’s treatment.
    3rdly … man dies
    4th …. Those that treated the man and handled contaminated elements are allowed to scatter, one takes a plane to another state, another hops aboard a cruise ship….

    How could these things happen IF not a deliberate script ?

    Even IF no governing agent had told me not to go here or there, I would have cared enough for my family and others to not go near them during a known possible contagious period. I don’t even allow my daughters and grandbabies to come over if I have a COLD.


    ALERT ALERT NEWS FLASH (Just Announced)
    To Stop flights and Close Borders to US.
    Begins Monday thru Wednesday.

  • CaptAmerica

    Why did it start in Africa? It has been there for years. Poor hygiene allows it to spread. So the president wants to bring the unwashed here? Lets start with sending them Peace Corps workers. OH thats right, we don’t do that any longer, we send money to dictators, and then bomb them.
    Boy that is Foreign Policy in action.
    Why are we building at our expense 17 hospitals in West Africa, when they have hospitals that could use upgrades.
    How about the fact we have only 4 hospitals here that can handle it.
    Something is wrong with this administration, their thinking is upside down.

    • Damien

      It’s been passed on from animals. People eating ‘bush meat’ (chimps etc).

    • Master

      Dear CaptAmerica,

      Yes, they are unwashed from Africa.
      That is why when they are brought here, in my name, your Master commands that,
      you will give them all sponge-baths as they arrive, every day for the rest of your life!

      You will show christian kindness and gratitude for your ability and willingness to gladly administer gentle sponge baths to all!

      Or else!

      Sincerely from your President (and Military Dictator Supreme),

      B. H. O.

      • CatHunter

        BHO – Butt Hole Operator

  • Off Grid Watchmen

    You might want to see this as well. What are they up to? Vaccinations and martial law, I suspect!

    Fasten your seatbelt for a ride you may not be prepared for.

  • Mayhem

    A vaccine won’t need to be mandated. Scare the folk enough and they will demand it as a birthright. We’re not nearly as smart and sophisticated as we tell ourselves.

  • Rollo57

    Yesterday Sat 18th Oct 23014, we had a notification fro WHO that Ebola in Senegal was contained. Eradicated?

    Media are making more of this than is necessary, only 4,000 have died from Ebola, since first discovered in 1976!
    We are being used and abused, to suit the agenda of Bankers and Corporates, who have bought off our politicians.

  • Three69ingSquirrels

    Lisa, what happened to your wrist? Did you injure by reaching too far up your a$s while pulling this story out of it?

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