Copyright 2018, Jose Antonio Caravaca The obsessive and omnipresent concern of ufologists to show that UFO sightings are produced by the visit to our planet of extraterrestrial beings, has given rise to one of the greatest frauds ever seen in the investigation of a paradigm. It is inadmissible that none

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From a Theo Paijmans' comment earlier here about the Betty/Barney Hill episode

Dallas Doctor Displays Demonic Demented Behavior

Love/Hate in Ufology

Ufology Has Been a Big Scam: What They Never Wanted to Tell You About UFOs by Jose Antonio Caravaca

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Jews & Christians are Bamboozled by Judaism - Michael Hoffman

Mummies Footwear Raises Time Travel Questions

UK UFO Sighting Report 180601 – Bright White Object – Red Post, Launcells, Bude, Cornwall – 21st June 2018

Jose Caravaca's rather thorough and unique account of the Betty/Barney Hill case

Satanist Cults Prepare Blacks for Race War

On A Creative Tear!

Epic Movies Give Me A Thrill

VORONEZH September 21, 1989 by Jose Antonio Caravaca

Pedophilia Rampant in Black Satanic Cults

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Black Supremacist Cults are Behind Black American Culture

Upper Class White People Are Fucking RUDE!

UFO Skepticism gone (really) awry?

"Money" as Occult Spell

Hollywood Blockbuster Promotes Depopulation Agenda

The Sabbatean Frankist Origins of Illuminati

Low Flying Star Like Object – Stockton on Tees-14th June 2018

Flying Saucers 101 by Harold E. Burt

The Black 'Skull and Bones' - The "Boule"

Inventors of Water-Powered Cars Murdered

What You Need to Know About the Ancient Egyptians and the Grand Canyon

Should a Father Be His Son's Friend?

It's Raining Octopus! Sea Creatures Fall From the Sky After Being 'Sucked From the Ocean by a Waterspout