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The Henry Makow Mirror Effect

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By Zen-Haven

It has been suggested that Henry Makow is co-intel…that I do not know and don’t expect to ever be told the truth. He is certainly doing the work of world zionism, of that there is zero question.

It’s strange how it all started with such an insignificant action as a news site owner refusing to post an obvious piece of disinformation. Or, was this attack on Jeff Rense all planned, at least conceptually,  beforehand…an operation waiting for an opportunity?

That’s really moot now because this little man with the very strange past has revealed himself as either a tool or an instigator, and has attacked the messenger because the WORK was and is unassailable.  After Rense, the little zionist turned his ire and hate onto David Icke. Attacking the messenger rather than the message…it’s an old, old, story and is either a tentacle of the controllers or a small offering to them.

The tabloid trash attacks on Rense and Icke…not their work…are coming at a time when main stream TV news and newspaper audiences are at an all time low with more and more people “wising up” and looking to other sources for their news and information.

The attacks continue, so I decided to lift a rock and look under it.

I’ve published three posts on Henry Makow´s attacks on Jeff Rense and David Icke and tried to be rather descrete about it. ( Links Below )

Henry Makow is still throwing contrived filth at Jeff Rense obviously provided to him by what seems, by any measure, to be a strange and severely-obsessed woman using a raft of aliases to hide behind and to whom Rense was married to for a very short time.

Was that another set-up, as well?
Certainly has all the earmarks of one.
Rense, for his part, refuses to go down to the gutter…the obvious intent of the unprovoked, unproven, hearsay tabloid slime being thrown at him.

It’s clear there is a whole lot of information he could print, but to his credit, he’s still holding back.Every issue has at least two sides and I believe what Jeff is sitting on for now would annihilate the sociopathic assaults on him.
One needs only read his first two replies to the Makow attacks to see how the truth has been grotesquely manipulated by leaving out crucial, critical facts and circumstance.

Read first reply : > Here

Read second reply: > Here

Now, with the following information, you may realize even more clearly how Makow is lashing Rense with a wet noodle of jealousy, and the rage of an infant in a very soiled diaper.

So I did some research on Makow…and look a here:

Is Henry Makow a Pedophile?

“For a guy that preaches about sexual deviancy as much as Makow does, you would think that he might eventually realize that he is living the sexual deviant’s dream. If a man in his late forties came to your home and asked for the hand of your 12-15 year old daughter, you would probably call the police. I know I would”


“There was just no question of rehiring Mr. Makow. There were no deliberations. It was quite clear to the English department that they did not want to hire Mr. Makow,” she said.

Several students testified yesterday that Mr. Makow bragged that he slapped the woman across the face and performed kung fu moves on her. Marie Sampson, 29, said the students responded with a gasp.

During her testimony Ms. Sampson broke into tears, saying that such remarks were particularly offensive to her because she had been abused by a man…”

Henry Makow Fired For Sex Harassment?

“Students say they fled professor’s class in tears!”

The Four Wives of Henry Makow:

The Fraud of Henry Makow’s ‘Morality’

“Wow. I just took a trip over to Makow’s site to do a little critical reading when what did I discover but Henry Makow’s specific writing pattern replicated in the majority of psudeonomymous replies to his very own topics, so he can “prove” how right he is about the evils of the world.

Good ethical Christian stuff, here.

Study, in particular how he begins and ends paragraphs, his punctuation style, and his use of those unnecessary “quotation” marks that always drive me batcrap crazy when I see em. Then notice the same features of style among his most ardent fans, sychophants, and the illiterate-sounding straw-man detractors Henry cooked up to make himself sound wise What an ass!” 

(Henry digging for the TRUTH )

Is Henry Makow a “Zionist Protector”?

“Outside this site Henry Makow is looked at for his routine articles on many of the Left Wing/Communist infiltrations of various Weatern Social Institutions. He is also considered a died-in-the-wool, top of the heap Zionist Protector…and not to be trusted. I have defended Henry to some degree but find his latest article the last straw.
Finally, Henry, you are outted.

This article is easily one of your worst and filled with the standard drivel on the “Holocaust”.
When I read it I was dumbfounded that a man like yourself can unravel the dark machinations of various conspiricies against the human race but are unable to see the Holocaust for what it is…pathetic World War 2 Propaganda. This article – “The Holocaust Was Part Of A Larger Genocide” is straight out of the “Holocaust Handbook” of an Elie Weisel…the King of liars and fraudsters on this subject.

There is now no question whatsoever about Makow marketing pure zionist propaganda. We now see who his handlers are. It seems his frustration with the subject is contained in the last line of the article…”Mr. Makow told his students that some 30 years earlier,  he had great makeup sex with a former girlfriend after a fight.

His point,  he testified,  was that sometimes violence is a part of passion.”The man is clearly sick and trying to obfuscate his own illness by smearing others who are doing the most crucial work of these dark and threatening days”.

Now, Henry, Feast your eyes.  Fun…Right?  As I mentioned in my first post: This will backfire. Always does.

For the research on Mr. Makow´s writings on Rense and Icke, use google.  I won´t have that crap here.

” To truly know yourself – You need only look in a Mirror”

- Much Love, this needed to be said.


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    • terry the censor

      Nutbar Makow doing the work of “zionists”? Makow might be surprised by that:

      “Does the New World Order represent the central banker’s need to consolidate power? Is this culmination of a Jewish agenda, or a more general satanic agenda? I suggest that these three agendas are complementary and overlapping.
      “Our world is the product of a long-term Satanic conspiracy to overthrow Christian civilization and institute a veiled dictatorship using the mass media, education and sophisticated technology. All the scoundrels selling their fellow Americans down the river are put there by the central banking cartel, re. David Rockefeller, US franchisee.”

    • EternalOptimist

      To me this is a sideshow – one with simply nothing of value.
      As an aside, I don’t know anyone that would listen to Makow over Rense or Icke.

    • Anonymous

      According to the simplest tests available Rense is ok, Icke is doubtful
      or in the middle and Mackow is…, well he knows best what he is!

    • Norry

      Makow had a rant on his site about Julia Gillard(Australian PM)and her bloke Tim,carrying on about how they were both gay,no evidence,just that Tim used to be a hairdresser!! That’s a very strange thing to say.

    • faro0485

      Maybe Soren Dreier is co-intel?

    • Anonymous

      Makow is of course doing the work of the Zionists or rather protecting the Zionists particularly by his open promotion of the Holocaust. This is how disinformation artists work. They supply just enough truth to hook you then they slip in the disinformation [ ie: such as the Holocaust was "real" as Makow does ] & his classic obfuscation about other important points shifting the blame away from the culprits. Makow inadvertently exposed himself as a pedophile by admitting to an marriage to a teen he trolled from abroad while he was in his fifties. Which makes it all the more ironic & outrageous those baseless accusations the anonymous “ex-wives” that Makow publish who claim that Rense is one. Those “ex-wife” screeds further exposed Makow as a Zionist agent as they were all written in the SAME ADL style complete with a verbatim list of serial accusations [ alleging Rense was a bigot in the mold of a KKK member - I kid you not - go read those screeds ] which all came right out of central casting.

      Rense’s friends came out & further exposed the Makow lies by noting that Makow lied & exaggerated & that the Makow version of Rense is someone they do not even recognize. Makow cannot even get Rense’s actual age right.

      This Makow propagandist does not even do an iota of fact checking as he recently ran with an article mentioning the late Phil Schneider but incredibly spelled it Snyder. Or perhaps it was yet another obfuscating technique he used in order to prevent folks from learning about the relevant research of Phil Schneider. A brave individual who did more to expose the New World Order agenda than Makow will ever do. There are so many subtle obfuscating techniques he employs which work to lead his readers astray and into a cul de sac where he want them to trapped.

      Furthermore there is the very troubling video which surfaced showing a twelve year old Makow on a game show surrounded by pedo actors of the era thus totally compromizing anything he has to say about anything as only an INSIDER would have his own advise column published in a controlled newspaper [ as he did and was why he was on the game show ] There are so many red flags about Makow that it is a safe bet that he is controlled opposition and is part of the very same Satanic elite he condemns. This is not far fetched as he exposed himself as a hypocrite concerning conservative values when he in reality goes after teenaged girls & puts down mature / aged females on a regular basis.

      The Zionists tend to send one of their own to lead the opposition so as to make sure it is not an authentic threat. Many folks are not aware that Makow was a pro New World Order / pro-feminist / Leftist Professor before he was cast in the role of the opposite as an online presence. One must ask themselves why he is always so quick to publish unsubstantiated reports. I think he does this to tarnish the reputation of the alternative media and the truth movement in general.

    • watertiger

      terry the censor you are 120% spot on!! Very well stated and totally the truth!!

    • Brubaker

      i don’t see how anyone having read Makow for even a short time would conclude that he’s working for world Zionism. he mentioned a book once by William Perl, a Jew, that turns the entire Holocaust tale upside down. is he fronting for the Jesuits? maybe.

      i live in South America, it’s very common for young girls to marry at 13-14. i believe his wife was older than that. different cultures, you know.

    • The Lowest Room

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME? God damned new age talking head utter idiot paid psy-op enforcer ZEN HAVEN down on here spewing out more CIA ordo ab chaos for his master Rense and his surrogate psyops partner in hegle, Henry Makow??? ARE YOU *#$&$%% KIDDING ME? And when the hell are you IDIOTS going to stop being played with by these maggots, call it like it is, and refuse these refuse???

    • THX1138

      Jeff Rense and David Icke are a complete joke, whether or not Makow is a pedo or whatever else.




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