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Six Major Steps Of Nibiru Passby: Atlantic Rift Tug, Earth Wobble, Earth Lean, 3 Days Of Darkness, Earth Rotation Stop, Poleshift... Planetary Magnetism Explained

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Six Major Steps Of Nibiru Passby: Atlantic Rift Tug, Earth Wobble, Earth Lean, 3 Days Of Darkness, Earth Rotation Stop, Poleshift… Magnetic Earth Rebirthing Process Explained

Earthlings, we have lots to learn about what Planet X, and how it is helping earth humans, to finally shed the hold the ego, has upon us… imagine if earth turned upside down or three days of darkness, or major earth shifts… it might have the effect of shedding egos… and I highly doubt whatever is in the pockets, is going to get through this… remember, do not take the rebirthing of the planet, personally or lightly… you can yawn in disbelief, but can you really relax in ignorance, if the signs are all around us, and Nibiru is passing by overhead, covering a rather large portion of the sky… will ones still choose denial then…  there is nothing mysterious about this process… this process is happening because Nibiru and earth are both magnetic…what is described here is the same thing that would happen to two circular magnets… the only difference is that we happen to be living on the smaller magnet.!!!!

Indian in the machine

6 Steps

Just as gravity is a dominant force affecting our planet Earth, magnetism, during pole shifts, dominates. 
As Planet X twists and turns during its passage past the Sun, it tosses our Earth around like a rag doll, the lesser magnet.
At first, when Planet X is not directly between the Earth and Sun, this is a secondary influence.
The pole shift happening only when Planet X stands between the Earth and Sun, negating the Sun’s influence temporarily. 
But prior to that point, the pole shift point, several steps in the magnetic dance occur. 
I will detail them, one at a time. 
They are:
1. daily tugging on the magnetized Atlantic Rift
2. an Earth wobble caused by pushing and pulling on the N and S poles
3. a lean to the left as the N Pole of Planet X hoses toward Earth
4. 3 days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise West when this becomes extreme
5. a grip on the Atlantic Rift causing rotation stoppage

6. the pole shift itself.


Some significant points: 

Three Days Of Darkness, Not The Week Of Rotation Stoppage

ZetaTalk: 3 Days of Darkness, written Sep 30, 2004

Planet X seeks to align along the tight magnetic flow lines just under the Ecliptic to the tight magnetic flow lines just above the Ecliptic, which have radically different alignment dictates. Under the Ecliptic, the flow lines are returning magnetic particles to the Sun, but above, they represent an outward bound stream, which does not tolerate a N. Pole pointed toward it. Planet X must roll, and does this as a sideways roll, the path of least resistance, then rising its N. Pole to align side-by-side with the Sun.


Hose Of Magnetic Particles Causes Period Of 3 Days Of Darkness 

The Earth is hardly a passive observer, but participates when it finds a hose of magnetic particles pointed at it by deflecting its N. Pole. This is reflected in folklore as a period of darkness for the northern hemisphere, a Biblical prediction of 3 days of darkness, which is not the week of rotation stoppage. As the Earth continues to roll, in synch with Planet X, keeping its N. Pole pointed away, the Earth is unmistakably turned [sideways], again well documented in folklore.


Earth Turns Upside Down (Right before Step 5)

As the Earth continues to roll, in synch with Planet X, keeping its N. Pole pointed away, the Earth is unmistakably turned upside down, again well documented in folklore. During this time the core and crust are glued together, and the rotation of the Earth follows the rotation of the Sun, as always, in direction, thus sunrise West. Following days of a sunrise West, this roll of the Earth continues its momentum until the Earth returns to align side-by-side with the Sun and Planet X, a comfortable position for magnets forced into proximity with each other. It is in this position that the daily grab on the Atlantic Rift begins significant slowing of the Earth’s rotation.

At this point in the magnetic dance, there can scarcely be any doubt that the End Times are upon mankind. 
This is recorded in folklore as a time when the Earth turns upside down, as when it violently swings it’s N Pole away it does not stop on a dime, and almost does a 180 before drifting back up to where N is N and S is S.


Pole Shift  

The pole shift will certainly not take mankind by surprise, as it is preceded by 3 days of darkness and 6 days of sunrise West in the northern hemisphere.


Planetary Magnetism Explained

So what can we expect, during the magnetic dance between Earth and Planet X? 
For starters, think of these planets, Earth and Planet X, as magnets.
Then think of what magnets do, when placed closed to each other.
They either go end to end, N Pole of one to the S Pole of another, or they line up side by side, both with their N Poles pointing in the same direction. 
This is what magnets do.


The result is a new geography and a new climate, worldwide.

ZetaTalk: New Geography, written July 15, 1995

After the pole shift the Earth begins rotating again. Whatever part of the Earth is North, magnetically, after the shift, will become the new North Pole. The pole shift, with consequent realignment of the poles, will place the New Equator over formerly frozen lands. 

Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, and Europe will be affected by the new equator. Past cataclysms have regularly rearranged the Earth’s geography and climate zones, as the Earth attests. After a pole shift the former poles invariably melt and soften while the new poles take on layer after layer of ice and snow. 

In the meantime the Waters Rise worldwide, several hundred feet, and then recede again. This pace is gradual, so that coastal settlements have plenty of time to relocate, an exercise they find they must do repeatedly.

And the Earth will experience a rebirth.

ZetaTalk: Rebirth, written July 15, 1995

The Earth of the future will clear up. The Earth’s population will reduce by 90%. Polluting practices, such as burning oil and chemical additives, will essentially stop.




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