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Alert: What’s Not Being Said About What Just Happened With North Korea

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By Lisa Haven

North Korea tested the most powerful ICBM to date this week, and it splashed down in the sea off the coast of Japan. Shortly after the launch, General Mattis, Secretary of Defense, warned that they’d proven they could “threaten everywhere in the world.”

Truth is, we are heading full speed ahead into war and I believe we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

In the video below I divulge details that the mainstream media refuses to tell you about the situation in North Korea. Everything from an EMP strike to a Naval blockade are on ‘the table.’ All that and more below….


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    • 2QIK4U

      An emp strike and the only version that’s ever existed is a Nuclear Bomb. But it won’t send you to the dark ages but enough to cause all the blacks to rob everything like they always do. Our blacks and new Zealand Maori have heart. A lot are still assholes but nothing like your gimme gimme gimme fake African Americans. Now all thier rap is African styled and they don’t even know it!

    • Britnay Smithh

      The USAtanic Synagogue of snake -fake ” jews”Ash claiming to be Nazis”( AshkeNazis) encrypted it openly on the USAtanic ” galactic” flag, the USAtanic great seal,the USAtanic 1$ bill, the USAtanic 911 Database, the USAtanic Skyscrapers calendar,and the masonic streets layout in Fashington,DC( District of Crimminals) with its Equinoxes & Solstices layout around the T-tav shaped Capitol Hill,Pennsylvania Avenue marking the END TIMES,as Winter solstice,and Trident shaped Union Station-DelaWARe Avenue,marking the Vernal equinox…The same angle has the White( Whores) House-Pentagon( vagina srargate)…Confirmed ewuinox and solstice,from Flood to Apocalypse of John,by the Protestant bibke-chapters as arc minutes and arc degrees!!!

      • Britnay Smithh

        The Synagogue of USAtan is preparing nuclear WW3, but it is Russia,who is the St.George-the Dragon Slayer,slsying the USAtan and its zionist synagogue!!! See the centre of the Russian TWO HEADED EAGLE, symbol of our Dual Creator,in our DUAL world! Rusdia is the Serpent-Dragon and USAtan slayer!

        • Sun Tzu

          Got it.

      • Sun Tzu


      • Everette

        Miss Britnay , are you one of the illegal Russians O nut case Obama brought in with executive orders in May 2012 to protect him from us Americans ? Or are you among the other 150,000 Russian soldiers he snuck in on the nuke bomber that keep landing in South Carolina ? Or was there another drop off zone ? Since landing could you please at least disclose your location you are at now so we can look for you once the crap hits the fan and not be surprised ! We know that sleeper cells O but face brought into America are here and are making ready for that count down day ! While in South Carolinia I got to see a commander make a statement during a fire works display as it exploded , saying one day soon , very soon ! I knew he was a Russian and I knew exactly what he ment ! I ask several of them of their orgin . Their reply was Russia . We also know that our closed down bases will also be used to extract weapons , tanks , air craft and what ever else is available . I just hope Trump knows about this !!! I also know that once I mention his name red flags go up to them . So they will now check into our closed bases and make sure they are secured , especially now that world war 3 is so close at hand ! Miss Britnay please read Nastradomus prophecies about America ! Yes we get kicked in the gut ! But the victor also resides in America that will lead America to victory over their enemies that are within our country and then we will move to Europe to free them from the UN muslim radicals and then head towards the middle east to end the terroir there . I read that either Syria or Russia ( north country over Israel ) will end up with only 1/6 of its country left ! You better be praying to ALMIGHTY GOD that Putin joins our side against the Edomites of the Vatican natzi and the Muslims of the UN . If not it maybe your country that ALMIGHTY GOD allows to be destroyed ! Have you said your good byes to Mom and Dad ? Better be calling home to them soon ! Oh and the Bible also backs up the destruction of the country in the north above Israel ! Also the Edomites are totally destroyed as well as the muslim radicals . They will seem to be winning for awhile . But then sudden destruction !!! The country you are downing ( USA ) is actually the lost tribes of Israel . These also are brethren to Judea ( Jews ) living in Israel . We are GODs chosen . Read the Bible , GOD says Israel is my chosen , not Judea . Judea only gets to claim the Kingship thru King David’s linage . So when America , Europe and Austrlia ( Lost tribes of Israel ) are messed with , you are messing with the apple of GODs eye . Now I challenge you to do an Internet search . Look up GODs name and Ephraims name on the mountains of Israel . You will see a satellite picture of their Names carved into the mountains in Ephraim Israel’s territory . Ephraim is the King of Israel , King David’s linage is the king of Judea for right now . GOD’s ( YHVH ) and Ephrim’s names ( in Hebrew ) on the mountsins are to remind GOD to bring back ( Joseph- dad of ) Ephraim Israel and his fellows ( lost 10 tribes ) back to Israel to join with Judea . Ezekiel 37:16-28 tells you that Israel is going to be brought back to Israel to be joined together to finish the fight in the middle east . Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 tells of their enemies destruction for both Israel and Judea ( Jews ) . So sweetheart you better be getting on the right side or you will be fighting ALMIGHTY GOD and HIS army that will lead to your destruction ! Ask HIM to forgive you of your sins and then to come into your heart , from there HE will lead you into the truth and will direct you as to what direction to go !

        • raisnbran

          jesus already gave every asshole on this planet salvation–bible thumpers/christians love to judge everyone and like to tout they are right with god and you aint..that is total nonsense –god loves all his children,even hateful,evil,judgemental bible thumpers like ever it–complete jerk-jesus tried to tell us we are all of god’s kingdom but they nasty bible thumpers of his day did not like hearing that so they killed him–the evil bible thumpers of today would do the same given the chance–no hail marys or forgiveness needed–salvation is already yours–dont listen to those awful hateful bible thumpers–they are guided by satan and all his ugliness–judgement is the # one thing jesus/god warns us about–bible thumpers/christians with their huge devil egos think they have all the answers and you don’t..satan’s nonsense–just like the posting above–god could care less about that nonsense–it is a foolish mans rant,guided by satan–bears nothing with god,only satan..just remember every jerk on this planet will some day be dead and that is only true fact any person will ever know..the rest is bs–contrived rantings of lunitics that got lose on this planet–nothing but self righteous fools

    • bobbyd19

      Wow ! The controlled media is really setting the stage for a false flag “EMP” and ready to lay the blame on North Korea ! Thus give the US war machine a reason to bomb the shit out of North Korea and by doing so make billions of dollars for the defense contractors ! U know what they say “One day of war will make more money than a year of peace”! Or something like that.

    • TheDirectHouseofDavid

      I am glad that you are putting the pieces together for those to busy

    • dakota

      Whether any of this is actually going on or not, the pwb’s are setting the stage in our minds for what they want us to believe when we actually attack ourselves and they blame someone else.




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