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Giant Pyramids in China - Why are China trying to hide them?

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Pyramids in China Hidden by the Chinese Government
We have all heard about the great Pyramid, the one in Giza, that is the tallest Pyramid on Earth, Right? 
You may be surprised to discover that the great Pyramid found in Giza is NOT the tallest one on Earth, in fact it is not even close.
Wait till you hear this!

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In China, there are large Pyramids that are not only lined with the stars and showing advanced Mathematics in lay-out, design and construction, they are also among the largest in the World, in fact the true great Pyramid, the largest that we know of, is twice the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza and it is hidden in plain, but why are the Chinese trying to hide the biggest and most significant archaeological find of the Ancient World?
Despite speculation about the existence of the great pyramids in China, archaeologists have refused to consider even the rumours about such structures. But recent aerial pictures proves that China’s pyramids are indeed real, rivalling those of Egypt and Central America for their age, size and significance.
The Chinese pyramids drew popular attention just after World War II. Many early stories were focused on the existence of the Great White Pyramid. This is the tomb of Emperor Wu of Han located in Shaanxi Province.** shang-k-sii, (I think)**
U.S. Army Air Corps pilot James Gaussman is said to have seen a white jewel-topped pyramid during a flight between India and China during World War II.
James Gaussman told of his eyewitness encounter with a Chinese pyramid in the March 28, 1947 edition of The New York Times. A photo of a pyramid in China appeared in The New York Sunday News on March 30, 1947, raising a few eye brows across the globe.
Pseudo-historians have increased western awareness of these pyramids. Hartwig Hausdorf speculated it was built by aliens, and Philip Coppens repeated this theory
The existence of these pyramids in China remained completely unknown in the Western world until the 1910s. They were documented in large numbers around Xian, first in 1912 by the Western traders Fred Meyer Schroder and Oscar Maman, and also in 1913 by the expedition of Victor Segalen. 
It is located about 40 miles southwest of Xian **Zyan**, the largest of sixteen pyramids located in the area designated as a no-go area, a forbidden zone by Communist authorities.
These restrictions make it extremely difficult and dangerous for Westerners to visit the pyramid and take photographs of it. Despite the restrictions and with the help of the people of China, photos are emerging.
It is unknown when exactly the Great Pyramid of China was built. According to some Chinese archaeologists the pyramid was built around 3000 years before the birth of Christ.
Ancient records preserved in an old monastery near the Mongolian border describe the Xian pyramid.
The structure was said to measure 1,000 feet in height which made it the highest pyramid in the world, the Great Pyramid of Egypt is 450 feet in height, so the Great China pyramid is more than double the height. Imagine that for a second, 2 Giza pyramids on top of each other and then some, does that not blow your mind?
According to the monastic documents the pyramid was already extremely old when the records were made so we are talking about some of the oldest structures on Earth here.
In the valleys surrounding the Xian pyramid there are dozens of other pyramids, some almost as tall as the Great Xian Pyramid, these smaller ones are also larger than any of the other Pyramids found scattered across the globe.
When Hartwig Hausdorf and his friend Peter Krassa reached the township of Xianyang, about 40 miles west of Xian they saw at least 15 pyramids in the area. The two researchers were surprised to see small trees planted on the sides of these pyramids.
“I had been told that, over the past four or five years, the Chinese had been planting fast growing conifers, a kind of Cypress tree on the slopes of these pyramids. I wondered briefly what they were trying to hide by making these Ancient Wonders blend so completely into their surroundings.
The construction of these smaller Chinese pyramids is similar to that of the pyramids of Teo-tiahu-can**teo-tia-hu-can_, near Mexico City, the tops of most of these Chinese structures are flattened off, similar to the rectangular structures of the Mayans,” Hausdorf said.
The estimated age of these pyramids is 6000 years and it is believed they have been arranged to align with certain constellations in the night sky, just as certain key pyramids in Egypt were constructed in imitation of the constellation Orion.
The Chinese pyramids near Xian are proof of the immense knowledge of geometry and mathematics by these builders five millennia ago, who were they? And where did they go?
In 1994, archaeologists discovered several pyramids near the Wei River, north of Xian. It is thought that there may be as many 100 pyramids in China, including the Great White Pyramid which is the highest of them all. All of them are unheard of in the Western world so spread the word guys.
Who were the mysterious Chinese pyramid builders? Were they members of an ancient Atlantean civilization, or were they perhaps giants of the past, or maybe even Alien visitors or inhabitants from the stars? Maybe they positioned the pyramids under their home stars.
Local villagers claim their distant ancestors spoke of sky ships that navigated the heavens and used the pyramids. 
Whatever the purpose was for these Pyramids, they were built with such precision that our current technology cannot replicate it.
Pretty amazing right. 
What do you guys think of the Giant Pyramids in China? Why are the Chinese trying to keep them secret? 
Comments below.

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    • Scorpallain

      They don’t want their general population to know that there was another civilization there long before Communism was ever thought of…they think their people might revolt if they know the truth.

    • apache5

      allot of the world’s history has been altered and taught in a manner for people to believe what they want you to know and nothing else, we have been controlled for many years and thanks to the internet the REAL truths are now more available and some are opening there brainwashed eyes, of course they try to put lots of mis-information to try to control the damage BUT it is NOT working!!

      • Roadrunner


    • truthseeker4809

      The reason is because once they expose who built those pyramids, they have to admit that the ancient Koreans built them and Chinese do not want to admit those part of China was ancient Korean territory. Hun Koreans are much bigger country and people than China and people do not understand this and Chinese do not want to advertise it to the world either. Pretty pathetic if you think of it.

      Manchuria was also ancient Korean territory, and they conquered the mainland of China with the name of the dynasty Qing and took the land with them. If North Korea conquers China, they will take their land with them and South Korea will remain as the only Korean land. China never had their own ruler other than ancient North Eastern Asians who are Hun Koreans. Southern Chinese (short and small statue people) never cared who ruled China as long as they can live in peace.

      • Obadiah1N9

        There is no such thing as Ancient Koreans and what you call Korean did not build the pyramids, the original peoples of those lands were of Canaanite and Shemetic stock.

        • truthseeker4809

          Sounds like a Zionist ignorance

          Actually the Hittites who ruled Egypt and the Sumerians who ruled Mesopotamia in ancient times are known to have used the Ural Altaic language which is the main form of spoken language in the North East Asia excluding China. On the other hand, there are no records of Turkish people have ever invaded North East Asia. In fact the opposite historical records are abundant not to mention the Huns and Mongols.

          On the other hand, ironically, the language structure of China is close to Indo European than to Ural Altaic. Many people do not know of this fact.

          Mongols, Koreans, Japanese, Hungarians, Turkish people are known to use this style of language in the present.

          Obviously Hebrew is not included in one of the Ural Altaic languages. There is no evidence of any Semitic people have set their foot in the far east Asia.

    • Icecharge

      The purpose of the pyramids was to avoid the Great Flood that Noah was prophesying to come. The pre Flood people tried to save their sinful skin from drowning, especially the offspring of Cain, the first born son of Adam and Eve, the evil murderer who killed his brother Abel. Therefore they built pyramids all over the world near their cities, helped by the giant Nephilim. The name of China comes from Cain that established the nation and culture of China. Cain’s family line drowned in the Flood but After the Flood, some Noah’s descendents found the same fertile land and established the same nation and culture again. Of course, they knew the story of China. The rough estimated age of the pyramids seems to fit to the age before the Flood.

      However, the Flood rose over all pyramids and mountains, and the fountains of the Great Deep burst out and caused the global waters to swell over even the Himalaya’s tallest summits. Do you say that it is not possible?

      I have studied this matter in my book Ice-Shedding of Ages that can be found on the Internet. The book pertains to the ice-shedding of the glacier of Greenland that one day in the future, not very distant, will release its almost three million cubic-kilometers of weakening ice, chilling water and an energy load corresponding almost to one million times the energy that the Indian Ocean tsunami discharged into the sea in December 2004. It will be a world wide earthquake and flood disaster, but probably a lesser one than Noah’s Flood. Not believable?

      The world is replete with great proofs. The pyramids are only one example. Especially the Arctic and Subarctic nature tells its silent story about a mighty ice-water-clastic flood that swept over all the Arctic lands around the North Pole and beyond. It buried numerous mammoths and deep-froze them under layers of permafrost. It also made the famous black-earth plains in Russia, Ukraine and China, as well as many other odd natural formations. The burst of Greenland started the Flood, the Burst of Antarctic carried on it and the fountains of the Great Deep completed it. The earth crust broke, water gushed out from deep inside the earth crust and swelled upon the earth. There are seas of water deep underground, 200 km and more, and it cannot come up, because it is compressed so tight that it is heavier than the adjacent rock, until the earth crust breaks as it happened during the Flood. May God help that it will not happen again.

      Of course, the communists as well as all the other atheists, the modern scientists included, cannot accept what I write and have written, but just wait and see. I don’t think that I am erring very much. Just wait!

    • SIF

      Fascinating stuff. Western China is very mysterious with its Taklamakan mummies and burials of great Generals. Pyramids could have served a number of purposes, but above all to hide what goes on inside. I agree with the idea that others know why they are there and have many many secrets they are hiding from us. Those secrets if exposed would change our entire outlook about God, people, and our futures. We are slaves of an unseen and oppressive aristocracy. :razz: That’s true, I believe.

    • truthseeker4809

      Pyramids are all related to the spiritual belief system of the ancient people. Earth is hell and they have to go to where they have originally come from which is heaven or other star system. And they believed that Pyramids can take them there. This may or may not have actual reality that can be explained by science. The mysterious beam of light coming out of the top of the pyramids should alert people that there is something physically unknown facts related to Pyramids. Sarcophagus was found inside the pyramids of Egypt. They were not used for burial purpose but for spiritual journey. People do not understand this subtle difference. The Skull and Bones people practice similar ritual in their initiation ceremony. Nothing comes from by chance.

    • Buznitz

      History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon

      Napoleon Bonaparte.

    • Redlist Renegade

      They probably just screwed up the buildings during construction of their first real mega city and don’t want the rest of the world to know that their engineers couldn’t read and interpret the blueprints correctly !!!

    • truthseeker4809

      Those Chinese pyramids once open to the public can be a huge source of tourist industry income comparable to that of Egypt. They are not stupid, Chinese know they have more to lose than to gain by such an adventure.

      If the world finds out that, after all, China is a conquered nation by the North Eastern Asian tribes, who built the megalithic stone structures, their national pride will free fall to the ground. They can not certainly afford that.

      Same thing with the Egyptians who are paranoid about the idea that it may finally discovered that they did not built the Pyramids after all.

    • thinkintegeal

      Because they belong to Koreans.
      Chinese are afraid that people discover the fact and make them less class than Koreans.




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