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White Rabbit Hacks SpaceX Live Tesla Stream "Starman Live"

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

Space X Justed randomly ended their live Starman stream on youtube of the Tesla on its way to mars. 

They took down the recording and you cant get it anywhere unless you watched it live. White Rabbit hacked the stream server and got the video in 1080 HD. Maybe hes an insider?

UFOS Everywhere! Shows North Pole Vortex in beggining of stream. 

See normal speed and fast speed.

Enhanced version of video to detect fake artifacts is on White Rabbit Channel

We are breaking down this video now, until then here you go, watch every sec and analyse before they take this down, we have years of proof here.

Normal Speed:

1000X Times the Speed:

Live 24/7 White Rabbit

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    • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

      Where is the International Space Station? or the moon :lol:

      • The despised

        If you believe in fake space, you’re a fucking retard. These people are deceiving, and they are not even very good at it.

        • DK

          I am not downvoting you for your opinion, it is your language.

        • Andy

          if you believe man-made fairy-tales like the bible are REAL, you’re an imbecile

          if you deny factual evidence in order to support your fantasy delusions, you’re mentally & emotionally unstable

          • marquise

            I thought you removed the beach that was stuck in your tiny womanhood Andy ? Keep trying to convince yourself, youre the only one who sound mentally and emotionally unstable oh great basement warrior

      • 2QIK4U

        Hey kill. Read my comment below it was meant for u.

      • Andy

        the international space station is in orbit and so is the moon :eek:

        where is your IQ? on the bottom of your shoe (your shoe size) :roll:

    • DK

      The chassais should be heating up over 100 degrees at 1kw per m2 in the suns radiation so the dash and steering wheel should be melting (PVC), since it is black and retains 100% of the radiation, the lunar surface is at 100 degrees in daylight but refracts or reflects 70% of the light on it due to the dust. UPC melts at 100 degrees, the real interesting thing comes into effect when the car passes through the Earths shadow and the temperature differences between the materials become extreme such that the windscreen pops out since it is held in place by silicone gel, and the chassais warps with steel components shattering the Aluminium shell with expansion. The sudden transition between dark and light as the car passes through the earths shadow should shatter the headlights with thermal shock which is why spacecraft do not use glass but a transparent cermaic or a small porthole, their shell is uniform using the same material and they are lagged in a heat blanket.

      • The despised

        LOL FAKE SPACE IS FAKE. You are debunking a fake event, using OTHER fake events. LOL

        • DK

          What over fake events were mentioned pray?.

      • Andy

        now you know why the vehicle is rotating, they do the same with space craft for the very same reason

        also, you think Spacex didn’t think of that and have Tesla make a few minor modifications?

        • DK

          The ‘minor’ modifications making a battery powered sports car spaceworthy ensure it cannot be proved a genuine artifact. Its the effects on the car due to high G at launch, vibration, and the other effects I mentioned which would also include the melting of the plastics, bits breaking off, the side mirrors shattered glass surrounding the car, the windscreen cracking, I have handled as a QC person loads of side mirrors, they come in bubble wrapped inside a foam plastic cushion, and even then the glass is just mm thick with a heating element just behind. Not something you vibrate, and no If Mr Musk sent his car into orbit, he would have sent up a production model since evidence of custom parts would come to light in the factory or workshop which is not the case for a NASA studio broadcast since it is 3rd party.

    • Anonymous

      Within minutes of launch, you could already see the rocket leveling off and heading down.

      • Andy

        funny that, as it only takes about 8 minutes to get into low-earth orbit, from which the next leg of the journey takes place, leaving LEO and heading to deep space

        no rocket is powerful enough to go straight up and escape earth that way

    • 2QIK4U

      Youtube channel SMARTER EVERY DAY photographed the station passing the wierd Eclipse in America a while ago. I must admit the station IS there i saw pass as the dude Photographed it with timed fast cameras. Why the secrecy i dont know??? But i admit its there about a few hundred mile off earth orbiting .i couldnt believe i finally saw that proof. The launch screen in the middle looked FAKE AS FK. Bad Green screen

      • Anonymous

        You actually fell for that fake ISS?

        • Andy

          fucking retard :eek:

      • Andy

        at least your capable of accepting evidence when presented

        when “Joe Average” actually films the I.S.S. transiting the sun during the eclipse, only a fucking retard would deny it




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