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David Bowie and Alan Rickman Death Hoax 100% Staged ? both 69, cancer?

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David Bowie & Alan Rickman Death Hoax 100% Staged

weeks before David Bowie died from cancer?

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.”

~William Shakespeare

more updates…..

hiding the evidence ?

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    • PeoplePower

      The number 69 and its usage by the Freemason Illuminati/Luciferian crowd.  Ronald Reagan’s association with the number 33 and being age 69 when he was first elected President of the United States.  

      These numbers and the manner in which they have been used predict the “raising ceremony” of the coming Antichrist/Lucifer.  The number 69 has always been used, and what it represents to the “enlightened ones” who are planning a New World Order for their “supernatural world leader”!

      Just as the Washington Monument (Phallus) inside the circle represents sexual union in the place of dead spirits (hell), the number 69 is representative of the exact same thing as well.  The overall plan of Satan is to bring WORLD UNION to all nations under a New Global World Government over which his “chosen one” will rule.  The number “69” and its usage is very evident in Satan’s plan to accomplish this very thing right in plain view of all with “eyes to see”.

      NASA is also involved in the “69 game” of calling for the birth of Antichrist/Lucifer. The 69th Mission of NASA lifted off of runway “33”!  You should now be able to understand how all these “spiritual numbers” of the Illuminati/Luciferian indoctrinated crowd believe in the “magi-ck” of these numbers to bring forth their soon to be exalted leader.

      Satans Global Lie Exposed – The Truth of Gods Enclosed Flat Earth:

      David Bowie’s Death Is A Hoax – His Fake Death Is His Exit From The World Stage:

      • Freedomofscreech

        YOur an idiot

      • A Commentator

        Yeah, it’s true, me and my wife use the number 69 frequently!

      • Geeper

        This “prankster Satan” or “prankster Illuminati” thing always cracks me up, that they’d make little reassuring winking jokes for some reason rather than being implacably evil and chaotic and invisible.


        • The Clucker


          Where’s your hat? I hope you didn’t actually have to eat it.

          Best Regards,


      • srsly1

        Just like a 5 year old, stamping those hands and feet on the ground…..whaaaaaahh….whaaaaahhh. The earth is flat….whhhhhaaaaaahhh. Not a day goes by that you don’t scream and cry about it.

    • guesswhat

      Thank you for saying what I was thinking yes the “secret” cremation with no family or friends present… well of course they will not show up to attend a fake cremation … Bowie was an M15 creation and actor all his life … his songs were written for him … all his changes in persona from thin white duke etc to spaceman all previously scripted by M15 … when he had a falling out with them they made him sing the Laughing Gnome … he’s probably in a bolthole on Mustique right now ….

      • DWood

        Nobody attends a cremation in the western world, that’s absurd it is done at the mortuary and the family then comes an picks up the ashes and has a memorial if they choose.

    • LucidMebin

      Enough! Not everything is a hoax – and these two men should be shown some respect. Calm down crazies.

    • MI6

      Am sure this site is an IQ test site and PeoplePower keeps getting top marks as stupid

    • Syco

      Not everything is a hoax, you people have to take off the tin foil and put down the bong… SMDH :???:

      • Anonymous

        Really! Can’t people just die anymore without it being some kind of hoax?
        What is up with these people? Can’t accept that people really die?
        Poor things, living in a fantasy world, where no one dies? Geez

    • Nyyk4

      No one really believes this right?

      • LucidMebin


    • 1776

      You people attacking the dead before the dirt settles on their grave are absolutely disgusting.

      I have an idea, I’m going to sell survival gear, make a website full of false information and fear mongering and call it

    • A Commentator

      Leaving Lemmy out of your bat s crazy conspiracy that makes no sense? That’s not fair, you could have worked him into your storyline somehow.

      Lazy hack writers.

    • Canderson

      “The Golden Mean ratio of 8/13 between the average orbital motions of Earth and Venus is striking and curious”

      • Canderson

        If cancer is nr 69, then they got all three of them, but lemmy kicked their butts, He really broke the spell.

    • unidentified

      doubt they were illuminati members as other celebrities were in the past

    • guesswhat

      This article on BIN previously, is a lady speaking on Bruce Montalvo’s radio show. Reference is made to the fact that David Bowie’s brother’s website announced his death, two days before he actually died.

      Here is another interesting web link for you:

      Looks like Davids brother doesn’t it. The two brothers have been working for M15 for decades. The brother is sure enough of non detection that he appeared on sky tv to discuss his brother’s “legacy”, disguised as “music company executive”, well M15 has run the music industry in Britain always.

    • Nyyk4

      God forbid there’s ever a slight coincidence, it’s automatically a conspiracy LOL it’s quite hilarious :lol:




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