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The Art of the Deal - Trump and Mueller Combine to Take Down the Deep State

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I freely admit that I have been merciless towards Jeff Sessions as of late. So much of Hillary’s criminality is on display for all to see and I have grown increasingly impatient at the lack of action towards Clinton et al. This is because prosecuting Hillary, in my estimation, would be like picking low hanging fruit. Roger Stone agrees with me. In the following short video, I describe the fact that Roger Stone and I share similar views toward the DOJ, Jeff Sessins and the failure to take down worst of the worst (eg Wasserman Schultz, Pelosi, Clinton, et al).

As the reader can see that Roger Stone and myself are frustrated beyond belief. However, as time has moved on, it may be that more patience is in order and that Sessions is indeed supporting Trump and the biggest legal trap in American history is about to be sprung.

The Trump Administration Got Off to Fast Start When It Came to Prosecuting Child Sex Trafficking

Did you know that in Trump’s first 30 days in office, his people, mainly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, prosecuted 1,500 sex traffickers? To date, Trump/Sessions have prosecuted 3,500 child-sex-traffickers.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order giving the FBI extra power to crack down on human trafficking offenses.

This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?” Liz Crokin wrote for on February  25, 2017.

The numbers are “staggering” when compared to the less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests made in 2014 according to the FBI.

What has happened since the first month of Trump’s Presidency? That question will be answered at the end of the article.

The Robert Mueller Factor

On November 18th, one of my most reliable inside sources told me I should back off of Robert Mueller and Jeff Sessions. I was told that Mueller was a Trump supporter and the two of them were perpetrating a double cross on key Deep State personnel including Hillary Clinton. I was told that any investigation into Russian collusion by Trump would stumble across Hillary’s complicity with Uranium One and the selling of uranium to the Russians. Subsequently in my amazement, that is exactly what happened. Almost four weeks ago, Fox News went crazy with the Hillary and the selling of uranium to the Russians story. Forget the fact that I reported this back in 2015, I still could not believe that Fox had Hillary in their grasp.

On November 19th, I received yet another tip that Mueller was secretly aiding Trump and his investigation would ensnare Clinton. On November 19th, I also came across a telling video by The SGT Report which confirmed what I was being told. On that date, the SGT produced a 12 minute video in which they revealed some of the strategies that has accompanied Trump’s counter-coup against Deep State operatives. The video documentary is very well organized, well-sourced and confirms much of what I already know to be true. However, the report is missing a couple of pieces of the puzzle that are essential to understanding that a state of civil war exists between the Trump administration and the majority of the American people against the subversive operatives of the Deep State and their radical followers. Most importantly in the following video, SGT alleges that Robert Mueller has led a plot, in conjunction with key members of the Trump administration that will soon turn the tables on the Russian collusion charges. The topic has to do with Clinton’s sale of nuclear grade uranium to the Russians. I published this account on The Common Sense Show on November 20th. Here is the SGT video on this topic.

As fate would have it, an excellent investigative journalist, Liz Crokin, ran the following report on November 21st.


“…Trump made a shocking promise to Clinton in the event he got elected. “If I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor (Editor’s Note: Robert Mueller?) to look into your situation…we’re going to have a special prosecutor,” Trump said. Clinton responded, “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.” Trump then interrupted and said: “Because you’d be in jail.” Trump’s statement was met with cheers and thunderous applause.

It was clear that Trump was going to assign a special prosecutor to look into Clinton’s crimes. Liz Crokin contends that it was at that time, Trump had set his trap in place to ensnare Clinton while pursuing the Russian collusion story.

On Liz Crokin’s website, she lists the original agreement that appointed Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor. The language of this agreement is stunning and very predictive as we look back on it in hindsight. From the Special Prosecutor’s document on

“The Special Counsel is authorized to conduct an investigation including “any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump, and any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.” 

It is that last phrase that makes it likely that Mueller has double-crossed the Clintons. In the Special Prosecutor affidavit that the Assistant AG Rosenstein signed, included a key phrase that stated: “matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation” because they knew an investigation into Russian collusion would eventually lead to Clinton. Going back full circle, this is how the Uranium One story broke on Fox News.

House of Cards

Both Podesta brothers have surprisingly stepped down from positions this move has surprised many in the media. Tony, in particular has stepped down as the CEO of his company. Why would he do so if Trump was not closing in?

The Pelosi Mafia, which is well known in Calexit circles, is about to be exposed as well. After initially calling for President Trump’s impeachment, she has now backed off of that position and has stated that “impeaching Trump is not someplace we should go”. These are two clear signs, among many, that indicate that the Deep State is running scared.

At the same exact time Fox was breaking the Uranium One story, they simultaneously broke Donna Brazile’s allegation that the Hillary Clinton forces rigged the Democratic Primary in order to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

The Deep State In Need of Distractions

I was sitting in a dining establishment with friends when I first saw these incredible revelations on Fox News and I wondered out loud if the Deep State was going to play the big distraction card and set off a nuclear device. Fortunately for the country, the Deep State has found another distraction that is helping to keep Brazile’s story and the accounts of the Uranium One allegations against Clinton off of page one. This is what is behind the throwing of Weinstein, Rose, Moore, Franken, Conyers et al under the bus of sexual improprieties. These events, rather than Clinton revelations is what has dominated the news. These distractions will serve to be no more than a speed bump on the road to justice as Trump and his forces close in for the judicial kill. Of course, this in turn will make the Deep State even more desperate and the possibilitiy looms large for a monumental distraction (eg nuclear, biological, chemical, all three and even throw in World War III). On a more tragic note, I believe that it is entirely possible that every false flag since Vegas was being carried out as a distraction as well. It would be a mistake for the country to conclude that something massive and very evil is not about to happen.


Since Donald Trump took office, his administration has taken down 6,000 child sex traffickers. Additionally, nine democratic mayors have been forced to resign. The Deep State is in a total panic. However, I am afraid that the worst of the false flag attacks is to come. Perhaps Liz Crokin is correct when she tells me that I need to have more patience when it comes to Jeff Sessions.

Below is an interview I conducted with Liz Crokin on November 26, 2017 in which most of these issues and more were discussed. The interview can be accessed by clicking here.  (

It is safe to say that the next 90 days could decide the immediate fate of the country.  Along these lines, John Moore issued a national alert with regard to a possible EMP attack. The warning was first sent to Paul Martin and myself. I will be publishing the contents in a later article today.


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    • Anonymous

      Not buying it.

    • dennis48309

      Mueller should be hung for treason for covering up the 9/11 black op as well as the anthrax which came from a military bio-lab. The good guys have enough evidence to fry all of these Cabal people. Nobody should be given a get out of jail free card.

    • diane

      I agree.

    • Pink Slime

      Yes, uh-um. I’m the guy that told everyone to give TRUMP some time. He has no political or inside connections. And when people like you started to complain he was in office for only 3 months!!

      Give him a year or TWO!! He’s learning the game. How DIRTY insiders play. Power, unfortunately, attracts the most BASE of men. Just look at them. From the Kennedys to the Clintons and one sodomite Negro. :twisted:

      But he cannot lay off of the Klingons, er the Klintons. :twisted:

      • Josie

        President Trump is doing an awesome job. I just hope and pray the deep state or whoever doesn’t hit us with a horrific false flag to draw attention away from draining the swamp…

    • Canderson

      “President Trump is doing an awesome job” He is prevented to do that I would say. Perhaps some opportunity will arise.
      Law and supreme court it is the core if we want structure, Anarchy could be better than this. not a good measurement then.

      • Canderson

        History… The Last Will of Cecil Rhodes and the Anglo-American Establishment

        • Canderson

          Encyclios Paideia –> indirect rule, rule by proxy, rings within rings.

          In this the dictatorial system of cultural-Marxism, you are. You should die-off quietly and stay mute in the meanwhile

          by self censorship and/ by MSM political correctness. We must overthrow that blanket of seemingly “all is good, all is

          fine” clearly it is not!
          We must break this the Encyclios paideia.

          the Encyclios paideia (sort of, not the brainac class’9 / but of the same system.)
          Conan The Barbarian – The Wheel of Pain (1982 HD)

          (An Emulation of the Mandarin class in china)

          Sofist …. Encyclios paideia
          seven (more or less) liberal arts (Neo-cons)
          History… Interview: The Trivium Method vs. The Classical Trivium: A Briefing by Kevin Cole

          Deep End 008 The Trivium and Empire w/ Kevin Cole and Brett Veinotte

          I found another link to 9/11

          911 Normandie (a reversal? see ww2)

          Vikings began its plundering of the area that became Normandy in the late 700′s. The first permanent

          Scandinavian settlements were founded in 911 after the Viking leader Rollo raided Paris several times.

          Rollo’s son, William the Conqueror by the blessing of the Pope of that era became the ruler of Britannia.

          • Canderson

            Encyclios Paideia –> Compartmentalization, on need to know basis only. (Dangerous as hell to the People)

            • Canderson

              And now we got Transhumanism and Posthumanism. The Machiavellian way, seed, the Psychopath’s way. It will not work.

            • Canderson

              “And now we got Transhumanism and Posthumanism. The Machiavellian way, seed, the Psychopath’s way. It will not work.”

              What to call this travesty? Negative creation = Undead-dead.

    • Linuxmaster

      This guy who wrote this is an A-hole.. Total Bannon puppet

    • cj

      Even if Mueller turns up something to help Trump, he knew about the Uranium One deal when it was happening. In DC people cut deals to get out of hot water and stay out of prison. That is not permitted to the average citizen. There has to be consequences, otherwise, criminals will look at DC as the place to be to roam free and do whatever they want to do. And isn’t that basically what is going on now? Mueller needs legal consequences as well.




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