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The Mass Arrest of Elite Globalists Fantasy

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Are there going to be mass arrests and prosecutions of the elite?

Dr. Dave Janda, a radio host and a patriot who is a Washington outsider with insider contacts, says, “I believe that it’s going to happen, and I know people are saying that it’s pure fantasy and that it’s just not going to happen. . . . One of most effect control mechanisms is the human trafficking pedophile situation.

The media won’t report on this because they are part of it . . . . Look at the CIA’s Operation Mocking Bird where they have infiltrated every aspect of the media to deliver the globalist message. They are complicit in it.”

TAP – We’ve heard all this before of course.   It’s curious to hear it doing the rounds once more.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  I suppose it’s worth a listen for a minute or two.  It’s based on the Trump Executive Order, which is supposedly targeting pedophiles.  It could be evidence of warring between the elites.




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    • Sun Tzu

      Yep. Maybe I will…..

      • Anonymous

        remember illuminati whistleblower/king clown ben fool-ford claiming in 2010 that Kissinger and Bush, Sr were dead? taken out by the white dragons? pre-white helmet lolol

        ‘the perps being rounded up’
        yeah sure- as elevate the REAL top ones to power- Gold man Sachs and his Chabad-zionist handlers.
        Trojan Horse Drumpf got the media convincing us he is under siege and thus an “anti-Illuminati” POTUS.
        You stupid cattle WTFU who believe everything you hear and nothing of what can be PROVED.
        Drumpf just pardoned the biggest banker swindlers of their trillion $ crimes while you embiciles are following their pedophile distraction by the nose- right where the Elite are leading you.
        such stupidity cant be cured.

    • Sun Tzu

      Wrong answer kike. It was the zio’s. Get a grip it takes two hands to handle a whooper.

    • truck driver

      Elite Globalists have to feed their hate by getting an orgasm when they kill someone


      The Rule of Law will always be to use the people as guinea pigs regardless of who is in power, the laws will take 20 years to knock down, there is justification to define the US government as a mirror of Nazi Germany :::: Dear Reader,

      For those of you who innocently do not believe that the government is actively experimenting on the public at large may I draw your attention to the following :


      “Mr. GLENN. Madam President, if I approached any Senator here and I said, ‘‘You did

      not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or

      your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment

      that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they

      were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this,

      were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that

      might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will

      do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and

      say that is ridiculous. That cannot possibly happen in this country. Yet, that very

      situation is what this piece of legislation is supposed to address….”

      —- United States Senator John Glenn.

      “Congressional Record S645 January 22,

      1997”, prior to becoming a Senator he

      was the first American to circle the Earth

      in outer space in 1962.

    • 2QIK4U

      Jhon and Tony Podesta were a third of a mile away from the location where MADELINE MCANN was kidnapped from and they match the police photofits the public saw at the time of her Kidnapping … Parents are part of it. R.I.P

    • raburgeson

      I told them to not let Pennsylvania decide this is a lawless nation. They have 2 days left, POTUS will be a year old. They are crunching the data now. It does not look good for them.

    • raburgeson

      Trump has done what he can making EOs to deal with the lawlessness. We see an army stopping him. Pennsylvania is an army. We understand the crooked justice system. Our tribunals have been selected.That is a direct warning. The UN will not be able to help you. The UN will not get their cannon fodder back. You have broken Constitutional law by fielding troops in Chicago. You are not legal immigration. You are an invasion force and the snowflake mayor that invited you is on the list to face court as a sanctuary leader.

      We have state police and federal police to handle the problems in Chicago. The courts and the people that bought them are to be dealt with. Then these options can become viable.




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