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All USA People Need to See This! Aug-16 NWO Exposed! -Phone Call Leaked! -Video

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Published on Aug 10, 2016

Help USA! All American People Need to see this! Please share with urgency. Hillary is a problem for Putin. This is very important to share! TV News is showing more proof! This is TV News! This is real facts. The power of Internet/YouTube is helping American people!
Share please.

People of America urgent news!! Public utility! Update to JULY 2016! Real Scenes! This video is very important! NEW EVIDENCES – NEW PROOF! All American people need to see this! GOV LEAKED! FEMA CAMPS and MARTIAL LAW are coming in 2016!! All Americans need to watch this!! Let’s Share… Share… this video must be shared with max number of people! make your part now, please share it! Because the Government Cover-up! Important: Before JUDGE, watch the whole video. MARTIAL LAW IMMINENT APPROACH! MUST SEE!! URGENT VIDEO PUBLIC UTILITY! FEMA CAMPS IS REAL!! OBAMA IS LEAKED!

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Watch too this important video: TV News: Now “PUTIN” chastises “OBAMA” about the NEW WORLD ORDER 2016 UN meeting” at…
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    • GodhelpUS

      Libor Scandal Grows As The Fathers Of Two Mass Murderers Were To Testify National Finance Examiner |
      By Laura Tyco

      Lanza AND James Holmes (Batman)Dad’s BOTH testifying in LIBOR …

      2 Mass Shootings from colorado and connecticut Connected To the Libor Scandal

      • Anonymous

        This bitch just wont keep pushing her horseshit. She issued her 72 hour alert YEARS ago. and it was WRONG. All the REX 84 stuff is VERY VERY old and known since right after 911. We have these airheads who come along- don’t have the age/history to have known this or lived thru this- and they think they just discovered it.

        Her bull about the dollar/DINAR collapse has been covered in depth for OVER A DECADE by Lindsey Williams and others. She says nothing new. Why aren’t people doing NEW research?
        THE NWO WANT to collapse the dollar. DOLLAR COLLAPSE is INTEGRAL to the banksters’ plan to bring in the cashless society. So why would they fight it??? They pretend to fight it- but the NWO MUST HAVE dollar collapse to bring in SDRs. Their memos even say it, repeatedly.
        Gaddaffi & others were designed to be taken out by ISRAEL so they can destroy any big nation w/ standing armies so that ISRAEL can rule supreme in M.E.
        another airhead using cliché’s and old news keeps peddling it as new. bimbo doesn’t know what a DERIVATIVE is- and that this financial instrument was purposely CREATED by bankster to COLLPASE the $$$.
        Waste of time. Why does Posel keep running this worn crap on BIN? Get her off. She is ignorant

      • Anonymous

        Where is the “leaked phone call”? Another deceptive title by John Rolls pushing Posel Poo- AGAIN. Is John Rolls really Poosel? How many times is heshe going to post this garbage??
        There is no “leaked phone call of Obama” as the pix leads one to expect. More manipulation from internet troll who is whoring for clikbait using old, inaccurate story

    • VirusGuard

      Hilary is not so much a problem for Putin but she is a problem for the world but lets remember she’s just a puppet and will do anything that the banker puppets that run Congress tells her to do.

      The USA has a police state already so let them make it more offical and add martial law

      Me thinks the police are shooting blacks and then saying that “He went for his gun” when no guns were involved and this is why we are seeing riots on the streets today and people should take anything the police say with a pinch of salt

    • Myles O\'Howe
      Many Conspiracy Websites that talk about a New World Order Downplay how Hemp can replace fossil fuels! That includes YouTube channels undermining information that can prevent wars! I prove there is a depopulation agenda, others are trying to make people think conspiracy theories are not real and there is no reason to research
      truth movement needs support

    • EruditeOne

      The United States Constitution very specifically prohibits the type of military actions being carried out in this nation. When federal terrorist goons (a.k.a. US military agents) are marching through the streets proper actions within the Constitutional amendment II should be undertaken.

      • Busta Myth

        Remember America hired many thousands of NAZIS after WW2 including the MK ULTRA perverts and the Vatican Jesuits helped loads of the top NAZIS escape to ARGENTINA through the Vatican Ratlines, even the Muslim Brotherhood were Hitlers Arab Nazis during WW2 and were hired by America after WW2

        You should watch this

        Operation Gladio: CIA & How The Vatican was Usurped!

        • The Real Deal

          Anyone but the Jews, right Buster? Buster Myth is a Jew and a gatekeeper for Israel’s crimes. His job is to convince you the bad guys are everyone but the Jews! The Jews own and control just about EVERYTHING you see and hear on TV. Israel is the biggest benficiary of American handouts. Israel wants you to send your children to go kill their Muslim enemies so they can control the middle east. They are the biggest lobbyists in DC, and are the ones pushing for open borders so the brown people integrate with the white people, and eviscerate the white race. They hate your Goyim guts. Just go read the Talmud sometime. You’ll never hear Buster myth talk about that. It’s always the Jesuits or the Muslims… everyone but the REAL criminal cabal ruining this once great country. Now you know why just about every country in the world has evicted these cretins over the last thousand years.

          • Busta Myth

            Nope, I’m not jewish, and I don’t know any Jews either, never did,

            Time will tell who’s really running the show

            How would you like to hear it from an Ex US Justice Department Investigator called John Loftus who spent YEARS studying all the US held NAZI files in Maryland BEFORE they were declassified ?

            Americas Nazi Secrets by John Loftus


    • Student of Life

      While the information is still relevant, it should be noted that the interview with Susanne Posel was not “leaked” but took place 4 years ago and has been publicly available since that time.

    • dennisR8

      President Donald Trump must break with tradition and prosecute then former President Barack Obama for his many counts of treason until this defendant is indicted, tried, convicted, sentenced and that sentence is carried through with, namely his death by execution.

      Too bad I do not get the opportunity to decide how Barack Obama will have his life ended. Ravenous hogs to eat him.

      How history books are going to have to be revised to prove that the Rothschild family and the Rockefeller thugs are banker gangsters that have manipulated currency in Venice, London and New York City for 900 years of Oligarchy. Many elites will burn in HELL.

    • dennisR8

      Criminal false debt. Hang David Rockefeller to death publicly to start with.

    • The Real Deal

      Another misleading title. You idiots and your click bait garbage.




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