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Xenolinguistics 104: Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Codex Messages Deciphered by Mythology & Scripture

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Xenolinguistics 104: Ancient Stone Scribed Hologram Codex Messages Deciphered by Mythology & Scripture

Early archaeologists working in the area of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers…a location known as Mesopotamia or the cradle of civilization, uncovered numerous clay pieces inscribed with curious linear markings.  The clay pieces…or shards, were collected and stored in the basements of various research institutes across the globe until the mid-19th century…when it was discovered that the ceramic shards comprised a language and told a story.  Researchers labeled this ancient language ‘cuneiform’ detailed by inscribed wedge shaped impressions left by a stylus on clay tablets:

The clay shards were eventually gathered from the various research institutes…deciphered and understood as the ‘oldest story known to mankind’…the Epoch of Gilgamesh .  Sections of the Epoch have been retold throughout the ages and transcribed by numerous civilizations into many of the known mythologies and religions of mankind.

The discovery made in the year 1994 of a photo inscribed stone called a Petro Photoglyph similarly depicts the ancient tale of Gilgamesh.  The Genesis Petroglyph…a Petro Photoglyphwill project visual messages in the form of a hologram codex or story.  These stone scribed projections provide a time-capsule communication when subjected to spectrum specific illumination and spatial specific perception:



An ancient stone tablet codex from Mesopotamia depicts the Epoch of Gilgamesh.:

Stone scribed projections from the Genesis Petroglyph – Side 1 similarly display the ancient story in the form of a video hologram.

 (Note the Zoroaster or winged sun image:


Details from the Genesis Petroglyph – Side 1 provide images that could have been easily transcribed onto clay tablets…in ancient cuneiform…describing the events found in the Epoch of Gilgamesh.

A projected visual codex from the Genesis Petroglyph -Side 1 / Position 1 transcribed into the Epic of Gilgamesh as the ancient tale of Altrahasis understood today through the scripture defined in Genesis 6.

Image Codex transcribed into Tablet XI of the Epoch of Gilgamesh.


A Visual stone scribed projection of the Sumerian Deity Enlil and his Pyramid Temple Structure optically translated from the Genesis Petroglyph Side 1 / Position 2.


A stone scribed Micro-Image Codex detailing the Pyramid Temple Complex in Mesopotamia.


Another Sub-Codex Micro Image projecting the Temple Complex Altar.


Expanded views of the Temple Complex defined in the Epoch of Gilgamesh...projecting the image of the Omnipresent Deity.


From the Genesis Petroglyph Side 2…Image Projections transcribed into various tablets deciphered as the Epoch of Gilgamesh:

Tablet VI of the Epoch…the image defined as ‘The Bull of Heaven’.

Tablet XI of the Epoch…Gilgamesh and the Ground Lion.

Tablet XI…the Altrahasis…later known as Genesis 6.


A logical and scientific method for the transmission of Ancient Knowledge to Mankind has been discovered by applying modern technology to inscribed stone message generators called Petro Photoglyphs.  Visual image codices comprising an unknown language called Xenolinguistics.



‘The Oldest Photos Known would have been Scribed in Stone’


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    • Godfish

      I was shown this same kind of test by a DR. and all I saw was BOOBIES, He had big cards.

    • Anonymous

      We should all get some rocks or shards and start labeling them as to what they say. These experts must really think we’re a bunch of idiots to fall for this garbage and that’s what it is, garbage. Where do they come up with this stuff? It seems that there is no end of this sort of fiction to try and discount the true source of the Hebrew and Christian Greek Scriptures. Try as they may, their stuff keeps getting more silly each time they come up with something “new”.

      • laserles

        hey big talk…let’s see your petro photoglyph developments…

    • ladyjj

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    • SirClem

      Finally this site is being infiltrated by common sense. We need a ‘thumbs down’ system for the contributors so we know when to just move on.




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