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Stunning Discovery! Sunken Egyptian City Unearthed Provides More Shocking Nephilim Clues! (Videos)

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A city once believed to be a myth, engulfed by the Mediterranean Sea and buried far beneath the depths for more than 1,200 years—now uncovered by archeologists who have discovered the ancient mysteries of Heracleion, uncovering well-preserved artifacts that tell an amazing story.

I personally believe it could be another Nephilim city that has been discovered. The ancient Egyptians are also known for very large structures, such as Pyramids, in which they had to have required some type of superior technology to build, giants, or both.

As you can clearly see in some of the photos, the statue (s) definitely have the elongated heads, as do the Nephilim skulls.

The finds include 64 ships, 16-foot-tall statues, 700 anchors and countless gold coins and smaller artifacts.

Another interesting note is that Flinders Petrie, considered the father of modern day archaeology, claims to have found a new giant race in Egypt. In his last report he states:

A new race has been found, which had not any object of manufacture like the Egyptians; their pottery, their statuettes, their beads, their mode of burial are all unlike any other in Egypt, and not a single usual Egyptian scarab, or hieroglyph of carving, or amulet, or bead, or vase has been found in the whole of the remains in question.
That we are dealing with something entirely different from any age of Egyptian civilization yet known, is therefore certain. That this was not a merely local variety is almost certain, as these strange remains are found over more than a hundred miles of country, from Abydos to Gebelen. Our own work was near the middle of this district, between Ballas and Negada. The race was very tall and powerful, with strong features: a hooked nose, long pointed beard, and brown wavy hair, are shown by their carvings and bodily remains. There was no trace of the Negro type apparent, and in general they seem closely akin to the allied races of the Libyans and Amorites. Their burials are always with the body contracted, and not mummified.
Metal and flint were both in use by these people. Copper adzes show that the wood was wrought, and finely carved bulls’ legs to a couch illustrates the work. Copper harpoons were imitated from the form in bone. Copper needles indicates the use of sewn garments and the multitude of spinning-wheels in the town proves how common weaving must have been.

Sunken Ancient Egyptian City Discovered

Amarna: Ancient Egypt’s Other Lost City (Full Documentary)

Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim



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    • Brian Willis

      So we are coming full circle to gods and products of gods. Lyn wants to believe in fairy tales and fantasies so much, she throws in the Nephilim (By-Products of human and god sex partners) and giants, where no mention by any credible scientist, archeologist, or rational person is made. It’s time to grow up and leave the bedtime stories to the young ones. Jack The Giant Slayer was just a movie, and has no relative importance to any historical writings.

      The ancient Egyptians rated anyone over the height of 5’9″ a giant, as the average height of the Egyptian people was 5’5″-5’7″. Please Lyn refrain from these incredibly ridiculous types of posts,

      • INSIGNIA777

        You are proof that small minds think in small terms.

        Your statement […]where no mention by any credible scientist, archeologist, or rational person is made[…] lacks clarity.

        Are you referring to those individuals who receive their paycheck (and pension) from government grants, regardless of their nation of origin? Are you referring to those who only repeat what their PhD text book told them? Are you referring to those who have an agenda to smear and hide the truth?

        There are many creditable persons involved in the study of this subject, if you only open your eyes. But, then again, there are those who are frightened of the truth, and ultimately deceive themselves, such as yourself.

        • Odd Job

          Nicely put. Not rude or insulting, just telling him he needs to open his mind to any possibility. Unfortunately a trait missing in the majority.

        • dodidolittle

 covers this, the story of the Nephelim, is incorrect, today there are NO remaining beings from the times before the flood, people love to believe they are tangibly looking at real Nephelim, read your Bible, and you’ll know this last video in totally incorrect.


      • Mayhem

        Can i play?

        Q: Name a historian, of repute, who spoke about the Nephilim?

        A: Josephus.

      • PBROOKS7

        I could not agree with you more Brian. All this stuff falls under the category of fantastic (fantasy if you will). I was just on Steve Quayle’s web site, he has a picture of a so called “giant’s heart”. I followed the link to find that it was an art project by a student.

        Yet these so called “experts” so quickly use ridiculous garbage to validate their existence thus selling books to ignorant sheeple.

        God forbid you should challenge them, they get mad, disable comments, degrade you in their posts of rebuttal etc.

        It amazes me they can prove giants, aliens, fallen angels… But they can’t show me Christ in Genesis. Sad are they.

    • Anonymous

      The pyramids are from the time of the nephilim .One day the truth will be known.

    • meathead102

      this will probably be white washed like everything else of history

    • INSIGNIA777

      Keep up the good work Lyn. There are many who’s eye’s are being opened, and are placing the puzzle pieces together.

      Pay no attention to your critics, for they are blind and deceived, which carries a heavy penalty on their part. When the truth is finally unveiled and apparent before their eye’s, they will still deny what is staring back at them.

      • Working the Beat

        All these articles and videos are from people who have done intense journalistic endeavour, they are the ones who deserve your encouragement, unlike the cut and paste Lyn who plagurises others works just to advertise her book on BIN. But you may be just a pseudo of Lyn or a shill with no intelligence.

        • INSIGNIA777

          You state [...]All these articles and videos are from people who have done intense journalistic endeavor[...]

          Thank you for stating to obvious. You are brilliant.
          But until the original authors of these videos start posting them here, I will commend Lyn for bringing them to light in this forum. It’s that simple.
          Have a good day.

      • Lyn Leahz

        Working the Beat is a homosexual shill who comes to deceive, discredit, discourage, and distract. They have multiple accounts here as different people. Pay them no mind… we know who they are, along with all their accounts… Eventually people who abuse the system get banned.

        • kepano24

          guess you should ban yourself for some of the BS stories on this site and for calling people names…ps, you look like your on the rag in the pic, you a bitchy woman?…

        • Mayhem

          @kepano24 you conclude with an Ad-hominem which makes anything you have to say pointless.
          An extremely unsavoury accusation, do you have no shame? Try to be better than this, damn it!

      • Lyn Leahz

        And God bless you, Insignia777. Take care and I hope you have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

    • Plastics Man

      The Sumerians left us cuneiform tablets about 4,000 years ago. They are subject to the usual ranting and ravings (like the book of babble) of MEN as to their “real meaning”. Such is the “way it is” with dead languages. But what the Sumerians left of REAL VALUE were drawings, thousands of them! No need for any ‘scholar” to interpret them, because the Sumerians knew that over time, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, and there is NO need for ANYONE to translate it! So they left thousands of drawings. Very exacting drawings. Very precise drawings.
      I have looked at thousands of their drawings. And the message AND WARNING TO US ALL, is irrefutable if you are an educated, sane and logical person who is NOT predisposed through brain-washing-from-birth “religions” and further mental conditioning.
      Humans were CREATED to mine gold!
      No need to “look it up”.
      Just observe the “mindless” behavior of EVERY HUMAN SOCIETY ON THIS PLANET right now!
      Fact states that gold has NO real value here.
      It is NOT critical to use in industry in any way.
      Maybe a little in electronic circuitry, because gold does not corrode over time. But that need is small in tonnage and is only in this recent time period (last 50 years or so).
      It is soft and pliable, (4 on the moh’s scale of hardness) which makes it worthless for use in metal alloys.
      It is used in jewelry, for “self-adornment”, only.
      AND YET, big huge piles of it, all “refined” to 24 carrot quality sit in secure places in every country on this planet, right now!
      It is “perceived” to “have value”.
      It is perceived to be useful as “money” BY ALL societies.
      It is hoarded as a “hedge” to be used “as money” to trade for FOOD????, fuel???, land???. ALL THINGS THAT HAVE REAL, intrinsic, life giving value!
      How the hell can you eat “gold”?
      If no one saw value in it, it would be worthless for any real use!
      It’s “value” is common to all Humans, because the very WANT and NEED for it is “engineered” into the DNA of every genetically engineered HUman on this planet!
      AND NOW, your “gods’ are coming to collect the gold, like they do every 3,600 years, LIKE CLOCK WORK, because they actually have to use it so they do NOT freeze to death on the outer orbit of their home planet!
      You will let them have it, because you are powerless to stop them.
      They do love you! What dependable slaves you are! All piled up in HUGE secure repositories, in brick ingot form, all refined to perfect 24 carrot purity, JUST LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN TAUGHT TO DO, since they created you!
      Humans, you will never free yourselves of this, because you actually think that somehow, “you as Humans, are special” in this Universe! HAHAHAHA! WHAT A JOKE! You are a low end form of life. You are the “property” of a higher life form, that actually made you to perform this ONE task! Because it is the VERY LIFE BLOOD that their planet needs to “trap warmth” and NOT freeze many, if not all of them to death when their planet is out at the farthest reaches of the 3,600 year orbit it takes around our sun. Our sun is their sun. The Anunnaki take the purified gold (from this planet, earth) by the ton, and “fleck” it into very small pieces that are released high into their upper atmosphere. This gold then reflects heat back down toward their planet that without the gold insulation, would be lost in the very black and cold reaches of space their home planet travels on every orbit around THIS SUN.
      You are laborers, miners, and pompous “self-important” thinkers, who know next to nothing, refuse to see the truth, even when put right in front of you.
      So, therefore you are doomed to continue the cycle, and be the miners of gold for your ‘gods’, the Annunaki, who use you like the “TOOLS” you are! They have life spans of approximately 40,000 years. The Sumerians illustrated very accurately through drawings that the life span of these “gods” (that were twice the Sumerians physical size) was 11 revolutions of their planet around this sun.
      The very same creatures that designed you all about 6,000 years ago are still alive, and will be back to “harvest you” and take their gold, again.
      The same living creatures. NOT gods. Living “alive” creatures.
      Who are, MUCH MORE intelligent then you!
      And, they WIPE YOU OUT each time they come TO MAKE SURE you and your kind WILL NEVER POSE A THREAT TO THEM!
      The original sin was the mixing of seed.
      Neanderthal and Anunnaki.
      The Anunnaki altered the genes to shorten human life, our physical size and brain power.
      The Anunnaki compel us through DNA engineering to MINE GOLD continuously.
      The fight you witness is between them, factions of Anunnaki, WHO CREATED US when they came here to MINE GOLD THEMSELVES.
      It is where the story of Prometheus comes from.
      The final bul-ation is coming.
      Man has been wiped from the planet twice before.
      Bi Bul.
      The Tri Bul-ation is almost here.
      We will be wiped clean off the earth again.
      Who mines the gold after we get wiped out?
      The “NEW Noah” and the few hybrid HUman “descendents” who are allowed to survive and are left to breed, again, uninterrupted, for the next 3,600 years will begin the process of mining for gold, again.
      Also, a contingent of Anunnaki that live underground, out of site, to give the “chosen Human hybrids” that “little bit more” of technology that always is the deciding factor in the “right” side winning any conflict, thus dominating the “social scene”. Some of you are kept as “pets”, for Anunnaki entertainment, also.
      And, as always, the unexplained LUST for gold will be right in your DNA, your very genes, to drive the mining to start in earnest again! All sides of humans, all developing societies, once again, WILL MINE GOLD. The ‘compulsion” can only be “rectified if recognized”, and “bred out” of humans.
      THE ONLY WAY TO BEAT THESE VERY BRUTAL LIVING CREATURES is to NOT have the gold waiting for them when they “come around to collect it” the next time. The Anunnaki will NOT have enough time to accumulate all the tonnage they need for their planet’s survival. THEY DEPEND ON US, exclusively, to “come through” and produce the vast amount of gold tonnage needed while they are on the 3,600 year orbit around our common sun.

      • UberNuts


      • Nam Marine

        Boy are you full of yourself ! :lol:

      • enoch

        mr plastic man,ive pretty much come to the same conclusion ,they cant be too far away as all germanys gold has gone missing from the fed,or at least they cant have access to it for another twelve years same deal , still not sure why they would drive down the price of gold so as to make it uneconomical to mine, quite a lot of gold mining companies cant operate at todays price,maybe they will buy them up then manipulate the price and gold will sky rocket, could that be why china is stockpiling gold ,maybe whoever holds the most gold gets to be the daddy on good old planet earth,then again given if they had the technology to travel in space thousands of years ago and create new species ,sure;y they could find an alternative to gold?

      • CrowPie

        My favorite part of this dissertation….is you keep using the words “you” and “your”… if you are not part of this human race.

        Stand alone do you?


        Also, this sounds an awful lot like your proselytizing. I didn’t think you believed in religion. But I think you’ve actually found one of your own.

        • CrowPie

          The above comment was for Plastics man…sorry for not being clear about that.

        • SHARK-GULL

          Dear Cow Pie,
          Your “Stench” always precedes you, there, COW PIE!
          Thanks for making your “stinky” comment clear, as to where the stench was ‘directed to’.
          What a good little “prim & proper” Tinkerbelle you are!
          You must have been educated in a catholic school, I bet!

        • Mayhem

          Hello Black Hole: I hear your masters voice when you sss-speak. Come join us in the light where we are free to have our own thoughts. The path be narrow and treacherous, for sure, but you could help me as i try to navigate it.

          Your torment causes you to seek alien masters despite there being no evidence for them: it’s a kind of fatalism, do you see Black Hole? If ‘they’ came back and ended it all it’d be a relief for you, wouldn’t it? Perhaps then your master would allow you peace.

          Anyway who are we talking about. Annunaki? Lizard people! I spit at them, perhaps foolishly :roll: Oh it’s the Nephilim, my bad. History does not record these “Offspring of the sons of God” as being more than 6’5″ where did the giants bit come from?

    • explore

      I recomend you folks to watch this story

      Destruction of The Giants – Nation of AD


      And the ‘Ad, they were destroyed by a furious Wind,exceedingly violent;
      He made it rage against them seven nights and eight days in succession: so that thou couldst see the (whole) people lying prostrate in its (path), as they had been roots of hollow palm-trees tumbled down! Then seest thou any of them left surviving? (Surat al-Haaqqa: 6-8)

    • patriot156

      I firmly believe were a lot older than MSchristianity, but not as old as MSScience says.
      We could be several million years for all we know and the pyramids are much older than just 4k years.
      I beleive I heard or read that salt water was found in the pyramids?
      i think all these things like the pyramids stonehenge easter island was the ancients warning us a time when Giants ruled the earth.
      Enoch and the book of Jubilees are an eye opening read. SOme lost boog of adam I read on steve quayle the other night was weird too it states that he’d return adam after 5 1/2 days but god said himself that he meant 5500 years.
      I love these kinds of truths I read up on this kind of stuff all the time.
      Good post.


      Deuteronomy 3:11 King Og was the last of the Nephilim, meaning when he died, no more Nephilim on earth

      Of course, the greedy scumbag Lynn Lehaze needs to make some money and sensationalist lies sell, maybe. She is not interested in spreading truth. Love that gospel of Pharisee Paul, right Leheaz. Same goes with Steve Quayle and the crowd he hangs with, a bunch of scumbag liars. Same with the evil Dr. Deagle who I heard recently say, if you do not understand the deep dark majesty of Satan …. Christ commends those who did not bother to look into the deep dark secrets of Satan:

      Revelation 2:24 … to those who have not learned the depths of Satan, as they speak, I will lay no other burden on you

      But the evil Deagle scumbag liar wants his viewers to understand the dark majesty of Satan, “Majesty”, the exact word he used what a child of Hell he is.

      • WideAwake

        You are a fool or a shill.

      • INSIGNIA777

        All truth passes through three stages.
        First, it is ridiculed.
        Second, it is violently opposed.
        Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

        Arthur Schopenhauer

        • Mayhem

          I’ve been wracking my brain for that quote these past 6 months, thank you.


          Schopenhauer was wrong. All truth is not necessarily ridiculed first, not necessarily violently opposed and not always accepted as being self-evident

          It is not a self-evident truth that I should love my enemy, and by ‘enemy’ Christs mean someone who does wrong to you personally (Matthew 5:38-48).

          God is truth and there was no ridicule of God prior to Satan becoming his enemy by mocking God, blaspheming God in saying he shall ascend above the throne of the Most High God.

    • malvina

      I thought the elongated heads were caused by their own binding since birth

      • INSIGNIA777

        It became a practice only to imitate and honor their “perceived” gods (numerous.)

    • malvina


      Artificial cranial deformation, head flattening, or head binding is a form of body alteration in which the skull of a human being is intentionally deformed. It is done by distorting the normal growth of a child’s skull by applying force. Flat shapes, elongated ones (produced by binding between two pieces of wood), rounded ones (binding in cloth) and conical ones are among those chosen. It is typically carried out on an infant, as the skull is most pliable at this time. In a typical case, headbinding begins approximately a month after birth and continues for about six months.

      • INSIGNIA777

        You forgot the part where studies show that the interior, volume (cubic inches) could not be archived by such a practice. Also the exterior skeletal dimensions exceeded the “squeeze” effect, and is only attributed to “actual growth.”

        Study a bit more, to show thy self approved.

      • INSIGNIA777

        Meaning, you can “squeeze” a tennis ball anyway you want, but you will never increase it’s internal volume.

      • INSIGNIA777

        They had 30% more room to grow their brain.

    • Column5


    • shtfirbrains

      Where do they go to find a hat that fits, or didn’t they wear hats?

    • CrowPie

      Love the article lyn…great pics, too!

    • Pix

      ” … engulfed by the Mediterranean Sea … ”

      Is incorrect. Actually the land on the North coast of Africa is sinking/subducting, because the African continent is crashing into the European continent, which causes one side to sink and the other to rise, eg, the Alps. :wink:

    • Mellissa

      I was interested in the title, it would be neat to read about a new found ancient Egyptian city. Then I saw the nephilim , then soul deceiver added at the bottom. Blahhhh

      I write fiction as well, I never would harass everyone here with it and then pushing it as a belief set/system to collect some admirers and or trolls for the joy of arguing.

      I still want to go hunt up the original content about the city, If it is not new as in the last month I am sure I already seen that one, but we can but hope for more sites around the world to expand our historical knowledge. 400-600 below sea level seems to be a great guide for looking for the ancient coast lines, prior t the most last ice age melt down.

    • FarmerX

      A fascinating discovery indeed, though something in the time line does not make sense. I suppose it would be possible that this place was destroyed in some lesser flood (rather than the great flood) or an earthquake that caused rapid sinking. The literal house upon the sand perhaps?

      But I tell you this, ships do not sink at anchor and people do not cast they’re precious belongings into the sea. This place was destroyed without warning. All the artifacts , so well preserved. All the valuable materials never recovered. The great statues thrown down and broken. This is the site of a great destruction. It went beneath the sea, suddenly and was destroyed.

      Also the long thin “poles” either side of the great great where pharaohs where crowned. I immediately recognize those as “Jacob’s Ladders” something to think about.

      thanks for the info Lyn!

      • FarmerX

        “the Great gate” sorry typo.

    • Real American Hero

      I learned of Egypt’s sunken cities back in the 70′s in high school……..and, I don’t do you tube videos………….

    • Mister Fred

      We have a 305 foot statue of a woman in New York… Maybe we have giants too? :eek:

      • Merkin

        Does “18 giants in Wisconsin” beat “One 305 foot statue of a woman in New York?”

        • Mayhem

          You’re getting there, Merkin, but go a little deeper down the rabbit hole if you really want truth. The people that live in Delavan city, Delavan Town or Lake Delavan, for that matter, might appreciate any extra business you send their way but it’s funny how they never mention this giant discovery. Bad pun?

          Hello Wisconsin! Does everyone know that Delavan was the circus capital of the USA 1850 – 1900, or thereabouts? Hmm?

          If not debunked then at least questionable, would you agree, Merkin?

    • W. Willow

      It does not logically follow that the size of the statue represented the size of their god or the Nephilim. Statues have often been larger than life down through the ages. I doubt that Michelangelo’s Moses at almost 8ft tall (sitting) or David at 17 feet tall is a true representation. David was the little guy next to Goliath.

      The Nephilim existed but Flinders Petrie did not say it was them. He said they were a tall people but there are many people groups that are tall — probably based on a protein rich diet. Mitred crowns are also typical throughout many cultures — perhaps in imitation of the nephilim but not necessarily them.

      • FarmerX

        The shape of they’re skulls man, is that not just a little unusual to you?

        • Merkin

          Not unusual at all.

          Still practiced in some parts of the world today.

          Head flattening is the practice of permanently elongating the skull by wrapping young children’s heads while their skulls are still forming. African cultures reshaped the skulls of their members to increase an individual’s beauty and to improve social status. Among the people who practiced head flattening, an elongated head indicated a person’s intelligence and spirituality.

        • W. Willow

          Yup, Merkin. Even the Native American Salish tribe shaped their babies’ heads using boards in their papoose construction. Makes clear distinguishing marks of one’s tribe.

    • HatchMan

      So cool! Amazing!!! We keep learning and discovering what we peeps did before!

      • Mayhem

        “And there is nothing new under the sun” Solomon. King of Israel. Ecl 1:9

    • TheJeffness

      Could the Nephalim just have been left over neanderthals?

    • dodidolittle covers this, the story of the Nephelim, is incorrect, today there are NO remaining beings from the times before the flood, people love to believe they are tangibly looking at real Nephelim, read your Bible, and you’ll know this last video in totally incorrect

    • LifeIs

      Brian Willis you seem to contradict yourself. If I understand correctly, you say giants did not exist, and that anyone who was abnormally tall would be considered a giant.

      Were there no abnormally tall people, then?

      And I notice you made up the part about 5′ 9″ being a cut-off point, for the ancient Egyptians.

      Genesis spoke of “men of reknown.” Men who were distinguished. Mighty men, who were the offspring of the sons of God and the daughters of men. I don’t know WHY the name for them (nephilim) got translated as “giants.”

      Different manuscripts of 1st Samuel give different heights for Goliath, by the way. Some say four and one-half cubits, which is about 6′ 8″ tall.

      Tall or not, visitors from another world have been here, and there is a world of evidence for that. To systematically exclude information that does not fit your theory is to make yourself delusional.

      • Mayhem

        Fantastic! Where is it? This evidence i mean. I kind of like the idea of aliens and other dimensions and stuff. It allows me to pigeonhole all the things i haven’t yet figured out and all the guff that has made my head hurt over the years. It’d be great if you could solve a few of life’s great mysteries and help me shorten up my bucket list. I call.

        • LifeIs

          To Pix: subduction is a dubious theory…. the “expanding earth” folks have the evidence on their side. The only problem there is, they imagine the Earth is solid, and has expanded by accretion only. The “hollow earth” folks have evidence- non-transmission of P waves through the core, non-convergence of gravity (Tamarack Mine Experiment) — which makes all that accretion unnecessary. The hollow space in the center got bigger.

          To Mayhem: The evidence of alien visitors, starting with the more recent: Jesse Marcel,
          who was the first Army Air Force person at the scene, came forward (1979 i think) and disclosed that a vehicle not of this earth, made with unknown materials, crashed on the Johnson ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico, in 1947.

          Marcel confirmed the rumors that most of us had been hearing all our lives, from people who knew people who knew about the crash.

          Looking back to 1513, we find the Piri Reis map, which details the northern coast of Antarctica, under the ice.

          We see evidence of world travel, by educated persons. Mayan pyramids are matched by Indonesian pyramids, same design, same construction, same art. We see pyramids in China. And Egypt. And Bosnia.

          We see structures built with large blocks of stone, using technology we cannot explain,
          such as what is left of Baalbek.

          We see literature, from the ancient world, describing technology unknown to the people who wrote about it. Elijah making fire under water. The Aramean army running away from the Israelites, because the Arameans heard the SOUNDS of a large army approaching.
          An army that did not exist.

          We see ancient Sumerians discussing eye surgery.

          Looking back further, we see the Galapagos tortoises. They can’t swim. They can’t fly. They can’t build boats. So, how did breeding populations of them cross the ocean to the volcanic Galapagos Islands? The simplest answer is that someone carried them.

          That’s just off the top of my head. There is evidence all over, for anyone who cares to look into it.

        • LifeIs

          I suppose you want links. Well, here’s a start.

          is about the atomic bombs described in the ancient India epic, the Mahabharata.

          as is this:

          And here are some ancient mysteries- read “things that definitely were done, but which we cannot explain without assuming advanced technology.”




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