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Nibiru on Live Russia Today News – Two Giant Planets Orbit Dwarf Star – (Nibiru will Shake Earth at March Preparing for 2016)

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Nibiru Planet X

Nibiru on Live Russia Today News – Two Giant Planets orbit Dwarf Star – (NIBIRU will shake Earth at March Preparing For 2016)


Only now they tell us there is 2 planets orbiting Nibiru Planet X! & Nibiru “heading in, toward us”( Must see!) Additional planets exist in our solar system, according to astronomers at the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain. Scientists observed strange orbital patterns of rocky objects near Pluto, and believe this points to the existence of two previously undiscovered planets, one of which is 10 times the mass of Earth. 

A Spanish astronomers have found two extremely large new planets within our solar system irbiting Dwarf star known as Nibiru Planet x – one of which has a mass 10 times that of Earth – as seen in video below. 

After observation of the anomalies with the orbits of other rocky objects near pluto, the astronomers have relaised they have come across something they have never accountered before.

Space is a huge mystery to us all, we know more about the moon than we do our own ocean. This is very concerning when you really thing about it. It drives home the reality of how little we really know about the planet we are on. So we really have no really solid knowledge of space and what waits for us out there.

Scott Sheppard from the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington DC, one of the discoverers of 2012 VP113 said; “As there are only a few of these extremely distant objects known, it’s hard to say anything definitive about the number or location of any distant planets. However, in the near future we should have more objects to work with to help us determine the structure of the outer solar system.” 
Astronomers have relaised they have come across something they have never accountered before

With the recent discovery of these two unidentified planets is it so unrealistic to think that they could have been hiding right under our nose. These planet X’s were discovered recently.

Dr Scott Sheppard from the Carnegie Institution, who was not involved in this research said: ‘The search for these distant inner Oort cloud objects beyond Sedna and 2012 VP113 should continue as they could tell us a lot about how our solar system formed and evolved.’

Could this be UFO’s and Alien illusions? A huge intersteller black hole projection? Or just a complete goof. all I can suggest you do is watch the informative video below and draw your own conclusions.

JAPAN TV is showing the PLANET-X


 By. MyDailyInformer


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    • vaalix

      This is interesting, that Kameran faily said it would be visible by december and they couldn’t hide it anymore. I think these stories might be cover stories saying its way out there when its actually much close like between jupiter and mars and heading in. All in an attempt to not create panick, like they told us about it, but lied where it actually is.. Faily said by the summer olympics there would be no hiding it, as it would be naked eye visible and everyone would know..

      • Nyyk4

        That’s because what they are referring to that’s 7.8 billions of miles is not Nibiru!! Not once is it mentioned or even referred to, the rest of the Nibiru believers think its visible to the naked eye which still not one valid astronomer can see. Let it go it doesn’t exist, I can’t wait till April when nothing happens again and there’s already going to be an excuse along with a back up date for when it’s really really really really really…reallyyyyyyyy gonna show up this time!! In the meantime Nibiru believers just keep holding your breath until it does show up :wink:

      • sitrep

        Houston We have a problem!!!!

        This is just a way to break it to the public very easy.
        I do not know about Planet X, Nibiru, etc.

        There are many objects in space, and they are close.

        They may say that they discovered planets around Pluto, it may be true, although if they are releasing this info to the public it is nothing to be worried about.

        You Should be in fear of the information they are WithHolding, what they are not telling you, Right.

        Lot going on right now, with countries economies collapsing, although much of this is tied in with incoming space objects.
        There is no reason for such economical collapse on a global scale, Ehhhhhh Right?
        War is soon going to break out, as only a few thousand plus, or minus have a golden pass port to get into the Bunkers, yes they also have ARKS, wich are huge Submarine type vessels, which are all self contained.
        They have their Doctors, Scientist, Breeders, Slaves, Walking Organ Donars/Slaves,Seed Banks, DNA Banks, all types of data banks, DNA Banks, of most everything on these vessels.

        Soon the War of all wars will break out, are you one of the lucky one, do you have a Golden Passport?

        Note all the volcanoes waking up. Note the mass Migrants, Note The Cheap Oil.
        It is going down now.

        The Governments will not inform the mass public, they cannot handle the truth, and would rather be lied to, or loot sneakers, electronics, TV’s, etc, they are happy with that, and Others Living in their bubbles on their fave social Media sites.

        Ah, GO back to sleep.

        Good Luck

        • LucidMebin

          There’s ALWAYS a lot going on! That’s life! There’s always war breaking, economic trouble, storms, volcanoes ect. Why is NOW any different than EVERY OTHER TIME!

      • albertan

        It is visible

    • Morgana Le Fay

      “Irbiting”, “relaised”, “accountered”??? Ya might wanna turn on the spell and grammar check features of your word processor next time there, Skippy. :wink:

      • Morgana Le Fay

        (‘scuse me….I think I’m gonna go irbit now.)

        • santiago

          Don’t forget Live Russia which turns out to be RT (meaning Russia Today) later in the post.
          All we need are more retards pretending to be reporters…

        • Mr Lightbeam

          What Is ‘scuse me

          I may correct you Excuse me Grammar girl!!! :cool:

          • Mr Lightbeam

            Always a clever dickess In the pack!! :cool:

          • StomStom

            Pretty sure she was being sarcastic……

      • Norry

        My sentiments exactly.This stuff sure brings out the uneducated.

    • eXChroma

      Engrish aside, there’s a lot I could refute here. There’s so many holes in most of what they are saying it’s insane. I am not talking about theories of how things work, I am talking about the fundementals that they just don’t seem to account for, or mention at all.

    • Sean

      According to 4 major biblical prophets something truly terrifying is coming our way, and it will hit homeland before the 1st of January 2017

      A Brief Look At Alexander Cain

      • LucidMebin

        Just like how we were all going to die 1/1/2000 according to biblical mumbo jumbo?

    • Anonymous

      Technologically, the Russians are ahead of us in any way you can think of. Obviously, their telescopes can image much better than ours, as they can see Nibiru. I hope they keep us informed as to what is happening, as I really don’t want Nibiru to hit my house without getting some kind of a heads up.

      God Bless Russia’s Telescopes And Other Cool Stuff.

      • Norry

        “Ahead of us” us Mitch. Not me Mitch.
        If you are referring to the US Mitch, technology wise some very smart people but aside from that the US is socially retarded on the world stage, not a good place for genuine spiritual progress either.
        Western culture seems to breed total fools at a great rate.

        • Anonymous

          That was possibly supposed to be sarcasm, Norry. I was actually referring to the fact that no credible astronomers with a telescope has been able to see Nibiru. Because it is either below the plane, behind the sun, or out past Pluto. Have you seen Nibiru, Norry?

      • StomStom

        Do you think my insurance company will give out “Nibiru” cover in-case it hits the house or would they just claim it was a “act of God” lolz

    • dabuyincojen

      I can’t wait until all the people who slate and take the piss out of this are confronted by it, because wtf are they going to say when they actually see it.. These are small minded, ignorant people who think they are intelligent.. We have been given information by certain people who have been given permission to warn us of what is impending.. You have to decide what to do with the information.. Always remember ‘the one who laughs last, laughs the longest’ dabuyincojen. :eek:

      • Anonymous

        I believe you meant, “the one who laughs first, laughs last”. Not that that would change the meaning of your comment.

        I don’t believe I am small minded, nor am I ignorant. I was just cursed with being taught the process of critical thinking. This has gotten me a lot of down votes in BIN, from people that are way more intelligent than I am, like dabuyincojen.

      • StomStom

        What will they say….. Probable the exact same thing all the Nibiru believes will be saying when they are stuck out in the open still with everyone else.

    • Saber

      Really?? Old ISON News??? What a waste of my time

    • westgate

      They are partially incorrect. The brown dwarf is called Nemesis and has several orbiting planets, Nibiru being the outermost and the most likely to have some impact upon Earth and Earth changes.
      By far, the best and most coherent explanation I have read to date is Marshall Masters’ Planet X 101, 5 part series.
      Linked here……

      For more in depth information,

      • Medusafern

        Thank you so much westgate for speaking about Marshall Masters. He’s The researcher I most trust. And he definitely knows how the Planet X solar system is arranged. Nemesis, then planet Helion, planet Arboda, and two moons which I think are named Harrington and Ferrada, with the outermost planet being Nibiru. This chart shows the sizes of Nemesis, Helion & Arboda relative to the Earth. I find it very irritating that so many people say Nibiru is a brown dwarf, when Nemesis is the brown dwarf. It’s also irritating that people say Nibiru has many moons orbiting it. There are two moons in the system, and like you said, two planets in addition to Nibiru. There are a lot of so-called Planet X/Nibiru researchers who claim to have the correct information, but they’re clueless. Masters has the right information. I’m sure of it.

        • Medusafern

          Or rather, “…This chart shows the sizes of Nemesis, Helion & Arboda * & Nibiru * relative to the Earth…”

    • Leaping Lizard

      I read RT every day. But as a former chem major/physics minor, their science articles just suck – no other way to put it. “Somewhere between Mars and Jupiter in size.” Well, Mars is the second smallest known planet and Jupiter is by far the largest. No, not really precision work! “Giant planets hiding behind Pluto.” That’s like Shaq hiding behind Chihuahuas. Furthermore, the latest IR giant telescopes, particularly the appropriately named, Vatican sponsored LUCIFER is quite capable of pinpointing these objects. Additionally, there is no connection whatsoever, between planets orbiting the sun at 200 times the distance of Pluto and a Nibiru / earth fly-by in the near future. This would require an elliptical orbit approaching a straight line. Somewhat depressing that RT should promote this type of stuff. Hopefully, some BINers have critical thinking skills. OTOH, if you want your fear porn, you can keep your fear porn. Which is not to say that Nibiru does not exist and is not a threat to earth’s status quo. But one should be aware that the person who really got this meme started and completely misinterpreted the ancient texts of Sumer, Zacaria Sitchen, was an Israeli Zionist and connected with the Rockefellers. So discretion should be advised.

      And then we have former Nazi SS Major and rocket engineer Werner von Braun as he was dying from cancer. The four great hoaxes in sequential order: the cold war, terrorism, destruction by a celestial body, and an alien invasion. All hoaxes. Hmmm.

      • Anonymous

        “Hopefully some BINers have critical thinking skills.” That is what I have been hoping would eventually happen in BIN. Could you just imagine hundreds of critical thinkers gathered in the same area, ie, BIN? We have roughly three or four critical thinkers here so far, but I keep noticing that they are lit up like a Christmas trees whenever they comment. Critical thinking doesn’t go too far here.

        God Bless BIN, The Home Of Critical Thinking On The Internet!!!

      • TuffENuff

        von Braun said the third hoax would be asteroids.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t the writer have spellcheck? it was embarrassing to share this as “legitimate”. anyway i’m glad Russia is talking about it so we can share here is USA.

    • telstar

      WHY, oh why do you post such OLD videos? The first two are REALLY OLD – talking about planet ISON…GEEZ! And the claim about scripture provong Obama will not finish his term – I have watched that video repeatedly, and I have NEVER been able to find what is claimed. I am afraid you are doing everyone a huge disservice, because ypour postings have a denigrating effect on the REAL (true) news about Nibiru!

    • 2QIK4U

      It’s been publib knowledge for over a year! You’ve only JUST STARTED listening .

    • FraMar

      Actually my best information is that there are 7 planets (depending on how you define a planet) orbiting Nemesis (a dark star or technically a “brown dwarf. One other planet, the one often referred to as “Planet X” or Nibiru, orbits BOTH Sol (our sun) AND Nemesis. Sol (our sun) and Nemesis form a Binary Star System, i.e. they orbit each other.

      If you want lots of stuff on this, try:

    • RationalSkeptic

      Nibiru does not exist, except in some delusioned people’s mind.

    • Fillipper

      check out the latest video of Nibiru

    • Bob DD

      I do not believe in coincidences! Why is all this happening when the big boyz brought Barry on board to lead us? Crash of $ and perhaps USA, huge debt intentionally added in last 7 years, Planet X (which author questions if it is an alien illusion), turmoil, possible food shortages, etc. Is it magic )for them) he is here?

    • Aine

      If Niburu is due to hit planet Earth next month, why in the world would someone as rich and as big an insider as Donald Trump be running for president? If this was real, surely he would have retreated to his bunker by now, along with all the other rich insiders.

    • Daniel Jackson

      If it doesn’t shake the earth in March will you retract this?

      • LucidMebin

        No because he meant March 2017….typo :oops:

    • A Commentator

      “Nibiru on Live Russia Today”

      Except not really.

      One video they talk about the extra planet in our solar system that they discovered evidence of recently. Which is interesting, but since it’s still so far away no one can it, I doubt is nibiru, or if it is, it’s got a while before well be seeing it.

      The other video of Japan TV, they’re just talking about a group watching converts.

      So, no, no nibiru anywhere, just the word added to the title of videos of mundane news casts on YouTube.

    • Anonymous

      The Destroyer Star AKA Nibiru or Planet X will not hit the Earth but the Earth and Nibiru are highly Magnetic and it will be Exciting to say the least when Nibiru passes the Earth. Probably will be a Pole Shift and a lot of 70 to 100 pound HailStones hitting the Earth.
      The Comet Wormwood will hit the Alantic Ocean and cause some Really Big Tidal Waves that will wipe out a lot of the East Coast. Many will survive and we will rebuild God Willing. It is time to accept your Pardon that Jesus Paid for with His life at Calvery. Do not wait to do this. Time is very short. May God Bless America again.
      Americans we must Repent of our Evil Ways Today. Not Tomorrow so God will forgive Our Sins and Bless Us and Our Country. AMEN !!!!!!!

    • illi

      It’s amazing to read what people think they know about this. As if they know where it is, when it’s going to be here, and what it’s going to do etc… Yeah, I’ve read Sitchin’s books, but I don’t buy this tabloid trash. Over and over we are told about a new “disaster on the horizon” to cause fear in everybody. I’m ready. Let’s see it. Bring it on…

    • itguy888

      Nasa should have built this electric plasma tech big enough to operate beyond stratosphere with long rods attached into earth & propel earth away from collision path.
      Nasa could have made earth acting as a spaceship.

      What these big players are doing is not enough. Now Nasa have few months to build this before earth is gone.
      Else fire a big nuclear weapon towards planet Xs or any threats approaching earth.




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