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Toronto School Helps Tranny Child Deceive Her Parents

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As part of the war on gender, satanist educators
are ready to help children change their gender 
without their parent’s knowledge. 
In a sane society, gender is determined by biology. 
But Satanists are dehumanizing us by promoting
insanity, turning reality on its head, making unnatural 
appear natural and sick appear healthy.  

“This is very wrong, and a sign of many bad things to come.  ”

by Anonymous

Parents must know that their rights are being stripped of them WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE, and that the degeneracy and confusion that children face today is being supported and fed by people who pretend to be concerned about their education (principals, teachers, etc.).  

A grade 8 child – 13-year-old Cassandra – at Queen Victoria School is claiming to be transgendered, transitioning from female to becoming male, and is going by the name “James”.  All students, teachers and staff refer to this child as “him,” “he,” “his,” and “James” instead of any female pronoun, or the name chosen for her by her parents.  

In addition, the child does not change clothes for gym class in the change rooms with other students, and has requested to have an “all-gender” bathroom set up in the school so that she has a place to use the toilet that is not the girls’ bathroom or boys’ bathroom.  One of the staff bathrooms has been converted to an “all-gender” bathroom to be used by both adults and children.  Adults in the building seem to be numb to the the danger of having adults and children using the same bathroom (especially in a school where a teacher was arrested on child pornography charges only four years ago!)


The principal, David Finkelstein, left, has stated that the child has made the following explicit requests, and that everyone in the building MUST follow this protocol in order to protect “James’ ‘human rights’”:

-       These are the requests your child has made – requests which are being granted without your knowledge:

o   Principals, teachers, staff and students are to refer to the child as “James,” “he,” “him,” “his,” etc. and deny the fact that there was ever a female child named Cassandra.

o   While the child’s parents are present, principals, staff and teachers are to revert back to using the words “Cassandra,” “she,” “her,” etc.  Teachers are asked to blatantly lie and deceive parents; they seem to be complying.

o   The child is no longer required to use student bathrooms.  An adult bathroom has been converted to an “all-gender, student / adult” bathroom where she can use the toilet and change for gym class.  The directive has been that the child is using this “all-gender bathroom” for now, but that when she is ready, she will be allowed to use the boys’ bathroom without question.  In essence, the child is being given carte-blanche to use any washroom at any point (girl, boy, adult) which calls into question the safety, security and privacy of every other person in the building.

o   Principals, teachers and staff are told NOT to inform the child’s parents of their child’s double-life and are being told to explicitly deceive and lie to the parents, to Cassandra (to the “transgendered” child), to the other children, to the community, and to themselves.

o   The child has asked that this information be kept secret from her parents, and this request is being granted with no consideration for the rights of the parents.
This is highly problematic behaviour.  The principal, vice-principal and teachers are lying to conform to the child’s whim, instead of trying to alert the parents to the child’s confusion about her sexuality.  This is very wrong, and a sign of many bad things to come.  The teachers’ authority is being completely undermined, as is their God-given intelligent discrimination.  They do not even have the right to be honest; they are being forced to outright lie and deceive with no consideration of how they might feel about it, or their own intelligence telling them it’s wrong to do this.  


(Left, If David Finkelstein had wanted to be a girl, would the rabbi have given him a Bat Mitzvah?)

The adults who are supposed to be taking care of children at school are actually encouraging her to separate from the authority of parents, make her own decisions and deceive her parents, and bringing an entire school and over 30 other adults into it with her.  The teachers are essentially becoming clowns, bending to the will of a child, and putting all other children, as well as their own integrity and authority, on the line.
This child is obviously not OK, but is being encouraged – her lie is being sheltered and fostered, and will only bring her harm.  Teachers are being forced to follow the dictates of a minor, and are being made fearful of speaking up by claiming that this is a human rights issue and needs to be followed the way the principal is stating.  

It is scary to think that the child’s parents and legal caretakers are being completely disregarded and treated as though do not have the privilege to help their own child with this problem as they choose. 

 This is part of the NWO agenda: the child does not belong to the parents, she/he/it belongs to the System.  If parents are not informed, they cannot help their daughter!  This is an extremely irresponsible behavior on the part of the Toronto District School Board, superintendent, principal, vice-principal.  The media should also be alerted about this issue to expose these people, but the mainstream media will salivate all over this story – it’s exactly in line with what they WANT to see happening to our children.

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    • FreemanM

      Parents have No rights anymore. Just one call and the kids are wards of the state put in an abusive foster home and Let the games begin!




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