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4 Reasons America Is Still the Greatest Nation on Earth

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With all of the turmoil and controversy in our nation over the last few decades, it’s easy to criticize the USA as a country in decline.

However, it is times like these that we need to gird up our loins, fight for what we believe in, and remember that despite the many faults we can currently name with the United States, this is still the greatest nation on Earth. Here are four reasons that we — on this Fourth of July – can still celebrate being an American:

1. The First Amendment

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It’s true that our freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under attack in modern America, and I don’t deny that we are standing and looking over a cliff that freedom haters are desperately trying to shove us off of. Yet we can still express ourselves as we wish, thanks to the First Amendment to our Constitution.

In many countries, speaking out against the government — or even writing blog posts such as this one — are cause enough for imprisonment at best and death at worst. Even our good friends Canada and the United Kingdom fine people for making comments that our Constitution protects.

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In America, we can protest peacefully with signs in the street, we can call our congressmen with complaints or suggestions, and we even can publicly write an opinion about how we think that our leaders are dirtbags or criminals if we believe that to be the case — all without any fear of being taken away in the night or dragged to prison.

Further — and more importantly — we still have the freedom to practice our religious beliefs. I understand and agree that at this moment in time this freedom is closer to being curbed than at any previous time in our history, but if you go to church this Sunday to worship, you won’t be questioned by government authorities. In many countries, simply admitting that you follow Christ — or Buddha, or Vishnu, for that matter — can land you in prison or even result in your death.

The First Amendment to our Constitution guarantees these rights, and it is arguably the greatest contribution to freedom in the history of the world since the Magna Carta was signed.

2. Guns

Although the quote is thought to have been fabricated, tradition holds that Japan’s Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said during WWII, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Whether the quote is accurate or not, the idea is still true to an extent today. It’s estimated that one in three households in the USA has guns, and that is as it should be in our Founders’ eyes. In fact, the number of registered hunters in the US is estimated to be between 25 and 45 million. Combined and united, this would by far be the largest standing army in the world. Keep in mind that this doesn’t include gun owners who aren’t registered hunters. And it’s all possible because our Founders placed this right in the Constitution, in the Second Amendment.

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Yes, there are threats to gun ownership every other week by the Left. For now, though, we still have the right to defend ourselves, from enemies foreign and domestic, and the means with which to do so. Very, very few other countries in the world can come anywhere close to that claim.

3. Sea to Shining Sea

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There’s no doubt that God brought our forefathers to this land. There is no other country on the face of the Earth with the natural resources and variety of climates and land types that we have. Beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys, prairies, tundra, you name it — we’ve got it.

Not only do we have this vast and beautiful land, but we can travel freely to any of them without passports, papers or any other restrictions. Consider Europe as a comparison. There are different climates and landforms there — all within a smaller area than our single country, but traveling between them means traveling across different countries with different rules.

As far as natural resources, no other landmass — let alone country — on the planet compares in the slightest to what we have here. We sit on top of the largest deposits of oil and natural gas anywhere. Our timber is practically unrivaled. The list goes on and on. This is by far the most blessed piece of land on our globe, despite the constant attempts to restrict our access to the resources we own.

4. Opportunity and Wealth

In many countries, the caste or social status you are born into is where you will remain for life. Other countries allow people to advance themselves but don’t have the opportunities to make such advancement feasible or even possible. America, though, is the land of opportunity. Despite what the Leftists would have us believe, you can still go from rags to riches in the USA if you have the desire and drive to do so.

The majority of the world’s wealthiest people live here. We hear constantly from the media about how many poor and underprivileged there are in this country, yet in reality the poor in the US are richer than the poor of just about any country – and are actually richer than the rich in some countries. Stick that in your “occupy” movements and smoke it. The poor in this country have cell phones, air conditioning and cable television. The poor in many countries eat dirt and bugs to survive.

Yes indeed, despite our many downfalls and problems, there is still no better place on this Earth to live than the good old USA. And that is also one of our biggest problems.

There are many who want to strip us of what we have, and more than a few of these are right here among us. The top dog is always under attack by those who would tear them down, and we are by far the biggest target around.

There are only two things that can keep these beasts at bay. The first is our own diligence. Great nations always fall when the citizens become complacent, self-righteous and morally depraved. Always.

The second is our loving and providing God, under whose protection we have been for two centuries. Yet those of us who know and love the Truth understand that His protection of our country is conditional on us acknowledging and following Him. When we turn our backs on Him, He will undoubtedly return the favor in kind. I pray that we have not already fallen this far, although in the flesh it’s very hard to see how we are not either standing at the precipice – or are already in freefall, having gone over it, unaware of our impending fate in our own ignorant bliss.

Do you agree or disagree? What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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    • Rockledge

      1) Try calling some rioting destructive animal who is using the fact that some other useless piece of shit getting deservedly shot by a cop to commit crimes the racial slur he is earning and well deserves, or telling some pervert that peckers do not belong in bung holes and see how far your freedom of speech goes.

      2) Interesting how you conveniently skipped over the statistics about how gun deaths compare to that of other countries. Much as I am all for gun ownership now that this country has been overrun with criminal invaders who we will all eventually end up defending ourselves against, the reality is that freedom to have guns hasn’t exactly been a blessing to us.
      Let us not forget that those who are invading us also have access to those guns, and as soon as they get their numbers up to sufficiently do so will whip our asses with our own ideals. They are already giving us bumps and bruises.

      3) God brought them here? Really? To kill millions of people in an attempt to take their property from them?
      And then we took care of the land, right? Poisoning the whole planet with our chemical corporations and their genetically poisoned artificial food, even drilling into the ground to deplete all the earth has to offer when we have perfectly good , safe , and clean sources of energy available.
      And lets not forget the Ohio river that was so polluted it caught fire.

      I’d hesitate to blaming all that shit on God.

      4) Yeah, opportunities. Open up a small hardware store without having a huge chain store outbid your buying power and snatch all your business.
      Just try starting any kind of small business and keep honest books and last the first 3 years. Small business in this country is nothing but a money filter for corporations. After buying a building, paying the insane fees for plastic pretend money, utilities, insurance, property and income taxes, see how much money went to corporate america and how much you actually got to keep.

      Or try getting a minimum wage job and being able to afford a place to live, clothes, food, insurance, and then obey the government propaganda bullshit and put money back for retirement.

      The only opportunities here are for those willing to do whatever it takes to get rich, which includes circumventing the legal system.

      Go to college and rack up bills that will take you longer than a mortgage to pay off only to find out the field you went to school for is only hiring “quota” fillers who haven’t the education but will work cheap.
      Then spend your life struggling making less money than what it takes to live on and raise a family while paying that useless education off.

      The true opportunities are for those born into wealth who know how to hold onto it and perpetuate it using the labor of all those out there struggling to survive.





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