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Proof the US is Nuked 9/23/17

It’s a long video, but important. I Pet Goat ii literally refers to The Next Attack on the US, because the story read on 9/11 in the classroom where Bush sat was “The Pet Goat.” This video incontrovertibly deals with 1) the destruction of America 2) Events occuring after the

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Update for Monday, September 25, 2017

Iraq: Iraqi Kurds to go ahead with independence vote despite threats

Media Warns of California “Apocalypse” Amid September 23rd Scare and “Rocket Man” Is About to Get It

Trump Threatens 'Little Rocket Man', Says Kim 'Won't Be Around Much Longer' as North Korea Holds Huge Anti-US Rally

Kurdistan and Catalonia are voting on independence, welcome to the age of secession

Kosovo: President Hashim Thaci, within this year an army of Kosovo

Libya: 11 killed and over 30 injured in fighting between Wadi Brigade and Brigade 48 in Sabratha

US B-1B Bombers Fly Off North Korean Coast: 4 Reasons Why This Time it's Different

Day of the Generals: Winning Armageddon

Iraqi Army Discovers US-Made Missiles In ISIS’s Military Base In Mosul

Mali: Rival Tuareg groups of Coordination of the Movements of Azawad and Platform group sign a new ceasefire agreement

Russia Warns US in Unprecedented 'Secret' Face-to-Face Meeting Over Syria, But What's The Endgame? +Video

Old Wisdom Speaks About Our Time: Nation Rise Against Nation, How to Stay Young and Much More (Video)

China Fears 'Vicious Circle' on Korean Peninsula, US Sees 'Tipping Point' If Kim Tests H-Bomb Over Pacific

Eclipse, then Nuclear War 9/23

Saudi Arabia, US and Britain "celebrate" 900 days of slaughter in Yemen

Proof the US is Nuked 9/23/17

Syria: Turkey and the opposition bombing Syrian regime positions

Putin On N.Korea: Thermonuclear Supporter

'Choose N.Korea or the US': WH Releases Details on Latest North Korean Sanctions

Mali: 1 soldier dead and UN base attacked

Mali: 1 soldier dead and others injured, UN base attacked

Iraq: Iraqi forces launch offensive against Islamic State (IS) in Anbar province

Korea Solution Needs US to Sign a Peace Treaty

Kim Jong-un to Nuke Yellowstone? North Korean TV Shows ‘Map of USA’ with Giant Hole in Middle of Yellowstone - Supervolcano Eruption Would Instantly Kill Millions, Decimate 25% of US Land (Videos)

Trump Warns World at UN: 'No Choice But to Destroy Rocket Man's North Korea +Speech Video

A New War Footing

Nigeria: 15 people killed in Boko Haram terrorist attack in Borno

Iran, North Korea, and the Bomb

Trump Threatens North Korea With 'Effective and Overwhelming' Military Force