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The Chinese Military Have Surpassed the American Military

The Chinese Military Is Surpassing the American Forces Part One This series on the new-found capabilities of the Chinese military began with an analysis of the present set of circumstances in Korea, the conflict with Taiwan and the open seas conflict in the South China Sea in which China is

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The Globalists Final Solution for Humanity
By common sense on Friday Feb 16 2018 13:44
TV Host Demolishes the Holocaust Myth
By Mike Walsh on Sunday Feb 18 2018 08:05
Dummies Guide to Democide
By Mike Walsh on Sunday Feb 18 2018 08:34

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Dummies Guide to Democide

TV Host Demolishes the Holocaust Myth

Nigeria: 18 killed in Borno suicide bomb attacks

Yemen: Coalition jet fighters launch 68 air strikes against Houthi targets

The Globalists Final Solution for Humanity

US corporate invasion in Colombia assassinates unionists in record numbers

Somalia: Somali and African Union forces destroy al-Shabaab bases in Lower Shabelle region

The Chinese Military Have Surpassed the American Military

An emphatic example shows how deeply the US establishment considers war a permanent and unquestionable situation

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Fighting between Rwanda and Congo troops at border

The UK Signals That World War III Is Starting

'Decision Time' on North Korea, 'Existential Threat' to USA: US Director of National Intelligence

The Great War Soon - China Rushes 300,000 Troops to North Korea Border Preparing for 'War'

Threats Coming From All Sides! Russia Preparing to Cyber Attack the US! Plus: North Korea Poses an Increasing Threat to the US Video)

Afghanistan: 43 Taliban killed by security forces in clashes in Kandahar

Warning - North Korea Continues to Pose Increasing Threat to US

The United States of Amnesia: Americans are ready to buy another series of bogus evidence as pretext for war with Iran, as it happened with Iraq

North Korea and South Korea Moving Towards Peace but Pence Continues His Warmongering at the Olympics

India: Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) militants storm Indian army base killing 5 soldiers and 1 civilian

Heads Way the Hell Up! The Serious Implications of the Israeli F-16 Shot Down. Israel Warns: Playing With Fire (Videos)

Syria: Turkey-led forces advance on one of Afrin's largest towns following latest gains against Kurdish fighters

Iran's Revolutionary Guard Vows 'Hell to the Zionists' as Putin Warns Netanyahu +Video

Existential Threat: US Enemies Plot EMP Attacks - An EMP Attack Would Fry Nation’s Power Grid, Leaving 1/2-3/4 of the Nation in Darkness, Putting Us Back into the Stone Age +Videos

Israel: Israeli warplane shot down as air force carries out large scale attack against Iranian targets in Syria after a drone violated its airspace

'Major Escalation': Israel Carries Out 'Large Scale Attack' on Syria After Israeli F-16 Shot Down +Video

Egypt: Egypt launches offensive against armed militant groups in Sinai

Kim's Pre-‘Peace Olympics' Parade Showcases ICBM "Capable of Striking the Whole Mainland of the US" +Video

Syria: Syrian regime kills 200 civilians and 100 pro Assad men die in airstrikes

War Drums Taking Over

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