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War and Conflict

All Hell Is Breaking Loose – Eyewitness to a 4,000 Sleeper Army in Tijuana, MX.

Hell on Earth is about to visit our shores. The Common Sense Show has just experienced its most unique and frightening 24 news cycles in its history. There are foreign troops waiting to cross the border. There are two reports of a missing nuke. The United States, under Trump is

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Sudan: Sudanese government and Darfur rebel group Sudan Liberation Movement (Second Revolution) SLM-SR will sign peace deal next week

Afghanistan: 16 policemen killed as taliban rebels attacked police checkpoints in Kandahar province

Afghanistan: 16 policemen killed as taliban rebels attack police checkpoints in Kandahar province

Mali: Al Mourabitoune, an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group, claims responsibility for suicide bombing

Britain Deploy Tanks Via Chanel Tunnel To Prepare For Russia War

King Jong-un Celebrates Trump Inauguration By Firing Nuclear Missiles

Gambia: West African forces moved into Gambia to oust the defeated president who refused to give up power

US and Russian Jet Fighters Spotted in Mock Dogfight Over Top Secret Area 51 Russia Warning US Again? (Video)

'The ISIS R Us': War Against America’s ISIS Proxy Force in Syria +Video

US-ISIS Alliance on Verge of Conquering Major Syrian City

All Hell Is Breaking Loose - Eyewitness to a 4,000 Sleeper Army in Tijuana, MX.

Mali: Dozens killed in suicide attack on Gao military camp in north

TradCatKnight: Why Were so Many 'Holocaust Survivors' so Well-Fed?

Nigeria: Nigerian air force bombs refugee camp, over 100 dead

Update for Wednesday, January 18, 2017

US, Russia, Syria, Energy Geopolitics

A Walker Statue For Memory Of Racak Massacre/Hoax

SKorea Forms Special Unit to Kill NKorean Leader

Burma-Myanmar: Schools shut and families flee amid Namhsan clashes

Russians on the Move - What's Going on at Warren AFB? Paul Martin and Dave Hodges

Russia's Foreign Minister Exposes Obama's Tactics Against Russia (Video)

The Globalist Timetable for America’s Destruction

Democratic Republic of the Congo: M23 rebels crossed over from Uganda and clashed with army

Trump Heroically Battles Nuclear Holocaust?

All Hell Will Break Loose in Four Days—Here’s What DisruptJ20 Has up Their Sleeve for Trump and His Supporters

Trump Slams Outgoing CIA Director Brennan After Criticism Over Russia Threat (Video)

War Drums Sounding! China Tells Trump Team to Prepare for a Military Clash! (Video)

From Mad to Madness: Playing Games with Nuclear War

We Must Not Demonize, Threaten Russia. Nuclear War by Accident or Miscalculation?

Afghanistan: Obama Sends Marines to Take Part in America’s Longest Ever War