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War and Conflict

The Civil War Will Start in California – Mike Adams – CSS 2/19/17 (Hour 2)

I just interviewed Mike Adams on The Common Sense Show. The final 30 minutes of the interview were 30 of the most riveting minutes in the history of the show. Mike and I both believe that the coming civil war will have its genesis in California and Governor Jerry Brown

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U.S. WC-135 nuclear sniffer airplane has left the UK heading towards Norway and the Barents Sea!

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Ukraine: Ukraine accuses rebels of breaking truce as Western concern rises

Burma-Myanmar: 2 soldiers injured after clash with militants in Rakhine State

The Civil War Will Start in California - Mike Adams - CSS 2/19/17 (Hour 2)

The US and China on the Doorstep of War - Trump Challenges Beijing - Who Will Blink First?

Somalia: Death toll from car bomb in busy market in Mogadishu rises to 34

Cancer of War: US Admits Using Radioactive Munitions in Syria

Iraq: Iraqi forces launch offensive to liberate western Mosul from Islamic State (IS)

Algeria: Algerian troops kill 14 militants in clashes in the Bouira province

Nigeria: Boko Haram attack on Maiduguri foiled by army, deaths reported

Afghanistan: Islamic State (IS) terrorists kill 17 soldiers in Nangarhar province

Pakistan: Pakistani forces kill and arrest dozens of militants after Islamic State shrine bombing

Turkey: 3 Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants killed in clashes with army in Tunceli province

Civil War in D.C.: Pizzagate and Flynn Are Only the Beginning - Assassinations Are Next

Army Admits Plan to Take Over the US! Alex Jones Tells About New Jade Helm Link!

Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks Mifa village near Chibok

Syria: Dozens killed as Tahrir al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa jihadists clash in Idlib

Pakistan: 14 killed and over 100 wounded in Lahore blast claimed by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar taliban group

Syria: Kurdish female fighters clash with Turkey's military in Amude town

Syria: Kurdish female fighters clash with Turkey's military in Syrian town

Obama Moves to Bunker and Prepares to Fight Trump—30,000 Man Army Ready at His Command

N Korean Missile Launch Detected by US +Video