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Breaking: China Attacks India – Strong Implications for WW III

Breaking news as China attacks India in an event that could culminate in World War III: “As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing to meet Donald and Melania Trump at the White House, China on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Indian Army accusing it of stopping the construction

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Ever Closer to War
By John Rolls on Sunday Jun 25 2017 09:14
Impending False Flag in Syria
By Mike Walsh on Tuesday Jun 27 2017 03:57
N Korea: Most Urgent, Dangerous Threat to US National Security
By John Rolls on Wednesday Jun 28 2017 15:40

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N Korea: Most Urgent, Dangerous Threat to US National Security

US Threatens Syria Again: Treading on the Path of War


Update for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Breaking: China Attacks India - Strong Implications for WW III

Sudan: Sudan People's Liberation Movement/North (SPLM/N)-Agar says Sudanese army attacking its positions in Blue Nile

Trump Has Now Committed Himself to Reversing Obama’s Syria-Policy +Video

Impending False Flag in Syria

Chad: 8 soldiers killed in clashes with Boko Haram insurgents

Russia can not or does not want to protect its allies from Israel?

Colombia: Police arrest 8 People's Revolutionary Movement (MRP) militants in deadly mall explosion

Ever Closer to War

War, Financial Calamity 2 Biggest Trends: Gerald Celente, Greg Hunter Video

Israel: Israeli jets hit several targets in Syria in return to rocket attacks

National Socialism Set to Music

Hillary Email Confirms Support for ISIS via Qatar and Saudi Arabia +Videos

Pakistan: Multiple terror attacks across Pakistan leave 62 dead and 100 injured, claimed by Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JUA)

Chinese EMP Hit the Fitzgerald - Nimitz Racing to Scene as War Is Close

USN Destroyer and Container Ship collision., U-Turn - Method, Motive, Opportunity and Priors

ETs Disabled 10 Missiles According Air Force Captain

Cameroon: Double Boko Haram suicide attack kills 6 civilians in Kolofata

A Government That Permits the Murder of 70 Million Babies Will Do the Same to You

Putin Plans to Save 50% of Russians in WWIII - What's America Doing for Their Citizens?

Is Civil War Coming? If Not Then Why Is This Happening…

Central African Republic: 100 people killed in clashes between Anti-Balaka Christian militia and FPRC Muslim rebels

Somalia: At least 10 people killed by car bomb in Mogadishu claimed by al-Shabaab

Dangerous Crossroads: Wash’s Aggressive Game in Syria

The Elite Will Not Be Able to Bug Out After An EMP Attack-The Elite Are Panicked

It's Hitting the Fan: US Fighter Jet Shoots Down Armed Iranian Drone | Russia States it Will Treat American Aircraft as Targets! (Must See Videos)