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Trump’s War Game Against Deep State Cabal With His Generals +Videos

Bertrand Daily Report The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. The Florida School Shooting is still the BIG diversion from the investigations beginning to effectively put Obama and Hillary Clinton in GITMO. President Trump continues to strategize a war game against the Cabal with

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Somalia: Al-Shabaab militants attack in Mogadishu leaves at least 22 dead

Trump's War Game Against Deep State Cabal With His Generals +Videos

Afghanistan: 2 killed during infighting among Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and Hizb-ul-Ahrar terrorist groups

Cameroon: Boko Haram jihadists kill 7 people in Cameroon and Chad

Update for Thursday, February 22, 2018

Yemen: Yemeni forces seize Houthi-controlled posts in Lahij

Risking Major Escalation, Trump Weighs Killing of Russian Fighters in Syria as Sign of "Tough Stance" Toward Putin

VIDEO: Boeing 777 MH17 downed by Ukrainian BUK missile

Syria: More than 100 killed in army assault on Ghouta suburb

Syria: More than 100 killed in assault on Ghouta suburb

LoC Tension: Does India Wants Atomic War?

Turkey: Turkey warns Syrian army against helping Kurdish YPG rebels in Afrin

Russia Warns US to 'Stop Playing With Fire' in Syria, Immediately Leave Area It Controls

US Intel: North Korea Planning Preemptive Strike Between March 28th and April 2nd…

The US is Executing a Global War Plan

Sudan: Agar and al-Hilu fighters clash again in Blue Nile

Dummies Guide to Democide

TV Host Demolishes the Holocaust Myth

Nigeria: 18 killed in Borno suicide bomb attacks

Yemen: Coalition jet fighters launch 68 air strikes against Houthi targets

The Globalists Final Solution for Humanity

US corporate invasion in Colombia assassinates unionists in record numbers

Somalia: Somali and African Union forces destroy al-Shabaab bases in Lower Shabelle region

The Chinese Military Have Surpassed the American Military

An emphatic example shows how deeply the US establishment considers war a permanent and unquestionable situation

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Fighting between Rwanda and Congo troops at border

The UK Signals That World War III Is Starting

'Decision Time' on North Korea, 'Existential Threat' to USA: US Director of National Intelligence

The Great War Soon - China Rushes 300,000 Troops to North Korea Border Preparing for 'War'

Threats Coming From All Sides! Russia Preparing to Cyber Attack the US! Plus: North Korea Poses an Increasing Threat to the US Video)