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Mysterious Incoming Radar Signal Detected! Is Something Big Going Through Our Atmosphere? (Video)

Trinidad: Homes evacuated as Devil’s Woodyard mud volcano erupts after 23 years

Cyclone wreaks havoc in Tonga's capital, parliament flattened, homes wrecked

Tropical Storm ''Sanba'' to make landfall over Mindanao, Philippines

Apocalyptic Hailstorm With Hail Larger Than Softballs Hits Cordoba, Argentina

Preacher Prophesied the Taylor, Michigan, Meteor Event on New Year’s Eve! (Video)

Burning Impact Crater Found Next to Highway Torreón – Saltillo, Mexico (Video)

Destructive mudslide kills 4 in Bolivia where days of rain have left thousands of people

Mysterious Incoming Radar Signal Detected! Is Something Big Going Through Our Atmosphere? (Video)

Freezing Norse winds put UK on SNOW and ICE alert Brits brace for chilling -15C

All the water's gon dola! Venice's famous canals dry up due to low tides!

Eruption Fuego volcano in Guatemala: Ashfall, evacuations, dark ash plume rises 1.7km above summit

Ex-tropical cyclone Fehi hits New Zealand, combines with kind tides

Russia: What Caused Bright Flash That Turned Night Into Day On Jan 7, 2018?

"California Burning" Compilation! (Video)

Guatemala – Floods and Landslides Affect 13,000 People in 5 Departments

Niagara Falls and Hudson River Freezes, Warm Air is the Cause !

Tropical Cyclone ''Fehi'': Heavy rain in New Caledonia, Heading toward New Zealand

Snowfall in northwest Saudi Arabia covers desert in white

France: Emergency Evacuations as Floodwaters Continue to Rise

Earthquake Rocks Panama - 'Very Strong' Shaking in Capital City

Philippines warns of volcanic mudflows from heavy rains

Strong storm wreaks havoc in Brazil – Cars destroyed, homes damaged and 160,000 without power


1 dead, dozen injured as volcano erupts near Kusatsu ski resort in Japan

Philippines Raises Alert Level as Mayon Volcano Eruption Intensifies

Interstate 70 Closed, Dozens of Flights Canceled as Winter Storm Jaxon Dumps Snow on Rockies

Biblical dust storm engulfs Mardin, Turkey changing day into night

Major storm hits northern Europe with hurricane force winds, at least 10 killed

States of Emergency Declared as Winter Storm Inga Bears Down on South

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