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Thursday, November 24, 2016 15:03
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Schedule for the 2016 International Conference 
on the Jin Xing Phenomenon 

2016年12月3日流程Schedule for December 3, 2016:
9:00-10:00AM 论坛报到 Conference Registration and Reception
10:00-10:10AM 论坛主席姚杰娜女士宣布开幕并介绍与会嘉宾 Announcement of Opening by Conference Chair; Guest Speakers’ Introduction
10:10-10:20AM 有关领导致辞 Opening Speech by a Government Representative
10:20-10:50AM 演讲嘉宾(Skype联线) :加拿大蒙特利尔协和大学西蒙•波娃学院院长弋玫教授、北大加拿大校友Dr. Kimberley Manning, Principal of Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University, Canada
论文题目:Attachment Politics and the Rights of the Trans Child: Reflections on Canada(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,英文) 
11:00-11:30AM 演讲嘉宾(Skype联线) :加拿大维多利亚大学前研究生院院长、社会学系教授、世界首个跨性别研究中心首任主席艾伦•H•狄渥尔教授 Professor Aaron H. Devor, Department of Sociology, Former Dean of Graduate Studies, the First Endowed Chair of the World’s First Transgender Studies Centre, University of Victoria, Canada
论文题目:An Introduction to the World’s Largest Transgender Archives (20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,英文)
11:30-12:00PM 与会者自由讨论时间
12:00PM-1:00PM 午餐 Lunch
1:00-1:30PM 演讲嘉宾:多伦多大学性别与妇女研究学院SSHRC博士后研究员 Dr. Huai Bao, a.k.a. Dhawa, SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Toronto, Canada
论文题目:Exploring Gender Transgression in Popular Media and Social Networking and Demystifying China’s Celebrity Culture: The Rise of Jin Xing and Her Role in China’s Transgender Awareness Education (20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,英文)
1:30-2:00PM 演讲嘉宾:北京大学可持续发展研究所副主任 韩京教授 Professor Han Jing, Peking University
论文题目:《金星为什么会火:评析当前中国社会百态》(Why Has Jin Xing Become So Famous: A Review and Critique of Contemporary Chinese Society)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
2:00-2:20PM 咖啡时间/茶歇 Coffee/Tea Break
2:20-2:50PM 演讲嘉宾:北京大学医学部第三医院(北医三院)整形科谢宏彬医师 Dr. Xie Hongbin, MD, Peking University Medical School’s Hospital
论文题目:《从金星自传说起:谈建国以来中国变性手术的发展》(Reading Jin Xing’s Biography: A Review of China’s Sex Change Operations from the Past to the Present)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
2:50-3:20PM 演讲嘉宾:华南农业大学讲师陆杰博士 Dr. Lu Jie, Southern China University of Agriculture
论文题目:《论金星现象和对中国传统性别观念的颠覆》(A Critique of the Jin Xing Phenomenon and the Subversion of Traditional Chinese Gender Conception)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
3:20-3:40PM 咖啡时间/茶歇 Coffee/Tea Break
3:40-4:10PM 演讲嘉宾(Skype联线) :英国纽曼大学教育与职业学院海伦•E•里斯博士 Dr. Helen E. Lees, Education and Professional Studies, Newman University, UK
论文题目:China and Control in Schools: Lessons from Sadomasochism? (20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,英文)
4:10-4:40PM 浙江杭州紫金瑰宝养生馆馆长、中国性学会会员冯桂宝女士Feng Guibao, Zijin Guibao Health Spa Club, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
论文题目:《性衰老是人体衰老的开始:老年男女性生殖保健案例分析》(Sex and Aging: Clinical Cases of Seniors’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Care)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
4:40-6:00PM 专家学者自由论坛:李建宁、闫保程、孙凯等人
6:00PM 晚餐 Dinner
2016年12月4日流程:Schedule for December 4, 2016
9:00-9:30AM 论坛第二日报到
9:30-10:00AM 演讲嘉宾(Skype联线):纽约百老汇戏剧大师、加拿大多伦多戏剧评论家、影评家、获奖作家奇思•盖勒比恩博士 Master of Broadway Theatre, Theatre and Film Critic, Award-Winning Writer in Toronto, Canada, Dr. Keith Garebian
论文题目:《性别与性如何成为我的戏剧作品中的主题》(How Gender and Sexuality Emerge as Themes in My Theatrical Work)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,英文)
10:00-10:30AM 演讲嘉宾(Skype联线):广西赛诺加生物科技有限公司CEO、加拿大温哥华凯斯通学院CEO方捷医师 Joe Fang, MD, CEO of Guangxi Sino-Chem Bio-Tech Co. Ltd., and CEO of Capstone College, Vancouver, BC, Canada
论文题目:《毒舌之毒,以毒攻毒:谈海外华人为什么都喜欢看》(The Homeopathic Treatment of the Razor Sharp Tongue: Why Overseas Chinese All Love Watching the Jin Xing Show)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
10:30-11:00AM 演讲嘉宾 丽景医学美容首席专家姚杰娜主任等六人小组 Natalie Jiena Yao, Leading Medical Aesthetic Centre, and Five Other Experts

论文题目:《天使守护神:变性手术后几十年的养生初探》(The Guardian Angels: A Preliminary Exploration of Long-Term Post-Operative Care For Trans-Men and Trans-Women)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
11:00-11:30AM 演讲嘉宾 著名整形外科专家、前伊美尔人造美女顾问团成员刘建明医师 Nationally Recognized Plastic Surgeon, and Former Member of the Evercare Advisors’ Committee for the Artificial Beauty Publicity Campaign, Dr. Liu Jianming
论文题目:《评介女变男变性手术性器官再造中国整形外科的临床现状与进展》(A Review of Clinical Cases and Medical Advancement in Genital Reassignment Procedures for Trans-Men in China)(20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
11:30-12:00PM 演讲嘉宾:另定
12:00-1:00PM 午餐 Lunch
1:00-1:30PM 演讲嘉宾:中国戏曲学院教授、中央戏剧学院客座教授孙培鸿先生 Professor Sun Peihong, National Academy of Chinese Theatre Art; Adjunct Professor, Central Academy of Drama
论文题目:《突破性别二元论:谈京剧的跨性别问题》(Beyond the Gender Binary: On Cross-and-Inter-Gender Issues in Jingju) (20分钟演讲,10分钟问答,中文)
1:30-2:30PM 亚洲首部跨性别题材电影《半梦》新闻发布会 Press Conference: The Announcement of the Making of Asia’s First Transgender Film–Half Dream
- 著名歌唱家胡晓晴与中央音乐学院刘占庆教授联袂献艺《大宅门》、《人鬼情未了》
- 电影《半梦》筹划介绍
- 剧组主创人员媒体见面会(演员韩月乔、唐柏宁等人发言与表演)
2:30-3:00PM 媒体记者问答 Q&A Session with Media Reporters (Due to the large volume each reporter is limited to 2 questions only.)
3:00-3:20PM 咖啡时间/茶歇 Coffee/Tea Break
3:20-3:50PM 与会者自由讨论
4:00-6:00PM 中国一人一故事剧社即兴剧表演 Improvisational Performance by China Playback Theatre Lab Members
6:00PM 散会 Closure


2016-11-24 15:00:03


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