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Navy Veteran Viet Nam Era Dr. David Hinkson Political Prisoner of 16 years: To help David go to
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 12:43
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3/21/2018 9:51:11 AM
RE: ?   ?  David Roland Hinkson’s unpublished crea

It’s hard to believe that I wrote this.  As I read it it is like I’m reading something someone else wrote.  I must have been inspired.

—–Active, Mel on 3/21/2018 2:36 AM wrote:


??   ??  David Roland Hinkson  
Dave Hinkson on the Lou Epton show titled, “How we lost the Republic”. This show was broadcast on March 7, 1997 on KXNT 840 AM radio. Part 1 of  8.
Political Prisoner Behind The Wall HINKSON DAVID ROLAND (08795023)
add this to the end of CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 12.4)

At this time, I do not think anybody, who has lived their whole life as a “slave”, would now know, what it would be like, to really have real freedom; the freedom of being a “citizen of a real “republic State”; “FREEDOM!!!
How many people have given their lives, to have this so called freedom, and how many people have lived and died and never really knew they were just “corporate chattel property slaves” of a “de facto corporation”.
Another conclusion; “Abe Lincoln’s, “de facto” take over, to totally replace and cancel the “de jure people’s”, “God given right”, to the [de jure] “Common Law”, that was based on the teachings of “Jesus Christ”, that represented the concepts that “God”, gave to man, pursuant to the new [de jure] deal; is so wicked, it would be the event, that would, in my opinion define the coming of the “Anti Christ”. Therefore, in my opinion the canceling of the “de jure form of government” and replacing it with a complete “de facto form of government”, is the most sinister and evil event in the history of any “Nation”; to have been wrought upon it’s people; and I, assure you that “Abe Lincoln’s”, “Anti Christ” “de facto”, actions, made him a full fledged “Anti Christ”. As, this scenario has happened in many other countries, many countries have had, their own “Anti Christ” historical change; and most are even using the same “de facto” laws; and the conceptual “corporate names”, as if they are following some kind of preplanned playbook or script. For example, some of the countries that have gone “de facto” are in part: “Israel”, “New Zealand”, “Australia”, and even “Germany”. In fact, it would seem that most of the countries that are now part of “NATO”, are in fact steeped, in this “de facto” conspiracy.

Each of these different countries, have a story that is slightly different, as they became “de facto”; and none of the stories ever have a happy ending, in the long run. In fact, the rise of “Adolf Hitler’s, NAZI” Germany, is just one story of many, as he was elected, to be the chancellor of “Germany”, in the [de jure] “German Republic”, and after the “Reichstag” was burned down, “Germany”, under his leadership, went “de facto”; and in the middle of the “conversion process”, he remade the “de facto” movement, into his own personal brand of what he called, “The New World Order”. The compilation of all of these “de facto governments”, all over the “World”, is the pre planned “take over” of what has been commonly referred to as the “New World Order”. This would mean that “Adolf Hitler”, was attempting to fix his social problems, by canceling the normal “de jure” form of a “Republican Form of Government”. If you doubt that Hitler ever used the “phrase” “The New World Order”, just listen to the famous singer named “Spike Jones”, who sang in the late 1930′s, using specific lyrics, as follows: “Fuit to Hitler’s ‘New World Order’”. The overall, concept of the “New World Order”, was further highlighted in “George Orwell’s book”, “Titled 1984″. The “New World Order”, is here, and the “Global Transformation” is almost complete, and we are all slaves. Mankind will not like the outcome that has been preplanned and ordained for what’s left of “God’s People”.

. Because, the new corporate [de facto] “government of the United States”, was never been legitimately created, has no authority or judicial jurisdiction; was not incorporated, pursuant to the “Law of Nations” or “Natural Law”; it is therefore, an illegal, “de facto, corporate entity”, with no legal standing in law.

As the “[de facto] “government of the United States”, was the granter of this new [de facto] citizenship; and no power had been passed to it from the [de jure] “Citizens”, of the [de jure] ” republic States”, and the [de jure] “republic States” have never authorized the creation of the new [de facto] corporate “government of the United States”, or the cancelling of the [de jure] “Constitution of the united States of America”; the Grantor of citizenship, had no legal power to grant citizenship. Therefore, the new [de facto] corporate “government of the United States”, did not have the power to grant citizenship; which was as powerful, as a [de jure] “state Citizen” or “American Citizen”, because the [de facto] “United States” never had any such power given to it. Therefore, it would have been impossible for the [de facto] corporate “government of the United States” to create a new type of citizen more powerful than itself, so this new entity called a “citizen of the United States”, occupied a position of power one rung below the corporate “United States”, it’s [de facto] grantor. To better understand this scenario, imagine that the owner of a “company”, hired a [de jure] “President”, to run his company. The [de jure] “President,” in turn hired a [de jure] “Vice-President”, to handle a share of the responsibilities. The [de jure] “Vice-President,” then hired a [de jure] “Supervisor”, to run a portion of the [de jure] company, and now the “Supervisor” went out and got drunk, with a corporate competitor, who is a “domestic enemy”, and then they created a whole new [de facto] corporation, by removing a couple of letters from the name and filing a new phony DBA (doing business as), all in an attempt to subvert and compete, by stealing the customers (voters), and replacing everybody – this would be giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”; and be could be best described as [de jure] “Treason” in office. But, all of this might seem ok, because the officers would still have the same title [Senator/Congressman]. Therefore, would it be legal or ethical, to give this [de jure] “Supervisor”, enough power to recreate a whole new company, steal the patents, raid the bank accounts and/or fire the [de jure] owner of the [de jure] company? Of course not, because the [de jure] “Vice-President,” never had that much power to begin with. So, now our current [de facto], seditionists, treasonous power structure looks like this:

corporate “United States” – de facto
Derives it’s power only from corporate contracts

“State of(‘s)” second in power – de facto
Derives it power directly from [de facto] “United States”.

“citizens of the United States” – no rights – de facto
derives it’s power directly from the [de facto] “United States” and “State of(‘s)”

“Citizen of the United States of America” – de jure
no longer has any power

“republic State” – de jure
has no power

“united States of America” sini died – de jure
has no power

Thus, the power that is currently assumed by the [de facto] “federal government”, over almost every person, place or thing, in our personal lives, was never given or intended to be given to the newly formed, corporate [de facto] government; and then be allowed to be used against us. So the question that needs to be answered is; “how did the corporate [de facto] ‘United States’, actually get virtually unquestioned power over all of the people, places things, let alone, the people who now consider themselves to be “citizen of the United States”? The real answer is they have incorporated everything underneath themselves. For example; they put your name in all Capital Letters in every “voluntary contract” so that you will become chattel property of their phony incorporating scheme (see “U.S. Styles Manual Section 32.3″)

It seems to me, that now there really is no need to even have [de facto] States, as they seem inconsequential, as now almost everybody is a “de facto U.S. Citizen” residing in a “de facto state”; they have empanelled “de facto U.S. Citizen Juries” to locally prosecute any and all local [de facto] “citizens”, for “de facto”, federal, “corporate crimes”; they have placed foreign [de facto] agents, from many [de facto] “Alphabet Agencies” in each [de facto] “state”, to give us, a “National”, Statutory, [de facto] “police force” and [de facto] “legal processes”, all in direct violating of the principles of a “republican form of government”; Therefore, if there really are no more “state boarders”, it would seem to me that there is really no need to have ever had a “commerce clause” or a need for “state boarders”.
 ??   ??  David Roland Hinkson v=r5yFgrbtfcs ocuments.html national/2018/03/dr-david- hinkson-political-prisoner- navy-veterandavid-roland- hinkson-08795023-2496136.html

2 ch?v=sDl8iJqXjpQ v=90Lp_Y1wbSA

3. ch?v=NMNqkAFJoCs h?v=RT4qKoMnkAE

the fourteenth amendment

5 ch?v=lghovNI_nWM h?v=35OTSw8QPkk

7 ch?v=9fnwtH96B68

8 ch?v=9h735na8JLo Additional information on the NWO.DEEP STATE

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