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URGENT!!!! NOVEMBER 23, 2019!!
Saturday, November 23, 2019 16:19
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Hexes vs. Prayers: Christians and Witches Are Waging Spiritual War Over Trump 

As witches around the world perform rituals to bind the President of the United States, Christians and other religious organizations have retaliated with prayers of protection.

Believers in Christ do not practice witchcraft.  Our sole purpose is our testimony.  We declare GOD’s WORD!  WORDS are very powerful.   God said YOUR OWN WORDS will condemn you.  

Matthew 12:34-37

“O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.”



NEXT BINDING: Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, 11:59pm.

And you can now buy the book by the creator of this spell: Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for ChangeWith rituals and spells for protection of immigrants and refugees, reproductive rights, anti-fascism, and protection of the earth (among other critical issues), you can be part of the powerful #MagicResistance movement.  (All the same deceptions the UNITED NATIONS is using to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER!  They know how to manipulate you.  These issues are important to all of us, but neither  Witchcraft/Magic nor United Nations ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, are the way to go.  They both are leading you to death and destruction!)

From Llewellyn Worldwide

If you’re on Facebook, please consider joining the official group, where participants share their suggestions, photos, videos, etc. It is a well-moderated, kind, and troll-free environment with over 3,700 members of the growing #MagicResistance.

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XVI The Tower, Ancient Italian Tarot © Lo Scarabeo

This document has been making the rounds in a number of magical groups both secretive and public. It was created by me along with members of several private magical orders who wish to remain anonymous. I make no claims about its efficacy, and several people have noted it can be viewed as more of a mass art/consciousness-raising project (similar to the 1967 exorcism and levitation of the Pentagon), than an actual magical working. But many are clearly taking it very seriously.   (Yes, they keep their leadership OCCULT which means hidden, secret and private.  They show you only what they want you to see, they tell you only what they know will manipulate you.  THEY ARE DEFINITELY TAKING IT VERY SERIOUS!  They know the truth.  Deception requires secrecy!)


ANYONE who practices MAGIC regardless of their intent; ANYONE who puts their own WILL above the WILL of GOD; ANYONE who conjures or calls upon SPIRITS other than the Spirit of the Living God; ANYONE who uses craft or guile to manipulate the circumstances or people around them is in deliberate disobedience to GOD and fallen from HIS GRACE.  SPIRITISM, CRAFT, MANIPULATION and DECEPTION are tools of the DEVIL and his Demons.  Deeds of Darkness not of LIGHT. 

Mature and rational adults, do no throw fits when something happens that they cannot control.  President Trump was duly elected.  As our PRESIDENT he deserves our support and our respect.  If you don’t like him, remember, this too will pass.  America will survive, as long as AMERICAN’s can behave in a civilized manner and maintain the legacy that was passed on to them.  United we STAND… Divided we FALL. 

I have been receiving a number of suggestions and variants for this ritual, and have posted some of them at the end.


Media inquiries: please email [email protected]. Fox News or an affiliate? Don’t bother.

A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him (version 2.0)

To be performed at midnight on every waning crescent moon until he is removed from office. The first ritual takes place Friday evening, February 24th, at the stroke of midnight. This binding spell is open source, and may be modified to fit your preferred spiritual practice or magical system — the critical elements are the simultaneity of the working (midnight, EST—DC, Mar-a-Lago, and Trump Tower NYC time) and the mass energy of participants.

See below for the upcoming dates. Some lodges/covens are doing a variation of this as a group working, while a number of solitary practitioners are planning to connect and livestream via Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


  • Unflattering photo of Trump (small); see below for one you can print
  • Tower tarot card (from any deck)
  • Tiny stub of an orange candle (cheap via Amazon)
  • Pin or small nail (to inscribe candle)
  • White candle (any size), representing the element of Fire
  • Small bowl of water, representing elemental Water
  • Small bowl of salt, representing elemental Earth
  • Feather (any), representing the element of Air
  • Matches or lighter
  • Ashtray or dish of sand


  • Piece of pyrite (fool’s gold)
  • Sulfur
  • Black thread (for traditional binding variant)
  • Baby carrot (as substitute for orange candle stub)


  • Write “Donald J. Trump” on the orange candle stub with a pin or nail
  • Arrange other items in a pleasing circle in front of you
  • Lean the Tower card against something so that it’s standing up (vertically)
  • Say a prayer for protection and invoke blessing from your preferred spirit or deity. Reading the 23rd Psalm aloud is common in Hoodoo/Conjure/Rootwork traditions. Experienced magicians may perform an appropriate banishing ritual.


(v. 2.2)

(Light white candle)

Hear me, oh spirits
Of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air
Heavenly hosts
Demons of the infernal realms
And spirits of the ancestors

(Light inscribed orange candle stub)

I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that his malignant works may fail utterly
That he may do no harm
To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity
Usurp our liberty
Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair
And bind, too,
All those who enable his wickedness
And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

I beseech thee, spirits, bind all of them
As with chains of iron
Bind their malicious tongues
Strike down their towers of vanity

(Invert Tower tarot card)

I beseech thee in my name
(Say your full name)
In the name of all who walk
Crawl, swim, or fly
Of all the trees, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
In the name of Justice
And Liberty
And Love
And Equality
And Peace

Bind them in chains
Bind their tongues
Bind their works
Bind their wickedness

(Light the small photo of Trump from the flame of the orange candle stub and hold carefully above the ashtray)

(Speak the following loudly and with increasing passion as the photo burns to ashes)

So mote it be!
So mote it be!
So mote it be!*

(Blow out orange candle, visualizing Trump blowing apart into dust or ash*)

(Pinch or snuff out the white candle, ending the ritual)

*See The Use-His-Pet-Phrase-Against-Him Variant below, which has become the preferred version and utilizes “You’re fired!” in place of “So mote it be.”

Though the words may seem harmless to you or even good, well meaning… the bottom line is the root of the craft is evil.  This is a war between Good and Evil.  A spiritual Battle.  A battle of DEITIES/Spirits. Where DO YOU STAND?  What side are YOU on?  with WHOM do you associate/align yourself? Who do YOU BELIEVE??  Who is YOUR GOD? You are proclaiming your allegiance not only through your words, but through the people with whom you associate, the books you read, the choices you make.  


Grounding and Disposal

Afterward, ground yourself by having a good, hearty laugh, jumping up and down, clapping your hands, stomping your feet, and having a bite to eat. Grounding is very important—don’t neglect it. And remember—he hates people laughing at him.

Finally, bury the orange candle stub or discard it at a crossroads or in running water.


The Use-His-Pet-Phrase-Against-Him Variant: In place of “So mote it be,” instead say, “You’re fired!” with increasing vehemence. This should be particularly beautiful as the flames consume his image. This has become the preferred version, and should be considered canon.

Alternate Closing for Group Rituals: Many group rituals are done in a call-and-response style. The leader may end with:

“Our ritual has ended, brothers and sisters. May we go in peace, harming none, and continue our magical resistance under each waning crescent moon until Donald J. Trump is driven from office.”

To which the participants reply (with emotion): “So mote it be!”

Alternate Closing: After you’ve visualized Trump’s energy dissipating, gaze at the white candle flame for a few moments, close your eyes, and imagine a bright light emerging from the darkness and gradually being revealed as the flaming torch of the Statue of Liberty. The light from the torch then brightens intensely, expanding into infinity and burning away all darkness. After a few moments, open your eyes, ground yourself, and pinch or snuff out the white candle, closing the ritual. You can also leave it burning until it is fully extinguished.

Traditional Binding Variant: This variant was contributed by a rootworker, and incorporates a more traditional form of binding magic. In place of burning the photo, the magician ties the photo to the orange candle with black thread. As you are wrapping the thread around the photo and candle, say “I bind you” three times. You may also tie knots in the thread. Then the whole package is buried or, as the contributor suggested, “Leave it outside a Trump hotel.”

Baby Carrot Substitution: For those who can’t acquire an orange candle stub, Frater SHUF suggests using a baby carrot (and lighting the photo from the white candle).

Waning Crescent Moon Ritual Dates:

UPDATED FOR 2018, all take place on the dates noted beginning at 11:59pm: January 13, February 12, March 14, April 13, May 12, June 11, July 10, August 8, September 6, October 6, November 4, December 4.

Trump photo for ritual (print and cut)

Addendum and FAQs

Notes on Binding Spells vs. Curses: Is This Dangerous/Harmful?

Binding spells, or defixiones, are some of the oldest in the historical record, and are nearly universal in the world’s magical systems. In this document, binding, which seeks to restrain someone from doing harm, is differentiated from cursing or hexing, which is meant to inflict harm on the target(s). It is understood, in this context, that binding does not generate the potential negative blowback from cursing/hexing/crossing, nor does it harm the caster’s karma.  (first of all, BELIEVERS IN CHRIST do no believe in “Karma” that is a doctrine of eastern religion and is not the same as the law of reciprocity/you reap what you sow.  Karma is a totally different teaching from a totally pagan religious system.  Second, whether or not your intent is to harm, your alignment brings judgement on you.  GOD forbids any form of witchcraft!  Witchcraft is ANYTHING we do to try to manipulate circumstances or people to OUR WILL.)

In other words, this is not the equivalent of magically punching a Nazi; rather, it is ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone. (Hmm, those sound like pretty aggressive/violent responses.  Those types of actions can easily escalate and often do.)

The spell in this document was carefully crafted, in structure and language, to avoid unintended psychic consequences, but adding a prayer and invoking the blessing of your preferred deity(s) should not be neglected.   (Your preferred deity???… spirit.  This is idolatry/paganism at the max. Sadly, Catholics see no harm in this because they pray to saints and to Mary all the time.  They have lost the understanding of idolatry.)

Another added benefit: this working has an embedded self- exorcism. Just peforming it will result in a lightening of the spirit, an easing of tension, and a banishing of the gnawing Trumpian egregore. And who doesn’t need that? (LOL, that is too funny.  You are inviting demons to cast out demons… HILARIOUS! SO MUCH DECEPTION!)

Finally: The threat from Trump and his cabal is enormous, not just to individuals, but to the collective body and spirit. Be bold! Say the words with ferocious intensity and feel them!  (I am amazed that people are so blind.  No matter who is in control politically, your life is in GOD’s control.  Rather than focus on people, focus on getting to know GOD and working to build HIS KINGDOM.  Then all your worries and fears will disappear.  Let me say that whether you know it or not, Trump will never be any more EVIL than the Clintons or O’Bama.  He is no more of a threat to you.  They are all under the control of the RULING ELITE.)

On the Ritual Phrase “So Mote it Be”

A number of respondents have suggested “so mote it be” is too Wiccan-ish for their tastes. It should be noted that the phrase originated in Freemasonrylong before it was adopted by witches and neopagans. If it grates, any similar phrasing would work—amen, let it be so, so say we all, etc.  (That ought to give you a clue about who you are aligning yourself with…if you don’t know the evil of freemasonry… you need to do your due diligence and research it. Of course the true root goes back way farther than that… all the way to the Garden.)

What Kind of Magic is This Anyway?

The kind of magic that works, based on the template that underlies every functional magic system, from ancient Egyptian to contemporary chaos practices. Some Christian folk traditions, in fact, both Catholic and Protestant, employ similar methods. Adherents of any formal system should be able to tweak the above ritual to suit their practice.  (This is true,  ALL FORMAL RELIGION IS CORRUPT!)

You really think this might work? Has anyone ever done anything like this?

Ever heard of the Magical Battle of Britain? There’s a book about it. And in 1941, author and occultist William Seabrook and a group of young people in Maryland performed a ritual to “kill Adolf Hitler by voodoo incantation.” I was also just made aware of the Center for Tactical Magic. Also, the burning of effigies, common to political protests, is considered a very simple but potent form of magic.

GOD is in control!  This is a battle for your mind.  It is becoming more and more obvious every day.  The war is between GOOD and EVIL.

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