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How The WTC Towers Came Down; The Real Story—Part One of Two……

Monday, February 7, 2011 4:28
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This is the transcript of an interview with a man named Dimitri Khalezov. He was a Russian spook in their nuclear service. He has inside knowledge of how the towers were taken down. He wrote a book, which was suppressed, and now he does the occasional talk show and is actively searching for a new publisher.
You will find more about him if you do a search on the ‘net. Somewhere out there is a pdf with what he calls the eleven most important chapters of his book. The interview is a bit long. It is 26 parts on You Tube. If you prefer, you can look for it and watch it there. I’m breaking this up into two parts. It is so long that some folks’ eyes will glaze over before they get to the end. Those who are deeply interested in the truth about the WTC event will read every word.


The Third Truth about 9/11. World Trade Center nuclear demolition.

Interview of Dimitri Khalezov, a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence.


This is the first part of an interview and a video-presentation by a certain Mr. Dimitri A. Khalezov, a former officer in the Soviet nuclear intelligence. It is divided into 26 parts, 10 minutes each.

The interview is apparently intended to serve as an introduction to Dimitri Khalezov’s new book named “The Third Truth”. However, the introduction of the book is followed by quite a detailed explanation of very important particulars of 9/11, and even without the actual book, this video could be considered as some of the most comprehensive 9/11 research ever shown to the public.


In this presentation it is explained in detail how US Government officials used three underground thermo-nuclear explosions to demolish three buildings of the World Trade Center in New York during 9/11 events: the WTC Twin Towers and the WTC building #7. In addition, it is explained why the US Government was obliged to demolish these buildings.


It is claimed here that the US Government has actually three levels of 9/11 “truths”. One “truth” – for consumption by the general public (i.e. a version expressed by the 9/11 Commission Report. Another – an “awful” and “confidential” one – for exclusive consumption by middle-ranking officials. And the third one – the real truth, which is known only to high-ranking US- officials and to some foreign dignitaries, to whom it was confided by the US authorities.


It is explained that the Pentagon was struck not by a passenger plane – American Airlines Flight 77 – as claimed by a “public” version of the 9/11 “truth”, but by a certain nuclear-tipped supersonic cruise missile which was later found unexploded in the middle of the Pentagon. The US officials were handed information (apparently by some “friendly” secret services) that two more similar nuclear warheads were allegedly planted by a third party in the upper floors of the WTC Twin Towers. The responsible US officials had no choice than to believe that claim, because an unexploded 500 kiloton nuclear warhead found in the Pentagon was a tough means to convince them. Therefore the US officials feared that the entire city of New York could be destroyed by a powerful nuclear airburst if they did not react promptly. It was decided to collapse the WTC Twin Towers by their in-built demolition feature that was, in turn, based on nuclear demolition charges positioned at 77 meters below the earth’s surface under each Tower.


Upon exploding deep underground these nuclear demolition charges produced powerful “crushing waves” that were directed upwards and pulverized the entire Towers’ bodies up to 300-350 meters, which caused the Towers to collapse in a very strange manner that was shown on all contemporary 9/11 TV footage.


Dimitri Khalezov claims that he knew about the existence of the WTC Twin Tower’s built-in nuclear demolition scheme a long time ago – back in the ‘80s, when he used to serve as an officer at the Soviet nuclear intelligence. According to him, the Soviet side was informed about the existence of the WTC nuclear-demolition scheme, based on the provisions of a so-called “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty” between the USSR and the United States which laid obligations to each party to inform the other party of any nuclear explosions for non-military purposes. The WTC nuclear demolition scheme, in turn, existed because of some apparent bureaucratic provisions in the New York Building Code. The Department of Buildings of New York could not issue permissions to build skyscrapers unless some satisfactory demolition scheme was provided in advance. In the case of the incredibly rigid steel Twin Towers it was apparently impossible to bring them down by any conventional controlled demolition methods; therefore it was decided to use underground nuclear explosions, instead of conventional explosives. The Department of Buildings of New York apparently approved such a demolition idea back in the ‘60s and issued a permit to build the World Trade Center. Since the Twin Towers were built, their in-built nuclear demolition scheme was always in place and ready to be used in case of emergency. In 9/11 such an emergency indeed occurred and the nuclear charges under the WTC were put to use.


The WTC Building #7, according to Khalezov, was demolished by a similar nuclear demolition method – because it was a commanding structure of the entire WTC complex and the US officials later decided to get rid of the WTC-7 in order to hide evidence of the nuclear demolition arrangements from a possible public inquiry. Moreover, according to his claims, the Sears Tower in Chicago too had its in-built nuclear demolition scheme – similar to that used in the Twin Towers and the WTC-7. And this was exactly the reason why the Sears Tower in Chicago was ordered to evacuate during 9/11 events and its evacuation order was transmitted within only 3 minutes after the WTC South Tower’s collapse.


The rest of the film deals with various important parts of the 9/11 perpetration and its ensuing governmental cover-up. For example, it is explained and demonstrated by an example of two pre-9/11 English dictionaries, that “ground zero” in pre-9/11 English had no other meaning than “a spot of a nuclear or thermo-nuclear explosion”. It is shown also how in the ensuing 9/11 cover-up the US officials had English dictionaries reprinted in order to re-define the “ground zero” term by “broadening” its former meaning and making its nuclear allusion less conspicuous.


Overview of each part:


Part 01. Introduction. Three complete definitions of the “ground zero” term from three largest, unabridged, encyclopedic pre 9/11 dictionaries are quoted – all having no other sense than “a center of an atomic or a thermo-nuclear explosion”. Mr. Dimitri Khalezov is introduced next as a former officer of the Soviet nuclear intelligence. He explains that he used to be a commissioned officer of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the former USSR, but actually he served in its smaller department which was called “Special Control Service”, otherwise known as the “nuclear intelligence”. The 12th Chief Directorate was an organization in the Soviet Union responsible for safe keeping and for technical maintenance of the entire nuclear arsenal of the state, as well as for nuclear testing. The “Special Control Service” was responsible for detecting nuclear explosions of various adversaries of the former USSR. Therefore Khalezov claims to have a certain experience in regard to nuclear explosions.

He claims that he learned from his former service about nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center in New York. It is explained also that the American FBI attempted to link Khalezov to several important terror figures – such as the 9/11 hijackers and 2002 Bali bombers, notably Mr. Hambali, alleged right-hand of Osama bin Laden and the leader of “Jemaah Islamiah” terrorist organization. Khalezov was accused by the FBI of supplying a fake passport to Mr. Hambali and his extradition to America was demanded from Thailand. A certain FBI-composed chart is shown (copied from a court-case) where a certain terrorism structure is depicted. On that chart Khalezov is shown in the same row with a certain Doctor Hadji Muhammed Husseini, who is claimed to be a chief 9/11 perpetrator, with Mr. Hani Hammoer, who is accused of supplying travel documents to the 9/11 hijackers, and with Mr. Hambali – an alleged “Terror Kingpin” as stated by a front page of “Time” magazine. Khalezov says he was arrested on those charges, which charges he has always denied.


Part 02. The interviewer begins with questioning Khalezov as to why in his book he claimed there were no planes involved in the 9/11 attacks. Khalezov explains how thick the double-walled steel perimeter columns of the Twin Towers were and also shows photographs of these columns in their cross-sections, saying the WTC steel perimeters were actually thicker than a typical tank’s front armor. Judging from the point of view of physics it was not technically possible for empty aluminum planes to penetrate such thick steel, irrespective of the planes’ speeds. Then he proceeds to explain how 9/11 perpetration involved parties actually had the videos manipulated showing the alleged planes’ impacts. As examples are shown two contemporary 9/11 video clips (which were actually not shown “live” on 9/11, but with a strange 17 seconds delay). One clip – from WNYW – shows how an aluminum plane completely penetrated the WTC South Tower that the plane’s nose even stuck briefly from an opposite façade of the Tower. However, there were 12 completely black frames right in the middle of the impact scene which clearly points to a digital manipulation. Another clip – from ABC – shows that while a “plane” that penetrated the South Tower was clearly visible on a TV screen, a reporter on the WTC spot, ABC’s Dan Dahler, who witnessed an actual explosion, says that it was an explosion, and he did not see any plane.


Part 03. Continue disproving the “planes” theory. Two distinctly different approaching trajectories of the same plane are compared, as shown by two different footages as a proof of digital manipulation with the “planes”. One shows a horizontal approaching trajectory. Another footage shows a sharply descending trajectory – resembling a diving bomber. Then a photo of an impact hole in the North Tower is shown (the photo appears to be from an official NIST report). The form of the impact hole does not match a silhouette of a plane it purported to represent even remotely. Moreover, a woman is clearly visible in the impact hole’s photo, desperately holding to one of the surviving steel beams and apparently looking for help. Considering that this photo was taken seconds before the Tower’s collapse, it is clear proof that there was no “high temperature” enough to weaken steel as claimed by the official 9/11 version, because mere presence of that woman in that supposedly “hot” spot effectively disproves the “high-temperatures” notion. Then the discussion moves on to the Pentagon attack. A photograph is presented that shows an approaching trajectory of a flying object that struck the Pentagon.

The trajectory is so unique that it by no means could belong to any aircraft – even a military jet-fighter, certainly not a large commercial airliner. Khalezov claims that the Pentagon was attacked not by any plane, but by an anti-ship missile. Even the patter of the Pentagon strike (the missile attempted to strike the target at its “waterline level” clearly reveals typical behavior of an anti-ship missile). It was a Soviet-made “Granit” or P-700 missile (known as “SS-N-19 Shipwreck” by NATO classification). The missile had a weight of 7 tons and flew at the speed of 2.5 Mach, thus it was virtually a flying tank, or a giant bullet that managed to penetrate three rows of the Pentagon’s buildings, altogether 6 capital walls. An apparently illegal picture of this top-secret Soviet weapon is presented showing the Granit missile while in a factory. The missile was fired by 9/11 perpetrators from the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps 200 or 300 miles away from the US coast line. It was apparently a seaborne attack even judging by the reaction of the US officials – immediately after the Pentagon was struck they sent their jet-fighters over the Atlantic to guard against further attacks from that side. A photograph of a punched-out hole in the inner Pentagon’s wall is shown that is clear evidence of the missile, not a plane.


Part 04. The discussion continues about the Granit missile fired into the Pentagon. The missile was stolen from the Russian “Kursk” submarine (that sunk in the Barents Sea in August 2000). Khalezov claims the missile was equipped with its usual half-megaton thermo-nuclear warhead, because this kind of missile could only be nuclear and it was nuclear. Its warhead, however, failed to detonate on impact and was found unexploded in the middle of the Pentagon. This unexploded thermo-nuclear warhead apparently scared the US officials into demolishing the Twin Towers. At this point Khalezov begins to explain about the in-built nuclear demolition scheme of the Twin Towers. He claims that while serving in the Soviet nuclear intelligence in the ‘80s he learned about the existence of the WTC demolition scheme, which, by the way, sounded then very ridiculous to his fellow officers and it was a standing joke among them.

Khalezov claims that the nuclear demolition scheme of the Twin Towers was designed in the ‘60s by a world-famous demolition company “Controlled Demolition Inc” (“CDi”) based on the requirements of the Building Code of New York. He claims that the Sears Tower in Chicago too has a similar nuclear demolition scheme also designed by the “CDi”. Khalezov proceeds to explain that peaceful nuclear explosions were routinely used in the former Soviet Union for various industrial projects such as creating artificial lakes, tunnels, canals, underground gas-holders and so on, but never for any demolitions. Only the Americans decided to make such an application of a peaceful nuclear explosions concept. The Soviet side was informed of the fact the WTC had its in-built nuclear demolition scheme based on conditions in the “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty” between the USSR and the United States. Khalezov also claims to remember a public scandal in the ‘80s when a certain person accidentally discovered a blue-print of the Twin Towers nuclear demolition scheme in a library and complained to some newspaper.


Part 05. The discussion moves on to the results of the Pentagon strike. It is explained that the US officials had indeed contacted the then Russian President Putin to discuss an issue of the Russian nuclear-tipped missile found in the Pentagon. Khalezov claims that if the warhead had exploded, we would not be able to see Washington today, due its being a half-megaton (more than 25 times the size of that of the Hiroshima bomb). A so-called “Doomsday Plane” is discussed. According to Khalezov, the Doomsday Plane’s appearance over the White House on 9/11 was a direct result of the Pentagon missile attack. NORAD apparently managed to detect the approaching “Granit” missile 5 or 6 minutes before it hit the wall of the Pentagon. While still airborne, the missile was quickly identified by NORAD as being a Soviet-made missile with a thermo-nuclear warhead and a standard atomic alert was immediately rung all over the United States. It resulted in an immediate taking of the US Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice by their guards to an underground anti-atomic bunker under the White House. While the House Speaker (being third in a line of succession to the US President) was ordered by the guards to be urgently relocated to another underground bunker by a helicopter (because according to the US contingency plans they can’t keep all top figures of the US Government in the same place). However, according to Khalezov, the Speaker had no chance to survive – because it was too short notice – by the time he was led to a helicopter pad near the White House, the “Granit” missile hit the wall of the Pentagon with an aim of producing a half-megaton thermo-nuclear explosion, powerful enough to incinerate D.C. entirely. Only Cheney and Rice had a chance to survive in this case – it was scarcely enough time for the two to reach their own underground anti-atomic bunker. The Doomsday Plane was scrambled in response to the Pentagon missile attack, because it is a standard procedure – to scramble Doomsday Planes during confirmed nuclear attacks against the United States. That is what the Doomsday Planes are actually meant for.

A contemporary 9/11 CNN video clip is shown which shows the Doomsday Plane making circles over the White House on 9/11. The 9/11 Commission Vice-chairman Lee H. Hamilton is questioned in regard to the Doomsday Plane’s 9/11 appearance. He answers he could vaguely recollect it and it seemed to him too unimportant an event even to be brought to a level of discussion within the Commission (never mind to be included into its published Report). Khalezov is asked if it was the first time in the US history that the Doomsday Plane was scrambled as a result of an atomic alert. He answers that he can’t be sure about it, but perhaps it was the first time indeed. However, what he says surely did happen for the first time in the US history is that the incredibly strong safe-like anti-atomic doors of NORAD’s protected command post in the Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, were ordered to shut. Immediately upon detecting the “Granit” missile on course for Washington, the then commander of NORAD departed from his peace-time unprotected command post to his protected command post located inside the Cheyenne Mountain. Once he arrived there, he ordered its steel anti-atomic doors (designed to protect the mountain from a large thermo-nuclear blast in its immediate vicinity) to be shut. This has never happened before. It was the first time in American history that NORAD’s anti-atomic doors were shut as a result of an atomic alert.


Part 06. Khalezov says the Twin Towers’ collapse had absolutely nothing to do with the fires caused by alleged “planes” and even firefighters who evaluated the fires did not think the Towers could collapse. He says that the Towers were demolished by their in-built nuclear demolition features. However, when it comes to true causes – WHY the US officials decided to demolish the Twin Towers – he says from the beginning he did not have an answer to this question. According to him, when he wrote the first edition of his book and sent it to the American FBI, he got into some informal discussions with the FBI officials and some of them revealed to him that an initial version Khalezov used in his book was wrong. According to the FBI the US officials must have had very strong reasons to demolish the Twin Towers. And this strong reason, according to them, was that someone claimed that there were actually three thermo-nuclear warheads sent to the United States that day, not just one. One of them was found unexploded in the middle of the Pentagon, while the other two were allegedly on the “planes” (or whatever else it was that hit the WTC). The US officials apparently believed there were two more thermo-nuclear warheads that stuck in the upper floors of the Twin Towers and these two were likely to explode and to level the entire city of New York City with half-megaton explosions at high altitude. In order to minimize damage it was decided to collapse the Twin Towers by their in-built nuclear demolition schemes. In other circumstances, perhaps, the US officials would doubt such a claim about alleged “nuclear warheads” in the upper floors, but the real unexploded thermo-nuclear warhead found in the Pentagon earlier was a very convincing argument. A contemporary 9/11 NBC video clip is shown where the NBC’s Pat Dawson at 10.02 AM EST, i.e. only 4 minutes after the South Tower’s collapse reveals what was told to him by Albert Turi, the Chief of Safety for the New York Fire Department.

Pat Dawson quotes Turi as saying that there has been “another explosion” (apparently referring to an explosion that actually collapsed the South Tower) and that he believes there were TWO so-called “secondary devices” (or “other bombs” in context of the said). One of such “secondary devices” might have been on the planes that crashed into one of the Towers. Another of such “secondary devices” was probably planted into the buildings. It is followed by a still frame from contemporary 9/11 CNN footage dated by 10.03 AM that shows only a pile of airborne dust as all that remained of the South Tower. The CNN text in the lower third of the screen reads: “BREAKING NEWS THIRD EXPLOSION SHATTERS WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK. CNN Live 10.03a ET”. It is followed by the next still frame from the same CNN footage at 10.04a AM. It shows the same picture as above, but a new CNN text below, which reads: “BREAKING NEWS CHICAGO’S SEARS TOWER EVACUATED. CNN Live 10.04a ET”. Then it is followed by a third still frame from the same CNN footage – at 10.13 AM. It shows the still standing North Tower alone and the CNN text below now reads as follows: “BREAKING NEWS THIRD EXPLOSION COLLAPSES WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK. CNN Live 10.13a ET”.


Part 07. Khalezov is asked by his interviewer about his book which suggests that the American Government exploded a nuclear weapon underneath the World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2. Khalezov corrects his interviewer by mentioning that his book does not actually “suggest”; it PROVES that the Towers were demolished by nuclear devices. Secondly, he says that it is not correct to call such a device a “weapon”, because a weapon is something that is primarily intended to kill people, while nuclear demolition devices under the WTC were not intended to kill anyone therefore they could not have the status of a “weapon”. But, still, they were nuclear devices. From this point Khalezov proceeds to explain how such a nuclear demolition scheme actually works. First he refers to an article which he wrote for Wikipedia at a request of some of his followers. He says he wrote an “academic-looking” article in which he explained in purely technical terms how to use a nuclear device to demolish a single skyscraper. However, this article did not exist on Wikipedia longer than a week. It was accused of being a “crazy conspiracy theory” and removed, despite the fact that there was no World Trade Center mentioned in it – it was a purely a technical article, no politics, no conspiracies involved. Khalezov said he was obliged to re-post the removed Wikipedia article which is now available on this new address:

Then he proceeds to explain how such a nuclear demolition scheme actually works. First of all, there is a big difference between an atmospheric- and an underground nuclear explosion. Many people confuse them and it seems that it is difficult for many of them to comprehend that an underground nuclear explosion was indeed used to demolish the Twin Towers without causing typical “atomic” damage to their surroundings. Then Khalezov proceeds to explain the physical properties of an atmospheric nuclear explosion and those of its main destructive factors: air-blast wave, thermal radiation, ionizing radiation, radioactive contamination and EMP (Electromagnetic pulse). He explains in detail that some air is needed for the creation of the two main destructive factors of an atomic blast – i.e. its air-blast wave and thermal radiation. Therefore neither of these two factors could pertain to an underground nuclear explosion due to the absence of air in such a case.


Part 08. Khalezov explains the physical properties of a deep underground nuclear explosion followed by graphical illustrations. The main sense of the explanation is that neither any air-blast wave, nor thermal radiation could be created in the case of an underground nuclear explosion. When it comes to ionizing radiation – it will be created even by an underground nuclear explosion, but it can’t travel up to the earth’s surface, because it will be stopped by surrounding rock. Almost the entire explosive energy of an underground nuclear charge will be used, instead, on creating an underground cavity which will result from the disappearance of the evaporated rock. An exact size of such a cavity could be calculated in advance, because it is known that 1 kiloton of nuclear munitions could evaporate about 70 tons of dry granite rock. Khalezov says that in the case of the World Trade Center 150-kiloton nuclear charges were used. When asked why he knew the exact yield he laughs and answers that he knew it from his former service in the Soviet nuclear intelligence, and, besides, the Americans could not use more powerful nuclear devices anyway because 150 kiloton was a legal limitation imposed by the “Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty” between the United States and the Soviet Union.

That is why they were exactly 150 kiloton. Such a 150 kiloton underground nuclear explosion could create an underground cavity of roughly 100 meters in diameter (50 meters radius). Khalezov explains also that gases which were formerly rock inside the underground cavity would crush neighboring areas of the rock by their high pressure. As a result two unique zones of destruction would be created around the underground cavity. One – immediately adjacent to the cavity that in nuclear jargon is called “crushed zone” – will be filled with completely pulverized microscopic material, each particle of it comparable with the diameter of a human hair. All materials within this zone will be reduced to complete microscopic dust – steel, granite, concrete and even human beings. The next zone around the “crushed” one that in nuclear jargon is called the “damaged zone” will be filled with materials broken to smaller debris, but not to complete dust.


Part 09. Discussion about the actual physical processes of an underground nuclear explosion continues followed by animated graphical illustrations. Khalezov explains also that rock from the so-called “crushed zone” could retain for a while its original color and shape. If you very carefully pick up a stone from that area it looks like it was before the nuclear explosion – the same shape and the same color. However, when you press it even slightly with your fingers it will instantly turn to complete microscopic dust. Khalezov repeats that people standing on the earth’s surface can not be injured by the third destructive factor of a nuclear explosion – i.e. by its ionizing penetrating radiation, because it will be absorbed by surrounding areas of the rock and can not reach the earth’s surface. However, it does not mean that you can stand above such a spot of a recent underground nuclear explosion. The problem is that highly-radioactive gases that are under high pressure inside the cavity eventually will find their way out and will reach the earth’s surface via some crevices in the rock. Therefore people on the surface could still get some radiation injury by these radioactive gases which represent in this case the destructive factor No.4 (radioactive contamination). That is why, according to Khalezov, the United States and the Soviet Union carried out their underground nuclear testing only in remote areas. However, according to him, a layer of soil that lays between the upper end of the underground cavity and the earth’s surface will act in this case like a filter.

The thicker the filter, the less radioactivity will be carried up to the earth’s surface and into its atmosphere. For 150 kiloton nuclear explosion detonated in granite rock a “safe” depth will be 500 meters deep underground, because in this case there would be at least 400 meters of remaining rock on top of the cavity to act as a filter. But even in such a case it would be prohibited for people to stay about the spot of such a deep underground nuclear explosion for at least 2 weeks – i.e. during time the radioactive gases are finding their way into the atmosphere. But when it comes to visiting an actual hypocenter of a nuclear explosion (i.e. a cavity left by such a 150 kiloton nuclear charge) it is impossible to go there until at least 3 years have passed, because it is deadly radioactive and also extremely hot inside. Asked how long it would keep heat, Khalezov answers that it would stay hot for at least 1 year. Asked about the actual demolition arrangement of the WTC he answers that 500 meters “safe” distance for detonating of a 150 kiloton nuclear charge in granite rock was applicable to a typical nuclear test, not to a specific demolition task. In the case of the WTC demolition charges were positioned not too deep. The explanation is followed by a graphical scheme where it is shown that an underground part of each Twin Tower was 27 meters below ground level. The nuclear charges were positioned another 50 meters below that point (or 77 meters below the surface level). In this case their explosion would create a cavity of 50 meters radius, so that he upper end of the cavity would reach exactly the lowest underground foundations of the Tower, but would not reach the earth’s surface.


Part 10. Continuation of the discussion about the actual WTC nuclear demolition scheme started in the previous part. Here Khalezov explains that geometrical forms of the cavity and the surrounding “crushed zone” and “damaged zone” would be ideally “round” and concentric only when a nuclear charge was positioned ideally deep underground. Because in such a case the resistance of materials from every direction would be the same. When a nuclear charge is positioned not too deep the remaining thin layer of rock on top of it would provide much lesser resistance compared to that from beneath or from the sides. As anything is known to expand by the way of least resistance the pressure of evaporated rock inside the cavity in this case will try to expand it by the way of least resistance also – which will be the way upwards in this case. As a result, instead of a round form, the cavity will have the form of an “egg” with its sharper end facing upwards. The “crushed” and “damaged” zones around the cavity will too have forms of an “egg”. If the upper end of this “egged” structure reaches the lowest underground foundations of the Tower above it, it will meet there even less resistance, because granite rock around is more or less a solid and strong material, while the Tower is half empty and provides a very different resistance in the sense of resistance of materials compare to granite rock. Therefore once these “damaged” and “crushed” zones reached the Tower body on their way upwards they would continue to propagate upwards trough the Tower’s body, crushing its steel beams and internals alike into complete microscopic dust typical to the “crushed zone”.

Asked if people would hear the sound of an enormous explosion in this case Khalezov answers that there will be no sound and nothing at all to feel, except the feeling of an earthquake, which could be compared to the feeling of a train running underneath. He says that a 150 kt nuclear explosion should produce an earthquake with a magnitude of around 5.7 on the Richter scale. This is also confirmed by an excerpt from an official seismic table where 5.5 on Richter scale pertains to 80 kiloton, and the next digit – 6.0 pertains to 1 Megaton (i.e. 1.000 kilotons) yield. An original 9/11 footage (a famous clip by Etienne Sauret) that shows how the North Tower’s top shook visibly 12 seconds before its collapse is inserted to confirm this. The video indeed shows how the North Tower’s top first shook (apparently because of some sort of earthquake), and then, 12 seconds later, it suddenly began to move downwards, crushing the Tower’s body beneath itself as if it were not a steel structure, but a pile of dust. Khalezov proceeds to explain this phenomenon in detail, which is followed by animated graphics. The strange pattern of the Twin Towers’ collapse was because the “damaged” and “crushed” zones could not reach to the very top of the Towers which were more than 400 meters tall. The “damaged zone” was able to reach some 350 meters height, while the “crushed zone” was able to reach some 300 meters height. This left the very top of each Tower relatively undamaged – solid and heavy. In the next second under gravitational forces the undamaged top of the Towers began to press down first spreading some debris that belonged to the “damaged zone”, and then – continuing to spread only fine dust which almost the entire length of the Towers (~300 meters) was reduced to.


Part 11. Continuation of the discussion on the distribution of “damaged” and “crushed” zones along the Twin Towers’ bodies started in the previous part, which is followed by several examples of the 9/11 footage that show the way the Towers actually collapsed. The pattern of their collapse perfectly matches Khalezov’s claims in regard to the distribution of “damaged” and “crushed” zones. Asked if it could have been anything other than a nuclear explosion, Khalezov answers that there is no other known physical process capable of reducing the thick steel columns of the Twin Towers into complete microscopic dust. Only a nuclear explosion could do that. Photos of several WTC columns are shown where incredibly thick double-walled cross-sections are clearly visible showing that each wall is comparable with a tank’s armor because of its thickness. It is followed by 9/11 photos showing steel dust in detail during the South Tower’s collapse and also microscopic steel dust that covers oranges and plums of some street vendor near the WTC area.

Asked about claims of so-called floor-by-floor “pancake” collapse, Khalezov offers to review footage of the South Tower’s collapse – noticing that the Tower’s top falling downwards does not meet any resistance whatsoever which would supposedly have been offered by the remnants of alleged “floors”. Moreover, no “floors” whatsoever are visible in that footage. All that could be seen is that the South Tower’s top suddenly began to move downwards at near freefall speed as if under it there were not any remnants of incredibly thick steel structures, but only air alone. The footage clearly shows complete microscopic dust which offers no more resistance than would air and it does not reveal any larger debris, not to say alleged “remnants of the floors” which presumably would be the corner stone of the “pancake collapse” theory. This is followed by a contemporary CNN clip that showed the South Tower’s collapse. It is requested to note that only 4 minutes has passed since its collapse, but the Sears Tower in Chicago has already been ordered to evacuate by 10.04 AM EST as appears from CNN’s text on the lower part of the screen. When repeating the South Tower’s collapse footage, the CNN text reads: “MOMENTS AGO BREAKING NEWS THIRD EXPLOSION SHATTERS WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK. CNN”.

The interviewer asks – does it mean that it was a nuclear device? Khalezov’s reply: of course it was a nuclear device, otherwise, why would they call the place “ground zero”? A quotation is displayed from The American Heritage Desk Dictionary 1981 edition, stating that “ground zero” is “the place on the earth directly at, below, or above the explosion of a nuclear bomb” followed by the Dictionary’s ISBN number. Khalezov says that many people have forgotten what “ground zero” used to mean before 9/11 and it is a good time to remind them. He takes an enormous volume of the Webster’s unabridged pre 9/11 dictionary, perhaps, three times the size of a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica, and opens it on its “ground” page. The only “ground zero” definition from the dictionary is displayed and read. “Ground zero” is “the point on the surface of the earth or water directly below, directly above, or at which an atomic or hydrogen bomb explodes”. Khalezov jokes – does it say ground zero is a place of pancake collapse?

Asked what happened with the “ground zero” definition after 9/11, he answers that after that the US Government was so embarrassed that the WTC demolition grounds were called by such a revealing name, that it needed to change its legal definition in all future dictionaries; otherwise, people might doubt it. He shows another example. He takes two nearly identical Longman Advanced American Dictionaries of two different additions – a pre-9/11 one and a post-9/11 one – and offers to compare “ground zero” definitions in them. In the first edition “ground zero” has a single meaning (as in all other pre-9/11 dictionaries): “the place where a NUCLEAR bomb explodes, where the most severe damage happens”. In the second, post-9/11 edition the definition is enlarged: 1. “the place where a large bomb explodes, where the most severe damage happens” and 2. “Ground Zero the place in New York City where the World Trade Center buildings were destroyed by TERRORISTS on September 11, 2001”.

In the first definition the word “NUCLEAR” in capital letters is changed to the word “large”, while the rest is left the same. Khalezov claims that the US Government changed the definition of “ground zero” in all other dictionaries as well, joking that the very English language became one of the victims of 9/11. Discussion moves further to the point whether the dust the WTC was reduced to was radioactive or not. Khalezov says that many people mistakenly think that because the WTC was destroyed by nuclear explosions the dust should be radioactive in the same sense as “radioactive dust” during an atmospheric nuclear explosion. It is wrong to think like this, because during an atmospheric nuclear explosion dust becomes radioactive because it is being sucked from the earth’s surface into a mushroom cloud by high temperatures inside the cloud and it becomes radioactive while there. When the cloud cools down, the radioactive dust falls down causing radioactive contamination. However, in the case of the WTC demolition all radioactive materials were concentrated inside the cavity and dust had nothing to do with any radioactivity, therefore it should not be radioactive. Nonetheless, it will be harmful, because it is a microscopic material which will cause mechanical damage when inhaled. What was really radioactive in the case of the WTC was vapor, not dust. Footage of ground zero is shown where vapor is ascending in huge quantities from underground.


Part 12. Discussion about radioactive vapors started in the previous part moves on. Khalezov compares the situation described in the part 09 where 400 meters of rock played the role of a “filter” above the spot of a nuclear explosion 500 meters deep underground with a situation in the WTC, where such a layer of remaining rock on top of an underground cavity was thinner than 25 meters. Moreover, he explains using animated graphics, that even these 25 meters of the remaining rock could not actually have served as a filter, because in the next second after the Tower’s collapse they would have fallen into the cavity and melted there at once. Thus there was no “filter” whatsoever in the case of the WTC. It was only a pile of some of the Towers’ debris laying on top of an open hole leading to the underground cavity filled with radioactive materials. That is why all radioactive vapors ascending from the cavity escaped into an atmosphere totally unfiltered and people who worked at ground zero, as well as Manhattan residents, were freely inhaling these radioactive vapors. This is followed by several examples of post 9/11 footage showing ground zero workers walking without any respirators amidst streams of radioactive vapors, and even some Manhattan residents that walk the streets in dangerous proximity to these streams of radioactive vapors.

The discussion moves to the actual composition of the WTC dust. Khalezov explains that it was possible to recognize materials in the dust particles and the greater part of the dust was, of course, represented by steel dust, since steel was the major material used in the Towers’ construction. He stresses that the volume of concrete used in the WTC was negligible in comparison with the volume of steel. Some parts of the WTC dust were also represented by furniture dust, carpet dust, computer dust and, of course, human being dust, because human beings were reduced to the same state of materials as steel, concrete and furniture. This is followed by a famous ground zero clip first showing workers working on a pile of debris amidst streams of vapors and comments by a firefighter Joe Casaliggi who says: “…it was 210 storey office buildings, but you don’t find a desk, you don’t find a chair, you don’t find a telephone, a computer; the biggest piece of a telephone he found was a half of the keypad and it was about that big (shows its size with fingers); the buildings collapsed to dust.” Asked how hot the cavities would be, Khalezov answers several thousands degrees Celsius, perhaps 8.000 degrees or more. To completely cool down with 150 kiloton it would take about a year.

This is followed by a famous piece of footage “Red Hot Ground Zero” shot 6 weeks after 9/11. That footage shows ground zero workers working without any respirators amidst streams of vapors and also shows how some red-hot pieces of metal are being excavated from the WTC pile. Khalezov claims that it is impossible to sustain such high temperatures for 3 months unless it was nuclear explosions involved. Asked if he discredits suggestions that it might have been thermite, Khalezov laughs and answers that thermite could sustain high temperatures for a maximum of fifteen minutes, because it is the very material used in electric welding. Some footage of cutting of a rail with electric welding is shown, in which a red-hot part of cut steel end loses its red color and cools down in less than half-a-minute. Besides, Khalezov stresses that even though thermite could melt steel it does not mean that thermite could reduce steel to dust. Asked why the US specialists did not realize that it was nuclear explosions, and not kerosene, because nuclear explosions effects were pretty obvious, Khalezov answers that the US specialists were perfectly able to realize it, but they could not admit it to the public. He claims that the US Government was obliged to divide the 9/11 so-called “truth” into a few different levels.

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