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9/11 Missile That Hit WTC 2 In Slow Motion

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 10:14
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There have been numerous videos that show a missile hitting WTC 2. The UFO or whatever it is is also seen in many of them.

UPDATE: Flight 175, according to pilotsfor911 truth, was a Boeing 767-222. The length was 159 ft. 2″. The object in this video was much shorter as can be seen by comparing it to the building face, approx. 208 ft.


Though a missile may be any thrown or launched object, it colloquially almost always refers to a self-propelled guided weapon system.

Types of precision-guided ammunition 1 Radio-controlled weapons 2 Infrared-guided weapons 3 Laser-guided weapons 4 Radar, infrared, IR imaging and electro-optical guided weapons  5 Millimeter-wave radar 6 Satellite-guided weapons 7 Advanced guidance concepts 8 Cannon Launched Guided Projectiles 9 Guided small arms

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  • James Smith

    Thank You. 9/11 was an inside job, false flag.

  • Anonymous

    It was a plane. We all saw it.


    I THINK IT WAS A REMOTE CONTROLLED PLANE….they have had them for years, operation northwoods in the 60s invovled one…they were going to bring the ocupants to a secret airfield and then the replica would be used :evil:

  • DQ

    OK, so where ARE all the folks on those jets? Where ARE the jets? The jets that did NOT hit these buildings, pentagon, etc?


    • mush


  • Pateriot

    No matter how slow motion you watch it it remains a passanger liner full of Americans flown into buildings full of people by Islamists…period!!!

    • Authentica

      Islamists are the fall guys in this situation. What about the dancing, cheering Mossad agents who by their own admission were there to “document the event” & what about your own government? Hm? How about the Bush & Bin Laden families going way back? Also it’s pretty clear a missile hit the Pentagon not a plane. I say it was either a missile, remote controlled plane or both that hit the towers. But what hit WTC building 7? Nothing! All the buildings were clearly rigged with explosive devices.. Was that the Islamists too? Were they in charge of security?

      • HereAmI

        Even if “a missile, RC plane, or both” hit the Towers, they still woudn’t have collapsed at freefall speed, after half an hour. Leaving virtually no debris. Or seismic signal. Just huge plumes of dust.
        They were vapourized. You can see solid steel beams turning to dust as they collapse. You can see lines of cars a mile away shrivelled up, but their plastic fittings intact.
        Dr Judy Wood is never mentioned, despite being the only person to dispassionately record the evidence.
        “Where did the Towers Go?” is the only material worth reading on this subject.

      • UmanMike

        The no-brainer-comment from Pate-Riot comes from a completely fluoridated, kool-aided and therefore mentally severely handicapped zombie – so give him a break and just ignore. For truth ask Alfred L. Webre, Judy Woods and the Vancouver/Toronto 9/11 Trial and -hearings … :arrow: :idea: :lol:

  • 120Hounds

    The length of a 767 is 159 feet, and this ‘missle’ is much shorter at 208 feet? WTF? What happened to Flight 175, and the plane that was switched out for a ‘missle’ at the Pentagon? I guess they were all killed by a US or Isreal government agency. Which one? Also, the air contollers were in on it? All the Jews whom worked in the towers all called in sick that day, right?

    • UmanMike

      First: Zionists use “jews” as scapegoats and give a damn about their lives and well-being – like when they pulled off the whole “holocaust”-charade!

      2nd: Air-controllers can most easily be deceived by exchanging planes within mid-air by flying a 90°-turn with the original plane while turning off the transponder – leaving the original route – and the substitute-plane coming in at a 90°-angle onto the course of the original plane and turning on a transponder set to the frequency of the original plane – the “blip” on the controllers´ screens will seem to be moving in a straight line – right-on-course…

      3rd: Grown up as a son of a life-long commercial airplane-pilot I know wel enough what a B767 looks like to verify beyond the shadow of a doubt that THIS is NOT a commercial jet-liner – and as a graduate from German engineering-school I can testify that a mostly-aluminum airplane-nose would NOT have penetrated a solid steel&concrete-skyscraper like you see in the clip – and that the hole at the pentagon PROVES that a missile was used. Because the most massive part of a jet-liner – - the engines – would have hit left and right of the entry-hole – where there were windows untouched and cable-rolls still standing … for more proof consult the 4-day Toronto-hearings on the attack of 9/11/01 – conducted from the 9th through 12th of September this year – - FINALLY! :grin: :!:

  • Coalpony

    sanity rules you see what you see , even on the eve of the Bali bombings.Dont be so quick to hate these are minorities that are as quick to the trigger as you are, if you dont have faith in your gov then all is lost, choose your path , but those who are quick to judge will live in doubt and choose the path of deception , think”.,

  • Synickel

    I would say that it was a modified airliner with a missile attached.

  • Goldfinger

    Your all Nutt Cases it was a jet left of screen its called a fusalge comming out the right side of the screen what a bunch of DAsssssssssssssssssss :shock:

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