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Never Aired Pentagon 9/11 Video HD (Video)

Monday, January 13, 2014 18:31
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Where is the plane?  There are many basic questions that remain unanswered from the World Trade Center attacks 13 years ago.  Why did WTC 7, where is the plane in Pennsylvania, where is the plane here at the Pentagon.  I think those 3 are the simplest and biggest questions left  unanswered.  Below is unaired unseen before footage in HD off the attack on the Pentagon that day..  -Mort

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  • KnowMoreThanYou

    I think 75% of the public know something is not right about 911, But yet nothing has been done. There is even greater proof that Obozo is not a legal citizen and faked his BC, along with a dozen other atrocities yet he remains in power. They are in way deeper than the 911 and it is almost too late for a return from what is currently going on in the USA. Some how is seems written in stone and know way back from what is going on.

  • Ideas Time

    Is there anyone left who still believes a plane was involved?

    • Craig

      yes, couple hundred million….or even a few billion.

  • Boxed in Freight


    All other airplane accidents include all of the above, but nothing of the above was at the Pentagram.

    More likely, this was a cruise missile fired from any number of places around Washington District of Criminals.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Mirabolin

      Not even a bllack box.

    • WTF-Chuck

      The crash site in Shanksville was absent of bodies and plane parts as well. It is also well known that the “crater” supposedly made by the plane crash was already there before 9/11.

  • Anonymous

    The day after Secretary Rumsfield announced more than $1 Trillion lost from the Pentagon.

    • fuzzy696

      The thing is all the records pretaining to the missing 2.5 trillion was right where the missle hit and destroyed all accounts leaving no evidence as with building 7… some research and find out who exactly occupied building 7 and the pieces will start to fall into place.

    • crabby

      the day before 9/10/01.. rumsfeld at 4 pm walked to a podium an said the pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars an probably can’t be found.. y’all didn’t hear of this..?? no..

      see, it’s always advantage them..

      they do this at 4pm so it can’t hit the news until the following day .. than it’s old news cause something mite take it’s place instead .. best is on friday at 4pm so really doesn’t news out till monday.. but that wasn’t an option..IT HAD TO BE THIS DAY 9/10/01..

      now you know how he must have hated to do this.. this ego freak has to go to the podium an say ‘ i lost 2.3 trillion dollars on my watch.. i suck.. ‘

      but it had to be done.. as we all know the next news squashed this big story to vapor..

      heck,, Jesus H Christ
      could came down the next day an the 9/11 attack would have been squashed..

      oh. by-the-way.. where the ufo hit ( as in the perfect sense unidentified flying object ) was exactly where the finance dept of the records room of the 2.3 trillion dollars ..

      oh , the coincidences of that day are just mind blowing..

    • Anonymous

      your one point three trillion short on rumsfeild report.

  • Odd Job

    You might find this interesting

    It’s part 3 of a series I’m writing at the moment. Check out issues 28 and 29 for the previous articles.

    BTW it is in a national newspaper – there are still some media outlets out there that still print the truth….

  • IRHologram

    You can SEE the missile incoming from the left in a few of the shots near the end!

  • bushman

    where is the fireball? the fuel would have had to ignite

  • crabby

    they are scrubbed now where i saw them on wed .. but i saw close pics an vids of the black an white smoke that’s on the right .. out from the pentagon by the chain link fence at the beginning of this video..

    the black smoke was from 3 sets of long dumpsters sitting end to end of tires burning.. an the white smoke is an actual smoke machine .. actually showed a guy setting the machine in place an pull starting the smoke machine up..

    adding white smoke with the acrid black smoke created a great dark gray smoke which is more realistic..

  • An Observer

    I’ve never thought an airplane hit the pentagon. We’re exposed to countless shots of airplanes hitting the WTC, but not one good shot of the plane that hit the pentagon.

    But countless stories of every camera in the area that would have seen it, getting confiscated immediately.

    Definitely something going on.

  • ihatethedictator

    there was no plane it was a missle.mnay top ranking military officials agree.

  • balancedones

    USA Land of Cowards

    • Scanner Darko

      Americans need your prayer, not your insults

  • Factfinder

    War is a business. To get business you have to get customers to support your business. If people don’t to want to support your business, you have to deceive them. 9 Eleven was an illusion, a magic show made for tv and most of us bought into it. Here is how they did the magic.

  • louhodges

    Former CIA word is it was a missile. Probably one of ours shot by some group of crazy commies in the military – McCarthy’s first hearings were called the “McCarthy Defense Hearings” in 1949 looking for communists in the US military – he should have checked out Obama’s grandpa

  • brisa

    The tale is convoluted and deep state in nature. It involves an international arms dealer named Victor Bout. He was involved in smuggling a Russian cruise missile into the US. I believe that is the most likely instrument of destruction used at the Pentagon on 9-11-01. He is dealt with in some detail in Mike Ruppert’s book, “Crossing the Rubicon, the Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.”

  • Anonymous

    I have a family friend who is a 747 pilot that told me right after the “crash” that he and 5 other pilots at his work place who saw footage said it was not a plane, but a missile. for many of reasons pointed out by others here and elsewhere. This clip proves they always miss something in coverups.when the truth comes out about 911 the civil war will start.

  • LifeIs

    A Global Hawk drone has a fuselage the same size as the one hole in the Pentagon.

    A Global Hawk drone has one engine, in its fuselage.

    A Global Hawk drone has wings of lightweight composite material — which disintegrated on impact.

    A Global Hawk drone does NOT have wing-mounted engines, which WOULD have made holes in the Pentagon.

    The average person, seeing a Global Hawk drone fly by at great speed, would describe it as an airplane.

    And it is a proven fact that witnesses see what they expect to see. Law students who see a fake attack, with someone holding a banana instead of a gun, will think they see a gun, and will remember it that way.

    April Gallup and others reported explosive going off, which passenger planes don’t carry.

    And it’s ridiculously unlikely that the children of airplane passengers would be hit and killed by the very airplane that carried their parents, as is supposed to have happened at the Pentagon on

  • johndoey

    Science = Facts, Conspiracy=Lunacy!

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