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Geir Smith Biography. Busting Antichrist Obama As Life Mission; How It Happened

Saturday, July 17, 2010 23:19
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Geir Smith Biography. Busting Antichrist Obama As Life Mission; How It Happened


I was brought up in the United States until I was 7, and then suddenly a big change happened because we left, took all our possessions in a large wooden moving-crate and travelled to France. I left a land I loved above all which was America, with it’s enormous distances, it’s immensity, it’s powerful force, it’s vibrant hope.

I came to France, the land of pessimism, the land of strange, weird, scary losers, delirious outcasts, of off-the-wall lunatics hahahaha ! France is like England, that has such a glorious past, that they’re not proving anything, just kind of keeling over to die in dignity and arrogance.

I learnt a lot about taking things with discernment and examining carefully what things really hide, because the truth is carefully hidden and concealed in France, and what you see is never what is really there.

This double standard and false-fakes, developped when I entered school, when I entered universtiy and when later I entered my life work of religion, as I became a Buddhist. I did post-university study of Kalachakra, the Tantric deity, for 28 eight years… and am now the foremost world specialist on it, which is part of Tibetan Tantrism – which is the highest form of culture in the world, because it has Tantra, Mantra, Yoga and philosophy which none other have.



I spread the teaching I had acquired of Kalachakra on Internet, but encountered concerted opposition from the Dalai Lama people who are based in Dharamsala in India, who said that no one thinks the Kalachakra is taught by anyone but the Dalai Lama, or authorized to do that…

This is obviously an idiocy, because the Dalai lama has no authority over anyone in Tibet, being a mere feudal lord of the little valley of Lhassa and a few dozen square miles therein,  as he has great enemies even there amongst his own Yellow Hat-Gelug School… and who spend their time fighting and having their lamas poisoned by each other… Tibet was a lot like politics in the whole world, no different. Power is dirty everywhere in the world, no less in Tibet … than in DC, Beijing or Moscow.

I got mad about this being said about Kalachakra, because the Dalai Lama school says the most idiotic and ugly false things about Kalachakra, such as that it is prophecied to realize in 400 years. Then they say totally crazy things such as that the Dalai lama is the King of Shambhala who is prophecied to deliver the world of evil. But that’s only said by a couple of lunatics in Dharamsala, (Khamtrul Lama and Alex Berzin) who don’t even belong to the Dalai’s school.

It’s well-known and established that the lineage given by Tibetans for Kalachakra, about the Indian masters of olde, are a mass of contradictions and it’s historical chronology is all lies. The coming of the fabled prophecy of the Buddhist Apocalypse cannot thus be when they announced it and they’re just extreme crazy lunatics, those of Dharamsala and they’re totally ignorant of Kalachakra; instead, I know that Kalachakra’s prophecy is now happening.  The Buddhist Demon King of the Kalachakra Teaching (Tantra) is non other than Obama who is revealed as the Antichrist.

See the last document below, which shows the Antichrist’s announcing sign of the Mark of the Beast of the Lottery draw of the number 666…

I had most furious,raging exchanges with the Dalai-Lama mad-dog handlers in Dharamsala, because the truth suffers no veil. But they insulted me endlessly, threatened my life over and over, so I just let it go and I gave up on spreading the Kalachakra to the Buddhists who could hear it there.

The Kalachakra was thus stopped from being given by me to Buddhists and they’ll pay for that in the Apocalypse… but there’s nothing I can do about it. It was wished upon them by their own people.

But before abandoning the fort there, I made a point to unearth and reveal all the scandals which have sullied the Tibetan stay in India; particularly the one concerning of the Dalai lama’s brother Gyalo Thondup, who is a known mobster who kills Tibetans and anyone who would speak up with an independant voice and say what they think. He has thus ordered the killing of the great Tibetan Freedom Fighter, Gungthang Tsultrim and this was confessed by the killer twice to the Indian police and the Nepali police. A “Wanted” warrant on the Dalai’s brother’s head is out in Bhuthan. This fact is known by all Tibetans, but suppressed for fear of being killed. Tibetans in India live in terror.

Tibet’s history is complicated, and the Dalai Lama was not king of Tibet as he now claims and spreads the lie of. But furthermore, in Tibet he did worse than lie, which was that he stopped the freedom Fighters of Tibet from attacking the Chinese, they who were actively attempting to save the Tibetans from China. So, he gave over Tibet to China, because the result of his attempts at negociating with China failed, because of his unskill in diplomacy.

He was suspected (and still is so), of being pro-Chinese, because many things point to that among which that his father was assassinated for being too pro-Chinese.


So approximately, three years ago I had totally stopped spreading knoweldge of Tibet and Buddhism. I had actually stopped talking about Buddhism totally and was just honing my skills in computers by posting to various forums while avoiding any Buddhist topic at all, and merely speaking about Kalachakra… but indeed avoiding the very mention of Tibet itself…which is strange for a 38-year Buddhist like me, but that was the nature of this corrupting of the world where beauty, faith and truth cannot even be broached. So warped and corrupt have people become.

Then suddenly, without my imagining it’s later importance and link to prophecy and the Kalachakra, the American election came up:  the candidates lined up like as usual for the primaries’ season and as always the roller coaster ride of unexpected comebacks, surprises and defeats.

I was watching on without paying any special attention, wondering if we would have a woman as president or another Republican or something. Then out of nowhere Obama held up against Hillary which was unexpected. So, I thought “Hey, this is new !” and I browsed some fast links about him. I then saw the Indonesia school admission entry saying he was Muslim.

I knew that was not imaginable or acceptable. France had terrorist Jihad-groups called GIA from Algeria who had bombed the subway twenty years ago and being a Muslim was akin to being the worst crap in the world…. and me as a child brought up in the USA, having this kind of trash in the Oval Office, was as if I were told a Sicilian mobster were sitting in the White House.

I thought “I can be wrong about him, but I don’t give a damn, I’m so afraid of the Muslims’ evilness, that I can’t even dream of this coming true. (Make no mistake: I was no backwards hicks who doesn’t like Islam because he doesn’t know it. I had travelled across land through Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, during one month and half in all – I knew Islam better than anyone I know – first hand.)”.

The Koran teaches that killing non-Muslims is a virtue and that killing people seeking to leave the Islamic fold’s a Duty !

Obama thus became the main fight of my life, as I then got involved with this clear idea in my head: “I must find whatever I can find that’ll stick and I’ll try to stop this guy with whatever we can throw at him. This is imperative.”

I was really looking for mud to sling. I remember wondering how I could dig something up. I went to Google and punched in “Obama bad”I was so cluelessly ill-disposed towards him. But it was just because of his Muslim faith. I had no idea of who he was, and even less idea of the Antichrist. I had no prior ideas about religious prophecy.

To make this story short now, I first of all engaged in all aspects of the birth issue battle and joined in many fights on U Tube videos. We confronted the Obama people in dog-fights on those videos, which lasted endlessly, for days and days on end, in strenuous wars of nerves: staring down the enemy without resting.

I had been crestfallen when he first got elected. I then read the Newsweek article that said the Lottery had drawn 666 the day after this victory. My reaction then was to think that the Mark of the Beast 666 being the Lottery was a bit ridiculous… because the Lottery was about frivolously throwing away one’s money and that it wasn’t a very honorable way for me too use to attack Obama with.

By contrast, the legal battle about the birth certificate, at that time, appeared to me to be so much more gentlemanly and honorable… what with the courts, lawyers and robed, serious judges !

I quickly wore my patience down on those “honours” because the courts were as corrupt, afraid and/or lobby-sensitive as can be, and not reliable at all.  So the saying in the Bible quickly made sense to me: “The Antichrist will be defeated by divine means, not human ones”.

Yes, meanwhile, as my patience wore shorter and shorter over a three-year period of this battling non-stop, my inner conviction was more and more firmly being made: “He’s the Antichrist because a. he can’t deflect everything so easily without having some power from the supernatural  such as the Bible tells us the Antichrist will have and b. he’s got that Lottery draw number on him”. I just had to make up my mind and connect those dots which were clearly shown by this heavenly sign of 666.

I started leaving the birth issue arguments in favour of solely denouncing Obama by calling him the antichrist and speaking about the Mark of the Beast… This was received with resentment by the birth people who said this was bad for the cause…and for the Obamists it was easy throwing the loon label around conveniently.

As I was a bit “off-topic” to them, I went off to find forums for myself, that would be more on message which was closer to my topic. So I searched by selecting the most Antichrist-prone venues I could find. But the main problem was that the prophecy-websites often mix up various different kinds of prophecies and they never were convinced about the Lottery draw.

The biggest breakthrough came from U Tube when I decided that I had to break through the wall of mistrust by talking by webcam on U Tube videos, to make my voice be heard.

This effort brought me a whole new crowd of writers to me, who commented the videos (I made over a hundred in a few weeks.) and this time very good people supported me, because they respected this effort which I had made to get the message out on U Tube.

This brought me into contact with people who have blog-videos on U Tube who were especially fighting against the charge that Obama was the Antichrist and in that process and one of them told me I should try to go to BlogTV. He also told me that he thought that my arguments about the Mark of the Beast being printed in newspapers the day after the lottery (in the same edition as Obama’s victory news) were false. He said I should show me a photo of those newspapers.

I broadcast on BlogTV for an intense few days which was a great experience because it’s like being on a live stage in front of a real audience. Intense because it entails also being bombarded with snacks like when one is on a live stage in front of an audience of rough and tumble cowboys. But I also used that to start asking for people to send me screenshots-scans of the Illinois newspapers’ Lottery draw page of Nov. 6. 2008.

We tried to find it on Internet and “ebay” but to no avail.

Time was going by and the winter went to summer. I had moved on seeing I couldn’t ever get an edge on my opponents and the same was happening everywhere with the birth people they were dropping like flies, getting exhausted by the Obama people who far outnumbered us.

Then I found B4IN, the Internet newspaper written by us the people. I managed to make my first articles and just naturally fell into this newspaper’s fold, because Iand them have converging spiritual interests. I made a large number of articles there and when that was over… and my ideas had been explained to them, I again went out looking for new places to post to. I was always looking for a breakthrough and I trusted the Bible that the Truth would shine through once we had tried everything else, and that it would be like lightning coming forth suddenly.

Why do I use this Biblical meaning, me a Buddhist ?

The Antichrist is a Biblical demon, while I had my own Kalachakra prophecy. But the Kalachakra Apocalypse prophecy is more general – with less details (at least concenring the Western world’s fate during the end of times.). So, that’s why I use the Bible as my guiding yardstick, not because I believe in the Bible and God, (Kalachakra is a god… but is an illusion to us not a real existing being), but because I believe in the accuracy and truth of the prophecies, just as I’d believe in a week-end traffic forecast.

After I made the B4IN articles I branched off into trying to enter a Wikipedia article about the “Obama” – “Antichrist” – “666″ theme. But I was confronted with Wikipedia’s refusal to accept that the Lottery had drawn 666, and their refusing the Newsweek article I was presenting to them as reference to verify it.

That was unacceptable to me because I saw this as a sign of people opposing the revealing of the Antichrist, and as dishonest because I don’t agree with Wikipedia’s policy that people who have no knowledge of the subject try to make claim to know better than those who truly know it. Wikipedia is thus condemned to be uniformly shallow and misinformed. 

I thought that if this fact was not accepted by WIkipedia then anyone could argue against the Lottery number very easily. I thought that the integrity which Wikipedia boasts of would make them totally impartial and thus accept the evidence presented which I presented candidly and objectively to them. They were closed-minded and partial. Instead, I indeed found bigotted fanatics, backing Obama blindly, like the “sheeple” we’ve had against us from Day 1 !

But curiously, when I argued on their Talk Pages, I hit raw nerves. I said “6 out of 10 people think Obama’s not American, so here at Wikipedia either you’re an outpost of desperado Obama-crazies (this name hurt them and they said so “We’re not Obama-crazies !”) or else you’re way off the mainstream.”

So this lead to them getting offended in their claimed-to-be impartial objectivity… and indeed, after they later banned me for good and then gave me a double-time ban too, I then returned to send them a good dressing-down at my “home-base” of B4IN. I wrote long diatribes against Wikipedia ( and those articles garnered close 2000 view-hits !!!).

But one Wikipedia person followed to taunt me there and I recognized his writing-style. I took that as a feedback… but wondered why he took the liberty to come there alone… away from the wolf-pack technic which they use at Wikipedia, and I felt honoured that he was still there… for a reason.

I felt this meant he was wondering about my message and felt that there was something he wanted to know about me, because he hadn’t benn able to figure it out at Wikipedia in the midst of all the feuding we had been through there. I wondered if he felt bad about the treatment his buddies had meted out to me and I wondered if this wasn’t one of those who I felt had secretly agreed with me.

Indeed, he said several times he looked forward to the Rapture and Apocalypse, and then added a wisecrack…but he had said it…

But his usual attitude is that he swaggers along,… he says that all I say is lies and craziness… for example that my asking for newspaper scans was all just posturing-lies.

And so as to prove to me I was lying and just speaking empty lies, he boasted that I didn’t have the guts to show the newspapers and that he, for example, had found the newspapers on Internet in just a few clicks. So he claimed that this proved I was lying, seeing that if I was saying the Truth, I’d have bought these cheap newspapers which cost just 14,95 $.

I gagged because there, before my eyes, he laid out a link to ebay selling the newspaper, which I and B4IN had been seeking high and low for, since one and a half months already (and I had been after since 2 to 3 months already). I had been broadcasting appeals all over Internet for the damn scans.

B4IN’s supervisor later said to me “When I looked at ebay last month it wasn’t for sale there”.

I saw the damn newspaper there before my own eyes, in a picture at ebay.

I contacted my B4IN man and told him to snap it up if he could and that it’d be faster to get it sent to the USA than for me in Europe.

That may have been a mistake but anyways. We got it then and had it sent the long road, cross-country; and that way we could finally hold the paper in our hands after many many months of searching and half a year practically since the first person at U Tube had taunted me saying “Show me a scan of the newspaper and i’ll believe you.”. It was a harrowing search for me to find this newspaper in Illinois from that day. Many people tried, we had one man search libraries there, I had many people help me on U Tube but they failed in the librairies as well.

People got criticized by their families, and had to desist from the search.

People searched a few places and got depressed at the task.

Others thought it was too hard and it would be better just to stop and rest.

Others lost faith, but like B4IN’s man, they pushed on because patience is a quality they learnt early on, and they know that success comes only when all is first lost.

We have the paper, – look at the title “On Top Of The World” because when you get to Page 2 it’s more the

“bottom of the world” and the hell of the lake of fire and sulfur for Obama, the Antichrist, than the so-called “Top of the World”

which Page 1 says was offered to Obama…

Obama is lost, “Let’s help ‘our’ Obama select his *consiglieri* (sic !!!)”

“Let’s help ‘our’ Obama select his *consiglieri* (sic !!!)”

The End of Times has come. Check out the Lottery’s top draw.

BLAM ! Obama had 666 in the Lottery draw in the same newspaper as his special victory edition.



* PS. As stated in the last comment below that this picture is a fake, that is not true and anyone can verify that it is the original from the Chicago Tribune itself. Furthermore, thousands and thousands of newspapers across the USA carried both the victory of Obama and the Illinois Lottery (that’s the only one that counts, because Obama is from illinois) draw of 666 together back to back on Page 1 and 2 just like on these photos. So, please send me in the photos fo that in whatever paper you find it in, nationwide, not just the Illinois papers. The Illionois lottery draw is reported in all national papers ad even local ones as well. If they have a good “Lottery” section.  I’ll make new articles for all of them, don’t worry. You’ll see your picture in the articles here.

Follow this story at Google News “Obama Antichrist“.

And B4IN:

Talk and chat live with me at BlogTV “GeirSmith” See broadcast schedules there.


About the meaning of the Lottery draw of 666, and the results of revealing it, let’s say this:

Obama’s toast. It’ll be the death sentence if SCOTUS (Supreme Court) decides the theft of the atom bombs by a fraud, Obama (because he had no birth certificate), warrants the capital punishment by death. This is now in the hands of the highest legal instance of the USA. They must rule upon what punishment is given by a legal trial, when Obama is arrested, for his frauding Army secret access to the atom bombs,- while he gave false birth-identification, – he used several names and false info about who he is. For a president to do that is the highest of treasons and it’s the worst crime in the history of Humanity for neither Hitler, Staline, nor Mongol Genghis Khan ever had the power to kill us 1000 times, by nuclear mass-destruction.

Obama’s Mark of the Beast is his money (the Lottery is money). So refuse it, because he’s trying to destroy the world, by bankrupting it as fast as he can before, he gets revealed by my showing to the world his Mark of the Beast of 666. Refuse his money, arrest him, get him booked and sentenced. Fast, because he’s bleeding us completely dry. Do this.

Finally, people often ask me why a Buddhist would speak about the Bible, about the Antichrist and about Christianity. Well that’s very easy and it’s explained “ad nihilum”, meaning that in the Apocalypse nothing will remain. But this is explained in all the Revelations’ mythologies be they in Christianity or Buddhism – they both say that all established, existing religion will be destroyed totally,… to the root.

Thisis the case in the End Times as well (which is also a name for the same thing… as is also the “Last Judgment”). In the Kalachakra apocalyptic account, it’s called the Great War. These terms are all interchangeable and identical because they’re speaking of the same future event (now it should be called “present event”).

So, the point I’ve now made here, is that as everything is destroyed in this Apocalypse, there is no more talk of sects, religions or groups of faith because an idea of any (and all) faiths and “churches” (The Bible says the “Church” will be destroyed) are no longer possible to hold onto… because all will be engulfed in the Apocalypse and be destroyed lock, stock and barrel… hook, line and sinker.

It’s simple, in fact: the only survivors of the Revelation, End Times etc… Last Judgement, will be the 144 000 messengers of the Apocalypse, who will spread this message everywhere – without resting – until this is over.

The Antichrist must be arrested by the law of men.

One further note here, before ending this post, is to rectify the idea that there will be a great atomic deflagration that kills everyone, or that there will remain no people on earth after an Apocalypse. Nothing can be more mistaken and further from the reality. The Apocalypse is a revelation, that’s all; nothing else. In fact, in Greek, it means exactly that: “just” a revelation.

So, this is the right and correct understanding. The Apocalypse will be a mental, spiritual and intellectuial awakening – nothing else. But the “deadliness” of it’s message, which has spread among peoples’ understanding comes from the fact that the Last Judgment of the Apocalypse, will announce the future fate in the afterlife.

The world’s entire people will know the fate which is awaiting them in the afterlife due to their present and past sins. And it will be terrible, the worst possible fate will await the people of the world; and the entire people of the world, the Bible says this. This is the unbearable truth of the Apocalypse, of the Revelation etc…. it is for people to have a direct view of their future lifes’ destination.

And that destination will universally be the lake of fire and sulfur of the Antichrist, because of having followed Satan-Obama. This is the what the Bible says and is also in the Buddhist Apocalypse.

Listen to me. Don’t miss this message.  Let’s move this message to spread it to the world; let’s Reveal the Beast, the One, the Antichrist:

Geir Smith.

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  • plastic empty head Obama-demonic that doesn\'t have a soul

    Good. Now, per your prior posts, Obama should be arrested “quickly”. HOW QUICKLY? Now that you have posted your scan, how long will it be before you realize that NOTHING will happen as a result? 5 days? A week? Certainly no more than 2 weeks, right?

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’ll be revealed by the truth of the miracle that cursed him when 666 was drawn in his hometown Chicago the day of his victory-celebration which are three different events coinciding together.

      Rationalists can’t say anything against that because Einstein claimed that “miracles do exist”.

      Check Mated.

  • plastic empty head Obama-demonic that doesn\'t have a soul

    You have a bunch of freakin’ nerve! How can you put “Busting” in the headline without having photos with Palin’s bust busting out of her top? It’s one of your main draws and you’re letting us down!

    • King of Shambhala

      I don’t get why false christs post to all my articles.

      Obama’s the Antichrist and the 666 miracle proves it.

      Einstein says miracles can’t be proven wrong so I’m right and the Obots-false christs are wrong.

      So what do they have to say when proven wrong?

      Nothing to say.

  • Marcia

    So, yeah, what now, Geir? Did you call the police about this?

    • King of Shambhala

      You false christs supported Obama and you lost. Happy?

      Great people overcome failure anddefeat so I hope you prove your worth now.

  • plastic empty head Obama-demonic that doesn\'t have a soul

    “This is urgent because Obama will be ousted immediately once we flood the Internet with the videos of the screenshots showing Obama side by side with 666 !” []

    What will constitute “flood(ing) the Internet with videos”?

    (Hopefully scans count, because videos of a newspaper would be quite pointless.)

    Given your bragging about your posts topping Google searches for “Obama Antichrist”, I would guess YOU have now “flooded the Internet”. But there’s been no immediate ousting…

    A bit of history, is in order. When someone predicts the end of the world (“end times”, six of one a half-dozen of the other) and that prediction fails, that person typically tries to say that they were misunderstood, often providing a new date a bit further off. Or, they might say they miscalculated and come up with a new date. Another common tactic is to say “the end” DID come, everyone just misunderstands what “the end” was (there was some kind of “hidden” or metaphysical change).

    Well, which is it Geir? Do you have a timeline for the “immediate” ouster of Obama or would you like to revise that?

  • plastic empty head Obama-demonic that doesn\'t have a soul


    • King of Shambhala

      You Obot thugs sure look stupid and ugly three years down the line since you wrote this.

      Obama’s tanked.

      He’s also been defeated by his scandals with tapping into peoples’ lives.

  • Marcia

    If you want someone to be arrested, you should call the police on the telephone, rather than posting the words “arrest him, get him booked and sentenced” to a blog.

    • Mayhem

      #John Antrobus who said…..

      “If you want someone to be arrested, you should call the police on the telephone, rather than posting the words “arrest him, get him booked and sentenced” to a blog.

      I say…..

      Think outside the box my friend and you won’t reveal your ignorance. Now before you get your knickers all bunched up there’s nothing inherently wrong in being ignorant. Heck I am too largely. I can think of one example where a person can be arrested that doesn’t involve the Po-lice though. Can you?

      The last alphabet agency any truther can turn to for solace, protection or getting stuff done is the Po-lice. They are far too busy with a job that I couldn’t do namely scrape-ing up innocent victims while telling drunk drivers it’s going to be okay. They also sometimes stick ice-picks in truthers foreheads but I don’t know nuffing bout dat. Please don’t read any more support for anyone into my post than that which is overt.

      You show me that you think the Po-lice ONLY EVER arrest people with just cause. I would like you to see that there is often if not always another side. :idea:

      Good day to you. :smile:

      • King of Shambhala

        I’d appreciate if you’d most something else than hatred.

        You’re a very negative person.

        You know hatred’s the cause for going to hell, don’t you?

        Just sayin’.

        Your hatred reflects very badly upon yourself.

      • Awakenow2

        :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • King of Shambhala

      You NSA thugs should stop minding peoples’ business.

      Obama looking bad because of you meddling and snooping around.

      Stop trolling articles to protect Obama.

  • Marcia

    Looks like Google News isn’t taking your stories any more Geir.

  • Geir Smith

    Yes it is, John. Google News takes 48 hours to crawl article-titles. I’m getting a group of people on a website to pass on the news and they have connections with thousands of people. The news is getting out right now. Don’t worry the Apocalypse will break now.
    If you have fait, it’ll happen, John Antrobus.

  • Geir Smith

    typo FAITH

  • Geir Smith

    John, Sure we’ll call the cops. I’ve got the 50 million people who think Obama’s the Antichrist will picket the White House with “OBAMA-ANTICHRIST” signs too. Are you unhappy that Obama’s th Antichrist ? The Lottery draw photo proves it. I’ll throw you in the hell of the Antichrist.

  • Geir Smith

    I’m not homophobic, but I don’t approve of sex in the dirtiest parts of the body. Anyways, I’m saying this so that this article’s comments doesn’t become a forum for gays to send porn links. I’ll flag them to the B4IN admin, if they keep on doing it. This is a first warning, so be warned.

  • Marcia

    So you’ve called the cops? What did they say?

    • King of Shambhala

      You seem to want to meddle in my personal life Jehn like the feds tapping on people.

      Snooping around.


  • Geir Smith

    don’t say what i didn’t say. I didn’t say i had called the cops. I said we’ll call the cops. And what’s the hurry ? Are you in a hurry ? Haste makes waste haven’t you hear that ever ? We’re in no hurry to call the cops. You’re the only one talking about that. Why do you give me advice ? Don’t you think I know how to do it ? Why do you think of yourself as my teacher ? The point is to get these scans of the lottery out into the news on all channels, all blogs, forums, newspapers, indexes etc…
    When the proof by pictures that Obama is the Antichrist is all over the world and every person in the world sees it with his own eyes then it will be complete and no telephons will be needed because people will already have the news in their minds and in their eyes. We have to do that now quickly and flood the world with that good news of the Truth of Satan-Obama, the Antichrist revealed. That way Goodness can triumph and Evil (Obama the Antichrist shown by 666) can be beaten. I hope you’re happy. Goodness isn’t bad news to you is it ? You don’t like Obama right ?

  • Geir Smith

    Anonymous, I can rat you to the B4IN Admin for posting porn material here, and I can even sue you for passing on material to slander me.
    Don’t play smart-ass because they have the means to trace you through your IP – and if it turns out you’re the same IP as one of the people who closed me down at Wikipedia, you’ll be in trouble with Wikipedia. They’ll fire you and cut off your pay-check from Wikipedia.
    They can also find out if this John Antrobus is also the same IP as Anonymous and they’ll bust all of you in one go. You can be closed down and prevented from ever posting again at Wikipedia and B4IN.
    You’ll have to go get a new IP to be able to go post your cow-droppings all over Internet.
    I’ve said before and I say again, I’m not homophobic, but I think sex in the dirtiest parts of the body is… dirty. You’re gay porn links are repulsive and you’re a very disgusting person.
    I’m making this post so that the B4IN Admin get on your case right away and for them to trace your IP, particularly to the “Antichrist” Page (- Talk Page) there to see if your IP is there.
    What have I forgotten now ? I think Anonymous and John Antrobus are history now with what I’ve said now.
    Let’s see if they come back for more, as if they hadn’t gotten beaten up enough already. They may like being beaten up. Let’s see what they do next. They’re not very smart and are (one) ugly people (person).

  • Marcia

    Sorry, Geir, but I don’t see why you can’t call the cops yourself. This is important, right? Or should you be calling the Chicago Times to see if they’ll run it front page? You can’t just throw this out and expect your readers to do all the hard work…

    • Mayhem

      @ John Antrobus who said….

      “You can’t just throw this out and expect your readers to do all the hard work…”

      I say… Sure he can. Why do something yourself when you can suck some poor sap into doing it for you. :razz:

      Did you see my post to you back up this thread a bit?

      Be well. :smile:

      • King of Shambhala

        If you’re spewing hatred and criminal behaviour, I expect you’ll be banned by BIN.

        Just saying, watch out there friend.

        Hatred will lead you to banning and to hell in your next life.

  • Geir Smith

    We’ll trace your IP, hope that doesn’t cramp your style. If you’ve not sent porn to this article you’ll not have any worries right ? I’m afraid we have more urgent things to do than lose time on someone like you who seems to have problems with being sincere and are always playing smart-ass. You’re not the person leading the campaign and the newspaper scan would have turned up sooner or later because I made all the ground-work of appealing for it. You sent it to me because I asked for it because you’d never have made that Google search without me. Others among us made that search before you, but you were just lucky at that time. Now our work is not to talk more with you, because you can’t help this go forward, you’r a man of “moving backward”. We’re into progress not regress. It’s over. Bye. Don’t let the door smack u on the way out.

    • Mayhem

      @ Mr Smith. Did you say porn?

      You could just forward the material to me. :oops:

      I wanna be a prawn star and I need study material. :wink:

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t start stalking, Middle.

        Back off, I’m just saying.

        Don’t start.

  • Marcia

    No, I’ve never posted porn here. So you aren’t going to call the cops or do anything more about this, you’re just going to wait for your readers to do that for you? Huh, okay. Seems pretty lazy to me, for something as important as this, but good luck.

    • King of Shambhala

      Three years on you look pretty stupid and ugly huh John?

      You supported Obama and he’s the Antichrist.
      Bad move that.

  • Geir Smith

    Anyways your IP will be traced to see if it’s the same as people on the Antichrist page at Wikipedia. I hope for you that you never posted to the Antichrist page at Wikipedia.

  • plastic empty head Obama-demonic that doesn\'t have a soul

    So, with the link supposedly going out to “thousands of people” and 50 million (!) ready to picket the White House, I would assume Obama will be arrested within 2 weeks, right?

  • Anonymous

    the picture is a fake ;)

    • Mayhem

      …..and you can access that very newspaper. It’s not as hard as some here would have you believe. Go to the local library nearest where that particular paper was published. If it’s old it may be on microfilm or the computer equivalent of same.

      Then my friend I will be interested in your aspersion. Till then try offering a smidgen more so that I know you are worth taking seriously.

      (I’m gonna Nap)

      • King of Shambhala

        Buy the paper on e-bay, that’s how we got it.

        It’s easy.

        That’s a vintage collector’s item because of the first-page Obama victory.

        The collectors don’t know of the Lottery on page 2 and it’ll become a historical document because of that – because it’ll open the Apocalypse and break loose the Revelation.

  • Mayhem

    A very informative read Mr Smith. Thank you for allowing us a view of your psyche. Very enlightening.


    • King of Shambhala

      You spewed hatred all over this page.

      Then you say thank you when you leave.

      You should definitely see a shrink, you’re a loon-case big time.

  • jambalaya

    Thanks for explaining it all. Other people have said Obama is possibly the Anti-Christ for more reasons than just a 666 lottery draw. Have you seen on you tube a guy named jonathan kleck or something like that – where he shows a demon on the back of Obama’s head? You can see it plain as day!

    • King of Shambhala

      I’d like to see thet link, Jambalaya.

      I’ve posted a lot about “Obama’s head-wound”.

      He’s been cut up into slices allover his head.

      He probably has a face-lift.

      He had a big scar on his nose when he was a kid and that’s disappeared. But his whole scalp is a mess.

      He’s got a long scar under his chin on his neck that goes up to his left hand side ear.

      He’s one hell of a mess.

      Jambalaya, in the apocalyspe set by the Mayans, we’ve got to spread the good news of revealing Antichrist obama everywhere even the Far East and China.

      How does the Antichrist end up?

      I imagine he’ll be tried during a three-year trial like Nuremberg for the Nazis.

      • jambalaya

        Here’s the link to BarAkhenaten the Obamanation – The Second Beast:

      • King of Shambhala

        Please pass on the message about the illinois Lottery jambalaya. fast/
        People can write to me here at my King of Shambhala account if they like or at Geir Smith.

      • jambalaya

        I think stopping the antichrist requires divine intervention. :eek:

      • King of Shambhala

        The Bible says: “The Antichrist cannot be defeated by wordly means but only by divine means”, that’s true.

        That’s why I said spread the good news, because that’s the news of the heaven-sent mark of 666 in the lottery.

        Heaven spoke through the lottery; so we must be the voice of heaven and spread the message fast of the miracle we just witnessed with the lottery four years ago.

      • King of Shambhala

        typo should be: WORLDLY

        in this:

        “The Antichrist cannot be defeated by wordly means but only by divine means”, that’s true.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Illinois Lottery of 666 IS A DIVINE INTERVENTION, Jambalaya.

        That’s the whole point.

        That’s a miracle there, and nothing else is required for us to srpead the good news.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m really happy to revist this old article.

        It gives people my pov and bio.


      • King of Shambhala

        Now we know Einstein said miracles are not possible to disprove.

        He said miracles exist.

        So Obama’s miraculous curse of 666 is not possible to disprove nor that Obama’s the Antichrist cannot be disproven by Rationalists like Einstein or Richard Dawkins..

  • jambalaya

    He won’t be arrested because that’s not what happens to the Anti-Christ…

    • King of Shambhala

      Hey Jamba.

      The Antichrist is defeated in the Apocalypse.

      But it doesn’t say he’s killed I think.

      I think he’ll be put on trial for years on end.

      In the Bible it says the “Day of Last Judgment.”

      Also Atoning.

      I think Obama’ll be put to shaming along with the rest of the world for supporting him aka Satan.

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