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The Left Right Paradigm is Over: Its You vs. Corporations

Monday, September 27, 2010 16:11
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Every generation or so, a major secular shift takes place that shakes up the existing paradigm. It happens in industry, finance, literature, sports, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, travel, communication, etc.


I would like to discuss the paradigm shift that is occurring in politics.


For a long time, American politics has been defined by a Left/Right dynamic. It was Liberals versus Conservatives on a variety of issues. Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice, Tax Cuts vs. More Spending, Pro-War vs Peaceniks, Environmental Protections vs. Economic Growth, Pro-Union vs. Union-Free, Gay Marriage vs. Family Values, School Choice vs. Public Schools, Regulation vs. Free Markets.


The new dynamic, however, has moved past the old Left Right paradigm. We now live in an era defined by increasing Corporate influence and authority over the individual. These two “interest groups” – I can barely suppress snorting derisively over that phrase – have been on a headlong collision course for decades, which came to a head with the financial collapse and bailouts. Where there is massive concentrations of wealth and influence, there will be abuse of power.  The Individual has been supplanted in the political process nearly entirely by corporate money, legislative influence, campaign contributions, even free speech rights.


This may not be a brilliant insight, but it is surely an overlooked one. It is now an Individual vs. Corporate debate – and the Humans are losing.



  • Many of the regulations that govern energy and banking sector were written by Corporations;
  • The biggest influence on legislative votes is often Corporate Lobbying;
  • Corporate ability to extend copyright far beyond what original protections amounts to a taking of public works for private corporate usage;
  • PAC and campaign finance by Corporations has supplanted individual donations to elections;
  • The individuals’ right to seek redress in court has been under attack for decades, limiting their options.
  • DRM and content protection undercuts the individual’s ability to use purchased content as they see fit;
  • Patent protections are continually weakened. Deep pocketed corporations can usurp inventions almost at will;
  •  The Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations have Free Speech rights equivalent to people; (So much for original intent!)

None of these are Democrat/Republican conflicts, but rather, are corporate vs. individual issues.



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  • Anonymous

    Someone had to say it. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    interesting article but do you mean to say “paradigm shift” as opposed to “secular shift”? Secular means to not associate with religion.

  • Anonymous

    EXACTLY! It doesnt matter left or right, I can’t believe people will get into that mob mentality? On top of that I cant believe its gone on for this long.

    Vote these pricks out.

  • Anonymous


    Saeculum was originally an Etruscan word referring to the span of a typical life. The Romans used the idea of a saeculum or century as a division in their history books, and modern sociologists/historians Strauss & Howe have applied the concept to regular shifts in social mood and political revolutions. According to this theory, we are in a “crisis” phase of rapid social reorganization that will define life for the next few decades. Unfortunately, the top cartels in media and finance do seem to be the only ones taking advantage of this.

  • Anna Mossity

    Actually “secular shift” works mighty fine, in place of “paradigm shift;” People buy into the Left vs. Right Orthodoxy like it’s some kind of RELIGION!

    I’m not convinced it is no longer valid, just perhaps not as relevant as it once was. Now the dichotomy is between those who think the problam is Big Business -Vs.- those who think it’s Big Government. Personally, if forced to choose, i’d put my safety in the hands of government over those of private corporations ANY day…

  • True News

    And this is exactly why we have B4IN.

  • The Vatic Project

    I love how the author avoided saying it. Look at who is on the board of directors of these corporations that they gained control of like they did the newspapers. They shorted their stock from their wall street board rooms adn then when the market responded dropped in price, the brokerage houses made a killing on the shorts, then took the profits and bought up those same stock for pennies on the dollar, sat their people on the boards and now run this country.

    These are dual Israeli citizens who are Khazar zionists and they now are achieving what they laid out in 1896 and published in 1906, the down fall of every major God based religion and will complete it when they do LIKE THEY DID IN SOVIET RUSSIA WHEN THEY MASSACRED OVER 30 MILLION CHRISTIANS AND SENT THE REST TO UNDERGROUND. ITS GOING TO BE A BLOOD BATH HERE THE LIKES OF WHICH WE CANNOT EVEN COMPREHEND. Good luck all you gutless wonders.

  • Zachriel

    Corporatism, an oligarchy of the rich and powerful, is normally construed as a movement on the Right. That doesn’t mean that people of various political bents can’t oppose the over concentration of power.

  • Anonymous

    Public fear and outrage over the obvious globalization of the United States of America are well justified by this unclassified report issued by the National Intelligence Council. The end of national sovereignty is a foregone conclusion, according to the NIC and it has been decades in the making.

    Citizens who think the communists are coming have overlooked the reality that they are already here, at DSAUSA, the Progressive Caucus and Black Caucus, funded by international labor unions and currently running all three branches of our runaway federal government.

    Citizens worried about the globalization of the United States and the end of American sovereignty and security don’t seem to realize that they are now part of a Global Community run by international think tanks that no longer see a benefit in national sovereignty, national borders or national security, hence the feds refusal to enforce standing immigration and naturalization laws.

    With Obama’s approval rating at or below 25% and congressional approval at or below 11%, clearly, the country is not with this administration’s leap into unbridled global socialism, more taxes and less individual freedom. We are just slow to catch on…

    The mere prospect of a lame-duck presidency after the November elections has congress rushing to push through the balance of the leftist global agenda before January, when one or both houses may be controlled by Republicans.

    Smelling November defeat in the air, Obama turned to his Democratic Socialists in the Black Caucus to rally the troops last week, saying – “I need everybody here to go back to your neighborhoods, to go back to your workplaces, to go to churches, and go to the barbershops, and go to the beauty shops, and tell them we’ve got more work to do.”

    Labor union PACs have pulled out all the stops in the 2010 mid-term race for control of congress, raising and spending over $43 million in 2010 congressional races, more than 93% of it given to Democratic Socialist candidates, of course.

    All of this is intended to keep Global Socialization of America on track in 2010 and beyond. What was once just a socialist concept is now a Democratic Socialist strategy, center stage in the Democrat Party platform.

    Citizens no longer have to guess about the intentions of their political leaders – it is out in the open and even in print. If American citizens fail to study and learn, or properly react to this very real threat from within our own government, I’m afraid they will deserve whatever they get at this point.

    Global Socialism is supported by less than 20% of American citizens. But if the other 80% don’t unify in a tangible way and fast, the majority of citizens will be run over by a very unified and determined minority and they will have only themselves to blame.

    © 2010 JB Williams – All Rights Reserved

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    JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.
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    Web site 2:

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying the same thing for at least a decade. Corporations have been deemed to have the rights as an individual yet they can shovel overwhelmingly amounts of money for campaigns that an individual can not do. The Supreme court has been packed with big business buddies. All we hear about is how Corporations are taxed out of business yet nearly 2/3 do not pay ANY federal income tax. Republicans take money from big business and then do exactly as they are told. Democrats take money from big business and vote against Corporations often. Democrats often give you the courtesy of a reach around while they screw you, Republicans do it dry and hard.

  • Anonymous

    This is all true except you fail to connect where the corporations get their power. From the government. This is where the root of the problem lies. With a corporation a populace can simply stop purchasing their goods and they will fail. The battle exists between the Federal Government and the individual. It’s only Government that can force you into submission without repercussion.

  • Anonymous

    its always been about “corproations” vs the people. all the other issues for the past 3 decades were simply distractions the corporations put out to divide the people so they never got together to defeat the people who were quietly amassing all the wealthof the country.

    also be sure to remember it is not “corporations”. yo nee dto hold the real people hiding behind their corporate shells responsible . If you use the name of the corporation rather than the controlling stockholder then you let them off the hook whichis why they hide behind a corporate shell to begin with.

    Use the name of the majority stockholders in a corporation or the executives when disclosing the corporate malfeasance so the public learns who the real problems are.

  • Richard William Posner

    This is actually rather old news.

    “According to the official case record, Supreme Court Justice Morrison Remick Waite simply pronounced before the beginning of argument in the case of Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company that
    The court does not wish to hear argument on the question whether the provision in the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, applies to these corporations. We are all of opinion that it does.
    The court reporter duly entered into the summary record of the Court’s findings that
    The defendant Corporations are persons within the intent of the clause in section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which forbids a State to deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    Corporations have been gaining control steadily since that decision.
    However, it’s essential to understand that corporations are all themselves subservient to the banking cartel, without which they wouldn’t exist.
    The fatal blow was dealt America in 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law, derequisitioning the constitutionally mandated responsibility of Congress to print and regulate the national currency. In that moment, money ceased being a viable tool for commerce and progress. It became, instead, one of the primary weapons in the globalist war against democracy and freedom. The privatization and commodification of its currency is perhaps the surest way to take control of and ultimately destroy any nation.

    “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt.
    John Adams

    In the technological world of the twenty first century, that same technique has been applied on a global scale. Earth is being transformed into a third world planet. Every square inch will soon be the private property of a small, totalitarian plutocracy.
    The very NGO’s, unions and alleged grass roots organizations that ostensibly exist to fight the cancerous spread laissez faire , free market capitalism receive the majority of their funding from and are thereby manipulated by foundations and philanthropic institutions controlled by the same interests they have pledged to combat.
    The privatization of all life-sustaining resources of Earth is nearly achieved. I see no way to stop it now, short of some civilization ending catastrophe, which will allow for the entire bloody process to repeat itself yet again.
    Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.
    And by the way “anonymous”, corporations no longer get power from the government. That hasn’t been true for a very long time. Corporations OWN the government, lock, stock and barrel.

  • Anonymous

    Corporations are owned by individuals. I own one for example.

    No it’s us versus some really evil individuals and groups. International banking and Israel are two that I can think of.

  • harebourne

    you call this ‘weather’?

    the search continues;

    meanwhile (as it may take a while longer (for the puppets of jahbulon) to finish wrecking this place); the corepirate nazi illuminati is always hunting that patch of red on almost everyones’ neck. if they cannot find yours (greed, fear ego etc…) then you can go starve. that’s their (slippery/slimy) ‘platform’ now. see also:

    never a better time to consult with/trust in our creators. the lights are coming up rapidly all over now. see you there?

    greed, fear & ego (in any order) are unprecedented evile’s primary weapons. those, along with deception & coercion, helps most of us remain (unwittingly?) dependent on its’ life0cidal hired goons’ agenda. most of our dwindling resources are being squandered on the ‘wars’, & continuation of the billionerrors stock markup FraUD/pyramid schemes. nobody ever mentions the real long term costs of those debacles in both life & any notion of prosperity for us, or our children. not to mention the abuse of the consciences of those of us who still have one, & the terminal damage to our atmosphere (see also: manufactured ‘weather’, hot etc…). see you on the other side of it? the lights are coming up all over now. the fairytail is winding down now. let your conscience be your guide. you can be more helpful than you might have imagined. we now have some choices. meanwhile; don’t forget to get a little more oxygen on your brain, & look up in the sky from time to time, starting early in the day. there’s lots going on up there.

    “The current rate of extinction is around 10 to 100 times the usual background level, and has been elevated above the background level since the Pleistocene. The current extinction rate is more rapid than in any other extinction event in earth history, and 50% of species could be extinct by the end of this century. While the role of humans is unclear in the longer-term extinction pattern, it is clear that factors such as deforestation, habitat destruction, hunting, the introduction of non-native species, pollution and climate change have reduced biodiversity profoundly.’ (wiki)

    “I think the bottom line is, what kind of a world do you want to leave for your children,” Andrew Smith, a professor in the Arizona State University School of Life Sciences, said in a telephone interview. “How impoverished we would be if we lost 25 percent of the world’s mammals,” said Smith, one of more than 100 co-authors of the report. “Within our lifetime hundreds of species could be lost as a result of our own actions, a frightening sign of what is happening to the ecosystems where they live,” added Julia Marton-Lefevre, IUCN director general. “We must now set clear targets for the future to reverse this trend to ensure that our enduring legacy is not to wipe out many of our closest relatives.”–

    “The wealth of the universe is for me. Every thing is explicable and practical for me …. I am defeated all the time; yet to victory I am born.” –emerson

    no need to confuse ‘religion’ with being a spiritual being. our soul purpose here is to care for one another. failing that, we’re simply passing through (excess baggage) being distracted/consumed by the guaranteed to fail illusionary trappings of man’kind’. & recently (about 10,000 years ago) it was determined that hoarding & excess by a few, resulted in negative consequences for all.

    consult with/trust in your creators. providing more than enough of everything for everyone (without any distracting/spiritdead personal gain motives), whilst badtolling unprecedented evile, using an unlimited supply of newclear power, since/until forever. see you there?

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” )one does not need to agree whois in charge to grasp the notion that there may be some assistance available to us(

    boeing, boeing, gone.

  • Richard William Posner

    @ Anonymous
    “Corporations are owned by individuals. I own one for example.”
    I’m afraid your concept of ownership is a bit subjective. Much of America seems to be laboring under the misapprehension that the level of their permanent debt is an index of ownership.
    Furthermore, I think you may have misread. I stated that the government is owned by the corporatocracy, not vice versa. The multinationals are owned by the banking cartel, which is indeed comprised of individuals. Stockholders are also individuals. The totalitarian plutocracy is made up of individuals. What’s your point?
    Do you imagine for even a moment that any single member of that ruling class would be allowed to operate outside the agenda of the New World Order? Such an individual would not long survive.
    Mutual contempt for all those not of their “class” and a shared lust for supremacy bind the supremacists inseparably to a common cause; global totalitarianism. Such group fanaticism brooks no internal dissent. Any who dare disagree are eliminated, including even democratically elected international leaders.
    In any case, if you wholly own a small, incorporated business, which is without debt or obligation of any kind to anyone, you are beneath the notice of the corporatocracy and their banker masters. It’s the old saw of comparing apples and oranges.
    If you have any debt whatsoever connected to your business, you don’t own it. If you have a line of what you think of as business “credit”, what you actually have is a line of debt. If you plan to “grow” your business and remain “competitive” that debt will be perpetual.
    If your corporation is publicly traded, you most certainly don’t own it.
    If it is not publicly traded, it is too small to be of interest to the corporatocracy or the plutocracy.
    If it ever grows sufficiently to be of notice to the elite, you will have only two options; do whatever you must to become one of them or be consumed and effectively eliminated by them.
    If you are willing to pursue the first option, you are beneath contempt. If you are prepared to suffer the second, you should never have gone into “business” in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Posner:

    Good point, about fifty of them.

    However, it seems to me that if a person or entity owns controlled interest in a publicly traded corporation they essentially own it. It is my feeling that a few individuals usually control most organizations, one way or other.

    Yes, my corporation is of no interest to the elite, but I am, as they have told me upon a few occasions.

    How nice of you to tell me what I should and should not have done.

    Remember the USS Liberty and remember Rachel Corrie.

  • Richard William Posner

    “If you are willing to pursue the first option, you are beneath contempt. If you are prepared to suffer the second, you should never have gone into “business” in the first place.”

    “Yes, my corporation is of no interest to the elite, but I am, as they have told me upon a few occasions.”

    Although I will make no assumptions, the implication seems fairly clear. Enough said.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Posner:

    I doubt that you understood what I said, but that is OK.

  • Richard William Posner

    Mr. Anonymouse,

    You don’t say?

  • Anonymous


    Lion is more like it.

  • Richard William Posner

    Is that right?

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