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Time Travelers Footprints Found

Thursday, September 8, 2011 18:00
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Imprint of a shoe sole embedded in one billion year old solid granite

Footprints through time

The probability of time travel existing is high, and once time travel is achieved then it exists throughout time.

Knowing that traveling through time is possible and that the universe is already billions of years old, it’s conceivable that some other civilization has already manipulated time and perhaps even found ways to travel though it. It’s even quite possible that humans someday create ways to travel backwards and forwards in time. If that’s true, then time travel already exists.

Inconvenient artifacts

Impossible artifacts litter many of the abandoned, forgotten basements of the world’s greatest natural history museums. In the dim, dusty corners—stuck away with the other embarrassments of archaelogy—lie some of the keys to the greatest mysteries of Mankind.

Strange and unlikely artifacts found, studied and discarded are more common than most people know. Thousands of things have been discovered that argue against the natural order that scientists have deemed as the official record of the rise of humanity.

2.8 billion year old machined sphere

Among the artifacts gaped at by amazed scientists and museum curators are aluminum alloy screws dated as being 100 million years old. More amazing yet are the thousands of machine engraved, manufactured spheres found in South Africa. The artifacts are estimated to have been made 2.8 billion years ago. And the incredible list goes on and on and on

Author and researcher Michael Cremo has written several books cataloging anomalous discoveries and documenting them with eyewitness accounts, original newspaper articles and unaltered photographs. Many of the “impossible” artifacts discovered over the past 200 years still exist: they are gathering dust in the basements of some of the world’s most prestigious natural history museums!

Lost super-civilizations, ancient astronauts…or time travelers?

What is one to make of a machined screw found embedded in a lump of coal estimated to be 60 million years old? How did the screw get there? Who dropped it in a swamp bed that became a coal bed tens of millions of years later?

There can only be three possible answers:

Non-humans visiting the planet accidentally dropped it, or,

The science of the history and origins of Mankind is completely wrong and the human race existed many tens or hundreds of millions of years ago and had very advanced societies that all collapsed into barbarism, or,

Time travelers from the future surveying the prehistoric past accidentally lost a screw. Sixty million years later coal miners discovered it.

One could make an argument that the discovery of the screw was an elaborate hoax, yet that would fly in the face of the actual documented facts. And the screw is not the only anomalous object discovered in “impossible” places. Bells, jewelry, machined alloys, remnants of unknown languages dug up in rock quarries, these and other artifacts have been tripped over by workmen, miners and excavators for hundreds of years.

With so many artifacts, fossils and discoveries made that are obviously out of place with the time line accepted by orthodox science, the objects lend credence to the hypothesis that the existence of these objects is due to time travelers that unintentionally left traces of their passage.

Time travelers win out simply by the process of elimination. The footprints that span the eons are all definitely human, especially the barefoot prints. Virtually all exo-biologists agree that real visitors from the stars will be truly alien in physical characteristics and appearance. Therefore, although some may be humanoid and bi-pedal, it is against all odds that ancient astronauts exploring the Earth millions of years ago would have left human-like traces behind.

As for the idea that super-civilizations account for the ancient artifacts? Well, while it’s true that evidence exists—both physical and written—that one or more truly advanced human civilizations may have preceded ours, those civilizations would have existed 25,000 to 100,000 years ago. No human civilization could have existed several millions or several tens of millions of years ago. None certainly existed 260 million years ago.

The bootprints, sandal prints and barefoot prints can only be accounted for by members of time expeditions exploring the far reaches of the distant past.

Time traveler’s shoe print left in solid granite

Beyond impossible artifacts, the best evidence for the existence of time travel and time travelers are the human footprints left behind–from a time when almost everyone can agree no humans could have existed naturally.

James Snyder lives at the base of a mountain in the Cleveland National Forest. Snyder lived a relatively uneventful life until, in 2002, he discovered a fossilized footprint on the mountain above his property. The print had been embeded in the granite, rock estimated to be about one billion years old.

“I go out of my way to make a slip trail where nobody else has been and I was actually looking for gold,” Snyder explained about his accidental discovery of the time traveler’s shoe print.

Human tracks next to dinosaur tracks

Other ancient tracks left behind by other time travelers

H.W. Harkness, M.D, is quoted by the Proceedings of the California Academy of Science from August 1882. The proceedings describe Harkness’s discovery and mentions that he found six sets of human tracks, each with from one to 17 footprints of apparently shoe-soled feet.

The tracks were apparently made by more than one person. Over the years many experienced trackers noted the fossilized tracks. All agreed the footprints were mande by humans.

The stride was close to that of a normal-sized man, approximately two feet–sometimes as much as three feet.

The professor believed the tracks were made during the Pliocene period. He estimated the date to be as far back as 1.8 million years.

Dr. Harkness remarked, “If the impressions were those of any unshod animal, be it mammalian, biped, quadruped, or bird, they might differ in size, but would all be of the same pattern, which is not the case. Such a difference in shape becomes, however, quite intelligible if we suppose the footprints [were] made by men.”

Footprint from the beginning of the Permian Period about 300 million years ago

Amazing footprints discovered in Kentucky were reported January 20, 1938 by the New York Times from an Associated Press story datelined Berea, Kentucky:

“Discovery of footprints in sandstone, so human in appearance that they might have been made by one of the earliest ancestors of man, was announced here today by Dr. Wilbur G. Burroughs, head of the Department of Geology at Berea College.

‘The tracks, ten in all,’ Dr. Burroughs said, ‘are about 150 feet above the bottom of the Pottsville formation of the upper carboniferous system.’

“The Upper Carboniferous—or Pennsylvanian—spanned from 310 to 290 million years ago, the beginning of the Permian Period.”

One paleontologist described a print found in Triassic rock. It appeared to be the fossilized leather sole of a shoe, about size 13, which showed a double line of sewed stitches, one line close to the outside edge and the other parallel at a distance of about a third of an inch. The edges of the sole were rounded off smoothly as if cut, and the right side of the heel seems to be more worn than the left [Victoria Institute, 1948]

The State Geologist of Kentucky performed extensive tests on footprints found near Berea. The prints were discovered when the overburden from a sandstone formation was removed in logging operations about 1930. One series of prints found included some arranged in a normal walking stride. Microscopic studies showed that the grain counts were greater in the soles than in the adjacent sandstone, showing greater compression within the print areas.

A shoeprint was discovered in a coal seam in Fisher Canyon, Pershing County, Nevada. The imprint of the sole is so clear that traces of sewed thread are visible. The age of the coal is estimated to be more than 15,000,000 years.

A barefoot, human footprint: 290 million years old

New Mexico footprints 290 million years old

Paleontologist Jerry MacDonald found a wide variety of fossilized tracks in 1987. The ancient tracks were made by a variety of animals and birds, located in a Permian strata.

Among the various fossilized tracks MacDonald discovered undeniable prints of a naked human foot impossibly located in the Permian strata.

The Permian strata dates from 290 to 248 million years ago—many millions of years before animals, birds, dinosaurs, and man existed.

In July 1992, the Smithsonian Magazine ran an article on MacDonald’s tracks, “Petrified Footprints: A Puzzling Parade of Permian Beasts.”

Smithsonian admitted the mystery and acknowledged “what paleontologists like to call, ‘problematica.’” It described what appeared to be human footprints. Humans “evolved long after the Permian period, yet these tracks are clearly Permian.”

Does time travel really exist?

The probability of time travel existing is unknown; the possibilities are endless. As has been pointed out, if time travel is ever accomplished then it exists throughout time.

We are a young race orbiting a third generation star on the outskirts of our galaxy. To declare that time travel is impossible—or that almost anything is impossible—would be shutting the doors on reason and imagination. It would also be the height of arrogance.

In a sense we are all already time travelers, like flotsam drifting with the current of a river. When we learn how to swim upstream and downstream then we will have the answer to the question.

And perhaps someday it will be our children’s children that steps into the past of 260 million years ago and leaves a fossilized record of their adventure for all to see.

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Museum of forbidden archaeology

Anomalous artifacts


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  • Paris

    Time travelers? More the planets history isn’t what we’ve been told. There is evidence of civilizations going back thousands of years before the accepted date. This data is ignored by archeologists because it doesn’t fit with whats known…how exactly is it science when they ignore evidence?

  • Anonymous

    Safe to say Life on earth has come and gone over and over a few times.

  • True News

    “The science of the history and origins of Mankind is completely wrong and the human race existed many tens or hundreds of millions of years ago and had very advanced societies that all collapsed into barbarism”

    You got it correct here, very well done.

    Science is always wrong, but sometimes useful.

  • John L Sullivan

    I agree with both Paris and Anonymous. Archeologists are finding proof of more and more Ancient civilisations all the time. And yes, I truly believe that we have probably acheived the level of Evolution that we are at now, at least once, if not more.
    I wont dismiss it, but I do find the time travel theory a bit hard to accept. I do however believe it more plausible, that our ancestors knew that Earth was in imminent and unavoidable threat of severe danger, so a lot of them up and left. An E.L.E. event took place, like a comet strike or polar change, and wiped out almost all of the proof of advanced society. As you are well aware, our planet is growing all the time, so a couple of million years of surface debris would cover most proof, and crush it back to basic material.

  • whitebear

    I believe in many things because I have seen so many things you might call miracles.
    But time travel aint one of them.
    I believe that mankind and or someone from the Star Nation made footprints that old.

  • DaveB

    Yes it could be arrogant to say that time travel is impossible, however it is not so arrogant to say that time doesn’t exist, except as an observation of change.


    If you go to
    then to the Dan Burisch interviews
    or just google Dan Burisch
    you might learn more

  • sjsrana

    Time Travel does not seem irrelevant given the fact that we did not evolve but were brought into existence.,,,,,

    Further, check this very recent “INVISIBLE WORLD discovery by NASA”

    Yes, INVISIBLE but TRUE just like Time Traveling Thoughts!

  • Anonymous

    “Yes it could be arrogant to say that time travel is impossible, however it is not so arrogant to say that time doesn’t exist, except as an observation of change.”

    Thats my opinion as well.

  • Anonymous

    The clue being over looked is in Genesis, ‘before the flood. GOD said, “go and repopulate the earth”. That can ‘only’ mean, there was life on the planet before ours. It would seem ‘they’ doomed themselves the way we are…

  • Greystoke

    Please call me arrogant…time travel is impossible. The shoe print isn’t a shoe print. Should it be a shoe print, there are several possibilities as to how it could have gotten there. Please ask your local university geology department professor…but the foot print is, indeed, real.

    **The shoe print, so called because it LOOKS LIKE one, is a combination of seaweed and plant material that just so happens to have been “set” into that shape. I find it difficult to understand shy this is so sensationalized in today’s day and age. In fact, there are several “footprint” anomaly’s in the Sandia Mts. in Albuquerque, even “footprint-like” ones.

    I’d like to see a high res photo of that so-called shoe print.

    Anyway, interesting stuff…keep it comin’.

    • anonymoustache

      Time travel may be impossible-
      so far.

      So was flight,
      once upon a not so distance time…

  • tinteardrop

    “Safe to say Life on earth has come and gone over and over a few times.”

  • tinteardrop

    @ anonymous “Safe to say Life on earth has come and gone over and over a few times.”

  • terry the censor

    New Mexico footprint: “The Zapata track has not been demonstrated to be a real footprint, nor has any evidence been provided that the rock came from a Permian rock formation. Without more substantial evidence regarding its origin, the print is a curiosity at best, not reliable anti-evolutionary evidence.”

  • The Red Pill

    Comments on here are so entertaining. This site is such a growing community. I love it.

    terry the censor is a veteran on this site. I sure wish ‘Eyes for You’ were still on this as well. His stories never failed to spit the truth.

    What happened to that guy?

  • Ariane B

    So we did exist at the same time as the dinasaurs, like in the film ‘One Million Years B.C.’ with Raquel Welch… I knew it…

  • tinteardrop

    I’m always amused by those that speak of the “big bang” as if there’s been only one.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot question if there are footprints 290 mio years old. At the
    same time I will not exclude it. But what I know for sure is that an
    official of Usrael donated a piece of rock from the moon to Dutch
    authorities, who placed it in a local museum. After a few years somebody had the idea to subject the moon rock to closer scrutiny
    and it could be schown that it was a piece of material from earth
    containing all kinds of weird things. The official who had handed the moon rock over to the Dutch was by that time in retirement and claimed he couldn`t remember who had given him the thing!

  • Anonymous

    If anyone reading this knows about time travel or has connections with someone who does, please, speak up here, even if you have to do so pseudonymously. I deserve a totally different childhood than the crap I had, and I believe time travel IS possible, meaning that childhood can be changed. Help me be the child star I’ve always dreamed of being. Just respond with a contact web link or email if you know of a way to go back to the 1970s and make these changes that would mean the world to me.

  • Anonymous

    All comments hier proves that everyone is honest but absolutelly ignorant about he’s talking about !
    Ignorant is not an argument . Not at all and never ever !

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always been into anomalous archaeology and I have read everything by Michael Cremo, Lloyd Pye and many others who subscribe to the anomalous artifact and history theory. I majored in Archaeology in college back in the day and have been on a few amazing digs as well. My personal feeling is that we have Human history all wrong and we always have. I also think there are people out there who know it too but don’t want to bother with admitting it and having to change the history books and basically rewrite the history of all mankind. It would cause ‘too much controversy’ and would ruin organized religion within a very short time. Can’t have that now, can we? I’ve seen enough evidence to convince me that there were indeed many advanced civilizations on this planet. We don’t even know the age of our own species. If you read the journals of archeologists from the 19th century, ones who were digging into the many so called Indian Mounds that existed all over North America back then, you’ll find the evidence of these races of advanced people and in some cases, giant people. Or even people who were giants with double rows of teeth. And yes, these artifacts are hidden away or have been taken by the good old Smithsonian and put in some long forgotten warehouse where no one will find them…..hopefully….to them at least. The info is out there and it’s fairly easy to find and read. I would encourage anyone who questions this or doesn’t believe it to read this info and prepare to be amazed and probably ticked off, as am I. Thankfully, some of these artifacts and bones are still available for public viewing if one knows where to go. That should be enough to convince anyone that something is rotten in the annals of mainstream archaeology.

  • 1Anunnaki

    Although I have no doubt that humans have inhabited this earth for a lot longer than we’ve been taught; however, isn’t it also possible that time-dating methods may be flawed?


    To the Anonymous person who says “If anyone reading this knows…”
    I am going to stick my frail old wattley neck out here and tell all of you what has been happening to me.

    For three years I have been decoding THE HIDDEN TEXTS OF NOSTRADAMUS.
    A huge task.

    Even though the hidden texts do not encompass many events prior to the 21st century, those that are mentioned are done so as validation.
    As one example we will Begin with the TWIN TOUUERS DECEIT.

    After going through the ten thousand plus lines I noticed the word “UUROTE” which is in the past tense, so I put all those lines together first. Nostradamus KNEW these lines would not be interpreted until years after 2001.

    To get the nitty gritty on the HOW this was all done, I commenced the TWIN TOUUERS forum with an introduction which can be seen by going to HIDDEN TEXTS of NOSTRADAMUS.COM.
    In that forum Nostradamus (whoever he really was) describes being “MANUALLY” present. He was with the ELOIM he says, in the orbs. (28 videos on youtube, just google orbs at 9/11)
    Apparently it was the ELOIM who took him (in the same manner as Ezekiel and many other Biblical persons)In this case – to Giza.
    So there it is – the magic word GIZA.

    UNDER GIZA he says is the STAGE GATE.

    While reading the ten thousand lines I saw these words many times. A puzzle to me until I heard Michio Kaku speaking about travelling in time by STAGES.

    Consequently there is a very large forum forming regarding NOSTRADAMUS & THE STAGE GATE. When you think about that – it makes complete sense regarding his supposed “prophecies”.

    I have been slowly introducing the mind-set about stage gates in short forums on the web site. Preparing people for the fact.

    One fact: since about 2003 Americans have been constructing a huge wall around Giza. Begs the question WHY?

    For illustrations that do make one wonder – go to LOST THING on page 4 of the Hidden Texts of Nostradamus web site. In that forum go to page 21 to see an interesting picture.

    Keeping this brief – you can believe me or not – I am just a nobody and have no idea why I was chosen for this “CHORE” as he puts it…Nostradamus has been here in my living room five times in the last two years.

    Twice as a full body appearance and three times as a “SPY GLASS” episode. This is when a small round opening appears above my head (twice) and once across the room (where I used to have my lounge chair).
    This round “manhole” of very bright light just pops in with his head looking down exactly as if he were peering into the underground tunnels in New York.

    The length of stay (in my time ) is about three “Mississippi” seconds. I believe these visits are checking in on some detail – which I find later in the hidden texts. Details such as “DOES LIMP” and “BERATES VERTEBRAE EASTER” and so on.

    If anyone does not believe me I do not care. I will put up the money for any truth test.

    The STAGE GATE – STARGATE forum is huge and relates to the use of it by Nostradamus with his attendant and the beginning of a “star wars” and the unexpected appearance of “PRINCE OF DARK MEN” discovering the stage gate and using it.

    The hidden texts have also told me how to decipher Cesar de Nostredame’s “Lost Book”. It turns out that the vignettes describe exactly what the hidden texts tell.

    I mention this here because there are two vignettes which show exactly the event above. Two castles, one with six hands floating above, with BRIDGE and RAMP (parts of the stage gate mentioned many times) and the other castle in the dark with many dark soldiers fighting up in the turrets.

    The six hands represent the UNHOLY SIX (of the second coming) and the word “HAND” is obsolete for Leo.

    The subject matter is so broad it almost takes a book just to describe it.

    So far the events which have completely come true on the exact day/date are the OIL SPILL (because this was no ordinary oil spill.) This one is to have consequences “EQUAL TO AN ASTEROID HIT”. Something I did not comprehend until THE JAPAN NUCLEAR DISASTER which has coupled the toxic oil poisoned by BP to make it “disappear” to the ocean floor to be left to encircle the world in the Gulf Stream, becoming radioactive as it passes Japan.
    And the third event which has become true and has much more to follow – came true on the exact day – is the C.M.E in June…

    The other little events which I guess were imposed on me to make me a believer – were the soft cell tissue carcinoma on my arm which I had only a few days to go before they took the arm off. I found this one the minute I got in from hospital after they took their quarter-pounder. And the Achilles tendons decay which is mentioned in several lines as a form of reminder that I can still be ‘useful’ by sitting at a computer doing his work.

    The near future? September equinox 2011, possibly a false flag if disclosure of an apparent alien visit occurs in the P>M> The real things occurs in the A.M. in MA which is obsolete for October

    We are all humanity. No one of us is greater than the other.

    We all have lessons to learn to maker us greater than the person we were…

    We must all question WHY – why did the American government get involved with Giza – why is Hawass so secretive and obtuse? Why do we ever think that we have become the epitome of humanity?

    The next forum is a large chapter which will have to be presented in the same manner as the centuries of quatrains. This forum is regarding the Annunaki and the Oannes – who at this moment – do not use the stage gates.

    If anyone wants to read the 52 pages on the stage gate I have done so far, they are entirely welcome to ask and I will forward it direct. Just go to the email on the web site.

    Helen Parks


    here is an enlightening site
    an article by Philip Coppens

    The Egyptologist, The Sphinx and The Cover-Up – Cached
    This article appeared in Nexus Magazine 16.5. (August-September

  • Anonymous

    What a load of crap. Granite is an igneous type of rock so whoever left their foot print in it must have got a very hot foot.
    Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.

  • McClarinJ

    I don’t discount the time travel theory but I can think of three other explanations.

    1. Teleportation could theoretically embed modern machined objects in eons-old strata.

    2. Under some circumstances sediments can rapidly turn to rock, leaving footprints and in at least one case modern tire prints. A flash flood can then overlay the new rock with fresh sediments. Without proper dating procedures these “discoveries” may be mistaken for much older strata.

    3. In the case of apparent human footprints in very old rock strata there may be an answer in the Sumerian history as interpreted by Sitchin et al. Their account of man’s creation by the extremely long-lived Anunnaki “in their own likeness” implies that very human footprints could have been left here long before the creation of humans. Individual Anunnakis apparently lived many thousands of years, some over 100,000 years. They allegedly departed Earth just a few thousand years ago, leaving behind their stone architecture, their ancient South African gold mines, and their genes incorporated into the human gene pool.

    As for a single track in granite, it must be a freak accidental shape. Granite soft enough to leave a track in is red hot. An examination of the granite would even reveal its approximate depth in the Earth’s crust when it solidified. The deeper the solidification occurs, the larger the crystals in the formation. Lava extruded onto Earth’s surface cools very rapidly with tiny crystal formation.

  • Icecharge

    The radiological time estimation, like the carbon 14 determination, is faulty. To be correct, it would necessitate that the circumstances upon the Earth have ‘evolved’ smoothly from its beginning until today. They have not. Global disasters with massive geological deformations and reformations have occurred repeatedly. Read an article pertaining to the radiological age determination at

    There is a natural phenomenon in the Arctic as well as Antarctic nature whose potential threat has been fatally overlooked by the scientists. That phenomenon is the annual ice-shedding that happens every spring when the frozen rivers begin to shed their ice-cover. However, the same forces that cause the rivers to free themselves, can work in an enormous scale.

    In the spring 2005 I got an impressive insight, realizing that some day, the glacier of Greenland can begin to release its age-old ice-cover. I started to study the subject and made many calculations. The more I studied, found information and calculated potential energies, earthquakes, wave-heights and other results, the more sure I was that one day, the ice-shedding of Greenland will start in the near future due to the steady warming of the Arctic. There is a terrifying, disastrous potential in the glacier, and the Antarctic would follow the example. An unimaginable series of gigantic tsunamis and earthquakes will cover the entire globe.

    Eventually, I had to write a book, Ice-Shedding of Ages that I updated in the fall of 2009 about my finding. In the book, I also have handled the age-estimation with the radiological methods that I noticed to be without a serious ground. The natural forces have moved and mixed the masses of the lithosphere many times during global calamities and even between them.

    There is an integral renovation system on the Earth, the ice-shedding of the continental glaciers that occurs at intervals of several millenniums. The Bible also speaks of global floods. It begins at another global flood and later, there is the Noah’s flood. I realized that I had found the physical factor that caused The Flood to take place.

    What’s more, there are sea-fulls of water at the depths of about 200 kilometers and deeper, because the water is compressed to be heavier than the adjacent rock at those depths. During the calamity, the crust of the Earth tore in several places, the ‘fountains of the great deep’ boiled over and caused the inundation of the whole Earth.

    I accept the idea that there is a distant past of billions of years because the Creator, God, Yhwh, is eternal. However, the present life and the found artifacts cannot be so old as the scientists are saying. Concerning the present humankind, the businesslike records of the Bible make sense. Before The Flood Nephilim or ‘aliens’ interfered with the life of the humankind enticing them to do ever more evil and even altering the genome of the life itself. Therefore, God had to destroy the former creation and to start from almost the beginning again.

    If the numerous news about the ‘UFOs’ and ‘aliens’ are true even partly, and considering the all out deprivation of the Earth, we are living again in a time when a total renovation is inevitable.

    Better to forget any time-travelling. God cannot and will not allow the renegade humankind to achieve it. My footprints will stop one day upon this earth, but I have the faith in God that I will get to His eternal Kingdom through Jesus Christ who has paid my sins.

    Kauko Loukas

  • McClarinJ

    But Icecharge, if a miles-high ice cap on Antarctica suddenly slid or calved into the ocean at the end of the last ice age, wouldn’t the resultant tsunami cause worldwide flooding? That is the hypothesis based on Sumerian texts that Sitchin offers. The Sumerian accounts of the great flood are much more detailed than those in the Old Testament, though both are largely in agreement. Not to deny God’s hand but the ice cap theory provides a natural cause you might consider, especially in light of your Greenland studies.


    Go to Jno Cook

    and see for yourself the true reason for the flood
    Also explained in PLANAR PLANISPHERE which tells of another flood
    which is imminent and for the same reason
    at page 8 on the web site

    By the way, I just found a disturbing page on my web site
    which says FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?

    This is some type of scam I must go sort out, as it is totally free to access my web site

  • O. Ryan Faust

    The artifacts in coal are easily explained. Since coal beds were laid down by the world-wide flood, those artifacts belonged to people who died in the flood. I wasn’t there, but neither were you! The flood model predicts billions of dead things buried in rock layers, laid down by water all over the earth. What do we find: billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth.

    The footprints in rock are also easily explained. Prior to the flood, men lived contemporaneously with dragons (called dinosaurs since 1841). Naturally their footprints are found together. I wasn’t there, but there are still dinosaurs today. A 21 foot long salt water crocodile was caught last week. That’s a “dragon”. Fossil remains of crocs are identical to crocks today.

    Granite was never magma, it was cold formed. Polonium halos prove that granite was never molton rock. If it had ever been heated, the polonium halos wouldn’t have been preserved.

    By the way, “Granite, when melted and rehardened, changes into rhyolite. —But nothing, when melted and rehardened changes into granite! For this reason, it is impossible for scientists to artificially produce granite.”

  • Gnostic

    I don’t know if to believe this, but if it is true, what is this universe about. That we are so narrow minded, that we can not see it. Or the time trevelers have altered our minds not to see the truth, but if that is so, the inquisitive mind of man will get over this block out and get to the bottom of it one day.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume more advanced civilisations existed in the past. Only to be destroyed by war and even nuclear war.

    Mohenjadaro and Harappa
    Scientists Davneport and Vincenti put forward a theory saying the ruins were of a nuclear blast as they found big stratum’s of clay and green glass. High temperature melted clay and sand and they hardened immediately afterwards. Similar stratum’s of green glass can also found in Nevada deserts after every nuclear explosion.

    Radio Active Ash
    A layer of radioactive ash was found in Rajasthan, India. It covered a three-square mile area, ten miles west of Jodhpur. The research occurred after a very high rate of birth defects and cancer was discovered in the area. The levels of radiation registered so high on investigators’ gauges that the Indian government cordoned off the region. Scientists then apparently unearthed an ancient city where they found evidence of an atomic blast dating back thousands of years: from 8,000 to 12,000 years.

    Just think about. We have only become technologically advanced in the last 100 yrs, and how long have we been on the planet, intelligence didn’t all of a sudden take a leap upwards over night. If we periodically destroy ourselves by war, then it may take thousands of years to recover, to repeat the same process over and over again.

    The architect of modern atomic bomb who was in charge of the Manhattan project was asked by a student after the Manhattan explosion, “How do you feel after having exploded the first atomic bomb on earth”. Oppenheimer’s reply for the question was , “not first atomic bomb, but first atomic bomb in modern times”. He strongly believed that nukes were used in ancient India. what made Oppenheimer believe that it was a nuclear war was the accurate descriptions of the weapons used in the Mahabharata war in the epic which match with that of modern nuclear weapons.

    It has also been reported that some of our existing Uranium mines show evidence that they had been mined before in ancient times, thousands of years ago.

  • Anonymous

    Why can they find a penny from 2038 or an IPOD ?

  • Anonymous

    Time Travel?!?!? How about the FACT we know nothing of Real History! What if man was always on this earth, does not these finding prove this? Forget the LIED of evolution look at the facts. Man did not evolve, he was made and placed on this earth and man has been here a LONG time and a lot of history has been destroyed and forgotten.

  • Jaihawk

    Oops, looks like the article “forgot” to mention the 4th possibility so many dare not speak. That the Earth is not as old as what is believed by so many.

    I get a kick out of articles like this. Every now and then something comes up (usually again) that flies on the face of evolution, but rather than see what is right in front of them, they try to invent ways around it.

  • GeezerGeek

    Why do so many assume that, even if one were able to travel backward – or leap forward – in time, one would end up in the same place on this planet? It travels through space at a high rate of speed as it orbits the sun. In turn the sun orbits the center of the galaxy, etc. In the time it took me to type this the Earth has rotated on its axis at a speed approaching 1000 mph at the equator. Am I where I was two or three minutes ago? It depends on one’s frame of reference. Are we sure that ‘time’ is attached to the real estate we inhabit? I think not.

  • echoes1013

    To understand time travel from a scientific view, “Time Travel in Einstein’s Universe” by J. Richard Gott is an excellent book. He is a professor of Astrophysics at Princeton University. Also I would like to plug my book, “Beyond Science Fiction” however you might want to take it, I have found scripture in the Bible that describes the bending of space, wormholes and time travel with prophecy that states it has already been done. We do have a past more advanced that ours today which has been covered up and some of the evidence you show is from that. However Time Travel is something that has already happened if you can believe the Bible. Good article well presented and it does make a thinking person not afraid to think outside of the box go Hmmm. Thank You for presenting it.

  • Gnostic

    At Jaihawk, the earth is about 4.5 to 6 billion years old, don’t try an give me the dogmatic Roman Catholic Church opinion, that it is 6,000 years old.

  • Elad


    What about the fact that 3 separate geo dating services gave results of between 35 million to 350 million yrs old from each other but the lava rock samples sent were actually only 90+yrs old at the time (well, over 100yrs old now) that came from a Hawaii volcano deposit this past early century.

    That embarrassment now prevents anyone from submitting samples without a lot of B.S. pre/post sample dating.

    What about the 500 billion year age of earth. We know the rate of our sun’s fuel usage and its decreasing rate of size can be calculated, if earth was that old, it would of been inside of the sun… So that’s impossible.

    Lunar dust was suppose to be 150-175′ deep (why Hugh landing pods) as they also know how much dust there is in space, yet they only found it to be 3/4″ deep? (come out under 12,000yrs old moon.)

    Mt. St. Helens petrified wood from its recent blast would fool any scientist if they didn’t know it was from the recent Mt. St. Helens that lost its top.

    And the Grand Canyon jagged sides would of been quiet smooth and well worn from wind & rain is it was as old as they say. To the contrary, it was a recent event – in space time.

    There is far too much evidence to prove that earth is quiet young.
    Takes far-far greater faith in evolution than simply believing in creation from an all-powerful God. Darwin came to that conclusion on his death bed – noting that its impossible for “random chance” to evolve just the eye even, let alone the body.

    As for weird stuff, its said that there is nothing new under the sun…. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the last days here.

    You wish not to believe, so be it. Consider your fate for such however for rejecting the Creator.

  • Anonymous

    Ditto on our dating methods being crap. If we don’t know the age, then we should admit it.

    Oh, and that’s not a shoeprint.

  • Anonymous

    About 15 years ago I read a book called, ‘The Planet Earth Before The Fall Of Satan’. I got it out of the church book store where I attended church. It went out of print shortly afterward because not that many people were reading it. I have been on the search for it in used book stores for some time now with no luck.
    The writer, a minister, uses scriptures to show that there was a human civilization before our current civilzation that was destroyed by God for the sin that rose among the people. That civilzation did not have salvation because the Lord Jesus had not given His life to redeem them as was done for this present civilzation. When these types of things are found, it is that small remnant left over from the first earth that was destroyed.

  • Anonymous

    ‘LIFE ON PLANET EARTH Before the Fall of Satan [Paperback] Albert W. Olema does not have it on stock and no date is set for it to be stocked. It is out of print and if you can find it, it would be concidered a very rare book. I too read it at least five times but lost it during a move with other books.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a piece from a new book I downloaded from Amazon titled ‘The Answer – Ztingar Goes Life Into Out and Back Again’. It’s the most amazing book I’ve read for a long time…

    The fact that most of the world’s great religious leaders
    were born human beings and, like anyone else, needed to
    eat, drink, sleep and communicate tells Ztingar that they too
    must have functioned in accordance with Life’s Mystic Law.
    But he still hasn’t been able to figure out a logical reason for
    why a loving God and supreme father and ruler of all, who
    possesses the power to do anything he pleases, created such
    a violent, vicious, dog–eat–dog world where, like Gang–Gang
    explained earlier, it’s necessary for almost every living thing
    to have to kill or destroy something else in order to simply
    stay alive. More so, to sit back and make judgements upon
    everything that’s trying to survive within the conditions of
    his creation makes even less sense.
    Ztingar knows that any normal, loving human parent
    would even be willing to risk their own life to protect their
    children from suffering——so why not God?
    Something else he can’t get his head around is why this
    very same loving God has given us bodies, as extraordinary
    as they are, that are potentially subject to so much cruel pain,
    suffering and deterioration. Ztingar refuses to accept that
    it’s all because a woman named Eve, several thousand years
    ago, took the advice of a snake to steal an apple and eat it.
    The only real answer he can come up with that has any real
    sense to it is what Gang–Gang has taught about karma——that
    we always get what we’re worthy of in life in accordance with
    our own past good and bad deeds and there’s just no passing
    the buck.
    Ztingar’s mind has switched back to some of the modern
    technology that he’s become so familiar with. “Maybe we’re
    all just bits ‘n’ pieces of data in some monster intergalactic
    computer game!” he tells himself anxiously. “Maybe we’re as
    far removed from the knowledge and capabilities of a higher
    intelligence as ants ‘n’ mosquitoes are to us!”
    Now toying with the idea that the world and everything
    that’s going on in it could be a cosmic soap opera that’s
    been designed and set up by aliens for their own personal
    entertainment needs, Ztingar questions if the obstacles that
    all life on Earth is being forced to constantly face and endure
    could be deliberate challenges that are being programmed
    into the Earth’s system via electromagnetic waves to help
    give the show a bit of extra added spice, so to speak. The
    reason Ztingar thinks his idea could have merit is because
    of how we humans now design and produce similar types of
    cyber and other electromagnetic entertainment for ourselves,
    and just like everything around us, including all the images
    that we produce electronically, we’re made up of atoms and
    molecules too. “Can it be possible that our molecules and
    atoms are bein’ manipulated like the pixels in a TV screen or
    the frequencies in radio waves?” Ztingar asks

  • Anonymous

    He still doesn’t know where the animals have
    got to, nor whether he’s getting any closer to understanding
    how the universe came into existence, but he certainly feels
    like he’s on the right track to discovering why and how
    God, or several Gods, may have created the Earth’s livable
    environment. His next big challenge is to try to figure out
    just who or what the true identity of God actually is.
    Coinciding with his previous thoughts regarding future
    games that involve using androids and the subject of UFOs,
    Ztingar suspects that the aliens which people claim to have
    seen and been abducted by, particularly in recent decades,
    may have been highly sophisticated androids that have been
    sent here to study, analyse and generally keep an eye on our
    physical and technological progress. He thinks ‘androids’
    because of the enormous distances they would have had
    to travel to get here.
    In regard to any of the androids and robots that humans
    are designing and creating, except for a few special models
    to use for experimental purposes, Ztingar can’t imagine any
    other worthwhile reason for scientists to want to deliberately
    create artificial intelligences that need to kill for food, go to
    the toilet or contract diseases and so forth. On the contrary,
    he’s more inclined to believe that they’d attempt a ‘product’
    much less prone to the daily trials of human existence.
    The Bible states that God made man in his own image.
    Ztingar thinks that if this is true, then it must also mean
    that God has the same physical limitations as humans
    do——such as an inability to fly like a bird, live beneath
    the sea like a fish, or travel through outer space without
    oxygen and so forth. Because of this statement, Ztingar can
    only assume that human beings are biological humanoids. He
    also suspects that there are two representations of God in
    the scriptures. One is a very highly–intelligent being (or
    beings) residing either elsewhere in the universe or a parallel
    dimension of some kind, who has the ability and the means
    to create liveable environments. The other is a far more
    superior and highly sophisticated version, such as an invisible
    thread of some kind, that cannot be seen or described in any
    detail and yet is everywhere at the same time and in constant
    link with all physical and non–physical existence.
    Ztingar thinks about the ‘String Theory’ again and wonders if it
    or something similar to it could one day turn out be the basis
    of such a thread.
    Human beings each have their own unique fingerprints,
    voice–prints, DNA and eye–prints, and now Ztingar wonders
    if we may also each have our own unique energy–print that
    not only allows Life’s forces to connect directly with our own
    individual life force and keep it recharged and functioning,
    but also keep track of everything about us.
    The fact that we can click on the search button of a man–
    made computer and locate information on virtually any subject
    almost instantly, or verify a person’s eye–print in a matter of
    seconds by use of an optical reader, is helping to convince
    Ztingar that his theory on energy–prints could actually one
    day turn out to be correct.

  • Anonymous

    Here is another extraordinary theory on reincarnation from ‘The Answer – Ztingar Goes Life Into Out and Back Again’.
    It’s 400 pages of ideas and suggestions that leave your head spinning and there’s so much going on that you just can’t take it all in with one reading and it only cost me $9.95. The background story is a bunch of crazy animals and a young street thug from L.A. who winds up stuck with the animals in the Australian Outback.

    “I’d like to finish today’s lesson by trying to answer any
    questions that you may have,” declares a crackly, squeaky
    voice——the vibrant patterns flicker in perfect unison with
    the words. “How about you, Miss McPigstyle? . . . You look
    like you’ve got a million questions to ask!”
    “Hehehe. . . Yes I do Mister Gang–Gang!” she answers.
    “How do we know if we have good or bad karma?”
    “We can get some idea simply by looking at the general
    state of our life at any given moment . . . such as whether
    or not we’re truly happy,” answers the voice of Mr Gang–
    Gang cheerfully. “But because all Life is constantly changing
    for the better, the worse, or somewhere in–between, it’s
    never really possible to be certain, is it? . . . However, just as
    I’ve already mentioned, there is a way to help us control our
    karma and even change it, which I’m very much looking
    forward to sharing with you in the next few days.
    Thank you Miss McPigstyle. Now, Mister Bullcow, I can
    see by the keen look of enthusiasm on your face that you also
    have a question or two.”
    “Yes I do!” he replies in a rather deep sounding voice,
    “How does this all fit in with what you mentioned the other
    day about the little babies? . . . I mean to say, what could
    they have possibly ever done to make any bad deeds or
    karma as you call it?”
    “Well to answer that truthfully for you Mister Bullcow,
    firstly I need to inform you that I personally believe we’re
    all the same age, but are born at different intervals,” Mr
    Gang–Gang explains. “In other words that our lives don’t start
    when we’re born . . . nor end when we die.”
    “I don’t believe I quite get what you mean!” answers Mr
    Bullcow. “How in the world have you managed to come to
    that conclusion?”
    “By observing things as they truly are,” explains Mr Gang–
    Gang confidently, “anybody can do it if they’re willing to
    open up their minds and take a good, honest look around.
    The truth is, most things that appear to start and end don’t
    really start and end at all . . . they just move in and out of
    being present!
    Let’s take all of the four seasons, or a day and a night
    for instance. They don’t ever actually come to a halt and
    stop in themselves. . . The land simply revolves in and out
    of them over and over again. . . So, when everything is said
    and done, there has only ever been one single day . . . one
    night . . . one winter . . . one spring . . . one summer and
    one autumn . . . and since this is the way of nature and
    we’re all part of nature’s way . . . then it makes perfect
    sense to me that our lives follow along the same path.”
    “Strike me pink!” cries a dominant sounding voice from
    a long way off in the distance. “I ain’t neva’ even ‘eard o’
    such a thing . . . are ya sure about all o’ this matey?”
    “As sure as I can be,” replies Mr Gang–Gang. “And just as
    sure as I am that Life itself has no beginning or end. Not
    only that, I also believe our bodies are small replicas of the
    land we stand upon and our spirits are small copies of the
    Universal Life Force.”
    “Hehehehehehe . . . for goodness, sake!” a female voice
    gasps with an incredulous laugh.
    “I’m being very serious!” says Mr Gang–Gang insistently,
    “quite serious indeed! . . . And the reason I believe this is
    once again a result of my observations over the years. For
    example, we have several layers of skin just like the Earth’s
    crust . . . feathers and hairs that grow like grass and trees
    upon the Earth’s surface . . . veins and arteries beneath
    our skin that act like underground rivers and streams that
    run beneath the Earth’s surface . . . flesh like soil and bone
    like rock.
    A great percentage of the Earth is water and liquid just
    like our body . . . and beneath the ground is a substance
    called lava, which is hot and red like our blood. . . Now and
    then the ground splits open and out spurts lava in a similar
    way to how our body bleeds whenever our skin breaks, or
    we grow lumps that can sometimes build up pressure and
    erupt in a similar way to how volcanic fire mountains do.
    We can also experience little tremors on our skin and
    sometimes even shake and tremble like the ground does.
    Our body has limitations that prevent it from jumping
    forwards or backwards in time . . . the same limitations
    that determine how long it will keep functioning before it
    wears out . . . after which it returns to the ground. From
    there it becomes nourishment to support the food chain
    that’s needed to sustain new life. . . Did any of you know
    that the Earth never grows any larger in content no matter
    how many things continuously live and die on it?”
    “Bloody hell!” blurts out another voice. “No, no I didn’t
    know that at all mate! . . . That’s flamin’ amazin’, ain’t it?”
    “It IS amazing!” agrees Mr Gang–Gang excitedly. “And it’s
    all to do with Nature’s incredible process of recycling matter.
    A very similar situation also applies to our spirit . . . except
    there’s a big difference . . . and that’s because our spirit is a
    copy of the great, Universal Life Force and therefore doesn’t
    share the same limitations as our body. For example . . . even
    though we can’t take our body back to when it was a baby,
    we are able to remember certain things and sometimes
    re–experience them as if they were happening right now.
    As a matter of fact, our imagination knows no boundaries.
    We can even go to places, do things and experience events
    in our mind that our body would never be able to physically
    “How frightfully fascinating!” says the voice belonging
    to Miss McPigstyle. “Whoever would have thought all that?”
    “What happens when we die then?” asks someone else.
    “Generally speaking . . . after each successive physical
    manifestation is completed and our body can no longer
    function for us,” explains Mr Gang–Gang, “our spirit simply
    separates from it and reverts back into the surrounding
    universal Life Force from which it came.
    There it will remain re–energizing itself until it’s time
    to return and recreate its next physical manifestation. In
    some respects, our life force is a bit like the water in the
    Ballah, or as some among us prefer to call it . . . the ocean.
    In other words, it’s forever coming and going.”
    “I see.” says the deeper voice.
    “Because our karma content is recorded within our Life
    Force, it doesn’t disintegrate with the body, but rather carries
    over from one physical existence to the next one, constantly
    determining what our future circumstances are going to be
    each time. This includes where and when we are born, the
    family we’re born into, the conditions we have to live under,
    the opportunities we do or do not receive and so on and so
    forth. It also determines our health and how well we cope
    with things during our journey through each successive
    physical manifestation. No matter when it is or what, who
    or where we are, it’s everything we think, say and do that’s
    continually shaping and reshaping our own present and
    future destiny. In other words, for better or for worse, we are
    each in complete control and therefore totally responsible for
    it ourselves. And this is also why we must be cautious when
    making assumptions, or when information is relayed to us
    from others . . . particularly when it’s about someone else.
    If we believe it without first verifying that it’s actually correct
    and it turns out to be untrue, we would automatically be as
    guilty of making the bad karma as the one who gave us the
    wrong information in the first place.
    It doesn’t matter how much good we’ve done, one bad
    enough deed could have the potential to seriously damage
    or even completely contaminate our hard–earned good
    fortune in an instant. It’s a possible outcome that can very
    easily happen to us in a similar way to how a raging fire
    can damage or destroy even the most beautiful of forests.”

  • Silver

    Sitchen actually translates the sumerian texts as saying the ‘FLOOD was caused by a close swing by of Nibiru,

    not any thing about a glacial ice slide at all.

    ‘And all the gods traveled up to heaven and watched the destruction of their adanu, and of the nefielm giants, as for their creation Adamu, the godess ishta ( owl symbol) cryed, even though she voted along with Enlil and the other gods not to save them.
    what a bitch !

  • Silver

    Hi All, if you like the unusual, I highly recomend the foremost colection of verified mindblowing phenomonea that has been dismissed and shuned by the contemporary ‘scientists’ of their day,
    the title is
    The book of the damed
    by Charles Fort.

    computers thousands of years old from under the sea,
    metal artifacts encased in million year old coal
    thousands of tons of falling fish.
    red rains
    black rains
    . . . . . . . . .etc


    Hi Silver
    Yes Sitchin had it correct enough

    If you go to the web site


    There is a “forum” named PLANAR PLANISPHERE on page 8
    which speaks of the “fusion” of passing celestial bodies’
    outer influence – that area of influence past the outer atmosphere which every planetary body contains

    A planet need only be 500,000 miles passing another (twice as far as the moon) to influence each other

    Also if you go to JNO COOK.NET more details will enlighten you

    We as living little entities on the surface of our own planet have no conception of what this flood is all about

    Waves 6 to 9 kilometres high

    High enough to cover “Mt Fesulan” (near Mt Olympus) Nostradamus states in one quatrain

    Another interesting forum on the web site is “WATERWORLD”
    on page 5 of the site

    Costs you nothing but the time to open it

    This is also to be seen in a number of crop circles

  • Searcher

    I would like to add another thought for consideration. I have long puzzled over the mystery of UFO sightings. Everything we know about the barriers to interstellar travel (the speed of light is way too slow, the radiation hazards, etc) seem to preclude space travel of any significant distance. Erico Fermi’s paradox is also very convincing. So how do we explain so many UFO sightings over so much time? A possibility is that they are actually our time travellers from the future. This would neatly explain the sightings, the anomolous prehistoric findings and even how these UFOs seem to move at phenomenal accelerations/speeds – if they can control time they could avoid the crushing G forces of the manuvers reported for many of these sightings.


    Thank you thank you
    You have voiced exactly my thoughts since I saw my first aerial anomaly.

    Also explains neatly how Nostradamus “knew so much” about the future
    It is the ONLY EXPLANATION for the information in The Hidden Texts

  • g-man

    if, 150 years ago, you told a fellow human being that you could move him from the shores of the atlantic to the shores of the pacific in 4 hours, he surely considered it an impossibility. using those eyes in those times, the only way to make that trip in four hours – would’ve required “traveling through time”.

    i know this to be true.

    that means we are all already time travelers does it not?

    (it does. i know this to be true, too.)

  • DaveB

    I time travel all of the time, one second at a time.

    You can’t go back in time for the simple fact that time doesn’t exist. It is always literally the same eternal instant now that it has always been. Everything within that one eternal instant though, has been in constant flux, constant change.

  • Anonymous

    A bit of deductive reasoning to show why this does not necessarily make sense:
    1.If you agree that the amount of time travelers be would quite small relative to the amount of people living throughout the ages (like astronauts), then this would all be unlikely. If there were many many time travelers then there would many ‘mistaken’ sightings having been made throughout time, and probably chaos to be honest – there would be as many claimed sightings of time-travellers as there are of ghosts or UFOs – which we know there arent!

    2. Its well known that the chance of fossilisation is incredibly small – millions to one – so there would likely need to be many instances of an occurrence of an object or a footprint before a chance for fossilisation would occur.
    There are also probably many more unfound fossils in the earth than have been found – the chances of them then being found are even smaller. This would make the need for many instances of something happening even more necessary.

    Therefore the fact that fossilised footprints next to dinosaurs are found, point to the idea that there would need to have been widespread occurrences of these for that to finally happen, and for this to be found – meaning that there must have been large populations, and not small amounts of ‘time-travelers’
    There is no clear evidence to say that humans did not exist at the same time as dinosaurs.

    Its just more logical… isnt it?

  • Searcher

    To Anonymous, you need to remember that the accepted definition of time is:

    Nature’s way of not letting everything from happening at once.

  • Anonymous

    lets ponder something for a moment.
    First.Einstien’s theories say travel back in time is impossible and if you look at the number of paradoxes proposed I would tend to agree.
    But this does not rule out multi-dimensional time travel.The theory of”times arrow”still holds that if other dimensions exist it is possible that another dimension not be in a similar epoch as our own.
    If science were to develop inter-dimensional travel, and we open a passage to another(paralleled)dimension.It is not guaranteed that he steps into that dimension at the same date and time as he left.Maybe the universe in that dimension started billions of years sooner than his own or days later.
    So.consider.he opens the door and steps into a mirror image of his own universe but in 100 million B.C.Not time travel per se.But as that planet develops and evolves if it becomes as evolved as our own now it’s future scientists will find this dimensional travelers foot prints and wonder exactly the same things we are now.
    If you trust the math and theories of our top scientists then this scenario is a possibility.We may have been visited not by aliens but by inhabitants of a parallel world.and perhaps we will visit them when our science catches up.

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