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“Marxism in America” by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin – Video

Thursday, November 3, 2011 15:26
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by on Oct 28, 2010

In this video entitled “Marxism in America” General Jerry Boykin discusses his background and training in understanding Marxist insurgencies and how current government actions parallel Marxist tactics. Click “Share” above to send to your friends. Find out more about The Oak Initiative at


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  • el_jefe

    as a marxist, i wish the government’s actions were marxist. calling this government, and obama, “communist” is an insult to communists and socialists. perhaps if critics of marxism ACTUALLY READ marx, marxian theory, etc., they wouldn’t create garbage like the video, above. what is most ironic: marxists and socialists actually read the crap composed by apologists of capitalism, in order to dismiss the illogical content contained within such works. capitalists, bourgeoisie, democrats, republicans tend to not even glance into the theory they question/dismiss, and base their assumption on what they’ve been told, instead of what they’ve discovered/read for themselves to be true, or false.

  • RickDC

    People who say they are communists are Just useful idiot’s for Karl Marx. A MAN who choose to worship satan and then create a way to lead millions of people to hell. What I just said are quotes from Marx himself. What fool would be a marxists. He saw the the upcoming socialists/communists philosophy was something he could use and mold to serve his master. Read the book Marx and Satan,

    Marx and Satan.

    I read it back in the early 80s, I think it was the early 80s. It is well done, its very short and it covered the circumstantial and convincing evidence that Marx was not an atheists, but in fact was a satanists. There are some incredible quotes on the book from Marx that are a big indicator of his true self. The horrifying thing is he seemed to be a good Christian kid. Yes Christian even though from Jewish culture background, the family converted to Christianity. All of a sudden he switches up and starts writing blasphemies against God and talking about destroying and leading many to hell. Even more horrifying is not only his own trek to hell but the fact he has succeeded, millions were and are being dammed to hell for believing in his theories.

    Read this from Mark and Satan….

    “…something mysterious happened in his life: he became profoundly and passionately antireligious. A new Marx began to emerge.

    He writes in a poem, “I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above.”~ So he was con­vinced that there is One above who rules, but was quarrelling with Him. Yet, the One above had done him no wrong. Marx belonged to a relatively well-to-do family. He had not faced hunger in his childhood. He was much better off than many fellow students. What produced such a terrible hatred for God? No personal motive is known. Was Karl Marx in this declaration only someone else’s mouthpiece? We don’t know

    At an age when most young men have beautiful dreams of doing good to others and preparing a career for themselves, the young Marx wrote the following lines in his poem “Invocation of One in Despair”:

    So a god has snatched from me my all,
    In the curse and rack of destiny.
    All his worlds are gone beyond recall.
    Nothing but revenge is left to me.

    I shall build my throne high overhead,
    Cold, tremendous shall its summit be.
    For its bulwark – superstitious dread.
    For its marshal – blackest agony.

    Who looks on it with a healthy eye,
    Shall turn back, deathly pale and dumb,
    Clutched by blind and chill mortality,
    May his happiness prepare its tomb

    Marx dreamt about ruining the world created by God. He said in another poem:

    Then I will be a~ a to walk triumphantly,
    Like a god, through the rains of their kingdom.
    Every word of mine is fire and action.
    My breast is equal to that of the Creator.

    The words “I shall build my throne high overhead” and the confession that from the one sitting on this throne will emanate only dread and agony remind us of Lucifer’s proud boast, “I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God” (Isaiah 14:13).

    Perhaps it was no coincidence that Bakunin, who was for a time one of Marx’s most intimate friends, wrote,

    One has to worship Marx in order to be loved by him. One has at least to fear him in order to be tolerated by him. Marx is extremely proud, up to dirt and madness.”

    It seems like Marx took on the persona of Satan.

    Ask any marxists or socialists you know if they know these words from Marx

    The following quotation is taken from Marx’s poem “On Hegel”:

    “Words I teach all mixed up into a devilish muddle.
    Thus, anyone may think just what he chooses to think.”

    Here also are words from another epigram on Hegel:

    “Because I discovered the highest,
    And because I found the deepest through meditation,
    I am great like a God;
    I clothe myself in darkness like Him.”

    In his poem “The Pale Maiden,” he writes:

    “Thus heaven I’ve forfeited,
    I know it full well.
    My soul, once true to God,
    Is chosen for hell.”

    And its not only Marx seems like all his socialist friends were involved in satanism in some way and then those who followed Marx such as the USSR were one gigantic satanic system.

    Marx loved the quote from Faust that “everything is worth DESTROYING.” And lets face it, he did an incredible job for his master satan. over 100,000,000 murdered in China, over 60,000,000 in Russia all in his name. And its even more insidious, Marxism has slithered its way into many churches, political parties, and is the dominant belief system of most collage professors, unions etc., For example Liberation Theology is part of marxism.

    Look at how marxism has infiltrated the environmental movement. Hear is a quote “Environmentalists actively seeking the destruction of civilization may seem like characters out of a Tom Clancy Thriller. But in an interview posted on the left-wing site Alternet, three environmentalists called for the end of civilization, as we know it, for the elimination of agriculture, and for attacks on the infrastructure holding civilization together. That article’s headline asked, “Do we need a militant movement to save the planet (and ourselves)?”

    Hear is another quote “Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, and Aric McBay, leaders of a radical environmental movement known as Deep Green Resistance, argued that in order to save the planet industrial civilization must be destroyed, and that humanity must return to living the primitive lifestyles found in indigenous cultures. To accomplish these goals, McBay called for people to “break down the structures that are destroying the planet.”"

    Sounds like Marx don’t they??

    Socialism/marxism sounds so good until you realize there prime goal is to reduce human population down to so called manageable levels. The socialist thinkers and writers who allegedly wanted only to make the world a better place.

    The famous science fiction writer H.G. Wells, who between 1905 and 1940 who lied about what he had seen in Stalin’s Russia and when questioned by a Western journalist (pure evil) about the forced starvations in Ukraine at heart he was a social engineer. In his best-selling books such as Anticipations and A Modern Utopia Wells wrote that he believed the world would collapse; from this collapse a new order should and would emerge. “People throughout the world whose minds were adapted to the big-scale conditions of the new time,” he wrote. “A naturally and informally organized educated class, an unprecedented sort of people.” A strict social order would be formed. At the bottom of it was the base.

    These were “people who had given evidence of a strong anti-social disposition,” including “the black, the brown, the swarthy, the yellow.” Christians would also “have to go,” as well as the handicapped. Wells devoted entire pamphlets to the need of “preventing the birth, preventing the procreation or preventing the existence” of the mentally and physically handicapped. “This thing, this euthanasia of the weak and the sensual is possible. I have little or no doubt that in the future it will be planned and achieved.”

    He also said “The people of Africa and Asia, he said, simply could never find a place in a modern world controlled by science. Better to do away with the lot.” Population would be rigidly controlled, with forced abortion for those who were not of the right class and race. Religion would be banned, children would be raised in communes. The old and the ill would, naturally, have to be done away with and doctors would be given the authority to decide who had a right to live, who had a duty to die. (a common liberal theme).

    The American socialist Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood and is still a feminist and liberal icon (and try and you will be hard pressed to find her bad quotes, goggle etc., try to lead you searches astray). Black people and immigrants in general, were “human weeds” and “reckless breeders,” “spawning human beings who never should have been born.” She believed in the sterilization of the mentally ill, in “racial purification” and the elimination of those she labelled the “feeble-minded.” She was aware, however, that her racism might cause a few problems and warned that, “we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”because it might provoke “their more rebellious members.” A Life long liberal who spoke at least 13 times at KKK meetings.

    And back to George Bernard Shaw who was and is one of the early founders of the socialist Fabian Society. This was a group working for british socialism. In fact they supported nazis fascists and communists. Shaw said that (I am quoting from memory), If you are productive we (the elite rulers) will take care of you, we will give you food shelter, medical, care, etc., but when you stop being productive, we will put you to death in a humane way.

    So socialism (progressivism etc,) can sound good on the surface look deep, under it lies satan. Yea we will give you health care if we decide you are productive to society. Yo think its an over exaggeration start reading our (USA) over 2000 page health care law. The President, most democrats and 1 republican have given us this bill. a Bill that always you to be CHIPPED like a DOG. Increases the TAX on selling your hime by 50%, Yea thats in the bill, why? It also has those human panels to decide that you should die and we can’t waste the money on you. Isn’t socialism juts grand?

    All kidding aside its a control system, and it will be used by antichrist.

    Now I started with socialism goal of population control just what population do socialists think is manageable, well its 500 million to 1 billion. Our population is approaching 7 billion, Expect wars, plaguers, pestilence’s, Expect the Book Of Revelation. Jesus said Unless the Son of Man return humans would be on the brink of being extinct, why? We do it to ourselves???

    24:21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
    24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

  • Anonymous

    Each successive country to fall under the dictatorship of the proletariat must have said that real Communism had never been practiced before, in the belief that they would perfect it; I have heard this saying all over the world.

  • Anonymous

    If I try to bash my head against the wall enough times; how many will it take to get it right?

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