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I Called The Fairfax Co. Police On The Bilderberg Group For Violating The Logan Act

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 22:17
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The Bilderberg Group meets in direct violation of the Logan Act, so we should expect swat teams at their next meeting because they have been reported to police.

The Logan Act.

Text of the Logan Act

§ 953. Private correspondence with foreign governments.
Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.
This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply himself, or his agent, to any foreign government, or the agents thereof, for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

Brian D. Hill
May 2nd, 2012

The Bilderberg Group appears to meet every four years in the United States of America. According to Infowars the Bilderberg Group will meet in Chantilly, VA from May 31st to June the 3rd in 2012. They are likely meeting at the “Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel, site of the Bilderberg meeting in 2002 and 2008, is fully booked from Thursday May 31st up to and including June 3rd, but has rooms available either side of those dates, suggesting almost certainly that it will be home turf for Bilderberg’s crucial 2012 get-together.” cited from Infowars.

I have called the Fairfax County Police department to tell their dispatch about the criminal Bilderberg Group gathering. I was nervous when I called in so ignore my repeated words of ‘basically’. Other then that I think I did good trying to get the Bilderberg Group arrested, investigated, and prosecuted. I was nervous as hell because I don’t know how dispatch will take it but yet I reported the Bilderberg Group for violation of The Logan Act.

I did manage to take notes on my call with dispatch so everybody can know what exactly happened. So here it is!

Dispatcher: Fairfax county Police and fire dispatcher messenger

Brian D. Hill: I like to basically report that a group of top mafia-style criminals are gonna be meeting in Chantilly, VA from May 31st to June the 3rd.

Dispatcher: Okay! and what kind of criminals?

Brian D. Hill: Basically..Um…let’s see…what section….they have violated 18 U.S.C. Section 500..I mean 953 known as The Logan Act…and I am not sure…(cut to dispatcher)

Dispatcher: What does that state?

Brian D. Hill: hmm.

Dispatcher: What is that?

Brian D. Hill: (I couldn’t explain too well but I did give them as much good information as I could while my mind felt like scrambled eggs. I also used the word basically repeatedly because I was a bit nervous.) Basically the Logan Act is where basically American people can’t meet with foreign dignitaries without..basically private correspondence with foreign governments. Basically they have to express approval from the congress..I’m not sure of too much of it myself but basically it’s called the Bilderberg Group. They’re gonna be meeting at I think the Westfields Marriott, Washington Dulles hotel.

Dispatcher: How many people are gonna be there?

Brian D. Hill: Basically it’s gonna be hundreds of people. It’s gonna be basically top American politicians, financial people, and basically a whole wide variety of corporate tycoons and politicians and basically when any American that attends is violating that law. I heard this from reporter named Jim Tucker or James P. Tucker.

Dispatcher: Okay and what would you like us to do about it at this point?

Brian D. Hill: Basically just investigate like you can speak with James Tucker and he can explain to you more about this criminal gathering and I have his phone number.

Dispatcher: uh! Do you know who hes a reporter for? A news channel? Magazine?

Brian D. Hill: The American Free Press

Dispatcher: What’s his number?

Brian D. Hill: Alright first I need to look it up. (Looking through my gmail emails to find it)……yeah I kinda have his number somewhere I’m just trying to look for it. Let’s see……

Dispatcher: What’s your name?

Brian D. Hill: My name is Brian Hill

Dispatcher: How do you speel your last name?

Brian D. Hill: H.i.l.l.

Dispatcher: and what’s the phone number you can be reached at?

Brian D. Hill: That I can be reached at?

Dispatcher: Yes!

Brian D. Hill: (Number redacted for public view)

Dispatcher: (Redacted)

Brian D. Hill: and I finally got Jim Tuckers number, I found it!

Dispatcher: (redacted) and what is his number?

Brian D. Hill: Alright it’s (redacted)

Dispatcher: and is he the one that asked you to call the police?

Brian D. Hill: um..basically he hasn’t..he’s basically told me that they are criminals…they violated the law…I mean the reason I gave you this number is because hes the one that knows more about this. I really I really I don’t know as much as he does. He basically knows the laws that they are violating.

Dispatcher: okay and do you want to leave a address for our records?

Brian D. Hill: (Redacted)

Dispatcher: Is that in Arlington?

Brian D. Hill: That’s in North Carolina!

Dispatcher: okay and your just calling the Fairfax county and this is where it’s gonna take place.

Brian D. Hill: Yeah..Umm.I was just calling so that your just aware of that criminal gathering.

Dispatcher: Thank You!

So expect to see two to three police cars and maybe a SWAT team at the Bilderberg Group meeting if the detectives and police find evidence that the Bilderberg Group did indeed violate the Logan Act.

Source: USWGO Alternative News

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  • AmericanHero


  • Anonymous

    Sadly the police are usually guarding these meetings, not investigating them. Law enforcement is well aware of the bilderburgers meetings and do nothing.

  • Anonymous

    This is excellent! Just the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we need. No US government official can legally attend a meeting between US and foreign nationals where US government policy is decided, and that’s exactly what Bilderberg does. They are an organized crime syndicate, so of course the police need to be notified. Bravo!

  • Greg Ericson

    Bravo, Alexander!

  • Anonymous


  • WatchmanOfEzekiel33

    The Bilderberg Group don’t care. What don’t you understand?

  • IRHologram

    Umm. Well, Hillary Clinton has been well known for violating the Logan Act every year for YEARS of attendance at Bilderberg meetings here and abroad. And BTW, they’ve upped their meeting schedule. It now appears to be an annual, but you’re probably right…every 4 years it’s in the U.S.

  • terry the censor

    You can’t, unilaterally, decide what a 200-year-old law means. Also, it was a reactionary law intended to curb the actions of private citizens — is that what you support? Consider that there has NEVER been a trial, let alone a conviction, for transgressing the law.

    Basically, the writer knows nothing.

  • AmericanHero

    @terry the censor But at least he had the courage to do something…you can’t just decide tear down someone for trying.

  • terry the censor


    He’s calling the cops on people who are not — merely by meeting — breaking the law. That’s not courage, it’s stupidity.

  • IRHologram

    So, Terry. It may not have come to your attention that this Bilderberg group establishes, by vote among the invited, vested, participants…international policy with timetables regarding economics, war, and eugenics; leadership “plants” in each country; and agendas for future meetings. Attendees like Hillary Clinton are clearly violating the Logan Act which has as relevant a role now as when it was penned: it is treason to facilitate the needs of other nations’ peoples in trade offs against the well being of our own citizens, who they were duly elected to represent. Period.

  • terry the censor


    By vote? Show me a Bilderberger saying they make proposals and vote on them, and these proposals are thereafter implemented.

  • Anonymous

    Someone might consider notifying the Press Club regarding their many high-profile members of the National Press that attend and don’t report on the Bilderberger’s activites. This renders these “journalists” news makers, not news reporters for their various agencies…certainly a major professional conflict of interest.

  • IRHologram

    There are die hard researchers of Bilderberg meetings… but not from the American Press so much…Just Jim Tucker, first and then Alex Jones… but Terry, with respect to a printed agenda or computerzied vote tallies, paper ballots, or even a pic of a show of hands … Please remember that YOU probably were arguing that this group didn’t even exist up until two years ago when a few dodged reporters finally got their stories in mainstream news. Because these meetings are secret, of course I can’t “show you” just as I can’t “show you” the illegal caucuses that used to exist in cigar smoke filled rooms in Chicago.. but it was common knowledge they existed. But YOU can research this topic: You can google these meetings. Or I’ve started the search for you here (But please don’t stop here.)

    Go here as well: From this source: Quote

    Bilderberg’s decision to hold the conference in the United States is directly connected with the key role the secretive clique of industrialists, bankers, academic leaders and media figureheads will play in influencing the 2012 presidential election.

    Bilderberg is set to select Mitt Romney’s running mate, with Florida Senator Marco Rubio the prime candidate to take the VP slot. Bilderberg displayed their kingmaker status during the last two U.S. presidential elections when they selected Barack Obama’s running mate Joe Biden in 2008, as well as picking John Edwards to be John Kerry’s VP in 2004.

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