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US Kill List Critic Found Dead In NY

Saturday, January 12, 2013 23:14
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Prominent American blogger and computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, who spoke against US President Barack Obama’s “kill list” and cyber attacks against Iran, has been found dead in New York.

Police found the body of the 26-year-old in his apartment in New York City borough of Brooklyn on Friday, said a spokeswoman for the city’s chief medical examiner.

Brooklyn’s chief medical examiner ruled the death a suicide by hanging, but no further detail is available about the mysterious death.

Last year, Swartz openly criticized the US and the Israeli regime for launching joint cyber attacks against Iran.

The blogger was also vocal in criticizing Obama’s so-called kill list and other policies.

Obama has been reportedly approving the names put on the “kill lists” used in the targeted killing operations carried out by US assassination drones.

Every week or so, more than 100 members of the US national security team gather via secure video teleconference run by the Pentagon and go over the biographies of suspects in Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan, and “nominate” those who should be targeted in the attacks.

Obama is then provided with the identities of those put on the “kill list” and signs off on every strike in Yemen and Somalia as well as the risky strikes in Pakistan.

Swartz was also widely credited for co-authoring the specifications for the Web feed format RSS 1.0 (Rich Site Summary) which he worked on at age 14.

RSS is designed to deliver content from sites that change constantly, such as news pages, to users.

Swartz was critical of monopoly of information by corporate cartels and believed that information should be shared and available for the benefit of society.

“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves,” he wrote in an online “manifesto” in 2008.

Based on that belief, the computer prodigy founded the nonprofit group DemandProgress.

The group launched a successful campaign to block a 2011 bill that the US House of Representatives called the Stop Online Piracy Act.

Had it been approved, the bill would have allowed court orders to restrain access to some websites considered to be involved in illegal sharing of intellectual property.

DemandProgress argued that the thwarted Stop Online Piracy Act would have broadly authorized the US government to censor and restrict legitimate Web communication.



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    • lez sez

      kooks like everyone is scared of commenting, yes theirs a few died like this, allegedly suicide, and when a call frau,said she was to go to court on the day to give evidence, she was interviewed and said she had no suicidal tendancies, her mother found her dead in the garage, strange way too die in a garage, suicides in garages? the victim usually switches car engine on and goes asleep, obama maybe on way out, BUT WHO WILL REPLACE HIM, lol, better the devil you know? rem., keep your enemy at arms lentgh,god bless america

      • Harry Nut

        Better to keep opinion to oneself in the Obama states. I wouldn’t put it past him….

        As far as cyber attacks and Muslim extremest that have it in for the Union I’m all for. If it all possible lets fund this conflict on terrorist money and not raise our taxes to do so! If they are gonna make us fight lets figure a way to do it without collapsing our economy.

        Who better to run the Country than Obama? Well if he would just rely on our Government structure and focused on what his job actually is there would be no problem. Whenever he starts mocking congress and talking like he is gonna override our system there will be a problem. 435 state reps, 535 members of congress and 100 senators…. That’s 1070 minds other than Obama… If the guy keeps in mind we have x amount of bills, our economy produces x amount and our arm only reaches x amount he will be ok….. Something else Obama can’t see is the Government can’t out grow the people.

        Obama worries me. For starters he is a Constitutional lawyer that lost the right to practice. This tells me scores about his thinking. Obama should worry about keeping the balance and not getting his face on a 16 trillion dollar coin, lamo! :cool: just sayin…..

      • Mayhem

        Now i wish i was American, i just love a challenge because i’ve the balls to match the breasticles of lez sez. She would be welcome to appear along with me; we could shout in unison “Here we are come and get us” while standing on the WH lawn.

        If you brought a thermos of coffee we could call it a date, Girlfriend, just don’t expect ‘happy ending’, you’d have to earn that. :razz:

    • Ericzipp

      It appears Obama is using the murder powers he gave himself in the NDAA December 31, 2011. Not only is he authorizing the the prejudicial murder of whole families in Arab countries children included but now it would appear that people who disagree with his political agenda here in the US are being targeted for assassination. This is the 4th mysterious death of a Obama critic in the last two weeks. The drone attacks were used to normalize assassination and now that we have accepted it as okay to murder Arabs in far away land the same murders are bringing their activities home to assassinate political dissidents at home. In ways it reminds me of how Hitler targeted Jews and other minorities to clear the way to target other German citizen. Though it more closely resembles Stalin’s murder of the Ukrainians. When are people going to learn that when we don’t stand against evil towards others eventually that evil is going to find its way home.
      “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

    • Anonymous

      sometimes “suicide” works better than drones.

    • shroomer

      Obviously Murdered . No one is safe anywhere in the World . If your “allowed ” to speak out against the Illegal Govt. in the United States of Israel , You Must Say what “they” want said . The Cia/Mossad Demolition the W T C in a false flag attack Killing thousands of innocent People and The Cover up that followed also involved the Murder , also claimed to be Suicide , of the Investigators . Now I understand Malcolm X,s meaning much clearer , BY ANY MEANS . My generation witnessed the MURDER of Abbie Hoffman , and too many others , also jewish – also ? suicide , and the destruction of Alternative political parties ,Yippies /Black Panthers etc . We ALL must Die eventually – So lets GO OUT WITH A BANG !!! If we the People are not allowed to make a statement while living Let us make one with death . :!:

    • GK

      You idiots. He suffered from depression. He wrote about his depression back in 2007. Claiming he was murdered is ludicrous. Stop trying to politicize a tragedy. Then again, that’s all you conservative nutjobs ever do, so why should I be surprised?

      • Anonymoose

        Aaron Swartz refused to accept injustice as inevitable, and was a tireless crusader against government corruption. RIP good soul.

        It is no secret that DemandProgress is a much hated group by the white house murder-children-by-drone elitists for their support of whistleblowing, and opposition of backscatter X-ray used by the TSA, censorship of Facebook, continuation of the Patriot Act, government-mandated Internet ID’s, and not-so-secret White House Kill Lists, and no secret that the same government thugs were persecuting Aaron for his activism.

        • Anonymoose

          And I am not saying he was murdered, it certainly would be business as unusual for politicians to murder, but in this case, Aaron’s family knew the pressures, and I believe his family when they say he couldn’t handle the 30 years in prison he faced, as well as some of the other damaging assults on Aaron from certain government thugs..

      • barb patton

        I wonder who is the idiot if you believe all the drivel, trash and nonsense the present government feeds the lemmings. Are you perhaps one of those that oozes excitement down your leg when the latte one speaks??? are you one of those that drool at the mouth when you see the latte one shimmy shammy across the stage to the sounds of a Beyonce song?? if so – you need to go visit a FEMA CAMP and enjoy your stay there with the compliments of the ayatollah barack hussein obama – soon to be MAHDI of the arab world. Perhaps you have forgotten the others that have mysteriously “died” during the reign of Bill (I DID NOT SLEEP WITH THAT WOMAN) either… yea right… who is the idiot??

      • Blogengeezer

        “Suffered from Depression”? Are you thoroughly aware of SSRI’s? The now commonplace, ‘designer’ Drug class, naively known as Antidepressants that are now ingested by more Americans than anyone can believe?

        The USA now consumes over 82% of all Oxycodone ‘type’ Pain Killers manufactured throughout the world. Opiates and their derivatives are rampaging like a wildfire across the USA. Illicit Drugs, though at record consumption, are now becoming minimal in comparison to the ‘prescribed’ chemistry… Pharmacia, being the ancient term. Perpetually Dependency Addicted Citizens will soon fall into the historical class known as ‘Subjects’ as their subsidized addiction becomes insatiable.

        Govt officials and Bureaucrats are not immune to the onrushing plague of ‘Mind Altering Substances’ now associated with/involved directly in, ALL of the recent Violent Atrocities being reported. The USA is now the World Leader in ‘chemically derived logic’ being the basis for government ‘against’ the people. At no time in history has this occurred to this magnitude, other than the, small by comparison, ‘Opium Wars’ waged Against China by the ‘Control Obsessed’ British Empire. The losers will predictably be The ‘Subjects’..

    • hangman

      And the angel of death stikes another blow for Obama. While good people have a guardian angel, Obama is kept free of enemies in a strange way. Since he is a negro, could he be doing it with Voodoo? Only he and Lucifer know for sure.

      • Cap-Z-ro

        Hmmm, I wonder if the name of Aaron Swartz “coincidentially” happened to be on birthless Barry’s “assisted” suicide list…that a “judge” recently ruled should not be made public ?

      • Anonymous

        Yes and he is protected by the Army 666 of Satan. Hail ISRAHEL

    • PatGlynn

      Things like this have been happening at top levels of “government” in much the same way for literally thousands of years. More of us feel opposed today because more of us are getting properly informed. The current administration led by elitist world-market capitalists will suppress dissent and detour legal challenges at the expense of the citizens, regardless the expence. Their apparatus can be discouraged, dismantled and dissolved only by a more effective and far reaching strategy implemented by intelligent persons united in their purpose and resolve. I cannot personally speak to when the scales are going to tip, but it is certain they must, and in that day the Nation may consider itself re-established, worthy of its founders vision as a beacon of hope for humankind.

    • Anonymous

      :arrow: :mad: another scam…like 9/11

    • Anonymous

      Just thinking out loud Aaron Swartz sounds Yiddish,wonder if he upset the Elite Zionists that take this kind of treason from a Jew more serious than from a Christian?

    • Mayhem


      I say this person was murdered as soon as the powers that be realised that their case was destined to fail. I quote as evidence from the news article i first saw relating to this death…

      “Many say the lawsuit is unfounded because MIT allows guests access to JSTOR and Swartz, who was undertaking a fellowship at Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics at the time of downloading, was a guest. The case has also been deemed highly controversial because it wasn’t JSTOR – the alleged victim in the case – which referred Swartz to the federal government, according to the company’s vice president of Marketing and Communications, Heidi McGregor. She says JSTOR was content once it reclaimed the works from Swartz.”

      I say this young man had nothing to fear from the courts. It would seem certain that if he had downloaded these documents in smaller blocks that he would not have even come to the attention of the copyright holders. The above quotation clearly states that the copyright holders did not intitiate any proceedings nor did they have any lasting concerns.

      One more for the Martyrs honour role in my opinion.

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