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New Pope Francis I Legit or NWO Engineered: Here Is How We Will Know In Just Two Weeks

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 13:45
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The Catholic Church has a new Pope Francis I. The circumstances concerning the Papacy have been most unusual lately. First of all the Pope (Benedict VI) was the first to resign in almost 500 years. Then in less just two days or so the process to choose a new Pope has been completed. Given the “Vatican Butler” leaks and some cryptic statements from the Vatican press (low level editor) about supporting International Financial Controls-it’s clear that the Globalists would like control of the Catholic Church.

Is this an Independent Election of a Pope or NWO Globalist Engineered? Since this Pope has been heretofore socially conservative we will know very soon. The “Globalist’s” would only support a socially conservative Pope if he was “their” guy. Therefore, the mainstream media coverage will soon tip their hand. If Francis I is legit the mainstream media coverage will be negative. If he is their guy the coverage will be positive or neutral. Let’s give Francis I the benefit of the doubt for now. Yet I am betting the Globalist hand will be tipped within 2 weeks of Media coverage!

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  • ReasonFirst

    Wow. What stunning proof you provide!!!

    So…who is the mainstream media? Specifically?

    What will constitute positive, negative or neutral coverage? What are the criteria for each category?

    Who will decide if said coverage falls into a given category?

    Who exactly are these “Globalists” and HOW, how do you know what they would and would not support? Are you one of them? Do you attend their meetings or something?

    There is no other option for positive coverage than this pope isn’t “legit?” No other circumstances whatsoever?

    • Freewilloffering

      Do you work for “Organizing for Amerika”-you know–the Obot group?

      • ThenAgain

        And actually, there is no debate on this as the bankers control it all, including the vatican, they’re earlier family members also re-wrote many of the early texts (re-naming them ‘bibles’) so that people today would be controlled by them and used against people. A good article here the other day featured which offers two free books to download that go into how this was and is All engineered.

        We need no more proof than the many pedophiles who were simply allowed to ‘retire’ instead of going to jail, and the hundreds still coming forward on it, meanwhile they still have hundreds of millions of duped actually putting money in their false-church pots. See the two free books, tell others to see them. Very Interesting.

      • ReasonFirst

        The article is about the election of the Pope. Doesn’t say anything about Obama or whatever the hell Organizing for Amerika (sic) is…

        You can’t answer the questions, provide authentic sources and sound argument to back up your position, so you change the topic to try and hide the fact that your position is intellectually bankrupt.

        For your information, I’m a libertarian. No, not the Glenn Beck bullshit type either. I didn’t vote for either Obama or Bush.

        Now, if you have genuine information that might change my mind and answer my questions, what not post it instead of using ad hominem attacks and strawman arguments.

        Who, specifically, is the mainstream media?
        What constitutes positive, negative and neutral coverage? What is the criteria?
        Who decides what category said coverage falls into?
        Who exactly are the “Globalists” and how do you know what their agenda is?
        Finally, there’s no other option, no other motive, for for new coverage?

      • ReasonFirst

        Hey “ThenAgain”…

        Please provide evidence for your claims. Saying there is no debate is just a cheap way to get out of providing evidence and making sound arguments.

        And no some crackpot’s ramblings in pdf form do not count.

        Please provide some proof that “bankers” re-wrote texts and named them “bibles.” Please provide proof that they did this to control people…not just people at the time but, people 2000 years later.

        Galatians was written in 49 AD, Thessolonians, James, Romans, Mark all around the same time period…2000 years…2000 years ago a cabal of bankers wrote these texts to control a civilization with computers, spaceships, heart transplants….a civilization that they couldn’t even conceive yet…………………….

        Yeah, right.

    • Chief

      Pope Francis is acted by jew, Jonathan Pryce

      There, by definition, he is NWO (=JWO) engineered.

  • Anonymous

    pope is elected on 03/13/13 this meaning something. this is why the conclave was moved up..first time in the history of the church.

    the pope resigned on 02/11. this is the anniversary of the vatican becoming a nation state (pope as king). my guess is he was trying to tell us something without saying the words. maybe he realized what was up and could not speak about it so he chose to do a historical event on a historical day trying to get people to look at the 7 kings

    pope francis is the 7th king of vatican city…check out revelation 17 and the 7th king

    the first jesuit ope in history…this is creepy if one knows who the jesuits are

    wait to see what happens on easter 03/31/13

    these are special numbers to the masons, knights of malta, jesuits

    • ThenAgain

      This engineering choosing was so that by putting up a latin puppet the US is further pushed to give amnesty to millions of illegals. Also note how many times the media sockpuppets are saying this puppet if ‘from the new world’ ‘new world’ ‘new world’. SA is not the ‘new world’ it is far more ancient than the US. Engineered. See my comment above.

      Another bottom line is pedophilia, anyone who in any way supports the false god catholic scam supports pedophilia, period.

      • ReasonFirst

        You have to know that they are not referring to the civilizations on N. and S. America when they say “new world.”

        You know damn well that the Americas, North and South, have been referred to as the “new world” popularly for hundreds of years.

        It’s also very poor and confused logic on your part to compare a landmass, a continent (South America) with a nation (United States). So let me help you out by comparing the actual nations for you…US declared independence from British Empire in 1776 and Argentina declared independence from Spain in 1816 and adopted their current constitution in the 1850′s. So actually, Argentina is “newer” than the US.

        By the way, how do you know so much about “them,” these “engineers?” Where did you get such information?

      • jbborsel

        @then again…the america’s in general have always been termed “the new world”…i do agree that there is some machination in effect though…it looks like they are using prophesy and lore as a playbook for their schemes…1. he IS italian, his dad is from Turin…so he is “ROMAN” and he is the 1st pope from the “new world” i.e. the Americas…they chose carefully
        this is creepy stuff…
        1. lightning stikes st peter’s the day benedict resigns
        2.the comet pannstar is visible the 1st night of conclave…comets are bad omens
        3. st malachy prophesy
        a. he is “ROMAN”
        b. he is the first “new world” pope
        c. he is a jesuit …..?”black pope”
        4. he was shown to the people at 8:22 local time or 3:22 std eastern time where Yale (and the skull and bones society is)
        5. conjecture for his unprecedented election is that benedict would not be able to physically withstand the coming wave of sex abuse scandals that are going to rock the vatican…”a time of tribulation”
        i guess we will know soon enough,lol…

  • Anonymous

    A Goddamned human mongoose.

  • yes2truth

    Nothing has changed. The Mother of Harlots is still the Mother of Harlots, only with a Babylonian Canaanite (Hitite) Pope instead of an Assyrian (German) Pope.

    • Anonymous

      AND the daughters are still the daughters of the whore.
      Are there any modern religions related to the bible that are not?

      • yes2truth

        Her daughters are the Protestant demominations (Demon-inations) in fact, any group that believes in the trinity is a daughter of the Mother of Harlots.

        “Are there any modern religions related to the bible that are not?”

        Following Yashua Anointed is The Way and is NOT a religion, and The Holy Scriptures are not religious either.

  • Don't be hating!

    Who freaking cares…Pope days are soon to be exstinct

  • Freewilloffering

    @ ReasonFirst (My responses in Caps)

    You are either mentally challenged (in which case I apologize for my below responses)
    or you are an Obama/Communist Troll/Shill (in which case I stand by my responses).
    Your points of non-understanding are so trite and mindless that you appear to be the later. You are no doubt part of of Obama’s misinformation troll campaign that ramped up in January.
    Are your comments original or read off a list they give you? Either way they are lame and stupid. LOL

    Who, specifically, is the mainstream media?

    What constitutes positive, negative and neutral coverage? What is the criteria?

    Who decides what category said coverage falls into?

    Who exactly are the “Globalists” and how do you know what their agenda is?

    Finally, there’s no other option, no other motive, for for new coverage?

  • Anonymous

    If Pope Francis represents God’s church and the Bible here on Earth, and he is willing to be influenced by the Zionist devils Brigade,then he will be judged by god.
    As far as the former Pope having resigned,have you ever thought that he might not want to play to the tune of his puppet masters,or he was ashamed what has happened in the past?
    Some humans still have feelings and morals.
    Looking at these bins they are very few of you left having those traits and they are getting less by every day….
    May God forgive you.

  • midwestgrandma

    We will see.

    But, in my book, someone that lived in a regular apartment, rode the bus to work and cooked their own meals (I am aware of how Cardinals and Bishops live) – Pope Francis sounds, so far, like a pretty common, humble guy.

    Now, time will tell.

    He did seem to get voted in awfully fast. He is of Italian blood (St. Malachi prophecy) and all Popes essentially are “Peter”.

    Time will tell.

    Things all over the planet have gotten crazier over the last 4 decades.

    Just cycles, just changes or prophecy?

    Again, only time will tell.

    As Popes are not allowed to have autopsies this one could easily be poisoned if he does not fall into line with satan’s NWO.

    Again, only time will tell.

    If anyone reading this prays, now is the time to pray for World Peace, getting some good leaders and the healing of the mismanagement of our planet.

    • wizard

      Dear Grandma
      Do you know what a Jesuit is.
      They are a military establishment hell bent on world domination by any means. They have no moral fiber and care not for fellow humans. POPE Francis is a murdering pedophile like all those Pops before him.

      • Anonymous

        There are very few words that can describe you and your intelligence.
        As you are of Satans flock it is of no surprise.
        Grandma in contrast is intelligent and has an open mind,someone to respect.
        I know a Cousin of Pope Francis she immigrated from Argentina to Canada where she runs a small coffee shop.Over the years I got to know her well and practice my Spanish on her.
        She of course had first hand information something that seems to lack on these speculative bins.
        He is not a Jesuit but if the Franciscan order of Monks and wears the Brown Robe.
        Knowing him personally she confirmed his true Christian beliefs and saw him many times attending to the poor,while the black robe Jesuits are as she said for the Rich.
        Just like comparing the black shirt Nazis with the Brown shirt Hitler youth tha had to follow the Black shirt policies.
        I surely hope that Pope Francisco remains in his own control,but fear for his life.
        As Grandma say’s Time will tell.
        I am not a Catholic but I pray to god for his protection.

    • Anonymous

      Since you are one of the few around here that has an open but sharp mind ,this is without bias for you and conformation and validity of my previous statements.

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