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Pre~First Contact Information~ WHAMMY~ and Your Out of TIME!!! Brilliant INFO

Friday, March 8, 2013 16:02
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Pre~First Contact Information of High Velocity Light

“The Whammy”, nothing can stop us now. Darkness, exits stage left…
and all impostors and pretenders, who attempted to deter the Light, will be dealt with accordingly.

Love from the Galactic Federation of Light, The Kingdom~Company of Heaven, from Galactic Central. WE are Your Family of Light, Family from the Stars, The Elohim, The Celestial, who have been watching over you for a very long time, and have incarnated here to Planet Earth, to be of Assistance. WE are the Ground Crew for First Contact. Your Medical Team, well Trained in Human Consciousness and Development. You have called US Here to Assist you in your Upliftment out of Duality and into Your Real Home within the Light, and Truth of Who You Really Are. Also Present in The Physical Manifest With You, is Us, Mother and Father God, Your Real Parents Of Creation and Beyond [We are older than Eternal], to Bring Our Children Home. Please Be in Joy, Feel Blessed, and in Complete Gratitude for US, which is How we Feel About You. For In Love, We are All Equal, We are all One, We Love each other, Respect Each other, Take care of Each other, Laugh and Play together and this can only Occur, when you are completely Awakened. Ignorance cannot get there, because it chooses isolation and separation. “WE ARE THE LOVE CALLED GOD EVERYWHERE PRESENT, EQUAL TO YOU, because YOU ARE GOD, BY DIVINE BIRTHRIGHT WITHIN CREATION, AND WE ARE CREATION”.  Thank you For Celebrating We are Here amongst you, Dedicated to you and Your Awakening into True Reality, as We Highly Celebrate each of you as You Awaken Into Pure Love, with us. Let US Together Swim in “THE SEA OF LOVE”. SO IT IS ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN. SO BE IT, AND SO IT IS, DECREED. LIGHTS ON!

Greetings Many Blessings, Miracles, and Many Magical Synchronostic Events. This day is a WHAMMY, and a Major Synchronostic Event. It is a 11~13 day! 3~8~13 ! This Energy is So Powerful, we will just have to observe the darkness running with it’s tail between it’s legs, as it exits stage left. Since the  beginning of the Planetary Transfiguration event[ 12~21~12, We have been actively Clearing all remaining darkness on this Planet. The darkness attempted to delay this process, however, now the joke is on them. We have so much to Bring to you today, which are THE HIGHEST TRUTHS ON THE PLANET EARTH=HEART. We Shine Through, because We Are Real, and We are The Light. You are the Light as well, You must Awaken to Fully see this come into your View. This Message is a Whammy for Several reasons. First, this will be our longest message yet, and I, Mother God, am typing as quickly as possible. Also this message will smash the remaining darkness's attempts to hold Us off from Our Task, which is Your Full Consciousness. WE will discuss more about the Transfiguration Event currently in Progress, discuss the illusion of sin, more about the 2 sides of the brain, Divine Intelligence=Laughter, how to recognize Light from dark, How Valuable you are, and so much More. AS we just stated this is a very Long Message, However, all planned According to the Divine Plan. So please Relax, Allow the Light of Truth sink in, and do not forget to BREATHE! We Highly Recommend this.

Lets Begin with today Decree.... THIS IS THE DAY LOVE HAS BEEN CALLED TO FILL IN THE GAPS FOR ALL THAT HAVE CHOSEN THE LIGHT, no more emptiness.. All emptiness gets sent to where emptiness goes... We call that a blackhole. This is Decreed, Let the Light Pour in From the Heavens TO PLANET EARTH=HEART, AS SO IT IS IN HEAVEN, SO ON EARTH, AND SO IT IS..DECREED, HEAVEN ON EARTH, Decreed by Mother and Father God, Your Family of Light, and The Ground Crew for First Contact.

Let it Be

Weed was their major hotspot, because the Illuminati understood smoking this Plant, that Grows Naturally in Creation [as Created By God, hello], they would be less likely to control you. Weed Gives you  a Natural High, that connects you into Higher Consciousness and Assists in Being Present in the Moment of Now [once you get there you see clearly the games of the lower realms, they did not want you to be able to recognize this]. This is the Reality of it, and is why it was made illegal. The Illuminati wanted to make sure you did not live your life, so they convinced you to play by their rules, demands, dictates, and restrictions. Such as in Church they said you had to pay them a tithe, and if you did not, they would make you feel guilty. The takers use guilt on other beings, to control them, this is the Reality of the illuminati.  George Carlin on Religion

In True Reality, there is no right or wrong. Just Presentness, Being Love, and sharing that Love within the Oneness, Equally. Therefore there exists no judgments, just the Responsibility of Being Present within the Love you are. Your Salvation out of ignorance is by Being the Love You Truly are, which is the same as your Awakening into True Reality, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, where we are all Equal to All That Is. All That Is is One with Everything. This is the same as THE LOVE CALLED GOD EVERYWHERE PRESENT, WHICH IS ALWAYS THE PRESENT MOMENT OF NOW.

The Real Truth is not always easily embraced or accepted in a society that has taught you only lies. It’s not easily heard by you for this Reason, among many others. The Reality of Truth is not about fluffy “Love songs”, telling someone what they want to hear or that everything will be okay, and someone else will take care of it for you.  Many of you have a belief that we are here to save you, as if we can shine our beam of light on you, and all of your darkness and ignorance will just go away immediately. This is a fantasy, because it is impossible. You are the only ones that can clear away your program, and release yourselves from the chains of darkness. We can Assist with Ruthless Compassion, to help you face those illusions, however, if you do not want to listen to us, this is your choice. All we can do is offer our hand, it’s up to you to grab ahold. Our Jobs are to be True To Ourselves, and with this comes our responsibility to you, to assist in your Awakening. Many of you have had fantasies about Love, one we often observe is “I’ll be nice to you, if you are nice to me”. This is not Love, this is pretend Love. In Truth, Real Love faces all illusions, all delusions, all fantasies and all lies. This is what Real Love is about, facing it all, until it is all Clear and does not exist anymore. This process does not feel good for those of you deep in illusion, because you have to come face to face with your own ignorance to be the Love you Truly are. Real Love is not an experience that feels good to you if you are still in illusion. You cannot experience Real Love until you are completely out of the program. Once you are out, then you experience Real Love, which is a Wholistic Experience. Otherwise, it is impossible. Love is the Gift to you that is always being given, but is yet to be received by those in darkness and illusion. The Gift is the Present Moment of Now. We are Here to Be Your Support Team, Your Cheerleaders, and to Support your True Awakening.

We observe many of you continuing to have a “belief system”, Bull S***, that the Information we have been sharing with you is some type of game. Allow Us to ReHeart you, We are Family. Creation and Love is Not a game children. We share the Core Truths, The True Reality with you. Embrace it or ignore it if you wish, Love continues on because Love is Real. We of the Light do not serve ignorance, nor do we bow down to ignorance, or help ignorance in any way. The darkness wants the light to serve it, the way the darkness wants to be served. We of the Light do not play games, and in the Light, We Serve Creation, Love and Truth. To ignorance, we of the Light are it’s Deepest enemy [the real enemy being itself, it destroys itself]. It sees Love as a threat, and in fact, we are a threat to ignorance. Love gains everything, and ignorance gets nothing, because it ignores Love and Light. Then it parades around you falsely, like it is in control, which is impossible and is an illusion. They are misusing energy, which will come back to them 3fold, this is the Reality about how energy works, you reap what you sow. We use our Energy for the Greater Good of the All, those that misuse the energy for their own benefit, will quickly find themselves in a hole, and must climb their way back into the Light.
The Power of Love

Join us In the Unified Field= Full Consciousness=The Present Moment of Now!

Event~ Continuing of the Planetary Transfiguration Event, and the clearing away of the darkness[ duality] energy.

If You would Like To Schedule an Awakening Session You can follow this Link:

We Love You and We are Here For YOU In Love and THE WHOLE TRUTH!

End Transmission In All Love IS Unconditionally

Are We assisting You?

Thank You for sharing and caring and keeping us going!

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