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Radio Host Swat Teamed & Jailed Without Bail

Thursday, April 4, 2013 2:10
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Episode #385 – Radio Host Swat Teamed – Jailed Without Bail

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Tomorrow on The Pete Santilli Show : Larry Nichols; The Clinton Chronicles …

Today; Wednesday: April 4, 2013

Special Guest: Larry Wallace; Co-Host for James McAuthor (The Baltimore Blogger)


Before It’s News Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

15 year old girl leaves anti gun legislators speechless

Show Chronology Courtesy Of Jana Murray

>11:00am – 11:20am Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11:03 Gunz is in the studio, going to be a board operator, Reynolds Reveal, and Ruckus Show

11:04 Ruckus under adversity he doesn’t quit, the epitome of what GMN is all about.

11:06 We have a story to tell you, told by  James MacArthur, the Boston Blogger, another Pete Santilli on the East Coast

they swat teamed his ass, this guy can’t afford adequate legal counsel, entire system has steam rolled him.

11:08 When we talk to Larry Wallace, he is up against one of the worst terrorist,

Tell you Police Officers out there, you better join me, a Constitutional Police Officer.

11:09 You are the one to bring things to the extreme, avoid violence, leave us the fuck alone, that’s all you need to do.

11:10 I am smart enough to tell you  that we live in a country that everything is against me, for saying something “radical”

11:11 I will leave this fucking planet  a free man, if you are an unconstitutional police officer, just using your “equipment” especially if the guy is black.   You are just “doing your job”.

11:12 Most cases these people surrender, James MacArthur, he wants to be a law abiding citizen.

With me, you as a police officer are neglecting your fucking duties, you will not win a civil war.

11:13 I have got the U.S. Constitution on my side, I am going to stand and fight on behalf of everybody.

11:14 We need to get Barack Obama, we are going to talk about the overthrow of tyranny.  This guy came out of the Chicago mafia.

11:15 Tomorrow I am going to have Larry Nichols on the show, wrote the Clinton Chronicles, we are not going to mess around.   I don’t want to alienate anybody who wants to abide by the U.S. Constitution…  Got a bunch of X Box gamers in the military who don’t understand the Constitution.


> 11:20am-11:40am  

11:23 Huge rant, on behalf of a man who is literally a political prisoner, We need to get James Whitehead of Rutherford Institute on the James MacArthur case

11:25 I love African Americans, I give credit to the Obama phone lady, I am trying to set up a system that we don’t need food stamps.

11:26 What’s is racist is Obama trying to use that African American woman and put her on the Obama payroll.

11:27 Let’s dumb them down for thirty years, I am going to fight to get her off of Communism.

11:28 Obama is yesterday unveiled a decades long project, mapping the brain, mystery waiting to be unlocked, 100 million dollar budget, tagged epilepsy, brain initiative

11:29 The BRAIN project can generate economic growth and sited the sequestration.  Start doing experiments on people with epilepsy.

11:32 People get paid and get extra bonuses to voluntarily test vaccines, this is pretty evasive.

11:33 Obama phone lady doesn’t know what self respect is, she has been bred in Compton, cops are staying on the outskirts of her zip code.

11:34 I love the Obama Phone Lady almost more than she loves herself.  Get out a do something, all she can do is take her handouts and that fricking moulie is lying to her.

11:35 I honestly believe that I have her best interests at heart, it is much worse than you are saying.

Martin Luther King is turning in his grave.  I voted for that bastard, I feel for it too, guess what they are were right, you are about to get Sharia Law, turning our country over to the United Nations.

11:37 Send Valerie Jarret, supplying Al-Qaeda with munitions, this dude is not America.

11:38 The minority of people that we are referring to need to band together because this Mother F’er is a Muslim

11:39 Want those blue helmets in your neighborhood?


> 11:40-12:00pm

11:50 Allister from: We don’t want a One World and One World Government.

11:52 Brian: coming out strong, speaking the truth, at a minimum want to save us from slavery.

11:53 They will never get me to submit to their system ever.


> 12:00- 12:20 pm Bunker News Break with Patrick Henningsen

12:00 , send me a friend request, to Pete.

12:01 Savvy you are live: Nothing is ever as it seems, ‘brain research’, they have this gun issue brought up, but why did we hear about this when Cheney shot his hunting friend?

12:02 - 15 year old girl leaves anti gun legislators speechless, sound clip.

12:05 Consider these points before passing gun legislation, these are the type of people who we would hope would run for office.

12:06 Maryland restrict magazine to 10 bullets, biometrics, subjective mental health area.

Restrictive gun laws will statistically and factually hurt low income individuals the most.

12:08 Southern California, trend, now have young kids breaking into homes looking for guns.

12:09 Pushing so hard on Maryland gun bill, they may be defeated.

U.N. approves global arms treaty, General Assembly Intl. Gun Trade, 3000 tons of firearms, this would be the biggest example of gun running, Croatian airlift to Jordan.

12:11 Obama’s signature, two sets of rules and two sets of reality.

12:12 How we oppose the United Nations, we totally revolt against this Declaration of Freedom, not an elected body.

12:13 We do this through our system of elections within our country.  Does the United Nations supersede the United States within our country.

12:14 John Kerry is celebrating what an effective internationalist tool, having the UN overlay on the Constitution

12:15 They are implementing small arms treaties against the people who need  guns the most.

12:16 Transferring guns out of Libya and Croatia to Al-Qaeda.


> 12:20pm-12:40pm   Larry Wallace (on behalf of James MacArthur)

12:23 James MacArthur (sound clip)

12:24 Voice of a man that I not only stand beside as fellow talk show host, the system came and got him, threw him in jail without bail.

12:25 Larry Wallace, Taxi Talk  with Jimmy the Body Guard.

People come and talk to us, not the cops. We are doing our absolute best to bring the truth to the people.

12:28 What did he say? He challenged them on twitter,he knew he wasn’t going to killed by doing show live on air.

12:30 His source was on the inside, the government was trying to silence his voice, never committed violent crimes.

12:31 This man was chasing somebody away, immediately locked him up, went to get his cab, they locked him up again.

12:32 Asked if he could do his show in facility, they let him out because nothing was wrong with him, let him out.

He was being evaluated for thirty days.

12:33 Thirty day period he had no income, friends and family were helping him out.

He’s behind six months.

12:34 Denied his bail, they found a sawed off shut gun, Jury trial set for May 8th. Available for public interviews? Don’t think so.

12:37 Very serious issue, when I joined US Marine corps only one color cammo, race here in America, is a big problem

12:38 Typically because of our system, race issue, limits African Americans ability to legally defend themselves.

12:39 Don’t have the legal fees like OJ Simpson. The bottom line is that people in jail that have to get public defenders.


> 12:40pm – 1:00pm 

12:41 Public defender came to him, I believe his Constitutional rights have been violated, get you contact with the Rutherford Institute. /nepPbf31SQ

12:43 Do you think that Obama is taking care of the African American community?

Yes,  Obama is creating unemployment here and hiring cheap Chinese slave labor.

12:44 Do you think that we need food stamps for our people, they should just give people who really need them

12:45 Pete: We should employ the unemployed in the United States instead of Chinese laborers.

12:46 I want my vote back now, he is perpetuating war.  Most people don’t even know that we can get people to work and make more money than with the welfare system.

12:47 If people need help, the government doesn’t need to do that, our local community needs to do that.

12:48 Mr. MacArthur, I will fight to death, to defend his God given rights.  I am speaking out about some hard core issues, this man is a political prisoner.

12:49 They want to keep him contained because he is sharper than the average citizen.

12:50 Do you think that drugs are too prevalent in the inner cities?

12:51 Under the Obama admin with Eric Holder, a fact that they are running guns through the Mexican drug cartels.

Did you know that the heroin in Afghanistan is trafficked in the United States by the CIA.

12:53 It’s worth 50 grand to them to grab a new prisoner.

12:54 A lot of conservative talk show hosts talk about the Obama phone lady,  we need to be able to take care of their interests weather they know it or not.

12:55 Somebody like me, I am calling this guy a betrayer of his people, why is the administration allowing James MacArthur to be in this situation.

12:56 In Baltimore, the administration wants to take guns out of the hands of the citizens.

12:57 His rifle was it registered, yes it was.  Do you think that gun control will stop criminals? No

Gun control laws are against people like James MacArthur.  Thank goodness he is a law abiding citizen and he had a gun.

12:58 Sir, we need to come together, racism is huge in America, you need to know we were born with certain Constitutional rights.  We need to teach everyone.

1:00  I want to educate yourself that there is exploitation, I want us to stay connected between the left/ right community.

1:01 James MacArthur’s Constitutional rights need to be enforced, through the Rutherford Institute.

1:02 Baltimore Spectator, he just doesn’t like when people do wrong things.

1:03 Talking about serious issues, like trafficking heroin, talk about factual issues.

I want to have the right to say he is doing a terrible job, we can both express both of our opinions together.

1:04 Share one goal: protect the God given rights of the people of our country.


>1:00 pm – 1:20pm

1:10 Really interesting that you didn’t pick up on, the police officer, negotiator, how come you didn’t call the police about an incident.

1:11 Trend is  no whistle-blowing, no common law, must use proper channels. The police are actually part of the problem

1:12 NY Police are being sued for pepper spraying 5 month old baby, do you think they would admit if it wasn’t caught on camera.

1:13 Shoot first ask questions later.  Average citizen, go into your show that they should plead the 5th amendment.

Every method of trickery, keep your mouth shut.  Did you do this? etc..

1:15 Talking to him like he doesn’t have any rights.  You should plead the 5th, Miranda Rights, taken out of the curriculum.  National curriculum

1:16 Meanwhile, DHS is stockpiling guns, Police look like an S&M party. DHS spies on demonstrators, what a waste of money, save 250 billion right there, shut it down.

1:17 Did you hear how I approached the interview, difficult to tell people how dangerous the DHS is.

1:18 Whether or not Larry Wallace doesn’t know about his rights, have his best interest in mind even though he’s an Obama supporter.

1:19 Obama flies the African American flag to get votes, see himself as an international elitist.  It worked, they’ve been duped.

1:20 If someone tries to break in their home all bets are off.  Well withing your right to defend yourself.

1:21 Do you believe in the Constitution? He said NO..  Did you catch that?

1:22 What a brilliant concept Taxi Talk, they do not trust the police, that is a problem they created not us! Corrupt legal system. They are filling the gap.

1:23 Steve in Pittsburgh: Invite you to be a full blown member, I  have already been joined by the hip. Duty and honor to serve the Guerilla Media Network.


>1:20 pm – 1:40 pm

1:26 Patrick back to you: Sister listens to MSNBC, Steven Colbert, very sharp, sister running for Congress.

1:27 Running against pretty popular governor Mark Sanford, Steven Colbert can make or break a campaign

John Stewart, Bill Maher,

1:28 American’s getting point of view from these three characters is a very sad state of America, what would it be like if they applied themselves instead of glossing issue over? What is their game?

1:31 AFP major news outlet. NKorea has final approval for nuclear attack on United States.

1:33 Always our policy to launch pre-emptive strike, a military strategy, mutually assured destruction

1:34 Do they have ICBM’s? Don’t know, they do have access to EMPs

1:35 Multi regional geo political crisis.  On the Drudge Report, pay attention on the simplest level.

1:37 May God save us from that first shot being fired.

1:38  Russia Worried by ‘Explosive’ North Korea Situation


>1:40 pm – 2:00 pm 

1:44 Nemo scumbag of the day: Tavistock Institute in London, has hands in medical research, anthropology,  laborites in  US Companies, the mind behind this shit.   BinaryRecoil and Nemo researched topic.

1:48 Top scientist warning Obama to stop experiment on Avian Flu, to make it stronger for “future antidotes”

Asked President Obama to Ban the experiment,  It is Eugenics.

1:49 Accidental release has potential to dwarf previous pandemics.

1:51 Admitting that they are messing around with the Avian Flu.   Allowed to bash my sister, my mother deserves it.

My sister is a fricking government goon, 4 tractor trailers of the bird flu vaccine, multi million dollar mistake based on advice from WHO.

1:53 She ordered those tractor trailers and they were never used, where did it go?  We don’t know what’s in that stuff.

1:54 Can you guarantee me there is nothing in there that will harm me? Don’t you want to save your life?

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  • Inkling

    It is the mapping of the brain that is obummers (well, his controllers’) latest project that appears to result in more control over the ordinary person. He is a megalomaniac that thinks he is a god. Well he isn’t! :roll:

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    :cry: I was so hoping they were talking about that limp dic, “Rush Limbaugh”. Sooner or later, the pigman is going to get his just dues. :wink:

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    Larry Nichols is our friend. He should be held in high regard.

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    Why do I have to listen to that shi* Music
    Not much sense hanging around or reading anything here.

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