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!Critical! Emergency Emergency Emergency! Make VIRAL

Sunday, June 23, 2013 20:40
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  • Neil Armstrong

    I tell my self it’s just an illusion every time I look at my wife’s face. When we went to the zoo last week, she climbed over the railing into the walrus exhibit and they immediately accepted her as one of their own one even allowed her to breast feed and she wasted no time in accepting the offer. Do you know what Walrus milk smells like? It has been compared to a diaper full of Indian poop, always. It is like sleeping next to a bloated whale carcass which is why I’m still awake always. My parent’s in Afghanistan arranged our marriage after paying a dowery of 4 goats and a tuft of dog hair, there is always no escape from this always. She produced litter of 9 offspring 2 days after wedding ceremony and they look like her always. Abdul is my best looking and he is like a sea cow in the face.

    • Anonamoos in the hoose


    • Anonymous

      no offense to your wallywife, my wife on the other hand won the Walmart People award 3 years running for the Alabama region! she just naturally runs to the Walmart when it rains for crackers and Jerky ends…this last time out she was aprehended by the local animal control officer, they thought she was a babboon that run off with a baby, (why yer story reminded me of my own in a manner of speakin) anyhoo, she tried to speak but gets tongue tied when shes a nervous, and the pink too too didnt help, I never shoulda bought her that on discount day at tent city, so she was ahollerin the back there all bent over like and so they tranqued her large ass and she took to droolin and that caused the truck to slide into the speaker shop bustin up enriques best 500 amp rig! she woke up too, confused and mad as hell, beat bubba nearly to deaths doorstep with the life savin ring they keep for gator rescue there in the back, by the time we got it all straightened out it quit rainin and the sale on crackers and beef jerky ends was dun over with, bad, always bad…..dont pay to marry yer first cousins kid I swear to got

  • Boxed in Freight

    Monday Morning News 6-24-2013
    Fed, China concerns pressure shares, dollar gains – Reuters

    “The Dollar will be Dead by the end of 2012.”

    Infamous $profitsees from the master of false $profitsees, (_!_)Pasture $Profit Lindsey Williams.

    Still have those two gallons of roofing tar and goose down pillows for you (_!_)Pasture, come on by for visit. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Boxed in Freight

      Gold Prices Are Headed to Pre-QE Days: Credit Suisse
      By Holly Ellyatt | CNBC

      As the sell-off in gold continued into Monday morning, analysts told CNBC that investors need to re-examine their expectations of the gold market and that prices are likely to fall to levels before the Federal Reserve opted for unlimited bond-buying.

      “You need to re-examine your expectations for the gold market if you’re long – you need to stop thinking in terms of crisis and start thinking about where gold was pre-crisis,” Tom Kendall, director and head of precious metals research at Credit Suisse, told CNBC on Monday.

      Good Call (_!_)Pasture $Profit Lindsey Williams. How many of your listeners put their life savings into gold to protect them from the dollar dying? :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Amaterasu Solar

    I again offer a solution.


    Anonymous Amaterasu Speaks:Open Letter to the Revolutionaries

    We are “too slow” mentally because They spray Us with aluminum, (sodium) fluoridate Us, feed Us GMO… WTF do They expect!?!

    • ThenAgain

      Meanwhile nasa is controlled by raytheon. And all of the big corps are part of it.

    • ThenAgain

      It is good to make the point on the poisoning agenda, though have to mention your verbiage ‘feed us gmos’ – people continue to stupidly Buy gmos. I’ve been buying organic for over 30 yrs while dummies have been alseep. We need to Stop buying their products. see my comment below.

  • Xinthose

    good video

  • Gabe

    Exterminate the elite NOW! Any chance you get! Take them out as quickly as humanly possible. They can’t hide.

  • wizard

    All this fear can be quelled by extinguishing less than 300 persons. :evil:

  • MissingRonnieR

    Hint.. You want something to go friggin Viral? Dont start out with a picture of a friggin seal and a 36 minute video. The Gettysberg address was only six minutes you moron.

    • Geeper

      Yeah, this is ridiculous, skimming through it’s just a fixed-camera shot of woman being interviewed. You can’t even be bothered to summarise her point in the article. Viral fail.

      • LNM Radio Network

        I am sorry, I did not know your fingers were broke, do a search for god sakes or does everything have to be dropped at your feet !

      • Geeper

        “Here is a video, if you watch it you’ll maybe learn the person’s name, then you can google her and try and find out what she’s talking about, but you won’t know if there’s anything else online until you try. This shouldn’t take you more than five minutes.”

        If you want something to genuinely “go viral”, write it in one paragraph with a clear headline, or make it a snappy image for sharing on Facebook. Don’t give us a boring video and sarcastic advice. If you can’t boil it down to a sentence and keep it interesting, it ain’t going to go viral, my friend.

      • LNM Radio Network

        All the time you took bitching you could have done some research, if you type in NASA 2045 you could have learned a lot. I do not care if it goes viral I am just sharing buddy, now stop your bitching and go do something for humanity. That is my only advice

  • WTX

    Here is the interview with Michael Prince that was killed in 2011 and He was a 4th generation clone.
    Four parts:

    And video about attack by energy weapon on policeman that he talks about.
    It was not Alien like it is displayed.

    This will open your mind more about all what is happening now!!!! :!:

  • ThenAgain

    I put this together years ago. Here is a good one that helps lay it out, chemtrails, haarp and other. It’s 4 hrs but don’t have to watch all at once, can start at any point. Know the towers that have gone up everywhere are not ‘cell towers’ they’re ELF/gwens. People need to Stop buying their gmo poison food, stop buying from big corporations, it’s all connected. And we need to quit with the mystery ‘illoominati’ nonsense and get informed on the central group behind it all, a group that’s been behind human destruction for centuries, it’s time people got informed on that since too many are actually supporting this very group. See rest of the articles at chechar also. Grow some food. Inform others you know, copy save links and share w/others.

    • ThenAgain

      -correction, forget the chechar.wordpress link. The actual author is someone else, the chechar site’s run by a 911 denier. Here is better –

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