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U.N. Agenda 21 To Seize 17.8 Million Acres From Missouri and Arkansas, Please Help Stop This Land Grab

Sunday, June 9, 2013 17:11
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Attached is is additional information explaining how the Blueway affect property owners.  Please review the information below and see that you make the information available to your County Judge. 

We must unite as Americans and defeat this proposal.

Click here for a map of the affected area .  It encompasses over 17 MILLION acres! 


Don’t let anyone tell you that this White River Watershed National Blueway isn’t a  Federal land grab. The whole purpose of this Blueway is to take over ALL land and Surface Water. You need be be familiar with Agenda 21 and the Wildland project to understand the goals are to rewild over 50% of the United States. 

Here is some information on the Explanation of the Biodiversity Treaty and the Wildlands Project

We are being asked by county judges how the White River National Blueway Designation would adversely affect property owners in the county.  Here is an example of our cover letter:

The Blueway is a very broad spectrum, all-encompassing program that will be very unkind to property owners and their unalienable rights that protect them.  It represents an end-run around Constitutional law. The Blueway will adversely affect both ranchers and farmers in the county, as well as the support base centered around those functions: businesses like the feed stores, the hardware stores, tack shops, farriers, real estate people, county fair functions, co-ops, farm equipment dealers and maintenance shops, large animal veterinarians, health care providers & hospitals, restaurants, fuel depots, schools, etc. etc.  If the farmers, ranchers and rural land owners cannot function freely, then the rural and small towns and hamlets in Arkansas and Missouri will ultimately dry up as an industry in this federally designated corridor called the Blueway.

The Blueway is presented as some warm and fuzzy program to protect the environment, when in fact it is an unlawful federal land grab with an end run game plan to drive you off of your land, so some obscure endangered species won’t be threatened by man’s progress.  Think of an Environmental Impact Study on steroids, and you have the Blueway. Progress won’t be just thwarted for several months or years; it will be halted altogether.  Several years back, the nation all watched in horror when the California Fish and Game Commission ruled in favor of the Long fin and Delta smelt (a two inch minnow) over the livelihoods of 60,000 workers and land owners in California’s San Joaquin Valley, considered by many to be the richest and most productive farmland in the nation. The environmentalists shut off the water pumps to farmers, prohibiting them from irrigating their fields.  Aside from the vast loss in food production to the world, the workers all went on unemployment overnight!  With an annual rainfall of 12 inches, the place looked like a dust bowl in a few short months.  Any farmer will tell us, once you uncover the land, and then don’t water it, nothing will grow there again.  Duh. The same mentality pushing the Blueways is the same mentality that shut that water off. Animal protection takes priority over humans.  Economic growth is the enemy to the Environmentalists and to their god, Mother Nature.  It is really a religion of sorts to these people.  The White River National Blueway will help to terminate economic activity in and around the 17.8 million acres shown on the map.  Running water and moving water becomes the yoke around the neck of those who live in this area.


Click here for a map of the affected area .  It encompasses over 17 MILLION acres!  

Click here for the map of counties .   Counties highlighted in yellow already have volunteers to bring the Resolution of Opposition to their county judge or J.P. to stop the Blueway designation.   Is your county covered?  If not, PLEASE help us!  We need you to volunteer to help in the counties that aren’t highlighted in yellow.  You may click on a county and enter your contact information. 

We have over 40 counties covered, and we need 50 by the end of the week.  We’ll need you to take the Resolution of Opposition to your County Judge or JP.    Click here for the Resolution .

We’ll send you all the other information that you’ll need after you sign up.  

Please contact our Chairperson, Jeannie Burlsworth, with any questions:  
501-821-6100 or 501-250-6474

Securing the blessings of liberty,

Secure Arkansas 

Please forward our emails to your friends and family.  They may also sign up to receive our Action Alerts here . 

Please consider making a donation to support us.  Go to and scroll down to the orange PayPal Donate button at the bottom right-hand side. 

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  • Anonymous


    • Josey Wales

      Instructions To Oppose U.N. Agenda 21 White River National Blueway: Deadline July 6th 2013

      Here’s your chance to STOP U.N. Agenda 21. I encourage everyone in America to participate. Contact numbers and emails are included in this post for you.

  • Freewilloffering

    This is a gambit like gun control–they are going to see how much pushback they get. All had best help these people…if you don’t your next!

  • Witakers

    Let em’ take it!

  • carsonking

    The commonwealth is coming to get you.

    • stompk

      Ah, someone who gets it. It’s all about the commonwealth, that’s why all offshore banking is done on British Crown owned Commonwealth islands. Bahamas, Caymans, Belize, Isle of Mann, Cypress, etc are ALL Commonwealth controlled islands. The crown has infiltrated American politics, and has a Zionist, Aryan race agenda, and an anti-Christ NWO Luciferian religion, called

      • carsonking

        Indeed, it’s no conspiracy, the facts are there for everyone to see. The UN police the world using the FAO, IAEI, ICAG, IFAD, ILO, IMO, IMF, ITU, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNWTO, UPU, WB, WFP, WHO, WIPO AND THE WMO. Everyone gets one vote on the UN council except Great Britain who get 54 because of the commonwealth. That’s it, there is no more, no cloak and dagger, no illuminate, just the queen owning a quarter of the world. We never lost the empire, just worked out a way to pee down everyone’s necks and tell them it’s raining.

      • alien

        As long as it isn’t Christian.

      • arts

        Actually, the queen is subservient to the pope.

      • carsonking

        Everyone is subservient to religion, that’s the whole point, the queen can’t be seen being of higher status than gods envoy but in reality, he’s just the godfather of a huge organised mafioso. There may be people who are higher than the queen, don’t know, I’m only interested in facts but I’m sure, whoever it is, no one gets to vote. And it’s not a bloke in a dress. If it was the pope, then the Falklands will be Argentinian by Christmas, there you go, there’s your proof the pope is no one against the royals. Forget, someone said this and someone wrote that, have a study of my theory and read facts, it’s all there in black and white, no triangles, special numbers or anything of the sort, it’s in plain sight for all to be blind to. The commonwealth rule the world.

    • doggy do

      Which one? Canada or Great Brittain?

      • stompk

        London to be exact. But on the Isle of Man sits a computer mainframe called the CUBE, which is designed to hold all of the NWO digital currency, that’s why the Queen is called, Lord of Man.

      • doggy do

        Hell, why not? there’s already a Russian space station on the island, along with a buch of crazy motorcyclists…even though by definition, a space station can’t exist in something other than….space:

      • stompk

        You do realize I wrote that article, don’t you?

      • doggy do

        Why do you think I put it there! :)

      • doggy do

        Hahaha. Wow, you’re about 7,000 miles off!!!! Which validates my points, guvna

      • doggy do

        And, hell, I’d like to have a freemason friend anytime…anytime i can get someone to lay bricks for free, I’m there!

      • doggy do

        And, i reiterate: To reiterate: Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.

      • doggy do

        And, let’s not characterize it as an “article,” shall we? After all, it’s not an “article,” it’s commentary. Opinion, and rather interesting, offbeat, opinion. But opinion it is. And, by resorting to name-calling in an argument, you demonstrate that bigotry respects neither oceans (see my other comments below), nor nationalities. I am sorry that your argument about flying saucers on that wonderful Isle of Man, and the existence, whether true or not, of something as sinister-sounding as “the cube” quickly disintegrates. And you disintegrate it so well, indeed! :mrgreen:

      • doggy do

        And, let’s not characterize it as an “article,” shall we? After all, it’s not an “article,” it’s commentary. Opinion, and rather interesting, offbeat, opinion. But opinion it is. And, by resorting to name-calling in an argument, you demonstrate that bigotry respects neither oceans (see my other comments below), nor nationalities. I am sorry that your argument about flying saucers on that wonderful Isle of Man, and the existence, whether true or not, of something as sinister-sounding as “the cube” quickly disintegrates. And you disintegrate it so well, indeed! :mrgreen: And, re: writing that commentary: Considering its content, I wouldn’t be so quick as you to claim authorship.

      • AttackDNA

        @doggy do – you are obviously an Obama spambot shooting for top commenter status. Don’t you have a welfare check to cash?

      • carsonking

        Canada is ruled by the commonwealth, for a troll that was a crap question.

  • DennisB

    Again, All this crap that is happening in our country has been planed by the U.N., Agenda 21 and our own false U.S. government. This agenda is to bring this nation down. All these headline makers is just a smoke screen to keep you all watching your brain killing TV’s.

    Agenda 21 and the U.N. are taking over our nation, no joke…These is real!!!

    ALL this terrorist crap and junk video’s from the early 90′s was all CIA created to frighten America into thinking we needed more security like the NSA, DHS, and many more freedom robbing government agencies.

    The attack on 9/11 WTS was created by our own government. Those were U.S. government planes that hit those towers.

    The carpet is being pulled right out from under our feet. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    • Anonymous

      If only people would educate themselves like you have ! But , that takes effort and questioning of authority , which the educational system discourages !

    • doggy do

      Yet more commentary/opinion with a few flittering facts thrown in. I guess one could have said the same thing about the founding of the United States National park system. It’s a govt. land grab, power hungry government robbing us of our rats.

      Your Lordship, see my closing remarks to stompk above, and to freewilloffering below; the prosecution rests. I request a directed verdict. :mrgreen:

  • Vitamin Lawyer Health Freedom Blog

    Join the International Coalition to Defeat Agenda 21

    Tell Decision Makers here:

  • xdrfox

    Missouri Legislature Bans UN Agenda 21 | Alternative
    May 9, 2013 … (Before It’s News). With a veto-proof majority, the Missouri legislature approved a popular bill protecting private property and due process rights …

    More States Pass Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation to Protect Private …
    May 10, 2013 … The Oklahoma State legislature has passed HB 1412 through the … Should this bill pass, Agenda 21 would be prohibited on state, county and … In Missouri, State Representative Lyle Rowland explained to the … Next the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted to ban UN Agenda 21 polices.

  • doggy do

    Exactly what time of the day, and what day will this take place? I will love to see your answer. I just love the heck reading all these conspiracy theories/comedy presentations presented as fact. You people are afraid of your own footprints. you probably think some invisivible person from Venus is following you. That has to be the ONLY explanation behind those footprints that are following you.

    In fact, I think that’s the basis of a great column: Venutians are following all of us, invisibly. The evidence? Strange, unexplained impressions in the ground that continue to follow me everywhere. Either that, or it’s invisible Bigfoot.

    • lastgasp

      The purpose of a troll is not to intelligently discuss various issues but to minimize the importance of dissenting opinions by ridiculing serious participants expressing political views the troll finds objectionable.

      • doggy do

        To quote Spock at this finest: Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.

    • Praise Jebus

      go away troll!

      • doggy do

        Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.

    • doggy do

      Attention,anyone in Little Rock: Any UN troops controlling the capitol yet?

      • Anonymous


  • sharptail

    DUH!! to you, author. Irrigation never has worked for the long term–look what happened to Iraq in this “richest farmland” crap–if it was it wouldn’t need irrigation as more than just a supplement, right–it is artificial and won’t last—rising salts from the new water table, etc. BUT Agenda 21 is areal threat and may be in this instance. Need to distinguish between land grab and unwarranted restrictions, esp. if it curtails EXISTING uses

  • sharptail

    Dennis–if not gov’t planes then allowed Israeli explosives in lower floors incl. bldg. 7, as witnessed by 500? firefighters and 600 engineers opinions..and this was the basis for taking away our freedoms ..can’t you just see Cheney’s crooked grin when calling it PATRIOT ACT to be used against PATRIOTS eventually??

  • sharptail

    doggy do–Huh??> Having you been following the MSM (even) news about the gov’t following you email and posts here and wanting to put black box in your car? If that isn’t footprints than you have not been FOLLOWING what is in the news..oh, now the CIA pays you to say that MSM is a bunch of right-wing C-Nuts?

    • doggy do

      Still waiting for the answer on when this will take place, and where. I want to be there to see convoys of UN troops from Uganda or somewhere trundling unnoticed across the U.S.

    • doggy do

      Forgive me, but what the F is MSM. The last time i looked, it was a food ingredient. :mrgreen:

      • john

        @doggy-do that’s MSG for food not MSM, msm is the same as DMSO , msm= Methylsulfonylmethane

      • Anonymous

        Mainstream Media, troll, but you knew that already.

    • doggy do

      And, may I say what a great conspiracy theory opener….anyone care to take it up and create a “factual article? :mrgreen:

  • doggy do

    Or, will they be hundreds of bigfoot(s)?

  • doggy do

    Has anyone ever followed up–sometimes a wise thing to do–on ANY of the looney predictions that someone posts at before it’s Folks, get with it. they’re making money on you each time you go to the site. That’s what it’s REALLY all about


    It seems to me that land grabbing is on the agenda in Australia too.For several decades I have been a land owner and have never been asked the type of questions I had to answer recently.
    To my eyes it was an INVENTORY

    Shortly after my answers were submitted a man in uniform paid a visit, wanting to know things that in my answers may have seemed untrue.

    Then about a half hour after he left, a phone call asking me when I was going to perform such things as putting in a bore. I told her “not while I am alive”.

    We have been flooded for over a year, and there is not much can be done under water…

    With the supposed “breaking up” and expected flooding of middle America one would think that grabbing that land would be a waste of time.

    • Authentica

      Yeah I’m up north in Queensland & there was a large community meeting recently about the meddling, because the government is trying to ‘tie up’ huge parcels of privately owned land & prevent any use of it. Basically they’re telling land-owners they can’t do anything on their own properties because of various reasons. You even need permission to cut down a couple of trees. At the same time, they’re trying to re-open our national forests (where you can’t even walk your dog) to private logging companies & new mines… So the agenda has nothing to do with the environment – it’s a land grab pure & simple.

  • doggy do

    Someone writing for BIN must investigate: all the pine squirrels near me have gone…could they have been taken up by a UFO, or has Bigfoot gone on an eating rampage?

  • doggy do

    Or, could they have just left earth: So Long, and thanks for all the suet cake….

    • lastgasp

      Criteria for helping to identify a professional troll:

      1) The person’s posts are usually short and snarky, with reasonably correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, suggesting both intelligence and education.
      2) The posts are on the edge of acceptability, with little or no profanity or vulgar language that would get the post flagged immediately.
      3) The person has a high ratio of posts to the number of days on the site, suggesting he’s posting comments nearly full time and is getting paid to troll.
      4) The person’s posts are consistently belittling, rather than intelligent objections and points.

      • doggy do

        i LOVE IT!

        The Pine Squirrel king..

      • doggy do

        Another conspiracy, this one about a league of professionals who love to debunk crap found on the internet….a great article subject. :mrgreen: Call it, maybe, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen perhaps?’s taken.

  • doggy do

    I just found a note from the Pine Squirrel King:
    Earth is in the way of an intergalactic freeway, and is scheduled to be removed in 15 minutes….so that is why they, along with Bigfoot, left. So long, and thanks for all the suet cake…..
    Signed, Horace the Nut

  • StavoV

    Most of the US is now owned by foreign governments…..thanks to Ronnie ray-gun and his minions. :cry:

  • doggy do

    This is EXACTLY what I’m warning about: super human strength by staring at the sun. Who woulda thunk it?

  • doggy do

    And….still waiting…..for the answer…..

  • doggy do

    Seriously, all lunacy aside for a moment. We do need to guard against government intrusion into the lives of all…hence my and others objections to the post-9/11 passage of the Patriot act by the Bush administration.
    However, to suggest such stultifying thoughts that appear here, probably for the sake of making a buck or two by getting as many hits as the writer can, are just as applicable to what is happening in the real world as a note from the Pine Squirrel King…
    Sorry that all of you, self included, feel powerless in today’s world. Guess what? You never had it at ANY time.

    However, some resort to let their minds wander to create fantasies about conspiracies, take-overs, seeing black helicopters, secret meetings with the Illuminati, and visits from outer space by aliens appearing as dolphins or gods, take your pick, and believing that you can gaini superhuman powers by staring at the sun…fantasies that any practitioner of the mental health arts would find very interesting indeed.
    Tell you what: make a pact with me that if any of this crap comes to pass, that you contact me with the latest…I leave you all…for the time being…and will beam back to my ship to await word…and whatever word that is, I’m sure someone will make it up…or perhaps even write a story here about a website being visited by someone from space… And, am still waiting for the time/date/place as to when the takeover of that center of the Universe, Arkansas, of all places, will begin..

  • doggy do

    Ah yes, my point exactly, a blatant ad right above my post. Just click on it everyone, and the poster earns cash.

  • doggy do

    Hey everyone: Perhaps these guys are tunneling their way to Arkansas:

  • Anonymous

    Any politician that allows this is COMMITTING TREASON and will be arrested at whatever restaurant the guy is eating in at our dime.

    Arrest the imposter negro and all his henchmen and illegal czars. As Rush said a coup de’tat is occurring.

    Arrest the feral negro and work yourself up.

    • doggy do

      Ah so, you finally reveal yourself. Just about all you people are basically n-haters at heart, aren’t you? Best one is a dead one, that it? Come on, we can take it! :) Take off the white sheet and make your appearance…

      • Anonymous

        What does “n-hater” mean. Negro, negress, negroid??? What??? All are proper words. Black is not a race.

        I can tell you are a racist of the order and you like to foist it on others to cover your tracks. This is a typical liberal tactic. We are on to you!

      • doggy do

        What clever reasoning….! You must be from the Razaback state that will probably by tomorrow be goverened by the UN

      • doggy do

        Still waiting, by the way….for the answer…..

      • doggy do

        A racist “of the order,” interesting. To what order do you refer? I, of course, in pointing out certain racist remarks made here by others, am referring to the exhaulted Knights of the Klavern…

      • Anonymous

        You! Of the racist odor! Please don’t wait around (sniff, sniff) if you get my drift. You remind me of our grate leader BO!

  • doggy do

    To reiterate: Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.

    • Freewilloffering

      You hate this site and think its crazy but love stay on Before It’s News to post all kinds of comments without addressing any facts?

      How much do you get paid to be an Obot troll…seriously I would like to know?

      • doggy do

        To reiterate: Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid. I will present “facts” the first time I see “facts” presented here, instead of fantasy. Oh, and HATE. PURE, WHITE-FACED, WHITE-ON-BLACK, HATE. I love your continuing , new, and building conspiracy theory, by the way :mrgreen:

      • doggy do

        And, i must correct a misconception: I never said i HATE this site. Scan through my notes, and see if that is not the case. I think the posts here represent a great cross-section of many who feel disaffected and left behind; afraid of the future, of everything from another black president to a woman president, to finding intelligent life elsewhere in the galaxy, to the fact that one day, China won’t be the center of world production, it’ll be africa, and then possibly south america, and not to mention being afraid of zombies…It’s a great place to see what some of those who live beyond the fringe think, and why it’s so worrisome that there indeed are many of you feeding on yourselves who then multiply those fears into everything from aliens tunneling to Arkansaw from Antarctica, to spaceships moored in caverns below the Atlantic, to staring at the sun won’t make you blind…it’ll give you superpowers so you can now wear a cape….It’s very entertaining…

    • Anonymous

      Oh my the little liberal thinks he is so smart! So you therefore admit you are racist? You would not have used the “n” word but it is the first thing to cross your mind because you are a racist.

      I know your little liberal mind rejects logic and is based on emotion. We all know that and we are on to you.

      • doggy do

        Hmmm.seems I see a mirror that you’re holding…. :mrgreen:
        , and sorry to disappoint, not a liberal but a tory.

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, the man has no wit….

  • doggy do

    But wait, you already have…!

    • ImprobabilityDrive


    • Freewilloffering

      Race has nothing to do with this story?
      Have we an Obot Race baiter?

      • doggy do

        Your Lordship, the prosecution rests :mrgreen:

  • RidgeRunner

    Wow! The Obama trolls are so active on this story it must mean a lot to them! I will look into this one a lot closer….

    • doggy do

      I think you should….another great conspiracy to become entangled with…. :mrgreen:

    • doggy do

      And, please confine your use of the plural to the singular….I also note another veiled racist slur. to retiterate: Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.
      I guess you just love to lose arguments!

      • commonsense

        Rat said to the perceived foe: I’ll repeat a line that inspired me from a sci-fi film and it will astound everyone like it astounded me….. :???:

    • doggy do

      And, in keeping with the above, I think you should don your super suit, stare into the sun, then jump off a tall building. I guarantee it will be but a single bound….

  • Josey Wales

    For everyone who has questions, here’ a great source of information for you to reference.

    Instructions To Oppose U.N. Agenda 21 White River National Blueway: Deadline July 6th 2013

    Here’s your chance to STOP U.N. Agenda 21. I encourage everyone in America to participate. Contact numbers and emails are included in this post for you.

  • patriot156

    For the uninitiated Agenda 21 is real it’s not one of those conspiracy theories. You can actually go to the UN site and search it.
    Agenda 21 is out to mess with private land owners, for environmental issues.
    People don’t realise just hwo dangerious this really is.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure I believe the validity of the map, I am not saying the project is false, but the map has a couple of errors worth mentioning. The copyright of the map is 1997, which is some time ago to be discussing something they are right now trying to put in the works (you’d think there would be more revisions and adjustments by now) also the map lists “INDIAN RESERVATIONS” which is not the proper encompassing term for them, it should list those areas as NATIVE AMERICAN RESERVATIONS. These are a few things that should call the map and some of the claims into question.

  • Unkown

    doggy do = spam & poo!!!! :razz:

  • zeus

    there is every reson to beleive that the doe,and DARPA as well as green energy corporation global research

    are involved in top secret projects at san onofre generating power station now closed…as well as many others in a supposed “shut-down mode.

    they are trying to convert old nuclear substations into solar harnessing apparatus,converting DC currents into AC current by direct access of the suns energy. solar mirrors under construct in space for many years will accomplish this with the aid of circuitry listed above in greater capacity.

    the fukishima events were man made to induce these shutdowns and conversion to these types of power and others such as produced by the various “RING SUPERCOLLIDERS’ in USA italy,germany,norway,the caribeean and elsewhere.

    the san onofre plant was taken down longer than a year ago for refurbishing into one of the wests premier dept of energy test sites for a new solar energy-ring collider weapon. like the ones that leveled fukishima(not the tsunami)
    san onofre like a few others now supposedly “OFFLINE” are either new fusion generators or time travel underground stargates. It is only a matter of time before these ring generators and solar-HAARP generators creat a massive accident that will take out most of southern california or san diego and its military adjuncts. then of course it will all be blamed onm the usual cover story of a terrorist attack. the ring collider and hadron facilities in san franscisco and near champaign illinois are also accidents waiting to happen,and the next major false flag designate.

    also on the list is

    nellis AFB near las vegas

    and lab near richmond virginia

  • lyvnxxl

    :smile: This is just wrong. We need to Abolish the UN. They are the reason we are in so much debt. They are ruining America.

  • heavens211


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