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ALERT: FEMA’s Simulated Blackout (Stunning Video)

Friday, September 20, 2013 4:51
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(N.Morgan) Brought to us by Infowars, FEMA plans a simulated “blackout” scenario, for one of their various drills, they will be having in the next few months. Here’s the scoop: A multi-national terror drill is scheduled to take place in the coming months that supposedly aims to assess, test and validate vital infrastructure resources should they come under an unlikely cyberattack.



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  • Thorin

    The info that I can’t find anywhere is, WHERE?! What areas of the country are included? How vast is this “test”?

    • N. Morgan

      On a national level. All states-

  • RobiMac

    What the hell’s region 3?

    They also act like a cyber attack is something atrocious. When it occurs, does it maim or kill anyone short of sending a bomb to one’s computer?

    All the nonsense bores my ass off.

    • N. Morgan

      I don’t mean to bore you, only time is running short before these events are suppose to occur.

      Just want to keep every one updated and ready.

    • Anonymous

      English as a foreign language huh? Save the Christians in the middle east and let the islamics murder each other off. Whenever the HOMELAND SECURITY does PRACTICE, it’s a DIGUISE for something else!

    • Anonymous

      no offense Robi but you really are clueless aren’t you ?
      a cyber attack can kill you ! melt down a nuclear power plant ! open the flood gates on a dam or even shut down your electric grid ! use you head and think before you speak !
      I’ll bet you are so clueless that you don’t even know what FEMA stands for !

    • Ponderer

      See how bored you are if the grid fails to come back on line, probably on purpose considering this administration,,

    • SadAngL0777

      The term was “black out”. Meaning anything running on electricity,not just computers,which by itself would cause major issues because most everything now is ran by a computer…gas pumps,ATMs,water filtration,cash registers,airplanes,helicopters,most newer model cars,etc. Understand? I’m pretty sure it will include more than FEMA region 3,but that region includes Washington DC and the surrounding coastal states. There’s a FEMA region map you can google to find out your region. There are 10 regions,each includes several states and hundreds of FEMA camps in each state. EVERYONE should be prepared though,food,water,candles,flashlights,batteries,radio (not digital),gas,first aid kits,etc. And most of all…PRAY.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t be daft! Blackout does not mean that you car or Electronics wont work.
        A Blackout caused by an EMP from the Sun or a Nuclear Device exploded at 50 or less miles above will produce your scenario.
        I don’t think that they will explode a bomb for that simulated Blackout.Be cool… Learn then write.

  • Don't be hating!

    FEAR brought to you by DISINFO-WARS

    • lordreyna

      seriously infowars…. I mean alex jones is such a give a way, why do people even listen to that guy…

      • Snobert

        Alex Jones May seem suspicious, but he does tell the truth in at least fifty-percent of the things he says.


    Dump them Americans in the FEMA camps and then Russia and china will take America over and turn it into a friendly no war country where roads work and where everybody has jobs.

    • Hayduke

      Get some sleep.

    • Anonymous

      English as a foreign language huh? Save the Christians in the middle east and let the islamics murder each other off.

    • patriotwolf

      First off keep your mitts off this is an internal affair when the people who are at fault and in there own FEMA camps and their assets seized and sold off then we’ll have a discussion about our debt and anything else brought to the table the worst thing you can do is piss off the American people by coming in in force cause remember we have alone more guns than citizens not to mention any other technology we can throw your way so let’s talk civil my confused friend come on I’ll buy you a beer

    • Anonymous


      Wishful thinking! I once loved America and there are still good people there for whom I feel sorry.
      However the sheep and their Jewmerica Leader lost my sympathy.
      Also I always said I rather be Dead then Red,the reverse applies now.
      America is finished the Jews tried that with Germany but they had a Leader that was on the side of their People and exposed their plot or Agenda. The same can not be said for America.
      Its the blind leading the blind.well you reap what you sew,and all your lifelong hate for Nazis is going to haunt you now.This is going to be much much worse and will affect mainly the honest working American not the undesirables.

  • Mr T

    All these drills are to find weaknesses so that they can be later exploited by so called terrorist of own government, we all know what is going on, its not a conspiracy theory anymore, where just waiting for them to destroy America and to turn on we the people, how did we get to this place in history? It ramped up with obuma and his fraudulent second term.

    • Anonymous

      Mr T

      No it started way back whe you accepted Satans Money from the Federal Reserve Bank and with all of you allowing those Zionist Jews to take control of America,its Newsmedia,Hollywood medical establishment, military and Government as a whole.
      At the same time you took in those Lies and kept supporting those evil doers by fighting their wars.Bush, Clinton and Obammer are nothing,just Fall Guys for them.
      The same can not be said for J.F. Kennedy,that is why he had to go.
      You reap what you sew,and if the population of American Sheep are too stupid to clue in well……… Woodrow Wilson sold you to the Devil.

  • gsummit

    For about two months my electricity has been going off for about 2 seconds at a time. This happens about once a week. I’ve lived here about 7 years and has not happened like this before. Everyone in my community has this week received, what the power company calls, an upgraded meter. Digital readout rather than the wheel that turns. No question, just strange.

  • Rufus Juice

    “in the event of an unlikely cyber attack” OR grid wide power outage ~ as Janet Napolitano left DHS she called it a certainty, right?

    so look at this map. Another FEMA high up was talking about a scenario where the grid goes down and all cities east of the mississippi are just…gone.

    take a look at the nuke plant map of the US.

    Now understand – the grid going down – the fear isnt that you wont be able to maqke hot pockets in your microwave and watch lame TV.

    1) Chernobyl melted down ~ combination of reasons ~ but because they lost cooling and control, it accelerated, it blew and melted.
    2) Fukushima lost primary cooling, backup cooling, and containment was breached. they are still dealing with this situation and everyone agrees its getting worse not better.

    now realize should the US grid go down ~ best case primary cooling is lost, backup cooling is in place and comes online until they can get the plants into a planned shutdown. more likely at least one of these plants has issues ~ backup cooling fails or doesnt last long enough, combinations of problems arise, the diesel generators dont stay online or fuel runs out oo fast ~ most likely a few plants have issues. its possible many or even all could depending.

    so its not about you wont be able to watch CNN or FOXNEWS during the power outage ~ its about the nuke plants – the majority being east of the mississippi melting down ~ and now you have 200 million americans dead, dying, or soon to be dying from radiation poisoning.

    those that dont or get to shelter ~ they wont be bringing the grid backup – not soon, not in a while ~ it’ll be months/years.

    Police, the Army, Civilians, Preparing for Zombies making more sense all of the sudden? play with this map ~ see which plants you are within the 10 or 50 mile zones from!

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