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NASA To Make Historic Announcement November 13th, 2013 (Video)

Thursday, October 3, 2013 7:39
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A website,, states: “NASA has made a historic discovery that will shake the entire planet. This announcement will be released to the media on November 13th, 2013. It will be a day to remember and One for the history books.”

Anybody know anything about this?  Oddly enough!  This is the same day there is suppose to be a power grid blackout according to some sources.  Are these events related in anyway?  What if they announce the existence of aliens, full disclosure and then shut the lights off and conduct some false flag alien invasion that will lead to martial law and so forth?   Its a stretch but the thought it has been entertained.  Please, share your thoughts below as we await this announcement together.  -Mort


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  • Hayduke

    Here are my thoughts. I can’t tell you who said this at NASA. It’s a VIP very high up, but unfortunately we don’t know who he is, where he’s from, or…but…I SWEAR THIS IS ALL TRUE!!!

    • LedaOhio9

      Prolly the announcement of their band gig I’d bet!

      Looking it up:

      Reverse IP has 6 other domains associated and given their names..

      I’d call this site BS!

      Reverse IP Lookup Results — 6 domains hosted on IP address

      Domain View Whois Record Screenshots

      ASN:United States AS31863 DACEN-2 – Dacentec, Inc. (registered Mar 03, 2010)
      IP Location:United States – North Carolina – Lenoir
      - Big Brain Host Response Code:200Domain
      Status:Registered And Active Website

      • LedaOhio9

        That IP has had 6 past domains assigned to it by the same guy since it was registered.

        Appears to be some promo BS publicity stunt..

      • Ravyn

        This is exactly why I always read the comments on any article, there is always someone (or in some cases, a few people) who are able to easily show when an article or ‘news’ item is BS.

  • MDW

    OH NO! We are all going to become extinct AGAIN. :wink:

  • Thorin

    Very interesting! So many people already blowing this off. My gut tells me this is legit, and something isn’t quite right about it. I just posted a video about it!

  • Freethinker

    That’s just ridiculous!
    Just look at the WHOIS record for the domain and you’ll see that it’s fake.

    The owner probably wants to collect as many email addresses as possible, so that he can sell them. Nice try! :mad:

  • Quantum Kev

    I checked the site out, and I gotta’ say – as someone who is typically very skeptical about this kind of thing, it does look and feel pretty legit, as Thorin said. I, being the skeptic I am, won’t hold my breath or put too much expectation into it, but I must admit, there is something intriguing about it. As a web developer, I can say that the site is self is very, very nicely put together and whoever did it spent a fair amount of time/money/resources doing it. So if it is just another false alarm, I at least give kudos to the website designer! Lol.

    I did do the little “Email signup” – anyone else do that?

    • iamamerican

      My safari won’t open the page.

      • Jay

        Because it (the web site) is running java. Try a Windows PC!

    • Thorin

      Hehe, yeah I signed up for it too. I guess we will see in TWO DAYS!

  • jeremyjweber

    I’m still waiting on the major San Fran earthquake to happen that was set for Oct 1-3. Maybe today eh?

    • doggy do

      well today’s Oct. 3. I’m waiting

    • doggy do

      Hey, we slipped by again. It’s Oct. 6. Damn we’re lucky!

  • Auto Exec

    Should have released this on April 1st !
    Nice cartoon though – but obviously it’s a wind-up, since NASA are offline, nobody could :cool: check it out

  • Templar

    As a religious person I think it might have to do with Project blue light and the whole false FLAG stuff like others mention.

  • Freethinker

    That’s just ridiculous!
    Just look at the WHOIS record for the domain and you’ll see that it’s fake.
    I doubt that an agency like the NASA would use a whois protection and use an address in Panama.

    The owner probably wants to collect as many email addresses as possible, so that he can sell them. Nice try!
    Beside that, why would “they” need your email address just to announce something publicly?!

  • YellowRoseTx51

    Well according to the El propaganda website, there is going to be something that is seen & heard about, via MSM, world wide, and then the communications will shut down. The Shut down is done deliberately by the El.

    If you don’t know, that ‘Vector’ sigil/symbol used by all the space agencies is the Sigil for the Sith. The “Smokey Sith” & the El(oheim) are against Mankind (oppose – JFK Speech) in the “War in Heaven”. They control this area of space, and that includes Earth. “AL, IL, EL are latin suffixes for god”…El; who are the ‘greys’. The Babylonians called them “Illu/Illi” or “Illumi”. “Lilith’s Shining Ones”. They are in the records as being both “Alien” and “Demonic” and are Parasitic (‘possession’). This is one of the branches of An, that invaded and created the “PAPAL, ROYAL, & FEDERAL” along with the Pharisees. Our Controllers.

    According to their propaganda, the Nephilheim (which means ‘reanimated body’; and not ‘race’) that the El created with the use of Mans original DNA (Giants), and who rule the Underworld (Hollow Earth), are going to show up and take over. Allegedly this is to help poor humanity, who can’t rule themselves as is visible by the ptb. The trick here, is that the body snatching Nephilheim ARE the ptb.

    They are a group of entities who are parasitic due to the fact that they were punished. When ‘fallen’, part of that punishment is to remove the use of a vehicle (Body). “You are not the Body, the Body is the Vehicle”. They wanted ours. So it is actually a group of entities of different origins, camouflaged as “Giant Men”. This is part of whom we are at war with.

    They have scheduled in ‘earthquakes’ and all the rest of it, as part of the cycle of Harm they were putting us through. Their plan is to deceive people into believing that they are ‘rescuing good people’. The truth is humanity is a labor and food source to them, nothing more. In the past they led people back to the Underworld with them, as their new ‘herd’ to restart the game on the surface after all their created cataclysms wiped out the surface populations. They have done this for 4 cycles, keeping Mankind prisoner. Their god is ‘Tamil’ which is another name for “Enlil/Jupiter” – Ba-el, god of Hell.

    This time it will be different. There is a new Player, that was locked out of the area during the War (“palimpsest” – is pa limps east). The branch of Man, and the 13 Tribes from the other side of the Gate are through. They are here to retrieve all that had been Stolen during the War, which is now over. So ‘All Good’ is to be retrieved. The Nephilheim get the dregs.

    • Freeamerican

      You sprinkle facts to make it sound credible then put on psy ops. Aliens may have dropped in here or there along history, and scum jews and traitors may have engaged them the last seventy years to help the jew enslave us but don’t pretend It’s aliens ‘in control’. Your bullcrap nephilumpagus is not going to save anyone. That’s more ‘sit, wait, do nothing’ psy ops. You say propaganda but then you spread it. It’s JEWS and their lackeys. You’re doing bull to protect the jew. Aliens are not ‘in control’ they did not create your pharisee jews. There was amenhotep and zoroaster before the jews ginned up christianty and islam to enslave people. Do’aliens’ have a gun to the head of thousands of media scums (and trolls) forcing them to LIE every day for a hundred years, no. Do they force scums in government to do lying theater, no, print money, no, put scum violence and smut in music in movies, no. You mix truth with bull to make dummies look for fake hope and get trapped. It’s not ‘aliens’ doing earthquakes it JEWS who stole tesla’s elf/haarp technology.
      If there is any ‘shut down’ it is so the jew can remove the few real jew truth sites from the web. Between your bunk and the observation below on the outage ‘drill’ all more reason people better archive jew fact webpages on disk now before they do. I won’t do it for you folks, when they’re gone they’re gone.
      Not aliens, jews.

      • Impeachment Now!

        Personally I think Obama, Jarrett, Holder, Napolitano, Reid, Peglosi, Lerner, Hell the whole damn administration is about as alien as it gets! :neutral:

    • DaescensionedOne

      How do you kno this!! Tell me more!!

    • Templar

      YOU GOT IT WRONG! ENLIL IS NOT EVIL! Baal is and Hell.


  • Angeleyes05

    If there’s suppose to be a grid outage planned for that date, how exactly will people find out?…lol

  • Anonymous

    Its BS. NASA didn’t set-up this website, a couple of web designers did it. It’s NOT an official announcement from NASA

  • shtfirbrains

    Rumor says the aliens will show up with all the money we need to get out of debt and they will take O’bama away to Uranus where he will be comfortable.

    • kathydob

      Honestly…that was the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time! I had to sign up just to tell you how much that made me laugh. Thanks! LOL

    • tag


  • byterider

    Uhh… this is a joke… a fraud… and not the first time it has happened. This story has been DEBUNKED.


  • doggy do

    Great graphic by the way. You lift it from a 1950s TV show? And got it, it’s the same day there is supposed to be an outage. Bigfoot probably told you that. Ok, i’ll check my light bulbs because one might go out.

  • xbriangarzon

    This needs to be known. Become a part of the revolution!:

    • doggy do

      Um, sorry, but no, it definitely does not.”That damned Obama” is now fiddling with plate tectonics…for some reason so mysterious, even intelligent people can’t understand the connection(But delusional morons see it clearly). Go figger…

  • TombRaider

    I’m saving these in a separate folder and will review it daily to gauge whether or not any of these dates posted ever come through to fruition….

  • DiogenesHaint

    Intellihub shows that this is disinformation and likely a prank

  • Mohsen Samii

    Yet another HYPE.

  • jeffstiles

    Pathetic…..who the hell needs Goverment for confirmation…Damn..nation of sheep slaves

  • rabidjackrussell

    Aren’t they cute little stinkers… hey Christmas came early, a 2 for 1 deal:

    GridEx-ll / GridSecCon (blackout drill) Nov 13 – 14


  • Anonymous

    This sounds just like the earth shattering event build up to the Segway two wheeled transport introduction. A lot of fluff and puff build up that will again be nothing but Hot Air, don’t get all jack up on this date or the announcement.

  • Mingo

    So why wait until Nov 13th for this big announcement? If there is going to be a grid x on that day- how would we even hear it anyway? Everything will be shutdown.

  • Watching you

    One problem. Nasa is shut down at the moment so how was this released?

  • rabidjackrussell

    “A lot of fluff and puff build up” you’re probably right, I’m just playing a card! :cool:

  • Andoron

    The domain registration is anonymous.

    Registration Service Provided By: Namecheap

    Registrant Contact: WhoisGuard, Inc. WhoisGuard Protected ()

    It’s just a wild guess but this smells suspiciously like 100% bovine excrement

  • Anarki

    I went to the page, it worked. In the bottom right of the screen they have a man, in a space suit, pointing out at space; In a text bubble it says. “Are they real?”
    Also, the date has been changed to the 6th of October from November 13th…

  • Thorin

    Now if you look at the site it says, “Due to change in plans, we are moving up the date of the announcement to October 6th!” So, the countdown clock says just over 2 days.

  • stonecold68

    We will see

  • Freeamerican

    So what if nasa comes up with some new psy ops or false flag after decades of lies and stealing and stuff they withheld. I am not ‘awaiting’ anything from a group of scums who lied about going to the moon to rip off billions and billions for the jew so they could use our taxes for weapons against us. They are part of the enslavement plan. Didn’t pay much attention when people said they never went to the moon then I saw apollzero – full version top of page Moon hoax another rip off, now they expect sheople to ‘await’ their next psy ops. All that matters is we know they are liars who spent decades distracting us from jew communist takevoer of America. Instead of ‘awaiting nasa’ scums psy ops why not educate people on chemtrails, the moon hoax, 911 andprotest immigration to stop our communism slavery. Regardless of whatever show they put on now, add nasa to the giant group of jews and government slobs who belong in prison.

  • WhyHurtPeople

    Yes, there are other species who live on and around earth. This is not a secret to any government. The USA government has been sharing information with them for decades, even centuries. Yes, there is life on Mars and the Moon. The government knows this and has been there, only select people. Whether they decide to fulfill the agreement to make this notification which was suppose to be done a year ago remains to be seen. The most powerful by far species are friendly to our planet, not necessarily to humans, however, any invasion would not hurt earth and the Herkonnians would be eliminated in quick fashion. The USA government may try a false flag war using what humans call ET’s which want things, for lack of a better term on earth, however the Human Hybrid race would help us in that case-being led by the Ben Elohim Race. The Benis are the entities who created man as we know ourselves today. They are the missing link. Or I should say, they created the missing link. Should the government try what this person has posted, they would be decimated in 3 hours and 18 minutes-period.

    • Freeamerican

      Under another story you had comments all yelling caps demanding everyone just believe and follow around phonies ron and ran paul -ron paul the mason and his kid who both serve the jew. Even if the jew has used our money to robotic aliens or alien looking craft, even if they do more false flags, we are not going believe their lies or their trolls. It’s on us to do what we need to do. No fake alien heroes, no more leaders. Skunk.

  • Tatyana

    What I find funny, is why take a month to announce this superb news. Why don’t they just do it now? What will change in a month?

    Ah, I know what will change. Their mind.

    If this is all true, come on Nasa guys, open your mouths now or just shut up. As it is we know the truth. Would be lovely to see facts, but even your facts are doubtful. :neutral:

  • Vanux

    Come on fellas.!!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

    He who wants to believe will live and he who is desperate to believe will forever live in a dream. Sometimes I reckon some conspiracy theorist are so ardent in believing that leaves me no other choice but to admit the government really is practicing psyops on its population and they[some conspiracy theorist] are the subjects of those psyops experiments themselves. Some of the data these people post is to be taken not with a grain of salt but with an mountain of salt instead.

    With all the respect the poster deserves for his efforts. The only historic announcement NASA is expected to make in the very near future is the ironic: “WE ARE BROKE”.
    This announcement will be historic in the sense that despite all the mathematicians and world experts in related fields of mathematics weren’t enough in foreseeing their own financial demise. Now the question before us will be: how can we trust them to detect foreign celestial bodies posing a clear and present threat to our planet if they can’t even handle the relatively simple mathematics of their own accounting books? Personally, I am not and I don’t think I’ve to be an expert to see that NASA is nothing more than a terrestrial body of the governmental waste kind. They are as efficient in doing what they suppose to do as a blind man is looking for a black cat in a dark room when the black cat isn’t even there.

  • gunny granny

    they’ve changed the date on this website: : October 6th.

  • @win

    The last time NASA had something like this, was a few years back. It was a complete non-event. Nothing we did not already know. But if NASA doesn’t say it, it’s not true… pfffrrrttt

  • Geeper

    I call shenanigans. It’s clearly just someone trying to get some cheap publicity based on the fact that NASA has been affected by the shutdown and therefore can’t issue an official denial. @NASA stopped posting to Twitter on the 1st – I guess someone saw this and had the idea. The domain was registered on October 1st.

    Putting the date forward to the 6th while NASA is still in shutdown makes no sense at all – they can’t post to Twitter, let alone call a press conference.

  • my screenname goes here

    Shame if it is a hoax, could do with a bit of excitement on this planet, been a bit dull since the dinosaurs checked out.
    FYI the domain info: NASA own property/real estate in panama….just sayin’.

    That said, don’t “sign up”, if it’s a public announcement, you won’t need to receive an email about it, I’m sure it’ll probably get a mention on the TV and radio.

  • Greenfire

    Obviously B.S., BUT:
    1. Nice job on the web-site!
    2. Used a junk e-mail address just to see what they would send out
    3. Cool Prank…. :twisted:

  • pdeibn

    The date has been changed to October 6th for some damn reason.

  • bishopdan761

    It has been moved to Oct. 6st now! Im sure they have found some more bacteria. Still I cant help but love this stuff. :razz:

  • Mike

    They will announce that Xbox one & Windows OS is the exclusive entertaining method for astronauts in Space, with the rise of Steam OS powered by VAVE :idea:

  • Bytor

    Yes, because NASA *always* registeres vanity domains liek this fo rtheir press releases. And NASA always use a Panamanian privacy protector to obfuscate the real owners of their domains, too.

    Use some critical thinking, people!

  • kk

    The site “” was registered in Panama, so it is highly doubtful this is truly a NASA website. My guess is, they are only wanting people to register with them so they can get your information…another foreign phishing site that people are all too willing to fall for…

  • Palerider

    Now the date has changed to November 6th :idea: ..I don’t know????

  • Sight.Eternal

    Probably wouldn’t worry too much, here is the WHOIS info for domain name.

    NetRange: –
    OriginAS: AS13335
    NetHandle: NET-108-162-192-0-1
    Parent: NET-108-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Assignment
    RegDate: 2011-10-28
    Updated: 2012-03-02

    OrgName: CloudFlare, Inc.
    OrgId: CLOUD14
    Address: 665 Third Street #207
    City: San Francisco
    StateProv: CA
    PostalCode: 94107
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2010-07-09
    Updated: 2013-01-04

    I am sure if Nasa REALLY wanted to post a sight they would done it with their same registry service, and not some company based in San Francisco called Cloudfare. Funny that the official Nasa . USA . gov page is currently down due to the Federal Gov shutdown, but this page, which ends in a .com domain name is still up and running, now just who is funding that?

  • Raphael

    the continents in that map are not the earth’s

  • Chris Pell

    HOAX … HOAX … the Nasa web site is closed, due to the shutdown … :razz:

  • slider

    WTF with the Purple Ninja Crap. Glad I saw this Post as BS from the start. :evil:

  • Anonymous
    If you goto site links to rubbish youtube pop video which I did not watch.nothing to do with nasa.

  • Dagaan

    This is scam. Click the link and you get a YouTube video of a dork dancing in front of his laptop. As it’s illegal to use the NASA logo he’ll probably be going to jail. Someone should contact ol’ Mort Amsel the uploader of this article so he doesn’t go to jail with him!

  • Natapi

    The “announcement” is on live! It is some kid rapping. Oh brother….

  • The Dark Knight

    this is fake, takes you to a dumb link

  • Fr.Duffy Fighting 69th

    If not on 11-13, then certainly at some point there will be an announcement of an historic “discovery”. Von Braun predicted the alien card as the final push for world domination by the NWO. Just remember, these aliens are either bluebeam deceptions, or demonic entities. Either way, the population of the planet will be subjected to unimaginable pressures to conform to the NWO. Jesus is the only protection, and the only way to salvation. Jesus is Lord

    • doggy do


      • doggy do


      • doggy do

        U Talkin

      • doggy do

        World domination by the new world order.
        That makes perfect sense-non

  • bladerunner

    You know! so many of these predictions has passed and what?. I do follow NWO and related subjects closely and these psychopaths are truly are out there concocting something, that part is true. However, it almost seems like everybody is hoping a disaster to come and end the current life style that we have been living. That has to change my friends. We all have the power to create our own reality as we wish and hope that reality that all of us create is a peaceful world with abundance to everyone.
    That date is the when federal reserve bank was established 100 years ago date, that is the only interesting part.
    Secondly the weekend before the November 13th is a 3 day holiday (Veterans day) Anybody remembers “any 3 day bank holiday”
    Third; Since these people are psychopaths they pay attention to numbers November 13 2013 is
    11 13 13 but the day before is 11 12 13.
    So Monday is the holiday; everything is closed, Tuesday is the last day of hundred year of FEDERAL RESEVE BANK’s existence. But I am going to work against any expected or prophesized catastrophe in other vibrations levels so nothing happens, WE ALL SHOULD DO THE SAME.
    And guess what if nothing happens I won’t be upset and rather be happy, which means we won!!

  • TombRaider

    If 37 states are preparing for the end on 17-Oct-2013 then don’t worry about this trivial announcement…

  • TombRaider

    It’s November 09, 2013 so this announcement is just around the corner…..which corner is the question….

  • TombRaider

    Just a little reminder tomorrow is the BIG DAY so keep this thread alive and lets see if anything happens…..

  • TombRaider

    Tomorrow is the BIG DAY…Look Alive out there and stay alert!!

  • marlio

    I bet it will be that they have found human remains or something connected to humans, on mars, and try to make us think they we actually came from there which will be a great deception and one, I will not believe. In the sumerian age or even now, aliens, of which most people know exists may have taken humans to mars, but we did not come from that planet, nor did aliens MAKE HUMANS!! Govt is worried, the ones possessed by demons, that Christ is coming, they do not want our frequency to rise and want to keep us trapped on earth but it will not work!!

  • TombRaider

    I’ve looked high and low and I cannot find any information regarding NASA making a historic announcement about anything or anywhere…..

    It’s sunny here and a bit cool. The sun is shinning brightly and I hope it is where you are too!

  • TombRaider

    I must have slept through this announcement….

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