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Professor: Fukushima Is Absolutely Horrifying (Video)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:45
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Excerpts from an Interview with Professor Robert Jacobs, Hiroshima City University, Nov. 27, 2013: I see the catastrophe as absolutely horrifying and ongoing. There is no discernible end in sight to this tragedy, radiation will continue to seep into the Pacific Ocean for decades [...] when they have problems they are always global in scale. [...] These toxins will remain dangerous for hundreds of generations and will disperse throughout the planet. [...] the sickness and contamination resulting from the disaster will last for hundreds [of generations]. [...] they knew that there had been a full meltdown on the first day of the disaster, and three full meltdowns by the third day, they denied this for almost three months. [...] fuel has melted and is now located somewhere unknown beneath the reactor building [...] if some rice is contaminated above this legal level it is not removed from the food supply, but rather is mixed with uncontaminated rice until it is below this level. This is a process for moving contaminated food into the food supply [...] But by far the most disastrous thing is to allow so many children to remain in contaminated areas. All children should be removed from contaminated areas immediately [...]

Prof. Jacobs, Oct. 18, 2013 (at 3:30 in): Nobody really knows how to solve the problems at Fukushima. There is nobody who has solutions to these. The problems at Fukushima are unprecedented [...] There’s no solution that other countries have that they can come in and fix the reactors, or rather shut down the contamination, shut down the leaks[...] those experts will be at a loss it how to solve the immense problems that we’ll be facing for decades in Fukushima.

This is exactly how I feel.  Helpless and I’m just sitting here waiting for something to happen.  When you build something big enough that someone on the other side of the planet feels helpless about because its about to collapse and radiate the world, you know you’ve gone too far. Japan is going to be a ghost island soon and the Japenese people are in danger of dying out.  The country is mostly old people and now they are bathing their children in radiation.  Terrible.  Nothing right now in the world that is happening frustrates me more than this.  Environmental groups should be on the streets rioting right now, it’s amazing that they aren’t.  -Mort

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  • fuzzy696

    The elites and all thier families are eating and drinking the same as us … you are saying they are killing thier families too and not doing anything about it……..bah humbug.

    • Bronson

      Sometimes you just do not really know how bad things are, example: I was in Germany when the Chernobyl disaster happened. You can bet I got 1st hand look at what people had to do…..Crops destroyed, turned over back into the earth. Milk, and many other products pulled from the shelves. The store shelves was striped clean, new Items took awhile to be flown in from non-infected areas.
      This Fukushima is worse. The most stupid thing going on is the media not stating the truth…They use their Bogus talking points Not to be honest about most anything now.
      Yes the media has downplayed this disaster, also people in the know are moving away from the West Coast.

    • Anonymous

      and you are 100% confident that the “elites” of the world dont have a better method to avoid radiation poisoning? Just like they dont have a cure for aids *cough* magic johnson *cough* im sure you are correct.

    • Joe Miller

      These disasters have wide ranging effects that are not even noticed by the media. I had a Bulgarian working for me in the USA who had to have her thyroid removed because of cancer from Chernobyl. There have been at least hundreds and maybe thousands of these cases, but it is all kept quiet, because each one wants their privacy or can’t definitely prove a connection. All you have to do, though, is ask around.

    • YellowRoseTx51

      no they are not eating the same foods we are. They stock pile for decades. You say ‘bah humbug’ but seem to forget what the Queen’s owned BP OIL did in the gulf, and shut down the gulf stream for awhile.
      ‘bah humbug’ doesn’t cut it. They are insane sociopaths. Never underestimate how low they will sink.

    • Bond007

      Let’s give all liberals, democrats, illegals and Muslims in the country a long tall drink from the Pacific.


  • Bronson

    You can bet the elites have their shelters plush. Stocked up with everything imaginable. Japan had fore warning about building This Nuclear Power Plant. This was by design, and did Japan really want this plant to begin with?. There is definitely a bigger picture to all this. Can these disasters, one after another be blamed on ignorance?, or does this tie in with the banking collapses. One thing for sure, to many coincidences going on. You can bet the elite are not eating any recently harvested sea foods, and produce from any infected areas.

  • shock an awe

    Its bad thats a fact, but why no coverage from mainstream media, I am tired of their trivial news stories they should cover what is important.

  • Well Pat

    Well Pat
    Bring over the Krupp Bagger 288 excavator. Sit it just offshore. The excavator digs the plant up from the roots. The radioactive core is extracted and placed into a protective cooling container. Contaminated dirt and slag is loaded onto barges. A vitrification factory turns the contaminated material into glass. The glass is loaded onto more barges. The glass is properly disposed of. Either this or it’s さよなら and time is running out. The 288′ll do it. This is the fix or something similar.

    NOV 27, 2013, 7:54 AM Like Dislike Report SPAM 0Reply
    digging up coastal ground is not anywhere near as simple as you are thinking. Also that plant it ENORMOUS. to “dig it up from the roots” would involve supporting the damaged buildings as the ground is dug out from under them. Then there is the issue of the ground being constantly inundated with moisture a few layers down because its so close to the ocean. My point is your solution is not even close to valid. the “Krupp Bagger 288″ would probably just sink into the damn ground. Do i think the world govts could solve this if they chose to, absolutely. Do i think your avg working joe solution is even valid enough for you do have voiced it? No, its retarded.

    No no. The Bagger 288 idea is perfect. We’ve done the math. Your world government solution doesn’t help. You tlorr shirr Anonymous pice of clap.

  • Anonamoos in the hoose

    Most people will never hear it, but Fukushima II Daini, just a few miles away from I. Has had two reactor meltdowns. The cat is not only out the bag, its run away. There is NO escaping it !

  • Paul Rowlandson

    The radiation from Fukushima is ionizing radiation, the worst kind. It causes the generation of positively charged free radicals in the body, which serve to damage both organs and DNA. The best protection available is “Lipsomal Vitamin C”. This form of Vitamin C is micro encapsulated in fat globules(lecithin) and is not removed by the urinary tract. Lecithin is used by every cell in the body and the released Vitamin C in the lecithin acts as an anti oxidant, at the cellular level. This reverses damage and prevents damage to organs and DNA. This is done by rendering the positively charged free radicals, neutral. A Japanese doctor has done the research and you can find this at and

    This is how you make lipsomal Vitamin C–wadrMY

    For extreme radiation contact, take 6 grams per day lipsomal Vitamin C

  • MrAnthony

    The nice color image accompanying this story has absolutely nothing to do with radiation or its release into the Pacific. It’s an NOAA map of wave heights after the tsunami. This kind of misleading reporting should tell you all about the lack of credibility of the reporting here for this story.

    • NewIDTest

      There’a a lot not quite right in reports. You know that one with Ivan Macfayden where the “ocean is broken”? This Australian sailor said the Pacific Ocean was dead on a voyage he made to Japan. Where are any other reports of this? All over the web, the Pacific is dead, and all going back to this one article. It’s suspicious, only one sailor IN THE WORLD reporting this? Are the store shelves all over the Pacific empty of fish, and no reports of this? Figure it out.

    • NewIDTest

      Not saying it’s not a very serious problem, should probably mention. Just saying good reporting, without the likes of a misleading map or visual, fear porn, or an environmentalist grinding an ax, are hard to come by. I think a lot of people are sick of lies coming from all angles, some of the biggest lies in the “alternative” news. It’s not even news most of it, just pure fantasy crap for the under educated.

  • whocares

    The professor is suffering from PTSD.

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