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Dangerous New “Gravel” Drug: New Underground Bathsalts Mix Draining ER Resources (Stunning video and pictures)

Saturday, January 25, 2014 14:26
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by Monica Davis

A new synthetic drug named  “Gravel”. is sweeping the nation. And ER doctors are scared.

It’s highly addictive and makes users dangerously paranoid, to the point of suicide.  It also causes paranoia, kidney failure, hallucinations.

These synthetic drugs are changing so fast, that the feds can’t keep up.

“The evolution of these drugs is providing a challenge for toxicology screens,” said Terrence Boos, a chemist in the DEA’s Drug and Chemical Evaluation Section. “When someone is presenting at an emergency department, they are presenting with an unknown drug in their system.” MOREHERE



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  • RMS

    This this new drug worse than “krocodile”? Or, is the worse thing, the idiots who will do anything to get high?
    You can’t have a product, unless there are those who are willing to use it.

    • TruthSeeker

      I’m Pretty sure Krocodile is worse. but this is what happens when you take away a perfectly good natural drug called Mary Jane, kids just fine the next thing to get high off of. so just legalize weed… no one has ever OD, or died on it.

      • kender

        …then, STOP calling it a drug!!!!! You are correct, no one has ever OD’d on pot….because it is a PLANT!!!!! Big difference.

      • chefjim

        Kender! THC (Tetrahydracannabynol) is the DRUG in pot. Morphine is a flower if you choose but the drug, Opium that is comes from is still a DRUG. I agree that there should never have been a “war on drugs” and that it is just gov’t propaganda (the gov’t makes billions on the international drug trade) but let’s not start going our of our minds and calling something by a name that doesn’t accurately describe it.

      • Formlessness

        Drug: a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.

        Yep, Marijuana is a drug, buddy. A harmless drug, but it IS a drug by definition.

      • Mariano

        If that´s the definition of drug, then coffee, cigarettes and mostly alcohol are heavy drugs.

        Besides, “drugs” were legal once, just like alcohol was illegal at a time. By the time the farmaco companies figured out a way to make synthetic (as in not from any natural resource) medicines and therefore patent them, they also began demonizing medicinal plants.

        Not to say the fact that they themselves are funding and funded by drug trafficking

  • equal eyes

    Is anyone really surprised that so many youth turn to these drugs to escape what they perceive as a government that doesn’t care, an education system that by-passes the individual for the sake of mass brainwashing, and a society warped by hypocrisy?
    These things are not easily articulated by our troubled young people, but they know. on some level, that they are doomed to fail. The fantasy world promoted by the entertainment industry, including the increasing number of violent video games, is a well-orchestrated plan by the powers that be to enslave the masses and garner obscene profits.
    When you find yourself powerless in the face of abusive authorities, when you give up before you even started, is it any wonder there will always be a market for quick-fix highs?
    Wholesome humanity is defunct.

    • oldfatguy

      Who, buddy. You’re seriously over intellectualizing this. I’ve worked with these people in a group home setting, and it’s nothing more than the perfect storm of having been raised with a welfare mentality, extreme hedonistic tendencies and physical and intellectual laziness. Many of the young men I dealt with were already in their mid-twenties and had NEVER had a job in their lives other than selling drugs or stolen property. They dropped out nof high school and lived with their single mothers until the cops carted them off to jail. It was one of my duties to take them to businesses that were seeking employees. They blew every interview mostly by waffling on questions asked by the interviewer. One had gang tattoos on his face and shaved head (but not on his torso, where most gang tattoos begin). A state agency offered to pay for the tattoo removal so he could be employable. He refused, stating he was just too proud of those tattoos to ever give them up, even if it meant never being able to land a job. He didn’t actually belong to a gang. Just wanted to be unemployable.

    • butterfly

      That’s good word. Thanks for sharing your views :smile:

  • Andy

    Bad stuff here for sure. I know a guy that became suicidal & tried to kill himself after smoking that garbage. Another person that associates with him became violent & started stealing from his own family & friends after getting hooked on it, just like a crack head. I don’t recomend that anyone uses drugs, but if weed was legal we would not be having problems with such devastating consequences.

  • crabby

    i can see the attraction.. take it an if you come thru it without suicide ,, that’s pretty cool fun for the weekend..!!

  • fish

    And the war on drugs is a success!

  • RayG

    WOW! This is great! Now the government has a new tool with which to manufacture new false flags in order to trick Congress into getting “Important things” done.

  • icetrout

    give em all they want till they drop dead… just population control… :)

  • 10Splines

    Can anyone in here say, “training video”? My goodness, the news reported did everything but smoke it on camera. “there are several ways you can take this drug, you can snort it, you can shoot it up, but the inmate prefers to smoke it.” Looks like a new product marketing placement commercial. I hate the MSM.

  • Tonto

    I don’t really care what dangerous substances are mixed in with the various and sundry “get high”, illegal “recreation drugs”. If that stuff kills them, so what? Why should I care about that? Only if that mix messes them us so bad that we have to be kept would it upset me. If they just die of it, good riddance.

  • jackattack

    legalize cannabis for recreational and medical uses. never kills or addicts anyone in recorded history

    • butterfly

      I was addicted to marijuana for many years. So I don’t consider that statement to be accurate.

  • Kirk McLoren

    So this gravel, you pay money to feel paranoid? Something wrong here. :?:

  • Anonymous

    You can’t abolish by law STUPIDITY !
    Question: What is greater than INFINITY???
    Answer: Human STUPIDITY ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Anonymous

    What people need to remember here is that just as with LSD and Ecstasy(MDMA), these synthetic compounds can have dangerous IMPURITIES if they are handled improperly. The drugs themselves are not to be toyed with, but these impurities and improper synthesis can kill when the drug would not.

    For example, amphetamines were once prescribed quite often and they did cause health problems, probably heart attacks, etc. But now that you have a large black market for them, you have impure home-synthesized amphetamines that have toxic impurities that ravage a users body and probably cause cancer worse than the amphetamine itself ever would.

    But these drugs aren’t amphetamines- they are untested chemicals. Without regulations controlling the quality of the product we have no way of knowing if the compound is toxic, or if there is an impurity. And the DEA is not going to test for this- as it’s in thheir favor to allege the drug(rather than lack of regulation/legalization) is dangerrous.

    So the point is that it’s not just because cannabis is outlawed that this is going on, but because these synthetic drugs are unregulated, in the same manner and the government rather than legalizing and regulating, will simply outlaw these chemicals and push them further into the black market, where impurities can cause severe reaactions, cancer, and who knows what else ON TOP of whatever the actual drug would do to you.

    So if yo uwant this to stop, it may sound counter-intuitive, but demand legislators (go to the :arrow: popvox website) pass laws legalizing and heavily regulating synthetic recreational drugs. At least then a kid would need a driver’s license to buy, and retailers and users could be assured that the manufacturing process and product is inspected regularly for dangerous impurities etc.

  • 120Hounds

    I would only purchase gravel if it came in the form of little pebbles. I would not buy gravel if it was in a powdered form.

  • Snowdog19

    I have seen a lot of people injured, some seriously, because of smoking the K drug that was supposed synthetic THC. It would put someone in an immobile state, helpless. That’s not good.

  • Mariano

    Oh, the poor feds and DEA!!

    They can´t keep up!

    Gee, I hope they are not the ones making it and pushing it to the poor, like each time before.

  • Jack

    One would think that with all of the laws that are passed every year our legislators could write one that would cover the creation of any new poisonous drug.

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