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Planet X – Nibiru. The ‘Two Suns’ – Presenting the Evidence

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 17:41
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Dan Flynn presents evidence to prove the existence of Planet X — Nibiru, The Two Suns. ”Presenting to you, the jury, to decide. A closing two hour argument, in defense of those who pursued, and researched the theories and concepts of Planet X / Nibiru.  I’d be thinking twice, after watching this one, if I did not believe in a tenth planet. If one lie can be proven, the evidence is tainted. If persons whom supported the truth retract their statements, the evidence is tainted. “


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  • am123

    “Presenting to you, the jury, to decide”

    Hmmmm…..should I believe what I see in a youtube video, or should I believe when I look up in the sky during the daytime :cool: and I see one sun???

    There is only one sun. Case closed.

    • John Ale

      am123, I have to thank. I read some of your articles, you are very good person. It is not ironic. BTW we can have different ideas on Planet X, but if someone comes with evidence, we may need to examine

      • am123

        Thank you. God bless.



        God the Father: No scientific evaluation will make sense when two suns are seen..

        :idea: Click Link for More Info :!:

        :arrow: :idea: :idea:

        :arrow: “.. Soon, the stars will no longer shine with their great intensity. Soon, new, unexpected signs, which will defy all human understanding of science, will be shown by Me, to a disbelieving world, as the beginning of My Intervention is revealed ..”

        :arrow: “.. No scientific evaluation will make sense when two suns are seen. No definition, by man’s limited knowledge, will make sense. Yet, they will take every sign, given to the world from Heaven, and say that this other human life exists in the universe ..”

        :idea: Click Link for More Info :!: :!:

        :arrow: :idea: :idea:

      • friends2you

        Start with history of ancient cultures and their accounts of an object coming and bringing great devastation. There has been great scholars and regular people writing and drawing pictures of what occurred. Might explain why cities are under the ocean and under tons of dirt.
        Look to science and it proves solar systems have a binary star or two within each system. What caused the asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter? Why is the Sun, and other planets along with the earth having abnormalities taking place at the same time?

        Look to past news broadcasts saying the discovery of a large object heading this way, look towards many notable scientists and astronomers claiming there is an object effecting everything. In the end it doesn’t matter if you choose not to except the vast amounts of evidence over time, the end result will still be the same.

      • am123


        “No scientific evaluation will make sense when two suns are seen”

        God said He does nothing without first revealing it to His prophets. Yet, you speak of two suns as if these words are from God when there is nothing in the Word to back up your assertion. In other words, you are spewing horse manure.

  • The Real Deal

    I know i’ve been critical on occasion towards you, John, but i really do enjoy articles. I have to go with am123 on this…i only see one sun. I’m not saying Nibiru isn’t real…i just need to see it to believe it.

  • 0 Sum

    Story views: 1776

    just saying

  • CrowPie

    CrowPie, you are such a libtard! Why don’t you go sleep with a goat?

    …….There……That ought to help with the views…… :lol:

    • 0 Sum

      I was frantically rolling up my sleeves and puffing up my well muscled ( and oiled ) chest to defend you….

      You totally got me :)

      • CrowPie

        :lol: Thanks. But I figured that it would draw more people that would be happy to see me get a good chewing. :grin:

        I am a bit of an outsider in these parts, and outspoken, too. So I don’t ever expect anyone to stand up for me. Actually, I think you know I was VERY shocked last week or so when YOU did. …..Shocked in to utter silence. :smile:

      • 0 Sum

        You have demonstrated your integrity and insights on many occasions here. The master of the house knows you are one of the good guys and he HATES that you stand up to him in front of all his flunkies.

        While we don’t always agree… I can say with utmost certainty that only spineless chumps speak to a woman the way that “clapping clown” spoke to you the other day.

      • CrowPie

        Nothing he said was a surprise or shocked me. Even though I am extremely feminine, I have always had to win my own battles Father, mother, hubby or not. Just the fact that you stepped in was a totally new and unexpected experience for me. I have always been the strength in my family……I’m not accustomed to being stood up for in any way, and I didn’t know how to react.

        That’s why my thank you so slow in coming. Again, thank you.

      • 0 Sum

        No thanks needed my friend. ;)

      • Master

        :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
        One might think that cow pie and zero scum are two different BIN readers.
        But, alas, they are NOT two people, but one, very deranged person having a “conversation” with “himself” to lead you uninitiated on!
        It is just the same old incantations of “Beef”, appearing miraculously to have a conversation with “one another” and taint the post with the “gibberish of one”!
        Zero Scum, Cow Pie (new & improved avatars, by Jed Bozo, Pope of the judeo-christo-Creeps, from NJ), Mayhem, Wretched Infidel, hell, the only missing character is……where the puck is Beef Supreme, Jed Bozo, from NJ???????
        :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

      • CrowPie


        “Master Sour Puss”

      • 0 Sum

        One might think this “master” character is someone other than the editor in chief Chris Schlitze himself…

        If they’ve been sleeping that is.

        Now… go back to bed old man we’ll see you bright an early in the morning when they let you out of the cave for your hourly walk around the compound.

  • CrowPie

    Hi John,

    I read that you’ve been feelin’ a little under the weather. I pray that passes for you very soon.

  • Mick

    Nothing and nobody anywhere is casting two shadows. Ergo this story is tripe. Give it a rest now, eh?

  • JimTheOwl

    I wonder how much longer this nonsense can go on.

    The looney tune that claims she is channeling two aliens, Rebob and Vagina, has been claiming for years now that 2 suns are visible and posted all kinds of nonsense pics of lens flares and photoshopped images on sites like this and yet still nothing proves this Nibiru crap to be real.

    I’m to the point that I’m not even going to read these silly posts anymore.

  • fred doe

    youtube is full of it i thought the planet x was gonna be here in 2012 or did it pop round to burger king first for a double cheese and bacon burger.

  • Central Scrutinizer

    2 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, if you can’t make your case in two minutes (and if you had solid proof, 2 minutes is still WAY TOO LONG), why on earth should anybody waste that amount of time with your drivel.

    It’s supposed to be in the constellation Orion, it’s supposed to be behind the Sun, it’s supposed to be here in 1984, er.. 1998, er.. 2004,.. ummmm, 2012…. You get the idea.

    I can see Orion every night. It ain’t there. I can see on the other side of the Sun (thanks to the STEREO spacecrafts), it ain’t there. [And even if i didn't use the power of science and the STEREO set-up, we, the Earth, are on the 'other side of the Sun' every 6 months - so where the h#ll is it?]

    Here is the secret. IT DOES NOT EXIST. :eek:

  • InCeNdIa_DrAcOnIs

    You can’t see it yet, in the daylight hours, of the northern hemisphere. If you nay-sayers, would simply take the time to read some of the ancient records of this event… you might learn a couple things. Firstly, it approaches from directly below the Earth, at a very elliptical orbit. Therefore you don’t see it, until it is actually making (or almost making), its precession in front of our primary sun. Secondly, it is a red dwarf, giving off mostly infra-red light, hence it is near-completely out-shined by our sun… again remaining unseen until the precession. This also explains the videos from the S.P., where you see it briefly, until the light from our primary star completely hides it. (it HAS been seen at the S.P. for several years now),

    This approaches from such an elliptical orbit, directly-south of the Earth; you can’t see it until it is right on top of you. But you don’t need to see it, to know it is coming. Anyone who still don’t believe, must not have taken the time, to see the wild swings in our own orbit. I live in northern MI and have been watching the sun rise from my kitchen window for over 20 years. Since 2008/9 the sun started to set far north of where it always had. I have this position marked (since 1993), so it is not “mis-seeing”, “mistaken”, or “wild imagination” on my part. Has anyone else who disputes this fact, taken the time to mark the rising/setting position of the sun? Has any nay-sayer not seen the dramatic changes to our climate yet?? …. Change which by the way, is not caused by “climate change”, “global warming”, “seasonal drift” or any other completely moronic excuse. Take for example, if our climate had DE-stabilized this much on its own; it would most likely mean that the Earth’s core has stopped, and our world would be uninhabitable by now.

    • Central Scrutinizer

      Then riddle me this, Batman. If the Sun is indeed setting farther north than what you think should be right, why then, is Polaris in the EXACT same spot it ought to be in the sky at night?

      What dramatic changes in our climate are you talking about? The fact that we (continental US) are on an unprecedented stretch of no major hurricanes, or last year saw the lowest number of tornados in a long time, or the record number of cold temps set last winter (not to mention to forecast for this winter). The phantom “warming” of the Earth went poof! 15+ years ago. So what dramatic changes are you referring to?

      • InCeNdIa_DrAcOnIs

        Wow Shilly… I would love to live in the State of Denial such as yourself, where do I apply?!?!

        No major hurricanes… I don’t know where you got that, considering in the Atlantic, we are only a couple weeks into the season, so O.K. I will give you that one…. In the last +3 weeks since the season began, we have not had any major hurricanes.

        … But I suppose we will just forget the major, UN-characteristically early tornadoes that have hit in recent years.

        …. I suppose we will also just “over-look” the countless sinkholes that keep on, a keepin’ on as well.

        …. I guess we will also forget about the “coldest winter on record” from last year too.

        …. I guess we can also totally ignore the record flooding, that has taken place on nearly every continent.

        …. I also think that the magnetic field sounds, being heard all around the Earth, must simply be fakes as well.

        … I guess we can also ignore the “smiley” faced moons as well. Because you know… “smiley” faced moons have always been the norm.

        The wobble varies daily, and is at maximum around sunset. But I guess the countless numbers of Inuit who attest to the sun being off, are just stupid like me. Especially seeing as how they have relied on its position for thousands of years, as an indicator of the times, for all of the major events within their culture.

        “Phantom” warnings from 15 years ago…. Never said anything about that, but I did say that this STARTED around 2008.

        I guess we will just see, what is what. I have lived long enough, and am aware of my surroundings enough, to know that there is something, which our way comes.

      • friends2you

        PRAISE the LORD, that comment from InCeNdIa_DrAcOnIs is so honest and refreshing. I had to shake a leg. Wow, well we all know the Central Scrutinizer like to push buttons. Probably licks his finger each time. Honestly Central, do you really believe nothing is happening? Come on, you can be truthful if you try really hard.

  • Mayhem

    Ha ha you’ll all be saying sorry when Nibiru finally gets here. Not long to wait as it’s due Dec 21st 2012.

    The Mayans were falsely accused of saying it was so; and a little boy waits.

    Then Sitchin said the Sumerians said it was so; and yet the little boy waits.

    In 1983 a newspaper quoted a single scientist who said so; and still the little boy waits.

    Nancy Lieder said it was so; and the waiting seems without end.

    • Net-in-YAHOO Says

      Why mayhem, big know-nothing “believer” in the white-skinned mangod THAT NEVER COMES, does not something sound familiar to you???
      Judeo-christo CREEPS just wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, FOREVER!
      Because NO white-skinned mangod will come to “save” you, deluded, insane mayhem!!!!!
      :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • CrowPie


        Your right, if you don’t change your ways…’s likely that you won’t be saved.

      • Mayhem

        @Net-in-IDIOT… This thread is about Nibiru, dummy, try to stay focused. You’ll not look like such a nutbar if you can manage that.

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