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Putin Working With Obama To Connect The World For Their New World Order (Behind The Scenes, Videos)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:10
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(N.Morgan) Over the last couple of years Vladimir Putin has gained recognition as being against the New World Order, an unexpected hero to many, but new information has come to light that may cause doubt and change that train of thought.



Putin’s new plan has come forth and it will leave you scratching your head in wonder and perhaps a bit of trepidation.


In this latest move for power, Putin has a major plan to build a super highway from Russia to America.


Why would enemies dare to get involved in such a venture?


If Putin is truly an enemy of the New World Order, why is he signing on with enemies?


The New World Order super highway will span the globe.


The Elites are planning a world without borders.



Imagine driving from London to New York City would be possible if Russia succeeds in building a superhighway spanning across the country with links to western Europe and Asia. 



During a March meeting, head of the Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin unveiled an ambitious plan called the Trans-Eurasian Belt Development, which entails constructing a superhighway and an accompanying high-speed railway. 



If the plan is realized, motorists will be able to drive from London to New York. Russia hopes the development will spur the economies of remote cities and towns. 


The Trans-Siberian Railway is about 9,000 kilometers long. According to CNN, a road trip from London to New York would cover about 20,777 kilometers. 


Yakunin said other infrastructure such as oil pipelines, power plants and water supply facilities will be built alongside the highway and high-speed railway. 


The mega highway system will face a multitude of difficulties, one of them being the connection to Alaska across the Bering Strait.


Either a long bridge or a undersea tunnel would be needed. 


Money is likely to be another challenge. Russian Railways said the construction cost would amount to trillions of dollars.



This is proof that the so called enemy, is actually part of the New World Order. 


All the wars and destabilization around the world is a smoke screen to cover up their real agenda.


Many are unaware there are 10 regions to the New World Order, all to be divided up among the Elites leaders.






Joint Statement on Cooperation in the Bering Strait Region


The Presidents announced their intention to cooperate broadly in the cross-boundary Bering Strait region.  


This will include enhanced contact between the government agencies responsible for the specially protected natural territories of both countries in the State of Alaska and Chukotka.


 They also expressed their intention to increase interaction and facilitate travel among the native peoples living in these two regions.


The text of the Joint Statement on Cooperation in the Bering Strait Region can be found at:





Joint Report by the Coordinators on Progress of the U.S.-Russia Presidential Commission


The Presidents hailed another productive year in the work of the Presidential Commission, as reflected in the latest Joint Report.


 The Commission’s second year has been focused on expanding our common agenda across 18 working groups, as well as producing new joint projects and initiatives related to our shared innovation agenda as well as in other priority areas that serve the national interest of both countries.


 The Commission’s agenda is also growing to strengthen collaboration in areas that are important to the promotion of our mutual economic prosperity.


The achievements of the U.S.-Russia Presidential Commission are outlined in the Commission’s annual report, which can be accessed at








It is from here that the New World Order’s tentacles reach out across the pond to American, Europe and the rest of the world with strong connections to the European Royal Families, the Rothschild’s, the Pilgrims Society, the Royal Institute of International Affairs ( Chatham House), the Bank of England, selected banking and financial institution, Friends of Israel Groups and so many other “Elite Groups”……..not forgetting the Freemans etc.


These evil and very satanic organizations controls their counterparts over in the US i.e.  The Rockefeller’s, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, the Federal Reserve Bank, AIPAC and that little known powerful group known as The Project for the New America Century (PNAC) a so called charity that basically writes up the policy for the White House and Congress etc.


You may also find it hard to believe that part of the NWO is the UN and all its respective departments, the WHO, the ICJ and the entire Judicial System, the Educational System, the foundation of the Banking and Financial System, the Mainstream Media and believe it or not NATO which is its military arm.


The latter is trying to spread its tentacles to form a defensive ring around the globe to basically surround the old Soviet Bloc and stop its ideology and also an attempt to stem the spread of Islam etc………..basically one can clearly see that the Cold War as such has never ended and the Crusades continue.







The world leaders of these countries are all on the same team, working towards the collective goal of establishing a New World Order, One World Government, meant to conquer and control the world.



So is Putin really a friend or foe to the New World Order?





Russian Military Aircraft Draw Closer To US Shores, Intentions Remains Unclear.








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  • TSM

    Wasn’t it also announced last week that the USA and Russia are going to co-operate on a new space station!
    Yes suspicious indeed!

    • ExposeTheTruth

      Vladimir Putin & Barry Davis are members of the Octogon Nazi Templars of Switzerland.  Vladimir Putin is under complete Vatican control , along with the United States of America.

      The Superior General of the Jesuit Order, is a Spanish priest of the Roman Catholic Church Adolfo Nicolás, also known as the ‘Black Pope’.  

      The black pope far more powerful than the white Pope and works closely in America with former New York Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan and his replacement Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan. 

      “”The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.  None is fitter than the three lower degrees of Freemasonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it.”"

      The Fundamental involvement of the Jesuit Order in world-changing events like the two world wars has rarely been told.  Most blame the’Jewish’ cabal, using the Jews as Scapegoats. Also, goes under the name of Zionism, Neocon’s and other labels.  

      This is an important tool of Masonic Freemasonry, but it is only part of the spider web of lies.  It can never hide the fundamental involvement of the Jesuit hierarchy and the Church of Babylon, (Lucifer / Baphomet aka Sun Worship) now known as the Roman Catholism. Basically, they are all different faces of the same octopus organization.

      *The Knights Templars Are The Jesuit Order*

      • Equalizer

        Come on my “liberal loser foolish friends” o-vomit, bush and Clintons are all trash…we true “Libertarian Americans” whom deal in FREEDOM, “reality” and “history” have been well aware of the wealthy circle of families who are strategically undermining our Constitution, daily. It has never been the US vs Russia it is about “We the people” and our rights as humans for “Freedom and Liberty”… wake up idiots! Spend a little less time on you iPhones and a lot more learning about your “Constitution” before it is gone, forever. Then it will be…”Welcome to camp FEMA” for all of us!

    • Anonymous

      Putin’s Russia: Nemesis of the New World Order

  • Ideas Time

    They are all buds behind the curtain and the rest is for show is my guess.

    • ExposeTheTruth


       The Masonic Freemason Templars biggest problem is masculinity, because it is a direct threat to their homosexual perverted way of life. As long as man is subservient to the Kingdom, they have nothing to worry about and can stop any uprising.   

      UBS Credit Suisse Bank is the premier  financial house for all the fascist nazi aristocrats.  Along with all the financial crimes that have been committed, which our invisible and hard to see, but just as lethal as mass genocide. 

      The stock market crash of 1929 was a result of the Swiss Templar Mafia, in order to finance Hitlers WW II.

      Nazi FEMA Death Camps In USA & St. Louis Killer Cops From Octogon.

      Ferguson, MO EXpOSED - What mainstream and alternative media failed to tell you @ 5:34 Mark.

      The KKK is from Switzerland @ 9:00 Mark.

      Lots of informative information, so feel free to scroll through the videos.

    • Anonymous

      Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

  • Freedom

    The real question is why wasn’t this built a long time ago ? America has a road that is started in Alaska to go to Russia .
    I’m pretty sure it’s the shipping company’s that have always put an end to any train or roads that connect Alaska and russia.

  • siftingthroughthe****

    Lol. Thank you for cheering me up :lol:

  • Doccus

    Yup. Highway building. A sure sign that the NWO is behind it. Suuure.. All the time I saw them work crews directing traffic around highway repair sites, I had no idea they were part of the NWO. I thought they were just medium paid government employees. Well, what did I know?

  • Norry

    Your headlines are lies designed to diminish Vladimir Putin’s popularity in the world as one of the greatest statesman of our age !

    He recognises what is happening in the world and that demonic forces are trying to ruin any peace and harmony here on earth.

    You N.Morgan seem to be a part of this demonic lying about a good man with morals who has kept the world out of another demonic killing fest called war !

    You are a sad little person N.Morgan.

    • Bobwire

      @Norry you’re a low life POS . YOU THINk YOUR A BIG MAN HIDING IN YOUR GRAND MAMA’S basements ? Putting down people because you don’t like their comments . Grow a pair POINDEXTER become a man

      • Scanner Darko

        Quiet down, Bobwire. Norry is right.

      • Norry

        @Bobwire ” Putting down people because you don’t like their comments .”

        “Norry you’re a low life POS”

        “Grow a pair POINDEXTER become a man”

    • tbar

      They put out too much misinformation. There’s really no telling if Putin is truly for or against the agenda. For the longest I thought he was against it. I watch a taped speech he gave where he spoke out against America and the NWO, how it goes against everything we supposedly stand for.

      Since then I have read little things here and there that make me question which side he is on exactly.

  • Canderson

    Is Putin in la la land too? I that what you are saying?

    • Canderson

      Is Putin in la la land too? Is that what you are saying?

    • Canderson

      There is no Elysium only criminal gangs, mostly ruled by psychopaths they do not feel, then it is easy.

    • Canderson

      Try to explain the Vulcan (psychopath) in Star Trek if you can. (as a Vulcan suppressing feelings but supposedly have that too)
      It is a sham.

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#3 (prelim),

    Charlie here. Yes, it has been the desire of ages to CONQUER. Read history. It shouldn’t take too much to realize this. From religion to politics that is their DREAM.

    It is a shame we have leaders in America who desire to “mate” with the world that will prove DISASTROUS with Americans and why Charlie calls for a ban on liberals from any public office or civil office.

    We really are that shining city on he hill and why everyone desires to come here. When was the last time you heard anyone desiring to go to Russia?

    And please do hold your “prelim” temper Angle#3??


    Charlie (who has no desire for coffee and doughnuts in Russia)

  • Klemens

    The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” against Humanity
    very interesting book! MUST READ!

  • Anonymous

    From the Drudge Report… RUSSIANS HACK WHITE HOUSE; ACCESS OBAMA INFO…What is this?, another NSA false flag operation or a DISINFORMATION, operation?.

  • karla

    I think the thing that drives me the craziest about the anti NWO…spill is this…That means you are perfectly happy having satan at the wheel driving this VAH and don’t want that to change…more of the same as we have had for six thousand years darkness in possession of nearly all the priesthoods…this is what you people really want?????

  • Robert Fallin

    This works both ways, you know. Rather than “nations without borders,” what about “peoples without nations”?
    So far, the NWO has been trying to RESTRICT travel, not encourage it. Well, except maybe for opening the borders to illegals in order to dilute the influence of citizens. If the transportation is fast, cheap and flexible enough, people could easily live in one country and work in another, hundreds of miles away. Unemployment, homelessness and financial despair could become a thing of the past. At that point, we need do we have of ANY government?

  • Judge Roy Bean

    Not going to happen, to costly, to far and no need.

  • MediaMike

    1. The old order isn’t working, so we need a new one.
    2. This new order is the only one NOT controlled by Israel.
    3. Therefore, I’M FOR IT.

    With Putin and Obama defying the NATO/UN construct, it has to be a great improvement.

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