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AmeriGeddon! Chuck Norris’s Son Spills the Beans and Film Predicts Jade Helm Takeover! You Won’t Believe What It Reveals…

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 10:41
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An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!


In the video below Alex Jones talks with Gary Heavin and Mike Norris, the son of Chuck Norris. This talk focuses on Chuck Norris himself, the man and the legend, who is a huge patriot, constitutionalist, and obviously a recognized movie star.

Not only that but they delve into the film, AmeriGeddon, which predicts and exposes the truth behind Jade Helm and what we could be looking at in the near future.  

Video By The Alex Jones Channel

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

An Exclusive You Have To See: The Last Frontier of Free Press Is Here! No More Censorship, Unlike YouTube and Others!

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  • Danishsaxonblood

    True Christians dont fear the end Of the world or tribulation
    Because we have expected jesus in our heart
    You are obviously pushing fear
    The total opposite of what the Lord wants
    You should be ashamed of yourself lisa.
    You still have the choice to change and live the way jesus wants.

    • Please Wake Up

      It’s always fear with Alex Jones.

      • Equalizer

        Jade Helm is “treason”
        Molon Labe

      • Equalizer

        “Fear” is for spineless liberals.

      • Scanner Darko

        You make for an excellent puppet Equalizer.

      • ExposeTheTruth

        First anyone who is interviewed by William Hicks aka Alex Jones is a NWO SHILL, PERIOD! 

        Williams Hicks Exposed By Milton William Cooper As A Lying NWO SHILL:


        Chuck Norris Warns of DHS War on White Americans back in 2011:

        Chuck Norris is a provacateur, NWO Puppet SHILL.  Chuck Norris is a liar and a fraud. His persona is nothing much than  phony macho bravado. 

        Chuck Norris can’t stand up to injustice because he simply doesn’t know what real injustice is.  The only type of injustice he knows belongs on a sound stage.

        Somehow, because of all of the years in this phony world, Norris sees himself as an actual heroic figure.

        A little advice, Chuck. Stay in the land of make-believe. In real life, you just don’t measure up to your image.

      • Equalizer

        Expose Thyself… Stick with something you’re good at “trench coats and elementary schools” and leave the “Truth” to individuals with college educations and careers.

      • ExposeTheTruth

        “Alex Jones’ beginning? Alex Jones’ career did not spontaneously begin on his own initiative with an Austin talk radio and local cable access program, as he has alleged.

        Rather, his career actually began with Sacred Cow Productions – a multi-media company founded by musician/writer Kevin Booth and comedian/entertainer/actor Bill Hicks.

        Bill Hicks’ career was stalled in stand-up and he began trying to take new career directions – including ‘conspiracy‘ theories. At the time of his alleged death he was ranting about the Waco massacre. 

        Then two years later “Alex Jones” shows up at the same spot as the new ‘right-wing hero’ by championing the Waco Branch Davidians by helping them rebuild their church.”


        ALEX JONES Is Really Bill Hicks:

      • Scanner Darko


        You’re far from being anything close to college educated.

    • Bonzo

      A watchman have to use strong words in order to kick people out of sleep.
      Like David Wilkerson.

      It is important to understand the signs of our time.

      - God created the world in six days, the seventh He rested.
      - Enoch was raptured and Noah saved by tribulation.
      - Hebrews return to Israel.
      - Israel soon 70 years.
      - Plagues, the fourth seal
      - Bloodmoons, the sixth seal.

      - The Temple in Jerusalem.
      - Conflict East against West.
      - World divides into 10 regions.
      - Mark of the Beast –> spiritual death?
      - The last Pope (St. Malachy prophecy).
      - Chrislam is moving on.

      • Syco

        10 flavors of bible bull crap, I will tell ya what, SHOW me god, then I might give a crap lol Bible nuts and their end of the world BS.

    • sean

      Good Job Liea,

      You were able to squeeze quite a few Shills into one story..Norris, his Son, Alex Jones, Gary “Heavin” “Haven” pronounced the same ,You’re Dad and Yourself + Jade Helm :lol:

      What ever happened to Ebolie and Nibiru You and the house staff were pushing?

      Next stop UFO’s and Asstorids..

      Forget about Chemtrails that anyone can see 24/7 that are Bioengineering all Living Lifeforms on this Earth ?

    • Deputy Dawg

      I think it is a natural human response to all this turmoil to be anxious and even a little fearful even when you maintain a strong level of faith in Yahweh. If you believe you are exempt I assure you are fooling yourself. When the masses hit the streets hungry and very angry, when the pillaging begins and they show up at your doorstep you’ll better understand what I’m saying!

      I wrestled for many years in regard to the issue of self defense after my calling. I coming from a Hog riding background where violence was a daily routine could not imagine myself passive in a confrontational situation, mostly if someone was attempting to hurt family, friends, neighbors or any innocence for that matter.

      Asking God for clarity and guidance I prayed, not repetitiously but a number of times confident God would eventually open my mind to that I didn’t yet understand. I knew Jerusalem, God’s way of peace. Jeru means to teach, salem means peace, but I also know myself. I knew like a dog returning it’s vomit if I were to be faced with a situation where those precious to me were being hurt I would no doubt resort to what I was prior to becoming a baptized student of scripture. The truth is, it never really took much provocation to conjure the savage nature in me. Once it began violence becomes all consuming!

      It wasn’t long before God answered my prayers doing so in a manor that I could not deny or explain away even if I wanted to. We as prideful human beings have a tendency to do this taking to ourselves credit for what God has set in motion.

      Now before continuing to the meat of this prepared meal let me say this. I believe that you have the right to self defense, you just don’t have the right to kill. If in the process of defending yourself or loved ones the perpetrator is accidentally killed you are not guilty of breaching God’s commandment. It has to do with intent.

      Similarly, if some group of crazed maniacs were raping your neighbor your running to their rescue would certainly result in your own demise as well. It would not therefore be prudent to assume violence might be required of you. It would not be wise to be presumptuous believing you’ll never be put to the test. The point I really want to drive home is if you love and obey God He will spread His wings of protection over you. Always pursue with boldness what is right and just He will not forsake you!

      Here’s my story. I hope it inspires others to remain nonviolent, to always exercise God’s Way. Trust in God because He will protect those who love and obey Him.

      I had some new neighbors move in after I had worked with Adult Protective Service to shut down an illegal care facility for the elderly operating at that residence. Those running the facility were literally taking the occupants entire SS checks and leaving them without food for days at a time. Anyway My new neighbors were the neighbors from hell.

      The woman occupant , a drug using, bipolar alcoholic had four adult Pitbulls running free in the backyard and about eight small dogs that lived inside the home with her and her three teenage children. The Pitbulls were viciously attacked the fence between us, trying desperately to get through every time we entered our backyard.

      Eventually one of the more motivated dogs figured out that going under the fence was so much easier. Soon we had nearly a dozen holes under the fence giving all these aggressive animals access to my yard. This is when the party started. I was the first to be attacked in my own yard. The dog came under the fence after me and I barely made into my home in refuge.

      When I informed my neighbor she became indignant, ranting and raving about how her dog could never fit through the holes. I was accused of just making it up because I a prejudice against black people. Ironically my wife’ best friend and one of my closest friend just happen to be of color. Her accusation was totally unfounded, but it set the stage for future problems between us.

      Just after weekly sabbath services my wife had taken our pug who had six puppies out to the front yard to relieve herself. The backyard was off limits for my animals. After having two of my feline friends snatched off the fence and eaten alive, and another cat’s tail munched we took no chances with the pugs.

      For my wife and I after both being chased around our yard barely escaping the ravishing the dogs had intended we just did not feel comfortable, or better put safe, using our backyard pool or hot tub. We had spent a considerable amount of money landscaping and building the ultimate backyard escape only to meet this unexpected fate. As a side note; the police and animal control are useless in these situations. Until someone is maimed by the dogs there isn’t mush either resource will do to prevent such possibility.

      Although for years this went on and all the time I tried to let bygones be bygones, forgiving the trespass often taking my neighbor fruit from my trees and giving her all our unopened leavened products before the annual Days of Unleavened Bread Holy Day began each year. I lent tools, dug trenches to drain water when their resident flooded. I did everything I could to be a good neighbor as God requires. That apparently was not good enough, she and her family wanted revenge. They felt that us wanting to use our backyard unmolested was unreasonable and that we had wronged them by making a big issue out of being attacked on numerous occasions.

      When my wife took the pug mentioned above out front the eldest son, daughter and a group of friends of my neighbor saw our dog was on the lawn taking care of business. The son ran in teir backyard retrieved one of their most aggressive pitbulls and walked it unleashed down the sidewalk in front of our home. The instant the pitbull saw my pug it attacked. Fortunately my wife was able to grab our pug and turn away long enough for the owner to gain control of his dog. Thank God the pitbull was concentrating on the pug or my wife may have been yet another horrible statistic. I came out of the house towards the end of it, loosing self control I threatened to kill the dog if it attacked me or mine again. That bit of action on my part took a lot of repenting afterwards!

      The eldest son and his friends ordered me into my house. I was told “get back in the house old man before you get your behind kicked.” As angry as I was standing there in my underwear with a brick in hand, a weapon intended for the dog not the people, I threw the brick down asking who was going to do it. I urged them come one, come all, it’s not my behind that’s getting whipped I proclaimed! As they could see I was about to pop a vein in rage they stood there looking at one another but I had not one taker. These of coursewere only kids, teens or in their early twenties no real challenge for someone of my capability. Intimidating them was honestly no major accomplishment.

      After the ordeal my wife and I went back into our home to continue reading scripture when all of a sudden the lunatic mother catching wind of what just happened was pounding on our front door with an aluminum baseball bat. Anyway to make a long story short the police were summoned and the situation was defused.

      A month or so down the road one of the daughters boyfriend, a huge Mike Tyson looking gang-banger was visiting my neighbors home. He appeared to be doing yard work for them. He had two pitbulls of his own. When he pulled up in his jet black SUV two of my pugs were in my front yard with me doing their bodily duties. This gentleman did not even hesitate, he opened his car door releasing both his growling mutts. As could be easily expected the dogs ran into my yard after my babies. if it weren’t for the heroic actions of my cats my pugs would have met their demise. My cats nearly fifteen years old had been raised with pitbulls. They had no fear whatsoever and powder puffed their faces real good while I screamed, hit and kicked in protection of my beloved family members. As the man in his late twenties secured his dogs again words left my mouth that did not reflect my devotion to God. I had in the heat of the moment threatened to hurt his dogs.

      After putting his dogs in the backyard he stormed over to me in a fit of anger expressing to me hoe he intended to pound me into the oblivion. As I stood there looking up at him, I remember thinking to myself, this guy is going to rip my head off and poop down my throat. He was so mad and so irrational I just knew he was going to make good of his threat. As he postured himself for the knockout punch all of a sudden his facial expression changed and he became flush. He said to me in a crackling voice “Don’t be looking like you can take me.”

      I was kind of taken by surprise as I would have assumed my facial expression would have reflected the degree of certainty I had that I was about to be pulverized. He then backed away from me. I could see the fear in his face. He threatened to shoot me if this ever happened again then went back to my neighbors home and began doing yard work.

      Remarkably throughout the scenario I had forgotten about my prayer. It wasn’t until reflecting on the situation days later that I realized what had happened. God had shown me, demonstrated to me the power of His protection. He controlled the situation not I. The fear this violent thug experienced had absolutely nothing to do with my capabilities, what he feared was the Spirit of God. Believe me this outright miracle was God’s response to my questions and concerns about self defense.

      The point I should make is that although I know for absolute certain that God will protect me, He’s proved it! I an very anxious and fearful about what is now and what will be unfolding between now and Pentecost of 2019 when Christ will come as King of Kings. Being honest with myself I realize as carnal men or better put, pathological sinners when we’re put to the test we invariably fail. None worthy of God’s kindness.

      Yahweh, our loving and merciful Father in Heaven is amazing!


    • edwar

      Your so called Lord is just another tentacle of the NWO , Satan, Illuminatix or whatever you where taucht to call it. Created exactly for hidding real powers we all have been given. To hide the real work Jesus came to do World wide and not only in Israel as written. And for people to wait in their hearts, homes and chairs for his arrival and magically saving lazzy people who didn´t get prepared in their bodies, minds and spirits. Religious is the less Spiritaul activity. Even Football works better for Spirit than Religion.

      Feel ashame of waisting water as you do.

      Good luck

    • Syco

      Jebus ain’t saving squat, when all hell breaks loose, you wait wait for your zombie jew to save ya, I will post up on the roof and ace anyone that ain’t family within 300 meters of my fence. Gods suck, all of em. Rifles, those I trust.

  • Anonymous

    Chuck must wear a mask and wig because the son looks older than Chuck.

    • wiseoldlady

      My own Italian father had no gray hair at 80 years of age and looked 60… but I had tiny bits of gray hair starting at 5 years old and when 65 looked 45. Hence ancestors and mothers side of the family came into play.

  • NEO Oracle 2016

    We all know that Chuck Norris can crack the earth with his breath or stop a chainsaw with his BARE HANDS! Chuck Norris has to be in on this or he would have stopped the madness already! :razz:

    • FindtheTruth

      Yeah, right. His damn horseface, underbite, hairy shoulder ass got kicked by Bruce Lee and he couldn’t damn take it. I’m willing to bet he got Bruce offed to get Bruce out of the way and launch his lame ass so-called career. Bruce was up and coming in the U.S. and very ambitious and I guess Chucky didn’t like that.

      martial arts is mediocre at best and really boring. He’s also a terrible actor. His ass had a LOT of help in Hollywood. There are a ton of martial artists way better than his overrated ass. Jackie Chan could probably kick his ass all over the place. Jet Li is another one who could probably drop him quick. Michael Cena could probably school his idiot, self-righteous, opportunistic ass. There are a ton of fighters way tougher than this dumb, money-grubbing poser out there and no one cares.

      Then, Brandon Lee threatens to continue his dad’s legacy and he is somehow shot dead on the set by a prop gun??????? Really???

      • The Real Deal

        FTT, you are spot on, man. Chuck’s martial arts is boring, and his acting is crap! Obviously, he sold out for what he has. Nobody could be that friggin horrible, yet successful.

  • NM156

    Where is the supreme coward known as crowpile EERRRRR Scanno dickly???

    • CrowPie

      What do you want now, Non-existent Meninges156?

      How would anyone here know where I am? Why are you asking Scanner D?

      If you have a question for me, you ask it here, in public. I may, or may not answer.

      • Scanner Darko

        He keeps posting his employers contact information for some reason, even though I asked for a personal account.

      • CrowPie

        That’s not a wise move…..

        In any case, I expect that questions about me… answered by me.

      • Scanner Darko

        Of course.

        If you haven’t been following our conversations, I’ve called him out for being an idiot and a racist a few times so he challenged me to a fight lol…

        I said put your money where your mouth is and contact me, gave him my email and everything.

        Now he’s screaming my account name every chance he gets. Except he posts an email that doesn’t belong to him and, on one occasion, a fake phone number (little does he know, these things can be verified with a Google search before contact is made).

        Still no email from him to the address I provided…typical chicken sh!t…all talk no game. What-evs.

      • CrowPie

        No. I haven’t been reading your conversations. But he did mention erroneous information that had been passed to him in reference to myself.

        I was very disappointed. But I have no evidence as to the source.

      • Scanner Darko

        erroneous information…passed to him…sounds like he could have just made it up to ruffle you a bit.

      • Red Mann

        HEY, CowPlop!
        Are you really a guy?
        Do you really live in Alabama, or, is it NJ?
        Is your first name Jed, not Jen?
        Are you completely full of christo-CRAP and follow the ideology of judeo-christo-CREEP-ism???????
        :razz: :razz: :razz:
        Just askin (publicly, as Ordered by Ms. christo-CREEP)!

      • CrowPie

        That’s what I meant by not having any evidence as to a source.

      • CrowPie

        Red Mann,

        Quid pro quo……

        Are you really a girl? Do you have one ball between all of your 35 accounts? You talk a fine game…..but you seem quite impotent.

        Your answer…. Yes….I’m all female…from birth. :cool:

    • Equalizer

      NM156… You must excuse “Cowpie” and “Scammer Narko”…you see she was a MK ultra stooge and has multiple idiot savant personalities. Best to ignore though I understand it is difficult.

      • CrowPie

        :lol: I should be so lucky! :lol:

  • stompk

    Chuck Norris is not a patriot. The idiot supported Huckabee over Ron Paul. Can’t take the guy seriously.

    • Pink Slime

      Perhaps if he karate chopped you on the head?

      • stompk

        I would smash Chuckie like a bug.


    Gonna have a good time this summer Evil Dog Haven, get yourself some caffeine pills but may be being the evil person you are just the excitement of the all the evil going to be going down shall keep you awake, that adrenaline rush.

    Chuck Norris is reportedly a member of the Council for National Policy. CIA Alex Jones, that dog like Haven going to squealing with glee too, hands filled with plenty of stuff to report this summer, they love evill, they speak lies, Haven a child of Hell Christian, may be CIA.

    White House admin’s solicitor general was asked by SCOTUS justice Alito that if same-sex marriage made legal by SCOTUS would religious colleges risk loss of tax-exempt status if such colleges continued to advocate man + woman marriage only, the SC said, it’ll be an issue.

    Churches can bite the dust, none of that stuff is of God (will bite dust Matthew 13:41). Christianity ain’t going to go away until almost the very end, the 8th pope king is the Beast himself (Rev. 17:10-11).
    Vatican Pharisees had their 1st world war to crush the Russian Orthodox church, it didn’t go as planned, ROC risen from the dust. The Vatican Pharisees now want to crush all non-Catholic Christian churches in the USA. There will be some Catholic church officials in USA that balk at what’s coming down but most will stay silent. It is primarily non-Catholic religious colleges, churches that are going to be in an uproar. Major Episcopalian & other Protestant sects that already are united with RCC via the World Council of Churches, they’ll survive, they ain’t no threat to the RCC. It’s solely an attack on the Protestant sects that speak against the Rome church. The Federal Reserve is an agency of the Vatican, it answers to Bank for International Settlement in Switzerland, home of the Vatican’s Knights Templar – the Secret Bank That Runs The World and they’ll now be delighted to start taxing the Protestant churches that refuse to go as the pope does, he ain’t judging the gays that seek the Lord, have good will.

    The quoted threat to churches from Hillary Clinton in above link, that ain’t no threat to the World Council of Churches (an organization of the Vatican) or to the RCC, the RCC already came out for not judging the gays, they search for the Lord, they got good will then they are welcome in RCC churches, colleges and those Protestant sects already aligned with RCC, like the Episcopalians who already welcome gays into church hierarchy positions no problem. But for the vast majority of Protestant sects, their days are up if they don’t cave in. Over the years has contacted some Protestant leaders, they are all children of Hell scum, those clowns are going to be left in the dust, they insist on clinging to Paul’s gospel, that their churches are of God but the RCC is not, NO CHRISTIAN CHURCH IS OF GOD. The Beast-carried empire is on the move big time against Protestant heretic foes in USA, time to pay up, Vatican’s Federal Reserve going to yank the tax exemption from Protestant organizations b/c they’ll refuse to not protest, not speak against same sex marriages, they’ll refuse to accept gays on campus.

    A FIRESTORM is coming, massive civil and criminal disobedience this summer and into the fall and that is why military one step ahead of the game going down, after all knights of malta run the military and intelligence agencies & other powers of gov’t in USA and they know the backlash from Protestants coming against what they’re going to throw at them. Not just Protestants, there are Christian white supremacist anti-gays that’ll be rioting, loonies who’ll genuinely think God’s wrath is coming and risk whatever to stop it. It’s going to be freaking chaos. May be Ann Graham, daughter of 33rd Degree Freemason Billy Graham is herself of the women Freemasonry, I think it’s called Eastern Star, cause she saying banks are going to close, stock market going to crash and she ties the foregoing to a SCOTUS legalization of same-sex marriage, that God’s wrath comes as a result, GOD GOING TO CRASH THE STOCK MARKET, he going close the banks is what she is saying.


      Add to the mix ISIS and AGENT PROVACATEURS, the assymmetrical warfare that Jade Helm is put in place to handle, and then it goes into full blown nationwide martial law cause it certainly appears pope going to be murdered during his US fall tour and ISIS takes credit.

      • Deputy Dawg

        I suspect we have thousands of battle capable and highly trained mercenaries who are in fact American citizens living here in the states, or with citizenship. I believe ISIS is a total fabrication. I think military contractors like Academe, Blackwater or whatever Eric Prince is calling his Knights of Malta these days are the ones behind those scary costumes and masks.

        Remember terrorism is a political act. Those who use the tactic lust to be recognized. They have demands they want met or else, it’s always been this way. They don’t hide their faces like what we are seeing. I would bet a majority of those concealing their identities don’t want mom, dad, the wife & kids or friends back home to see them committing heinous acts of violence somewhere.

        Mercenaries are wage earners, murderers for hire with no allegiance to any one except themselves, the Luciferians at the Vatican, Saudi Arabia and western elites.
        Don’t think for a moment these folks wont come climbing out of the woodwork like cockroaches at the onset of darkness once their war personnel and apparatus is fully in place.

        My advice, fold your hands together, drop to your knees an start pouring your heart out to God. Repent of your indiscretion, for the Kingdom of God is soon coming! There is no rapture. If you seek protection under the most loving and merciful wing of God, you must love and obey Him.


  • Eliphaz

    Isaiah 8:12-13 NKJV

    “Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled. The Lord of hosts, Him you shall hallow; Let Him be your fear, And let Him be your dread.

  • Buffy Revere

    This is an interesting story. Generally I like our Federal Government ,Our Country, The Constitution, etc. The idea of a Totalitarianism anywhere in the World would be a disturbing thought.



    Read People’s Minds
    Control People’s Brains/Thoughts
    Cause Man-made Problems Tragedies and Disasters
    Create The Weather
    Cause Many Types Of Natural Disasters
    Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

    God Bless You
    Buffy Revere

  • doggy do

    re: you won’t believe what it reveals: You’re right. I don’t. :lol:

  • doggy do

    Buffy, time for your meds.

  • Pink Slime

    Hello Angle#1,

    Charlie here. You mention “spilling the beans” a lot. Are you eating beans again? Are you already eating your “prepper” food? Save it for Texas!!

    Charlie thinks getting rid of the illegal negro sodomite will stop this problem of Jade Helm almost in its tracks. The damn thing is the illegal sodomite got 18 months left. However, if something unexpected happens, like Republicans growing a pair…… BTW do you know how long it takes to grow a pair?


    Charlie (down to my last 2 doughnuts)

    • RAIN

      actually, “spilling the beans” is the exclusive activity of a giant “beanstalk”, to put it in crypto terms.

      A giant beanstalk is an obvious “plant”, full of magic beans and ready to seed credible info with.. well, you already know.

  • zeus

    It is the smaller asteroids during the two blood moon cycles of the talmud shemitah you need to fear..great period ofdestruction and tribulation coming…and the jade helm excercises are in prep for same..nasa holding back so elites can try to escape to their rabbit holes. Supposed impact off rither brazil or peurta rico sea..just prepare and say your prayers

  • Anonymous



    • Anonymous




  • bond007

    did u know this:

    USA: FEMA-Camps + 1,6 billion bullets

    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is considered to be the most powerful institute in the United States, it has more power than the President of the USA or the Congress, it has the power to turn the United States into a police state in time of a real crisis or a manufactured crisis.

  • Meana

    Is it possible to leave religion out of this and have a rational discussion? Is everyone walking with the wool over their eyes? Come on sheeple.. :roll:

    • Hayduke

      (1) This is BIN (2) No, religion can’t be left out. (3) Therefore, there are no rational discussions.

  • conscious soul

    There is ONLY ONE WAY, and that is through Jesus Christ. Please accept Christ into your heart and repent of your sins. Admit that you are a sinner and do everything you have within yourself to turn away from those sins. Jesus will not let you go once you give yourself to him. He sacrificed himself for ALL of us. Of course its not always easy.  Ephesians 6:12 ” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Accecpt the way of the light, grow your faith in Christ, stand in your faith. These are the last days and WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR SOULS! Love you ALL! GOD bless and may he have favor with us all!

    • Syco

      Nope, don’t want no part of no zombie jews around these parts… ain’t you never seen night of the living dead, or walking dead??? You don’t pray to zombies, you bloody well shoot em. Bible babble is all scared superstitious people even spout… show me a god and then just then maybe I wont kill it…

  • anyoneamongUS

    Ron Paul…. the ‘Only’ one worth trusting of all the many politicians out there???????

    JESUS CHRIST is on HIS way……. HE will put Everything back in its proper Order!!!!!!!

    REPENT! While there’s still time!!!

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