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Catholic Mass Grave Sites of 350,800 Missing Children Found in Ireland, Spain, Canada

Tuesday, December 29, 2015 3:36
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lcopl_005a (300).tif Children's dining room at Sean Ross Abbey

Children’s dining room at Sean Ross Abbey – Photo courtesy of Adoption Rights Alliance/Brian Lockier, use authorized under a Creative Commons Attribution rule

The atrocity of close to 800 emaciated childrens’ bodies buried in a Irish Nuns’ septic tank represented the 34th child mass grave site linked this week to the Catholic Church. Pope Francis was being prosecuted by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels for allegedly trafficking 300,000 children of political prisoners through Vatican Catholic Charities during Argentine’s Dirty War. According to witness testimony last week some of those orphans ended up in a child mass grave site in Spain. Last year’s ICLCJ prosecution concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children. There have been 32 child mass grave sites uncovered so far in Canada, most of them on Catholic-run native residential school grounds.

Unfortunately the over 350,800 children suspected to be in Catholic child mass graves sites in three countries paled in number to Catholic Priest sex abuse victims across the globe. As of November 2013 over ten million Catholic Priest child sex abuse cases have been documented as shown here. These 10,077,574 cases represented a mere fraction of total crimes committed. Only an estimated 10% of sex abuse victims were thought to speak out about their sex abuse and just 10% of those cases saw the inside of a court room.

Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Crown of England and Vatican willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of top Vatican and government officials who may have committed crimes. For providing evidence rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.

The Irish child mass grave site containing bodies of children from age two days to nine years, was located at a now-defunct Catholic home for unwed mothers. According to death records, the little ones were fragile, pot-bellied, emaciated and died as late as 1961 from malnutrition and infectious diseases such as measles and TB.

Children of the Canadian Catholic native residential schools were determined to have been murdered or died of malnutrition, human experimentation, torture, Small Pox infection or as Eyewitness Irene Favel testified in this video, were thrown into a furnace.

Favel claimed that in 1944 she witnessed a newborn infant incinerated by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian School, Saskatchewan Canada. The child torture was documented for court in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” available for free here.

The Bon Secours Sisters ran the Irish mass grave site and “mother and baby home” called St Mary’s in Tuam north of Galway city. The Catholic “home” had a reputation for children dying at a rate four times higher than the rest of Ireland. Unwed mothers were punished as “atonement for their sins” by being forced to give up their children and working for two or three years without wages.

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  • AmbrociousXP

    There is a LOT of skeletons in the Catholic Church’s closet…and fresh bodies in the Priests bed…

    • Pink Slime

      To say the LEAST. Catholics killed an TORTURED like MAD MEN all the Saints. You can read about it in Fox Book of Martyrs.

      Absolute DEVILISH ways they got rid of some.

      My dad use to tell me about the Catholics priest fooling around with the nuns and hundred of aborted fetuses being found buried at churches.

      And kids use to tell stories about growing up in Catholic orphanages where they were absolutely BRUTAL to the kids and seem to delight in PUNISHING them, some to death!

  • Komorusan


  • Truthseeker


    ” they didn`t find one gasify jews till now” what planet do you live on — that is completely documented.

    As a kid during WW 2 I watched the films from our Army that was shown at the movies. There was no TV in that day.

    the atrocities of the gentile Roman church will all be completely documented.

    Klemens, please show us from the Torah where God set up the priesthood to be a huge bureaucracy of unmarried fellows that lived together. And you know the 12 Apostles were married.

    something that “against nature” is going to produce evil.

    • Klemens

      Maybe you can show me one postmortem examination report which says: “Killed by Gas”.

      • Truthseeker


        you mean the rotten bodies they made the people in the near by towns bury.

        The ones they buried by pushing them in with bulldozers?

        Klemens — did they do postmortem examines during and after WW 2??

        A body that is skin and bones — they will do an autopsy???? Those they did not gas — they starved them to death.

        Can they do autopsies on ashes after being gases and then burned to ashes?

        They were, I may be wrong, 50 million that died during that war — they were not at all concerned how they died.

        Don’t worry you will see your church do this an worse.

        • Klemens

          I do not want a discussion about that, I just want only one report, must be possible by 6.000.000 killed.

          • Truthseeker


            I can fix lack of knowledge but I can not fix your problem

          • Klemens

            As a matter of fact, all available documentation and material traces indicate that there was no order for a mass murder of Jews, no plan, no budget, no weapon—that is, no gas chamber—and no victim—that is, not a single autopsied body has been shown to have been gassed.

            it is like the CO2 lie today, or 9/11, debt money system, etc., etc.,

            The people that controlls the media, they make the story!
            Hitler get on power in Germany with help of the jewish controlled press, like today Obama in the US.

    • CTrent33


      “And you know the 12 Apostles were married.”

      Correction. St. John was not married and thus Christ loved him more than the other Apostles. “The beloved disciple.” As for the rest, they were instructed to leave their wives, and all things, to follow Christ. And Christ’s priests have been doing so for nearly 2000 years.

      Matthew 19:27-29 “Then Peter answering, said to him: Behold WE HAVE LEFT ALL THINGS, and have followed thee: what therefore shall we have? And Jesus said to them: Amen, I say to you, that you, who have followed me, in the regeneration, when the Son of man shall sit on the seat of his majesty, you also shall sit on twelve seats judging the twelve tribes of Israel. AND EVERY ONE THAT HATH LEFT HOUSE, OR BRETHREN, OR SISTERS, OR FATHER, OR MOTHER, OR WIFE, OR CHILDREN, OR LANDS FOR MY NAME’S SAKE, SHALL RECEIVE AN HUNDREDFOLD, AND SHALL POSSESS LIFE EVERLASTING.”

      1 Corinthians 7:8 “But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: It is good for them if they so continue, even as I”

      • Damien




        Woo Hoo! Muslims only get 72 grapes.

        1 Corin 9:5

        4 Do we not have a right to eat and drink? 5 Do we not have a right to take along a believing wife, even as the rest of the apostles and the brothers of the Lord and Cephas?

        • CTrent33


          1 Corinthians 9:5 “Have we not power to carry about A WOMAN, A SISTER, as well as the rest of the apostles, and the brethren of the Lord, and Cephas?”

          “A woman, a sister: Some erroneous translators have corrupted this text by rendering it, a sister, a wife: whereas, it is certain, St. Paul had no wife (chap. 7 ver. 7, 8) and that he only speaks of such devout women, as, according to the custom of the Jewish nation, waited upon the preachers of the gospel, and supplied them with necessaries.” — Douay-Rheims Bible.

          Again, 1 Corinthians 7:8 “But I say to the unmarried, and to the widows: It is good for them if they so continue, even as I”

        • Anonymous

          Damien, ALL organized religions talk about women like things/property. Those days are gone, and they will never come back. ALL organized religions, their true histories, their dark secrets will be revealed for ALL to see. There will be NO more room to make excuses for them, nor will anyone WANT to defend them. We all witness the cleansing, and the fall of this evil corruption in our world. Before it is all over, everyone will have to stand in their own truth, and it will be a very uncomfortable thing for most to have to go thru. But I can see the beauty of it. No change will occur, nothing can get better until people are FORCED, by their own actions or inaction, to REALLY look at themselves under a divine light. In this way many profound lessons are learned, and real, true, cleansing changes are made at a deep soul level. This really is the big kahuna!!!!

      • Truthseeker


        1This [is] a TRUE saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.

        2A bishop then must be blameless, —– the husband of one wife,—- vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

        3Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

        4One that ruleth well his own house, — having his children in subjection with all gravity;

        5(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God? )

        Paul makes a great point if a man in leadership can not take care of his own family HOW THEN CAN HE CARE FOR THE CHURCH??

        3Mine answer to them that do examine me is this,

        4Have we not power to eat and to drink?

        5Have we not power to lead about a sister,—- a wife, —-as well as other —apostles,– and [as] the brethren (brothers) of the Lord, and ——Cephas? (Peter had a wife)

        trent I would think Rome has removed these scriptures from their bible as they have all other inconvenient verses.

    • Damien

      3 Some Pharisees came to him to test him. They asked, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any and every reason?”

      4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’[b]? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

      7 “Why then,” they asked, “did Moses command that a man give his wife a certificate of divorce and send her away?”

      8 Jesus replied, “Moses permitted you to divorce your wives because your hearts were hard. But it was not this way from the beginning. 9 I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”

      10 The disciples said to him, “If this is the situation between a husband and wife, it is better not to marry.”

      11 Jesus replied, “Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. 12 For there are eunuchs who were born that way, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others—and there are those who choose to live like eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it.”

  • God save our Republic

    Nothing will be done until the people rise up against the globalists, children are sexually assaulted, used for snuff films and transported by CIA out of private airstrips (Bohemian Grove) then to finally be disposed of.

  • Amminadab

    Typical. The Catholic church has tortured and murdered more people than all of the worst dictators and wars combined. All with the approval of the man of sin, the antichrist, their head honcho, the pope.

  • Amminadab

    1 Timothy 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teachh.

    Unmarried priests are a twisted satanic lie. The same for nuns and monks. None of them are scriptural.

    But what else can one expect of the Mother of harlots, fallen Babylon, the beast of Revelation?

  • magusincognito

    “Luther speaks of a fish-pond at Rome, situated near a convent of nuns, which having been cleared out by order of Pope Gregory, disclosed, at the bottom, over six thousand infant skulls; and of a nunnery at Neinburg, in Austria, whose foundations, when searched, disclosed the same relics of celibacy and chastity” (HP Blavatsky)!

  • Mayhem

    Yeah because all international tribunals are the sole property of defrocked United Church priests, proudly powered by WordPress and contacted via gmail.

    Kevin Annett – the Time-Cube-law is strong in this one.

    • Mayhem

      I learned of it while writing that piece and it generally rings true…

      As the length of a webpage grows linearly, the likelihood of the author being a lunatic increases exponentially

      … Annett, strangely enough, is attempting to protect the Roman-Rite by making Catholic accusers look like right royal nutjobs.

      ps: i don’t think much of the Papacy so why am i the one defending Catholicism? Where’s all your apologists. il-papa?

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