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NASA Insider “We Lied About Everything” – The International Space Program Exposed

Monday, December 28, 2015 8:51
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  • The Seer

    don’t tell me he is selling a book :lol:

    • Redeemer

      Demons…..really……not sure many will swallow that BS!

      The misinformation agenda rolls on unabated……

      • Sean

        “We Lied About Everything”

        Would Also Include – China – India – Russia – Etc. Satellites Don’t Exist and Every Country says they have them.

        That’s why they Need Cell/Elf/Gwen/Microwave Towers and made a Law to give You 10 Years In Prison for taking some Metal off them.


        Chemtrails Worldwide – TRANSHUMANISM – With or Without – You’re CONSENT and We ALL Have These Nano Bugs In US :lol: So Everyone Worldwide Has This Morgellons :eek:

        MHS16: Morgellons From Remote Control Insects



    • URanIDIOT666

      OK. Lets analyze this logically to help all of you understand this demonology stuff simply comes from the fear of the unknown. If our technology is hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ahead of your 40,000 year existence and we wanted to hurt the human race it would be pretty simple to do right? So, let’s all get real and understand a few things. Your controllers, through religions made by them have sold you a bill of crap. Fear an alien or other specie craft if you happen to see one which most of you have by now because we do not hide our self by making our own clouds. The fallen angel stuff, more crap. If we were demons then would we not just take over, after all, our civilization is actually 100′s of thousands of years ahead of humans. You are the proverbial infant here, not us, We are the babysitter. Humans are destructive, violent, selfish, arrogant. It is for this reason we were left behind to blend in and watch you develop. We must say, you are at a crucial period in your civilization. The vector, also, has nothing to do with NASA. It has to do with SATAN because that is who your PTB worship. We know, if we know this we must be bad as well. No, they understand the dark magik which goes back to the Black Nobility which is a long lost art known by the PTB. Ask Bob Dylan, Robert Zimmerman who recently, when asked what he was up to replied: “Well I made a deal with the you know who and I’m fulfilling my end of the bargain.” What he means is he sold out his soul in this life for fame and fortune. His mistake which he will have to answer for when he recycles/reincarnates. Just be real, if we wanted to take over we would have so cut the fallen angel crap. We stopped ISON and a lot of other disasters for you humans. Just use your brains and start realizing everything is a lie. We ask nothing of you. Hybrid Gabriel

  • Mark Brander

    The Satanic NWO’s International Space Program has now been destroyed…. it is finished.

  • Findottier

    Thanks for the NASA insider interview, but not aliens are demons, there are good aliens too. Your video makes it sound like demon invasion going on.

    • truthlovingsoul

      the ‘good aliens’ may be what we call ‘angels’.

      god knows. i think they are all trying to make our heads explode.

    • Findottier

      Sorry I ment to say; not all aliens are demons… Good and bad people, good and bad aliens.

      NASA lies everything so there goes the flat earth also, but what do you think ab your new President, Basiago? ; At least if you vote him as president of USA, disclosure is quaranteed. Your savior! I don’t live in USA what a pity. I just try to spread the word!

      • Sean

        Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies – Pillars of Heaven – the Pillars and Mountains rest on the Firmament Below, the 2 mountains spoke about is called Marianas Trench or Marianas Arc and has to do with Hell, the Military went there in 1960 and now Creatures like James Cameron and others, there is NOT (15,750 psi) (over 1000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level) Down there, look at James Cameron SUBMARINE, CLOSELY AND ALSO EXTERIOR PARTS :lol: (15,750 psi) IMPOSSIBLE :lol:

        The Firmament below is 12km down, the one above shaped like an Orb in the Aramaic

        Deepest Hole Ever Drilled by Communist Russia – 12km Down and could Not Breach the Firmament after Years of trying.

        This one by the same guy at 7:44 and 7:45 someone mentioned a UFO in it and you can see it bottom right a Cylinder UFO, but if you expand the Video to full screen and look in the Middle, you will see it looks like they removed Pixels before they released this Video

        Sprites/Elves phenomena occur at the Glass Sky @ 60 miles up

        • truthlovingsoul


          that sprites/elves video was amazing. thanks for sharing.

  • Arte Vespule

    The music was good at least….

  • nath

    That was awsome,thanks :)

  • Alan Schuetz

    We already knew it was a lie… ALL of it!

    Revelation 6:13a and the stars of the sky fell to the earth…

    Stars aren’t distant suns, folks.

  • Angstrom

    And what about the vector symbol?

  • CrOnO_NaUgHt

    As above, so below.

    This simple rule belies the notion, that ALL aliens / E.T.’s / U.T.’s / etc.; are they are intrinsically bad, and conversely that all are inherently divine. Just as with our own race, there are differences amongst every individual, as far as their predisposition to any virtue or lack thereof. Even in mass groupings comprised of an individual race, such as in an organization or association; there will be a divergence of personal opinions and beliefs, amongst the overall membership. Another factor to contemplate is that some activities they perform, which may be perceived as being malevolent acts; may be based upon a necessary intention, for producing a positive endgame. One must ascertain the fact that, it stands to reason that these beings can’t be all evil; if after being at their complete mercy, a person does indeed live to tell the tale. Basically it is important to realize that we as human beings cannot envision the ends of all things. Sometimes what we perceive as being aggressive, evil encounters against us; may in fact be a saving grace, against a possibility which we cannot foresee. Anyways I am not shilling one way or the other, I am merely stating that everything isn’t always so “cut and dry”.

    • PA-LEASE!

      Study The Book of Enoch and Genesis Chapter 6 in the Holy Bible KJV. The demons are from the Nephillium. They are the evil sprits :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: …they are what all the fuss is about when people get possessed and haunted houses. ALL aliens…..are evil. You have to study the right information to get the truth. Study The Bible….KJV. It is ALL in there….Shepherd’s Chapel will really tell you what all is going on. Shepherd’s Chapel on cable TV will tell you the truth and you will understand what all this alien craze is all about. :smile:

  • Anonymous

    The continual bombardment of radiation would have killed them within a week……..

  • A Witness

    Prove you’re a NASA insider. Ooh you can’t? Then stfu.

  • mbaynham

    The simpsons predicted this in one of their episodes:

  • Van Hung

    music is the best thing ever :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Al Tinfoil

    T e d i o u s……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • Miss M

    Good video. Probably MANY of these NASA “players” are in fact occultists. As for the aliens–Demonic–YES! There are many documented cases of when, during an abduction attempt, the name of Jesus Christ is invoked, these beings run like hell/disappear! Gee, I wonder why?! NASA=Never A Straight Answer :lol:

    • King Of Jambalamba

      take your top off honey.

  • sitrep

    “NASA Insider “We Lied About Everything” – The International Space Program Exposed”

    Sounds like another lie

  • truthseeker4809

    Vector symbol means motion into space. I don’t see why the vector symbol should have anything to do with Satan or Devil.
    Idiotic argument with very little substance. I thought it would divulge the moon landing, challenger disaster, mars probe hoax and maybe some other unexpected frauds. Sensational title yet very little substance. This could be the way the paid shills are taught to post in the BIN to misdirect the public’s attention.

    NASA got caught deleting Mars probe pictures that were taken in some Canadian island?

    What a mind blowing crime perpetrated by the crooks portrayed themselves as scientists!!!!!

  • Mark

    Sorry Stone… this guy is an outsider not an insider. Just BS… don’t lose you time on this. :cool:

    • truthlovingsoul


      here at bin to be a cynic, not a skeptic.

      tell us what you think then.
      everything is bs except what? what do you feel is going on? what should we spend our time on?

  • Van Hung

    Thanks for the NASA insider interview

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