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Mysterious 800 Million Year Old Maiden Preserved Sleeping – In Unknown Substance – Russia

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 22:12
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  • The Ferrett

    Another totally bogus repost by the usual suspects – believe this and you will anything.

    That’s how dumb and totally gullible they think us goyim are . . .

    • PeoplePower

      That’s Virtually Impossible, Since The Earth Is Only About 6,000 Years Old & Very Young.

      Nearly all creationist groups believe our earth is somewhere around 6,000 years old. Most scientists see the earth’s age as ranging from hundreds of millions to billions of years old.

      Recession of the Moon If Earth Is A Billion Years Old-
      “The gravitational pull of the moon creates a “tidal bulge” on earth that causes the moon to spiral outwards very slowly. Because of this effect, the moon would have been closer to the earth in the past. Based on gravitational forces and the current rate of recession, we can calculate how much the moon has moved away over time.”

      “If the earth is only 6,000 years old, there’s no problem, because in that time the moon would have only moved about 800 feet (250 m). But most astronomy books teach that the moon is over four billion years old, which poses a major dilemma—less than 1.5 billion years ago the moon would have been touching the earth!”

      Proof The Earth Is Young and Noah’s Flood:

      • The Clucker

        You are totally obserd on the extreme side. You say the earth is only 6,000 years old? You say the moon moves closer? Prove it using mathmatics. We live on a flat earth, the sun and moon are exactly the same size and moves like a machine. You believe everything you were taught and sorry to say, you were lied to since birth, and you can’t comprehend reality if history was lied to you. Funny how all in our past, until 100 years ago, that the earth was flat, and then all of a sudden, its round and you believe it. Now all the facts are coming out its flat using mathmatic’s. So the earth is only moving 200,000 miles a hour thru space. Isn’t it funny that not once has a breeze of 200,000+ mph ever can break into our thin atmosphere. Impossible, so this only shows you your DNA from your parents is flawed, and not needed for the benefit in the human’s future. Aren’t you proud? So tell me, can you tell me where even 1 penny went out of the 8 Trillion dollars of debit the last 5 years went to a single community.

        • The Clucker

          Oh, you still believe that oil is from fossils? What a clueless waste of a god given brain. You’ll believe anything your told, and you don’t have the ability to use common sense. Their is just about as much oil as their is water. Also clueless non believers, explain why we never went to the moon since 1970, or why the Antartic is illegal for anyone to enter without government approval? They aren’t hiding anything from you now are they?

      • The Seer

        I can see the low IQ showing though :grin:

      • Syco

        Young Earth and Flat Eart have the same result in testing… Flat wave on the brain scan.

      • Overmind

        Anything is possible, maybe just mathematically improbable.
        You meatbags that currently infest 3rd planets were not by far the first ones on it.

    • The Clucker

      You never know THE WHOLE TRUTH OF what is real and what is reality now do you? Your mind is closed into only believing what you think is real or not, and that anything other then what you’re taught is bogus. You are a total disgrace to humans in having a closed little mind that nothing is possible. So prove this is false, other then your useless closed mind gutter trashed DNA. Hope you don’t have any off spring because you then inbreeded more useless humans into our future.

      • Bobwire

        I want some of what you flat earthers are smoking. :cool:

    • The Seer

      True what I have seen on this site is 99% are nuttier than a fruit cake :lol:

      • Texas Lovin\'

        THEN EXPLAIN WHY YOU CONTINUE TO READ? Something here keeps you read, which is one thing, but taking time to read each story, and then take time out to post your response shows you are a LIAR! If you didn’t believe any of this, why waste your time Mr SHILL?

        • Jacko

          I’m of the same opinion. And I come here to have a laugh. And to maybe find that 0.01% of truth that’s posted.

  • Icecharge

    This is one example about how foolish the time determination using the radiocarbon or C14 method is, as many other arguments of the scientists as well. Of course, there is always nuclear radiation present underground coming from radon and other radioactive elements, here less there more, and that radiation blows off the extra two neutrons of the C14 nuclei, changing them to the normal carbon C12 or the “old” carbon. The relation C14/C12 becomes almost zero, suggesting a very long age. The specimen in question gets the age of the ground inside of which it lies.

    Obviously on the burial place, the radioactivity of the earth is remarkably higher than normally, causing the C14 to deteriorate to the “old” C12 in a short time. Of course, I guess that this option is not allowed and will not wanted to be studied. The modern science is based on suppositions more than on objective facts.

    The common sense says that the deceased woman is only some thousands of years old, not more. The metal of the sarcophagus may be of older cast but that does not matter. The cross figures on the sarcophagus suggest that the burial is from the early Christian age at oldest. Different kinds of methods to conserve biological objects have been developed in the course of history. This case may show one method that is not known to the modern people, at least for now.

    • Laurence

      I am reminded of the newly- dead penguin tissue sent to a lab. C14 dating result was 30,000 years. :eek: It must have been shipped USPS overnight.


    Haha! how ridiculous – some 1950′s Film Star completel with plucked eyebrows and makeup

  • Anonymous


  • RationalSkeptic

    The poster of this article must be Dumb & Dumber.

  • Freedomofscreech

    One word, three letter for you. LOL

  • iamamerican

    Just because you people don’t believe it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

    • Anonymous

      If we don’t believe it, it’s not real. To us, it is totally fake.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just dying to know if she has a piece of apple in her mouth!! I have always said there was probably more truth to these fairy than we could ever suspect.

  • truthseeker4809

    Read the book “Alien Interview” edited by Lawrence Spencer. According to the information conveyed by the Alien to the nurse, human biological forms have existed in the universe for hundreds of millions of years.

    Human forms weren’t created overnight, not a few thousand years ago nor a few million years ago.

    If you are already deeply indoctrinated by the bible or the Darwinian theory of evolution, there is no way you can comprehend the deepest real truth of the universe.

    Whenever some entity or organization lies to you, it has the deepest and the darkest objective in there.

    And that is to subjugate your soul and body.

    They want you to pay them for the false information.

    They can not admit they were wrong because if they do that means they have taken advantage of you for all those years by lying and by advocating fallacies and misrepresentation. They would rather choose to die before the true information exposes their fallacy than admitting the truth.

  • Pink Slime

    A nice fantasy. Sleeping beauty. What we all imagine. What we all like it to be.

    But meanwhile back on earth we got a mongrel Nerogro sodomite ready to start an UGLY WAR and declare himself President-for-life!!!

    • OBEY

      Ugly words…yet true. Quite sad.

  • jbw

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. If that chick is 800,000,000, then Hillary is 800,000,000,000,000,000. Just sayin’….

  • tatsmaki

    According to a Space info, this is a 200 mil yr old maiden preserved sleeping.

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