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[text] Benjamin Fulford says Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 12:05
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NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS: Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system

Something strange happening around Antarctica as negotiations for new financial system

March 22, 2016

Author: Benjamin Fulford

Something is happening around Antarctica these days that is shrouded in secrecy but is also attracting a lot of heavy hitters. The visit to Antarctica by Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, in February was the first sign of something unusual happening. Now this week US Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama will be visiting the Nazi South American headquarters in Bariloche, in Southern Argentina.

Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed that China has built a giant space exploration base in Southern Argentina. Following this revelation, the Argentine government reported they sank a “Chinese fishing boat,” near a restricted area off the coast of Southern Argentina. Pentagon sources say the boat was probably a Chinese spy vessel since a normal fishing vessel would have responded to Argentine warnings.

Furthermore, the heavy handed attempt Khazarian mafia attempt to overthrow the government of Brazil has now failed, depriving the Khazarian mafia of Brazil as a place to flee now that the American people are waking up to the crimes that have been committed against them, CIA sources in South America say.

Now CIA sources in Asia are saying their connections “who are above the government,” are all “flying South,” this week and hinted strongly that “South” referred to Antarctica. This is all very interesting because years ago Paul Laine, a source in Pentagon military intelligence, told this writer the then state of the art UK guided missile destroyer HMS Sheffield had been captured by Nazis operating out of an undersea base in the region. The Sheffield was supposedly sunk in 1982 during the Falklands war between Argentina and the UK by an Exocet missile.

This increase in highly secret activity in the Southern Hemisphere near Antarctica is somehow connected to ongoing negotiations over a gold mine in Papua, New Guinea, that Laine also indicated was the location of a Nazi secret base.

America’s top spy, James Clapper, flew to Australia last week in what Australian media reports described as a “secret visit.”

One topic of discussion is the revelation a Chinese company has acquired a 99 year lease on the Australian harbour at Darwin that includes Australian Navy facilities.

However, there is also a very different agenda being discussed connected to gold and secret bases. CIA sources in Asia say that also present at the meeting were top Indonesian and Australian military officials. At one level, the discussions are about allowing the US military to station a fleet around Badua Island, close to the South China Sea.

At another level, the negotiations are also about giant new gold and platinum reserves found in the same general area as the giant Freeport McMoRan mine (and secret base) is located, Indonesian sources say.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo is also expected to visit this week the Indonesian equator monument that is supposed to be the location of a giant gold stash, the sources say. The US military is keen to build a giant new harbour there, in part as a cover for a gold recovery operation, CIA sources say.

Meanwhile the Asian side has revealed more details about a gold transaction being negotiated in order to provide funding for the creation of a future planning agency. At present, 8000 metric tons of gold (worth about $320 billion at current market prices) are on offer by the Asians at a 13% discount from the market price. Of this, 4000 tons would come from Thailand and 4000 tons from China, Chinese government sources say. Of the 13% discount, 10% would go towards setting up the planning agency and remaining 3% would be for commissions, the government officials say. The gold on offer is what is known as “black gold” or off-ledger gold. This gold, mostly held by Asian royal families, has been kept out of the Western financial system because allowing the Asians to cash their gold would give them overwhelming financial and thus global, power.

In this deal, the Asians would get dollars and other hard currency that can be used around the world while the gold starved Westerners would be able to replenish their bullion coffers. As of this writing, no formal Western response has been received for the 8000 ton offer but one is expected soon.

In related news, this writer participated in the taping of a Japanese prime TV show due to be aired on March 31st that will show the Japanese public clear evidence of Western cabal plans to kill 90% of the world’s population. The show includes footage of the notorious Georgia Guide Stones. The show also includes a segment discussing why Princess Diana was murdered and a segment about Native American contacts with possible aliens. This appears to be the beginning of some sort of disclosure process.

It must be noted this show must have been approved by US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy. Kennedy’s father, President John F. Kennedy, was murdered in part because he wanted to use Asian gold to take the US dollar out of the control of the Khazarian mafia cabal.

We are also now hearing from the US military that the “North Korean submarine” sunk recently was actually an Israeli submarine that was sunk on March 11th “in remembrance for Fukushima.” However, Pentagon sources say “Israel still has two more subs and much more to pay because 16 US ships that aided Japan in operation tomodachi after 311 are still contaminated.”

Another Khazarian crime that is still to be fully punished is the downing of Malaysian airlines flight 370. Pentagon sources are saying that Goldman Sachs may have been used to pay Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak $680 million to help cover up the hijacking of this plane to prevent the return home of 20 Chinese engineers working for Freescale Semiconductors. FBI Director Jim Comey visited China on March 14th, likely as a part of this probe that also involves Russian investigators, the sources said.

Inside the US as well, the takedown of the Khazarian mafia is proceeding at an accelerating pace. For one thing, the various death threats against Republican candidate Donald Trump are being firmly dealt with by the Secret Service and other enforcement authorities. The rent a mobs being hired by George Soros are also being dealt with.

The attacks on Hillary Clinton have also escalated to such an extent that even the New York Times propaganda rag has come out with stories that the Clintons handed over uranium mines in the US to the Russians in tandem with donations to their foundation.

Meanwhile Presidential spokesperson Barack Obama’s attempt to place Khazarian Jew Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia has created a huge backlash of opposition. Garland was involved in the cover-up of the Oklahoma city bombings and is in support of gun control. His appointment is opposed by Republicans, the Vatican, the military, the NRA, militia members and many others. It is almost as if he was selected deliberately to galvanize opposition to Khazarian mob rule.

The other Khazarian mafia stronghold under attack is the widely reviled Monsanto Corporation. Their attempt to ban the labelling of GMO crops on foodstuffs has backfired, and now several major food makers, including General Mills and Campbell Soup, have promised to label GMO foods. Furthermore, the FBI is now probing the various food poisoning outbreaks that affected the Chipotle fast food chain after it announced it was going GMO free. Initial evidence is pointing to Monsanto goons as being the culprits, FBI sources say.

In the Middle East, meanwhile, the UN and the US have begun to openly call Turkish and Saudi Arabian attacks war crimes and genocide. This is paving the way for a major military campaign to clean up that troubled region once and for all.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan seems to losing control of his senses under the pressure as evidenced by recent statements calling journalists and politicians “terrorists.”

The Turkish military know they will have to dump him if they are to save their country from dismemberment.

It may be already too late for Saudi Arabia to do the same. A Saudi Prince, who was involved in an attempt to offer the White Dragon Society $25 trillion to go away, once admitted “we have been obeying them for so long,” that his countries’ rulers could not contemplate any other course. The “them” was a reference to the Khazarian mob but, in the context, he was clearly referring to something even more ancient and evil. This is the human slaver guild known to history as the Hyksos, who worshipped a goat faced being with a forked tail we refer to as Satan. Certainly the recent actions of the Saudis, such as bombing markets and killing innocent people, can only be described as Satanic.

On a final note, Russian sources say Pope Francis is planning to make a major announcement, possibly in May, and then retire. While experience has taught us to be wary of specific dates or deadlines, it is undeniable that major world changes are taking place. The WDS, for its part, will make some sort of announcement if and when it sees the actual physical gold mentioned.


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  • PeoplePower

    Flat Earth – Antartica Unmapped:

    Flat Earth Facts:
    “The magnetic pin in a compass aligns horizontally with the magnetic field of earth, proving useful for navigation.”

    A compass cannot work on a sphere as it does on a flat plane.

    On a flat earth, it’s theorized that the magnetic pole of this world is located at the center, or true north. If this is true, then it means that magnetic north exists on this plane and when measured from anywhere on the plane, magnetic north would appear to be oriented parallel, or flat to the plane.

    This is commonly what we observe when we look at a compass. In fact, to accurately read the heading of a compass, you have to hold it…parallel to the ground.

    Conversely, If the earth were a globe, then Magnetic north would actually exist in a unique 3 dimensional position in relation to each position on the globe. It would make taking an accurate compass reading impossible.


    Irrefutable & Undeniable “DOCUMENTED” PROOF: THE EARTH IS FLAT [courtesy of NASA, NRO & US Army]

    Bible Proof The Earth Is Not A Sphere-

    The Flat Earth Explained:

    • Rusty Nails

      Did you know, “that North America, is actually South America, & visa versa”? Here’s how;

      :arrow: Take a compass, then take a magnet. Set it next to the compass & watch what part of the needle points towards the magnet.

      Now, if you’re holding a compass, & the needle of the compass is pointing towards the north pole,
      it’s actually pointing towards the south pole, because that’s the magnetic opposite of the magnet.

      This proves that North America, is actually South America & visa versa!! :wink: :wink:

      Just DON’T, tell this to a soldier during a war game, or you’all could end up in enemy territory! :lol:

      • b4

        how much acid (lsd)does one take to come to these conclusions?!!between the bible thumpers and flat earthers bin is a mess–but i really think the flat earthers are just playing people–its a ruse–all nonsense-just folks with too much time on their hands seeing what they can get away with–even i am commenting on,so it works…

      • 2QIK4U

        It just proves that you screwed up the polarity of the compass when you demagnetised it by putting the magnet on it. :eek:

    • The Clucker


      Look here, dipstick.

      You said: “Flat Earth – Antartica Unmapped:”

      So why can people go work there? I just saw a job on craigslist the other day that was hiring for construction framers there. Here’s a link to others.

      Please stop crying like a gaylord about flat earth. It’s very gay, and sad.

  • 2QIK4U

    A hit went down in Melbourne Australia of a lawyer who used to defend Melbourne’s seedy Government shared underbelly. The News also mentioned a hitman had recently entered the country. I believe the news were referring to Spy, JAMES CLAPPER. :idea: but as usual everyone knows so nothing will happen._.. Again.

    • 2QIK4U

      Australia is supposed to have more gold than anywhere on earth still buried waiting to be dug up. (yep, even more than africa)

    • Anonymous

      Check yourself 2QIK4U, everybody knows we create our reality. Start saying it WILL happen and mean it when you say it. I mean REALLY MEAN it when you say it. We WILL take our world back from these invaders! And we will HOLD IT!

      • 2QIK4U


  • Busta Myth

    Well that sounds like a load of Freemasonic Disinfo Dribble :roll:

    Who hired or helped most the NAZI WAR CRIMINALS escape to ARGENTINA after WW2?

    The Vatican Jesuit Ratlines to ARGENTINA

    and the OSS (Pre CIA) aka Project Paperclip

    as for HMS Sheffield “supposedly sinking”

    - IT DID SINK, I’ve met someone that was one of the survivors :roll:

    • illi

      Disinfo Drivel you mean? You must be referring to the goat headed satanic god of the Gnostic Freemasons that they knowingly or unknowingly worship… His name is Baphomet. This was also Aleister Crowley’s director of activities. They use the hexagram (star of David) as the basis for their ritual. Have a lovely day…

  • tahanlaoboy

    Good info

  • Rusty Nails

    :arrow: :arrow: :idea: This is what they’re really after; :idea:

  • InquisitiveMind

    Ben Fulford says a lot of things. None of which come to fruition.

  • Bobwire

    People Power is living proof meth & bath salts don’t mix

  • Warriors of The Rainbow

    Ben Fulford is a cointel pro agent for the illuminati. He’s a fake. He give some info but what he does is also spread lies for the illuminati. He lied and said nothing is happening in Fukishima as ocean life is being killed and photos of dying sea animals are all over youtube. He said 100,000 ninjas were going to kill the illuminati 5 years ago. He’s a an agent just used to keep us passively watching and not doing anything to take action. He also spread the hate agenda for the illuminta.
    What these people don’t spread is the fact that we all need to realize that we are all being manipulated by the illuminati, Royals and Jesuits, who stay in power by dividing all of us and getting the average person to have demonic thoughts of hatred towards others. This hatred is usually just something implanted into the minds of people through mind control by the illuminati.
    For instance, in the U.S. people are being mind controlled to think that all Muslims are evil. This is not true, most Muslims are normal good people and not the same as the Muslims extremists who are paid and trained by the illuminati to kill others.
    Another example of how the illuminati get us to hate is all the info on Israel. The illuminati is being caught using fake photos and “crisis actors” to circulate fake information, fake photos and manipulated fake stories about Israeli soldiers.
    The illuminati is playing all of us. They created their agendas decades or centuries ago, and their families continue to act as producers in their screen play to get the ultimate goal of killing all of us in Nuclear wars.
    At this point in time, we need to focus on uniting all of us. Only unity of the human race can stop the illuminati from controlling us and pushing us into hatred for others, based on false information. We don’t all have to believe the same religions or spiritual practices, but we have to realize we are all human beings with the same desires of love, happiness and freedom. If everyone had a roof over their heads and foods in their belly, we would reduce the hate and fighting on this planet to extremely low levels. It’s the illuminati who induce us into hatred that keeps everyone miserable and suffering.
    We as a human race are in the billions and the illuminati at most are in the millions, with their paid minions. We have the power to take our planet back, but we need to think with our hearts and see compassion for the regular human suffering in all countries. Do not fuel the energies of wars with more hate for other countries who are controlled by the illuminati. Do not fuel hate for races who are being smeared by the illuminati in the news like in Nazi Germany, with fake information.
    The average jewish person is just the same as the average American person, the average Muslim person is the same as the average American person. They do not know what is going on in the world and do not realize why people hate them. They do not realize the illuminati is staging all the terrorist events and blaming it falsely on them. They do not realize the illuminati are controlling and training, and paying extremists to kill others. So they can portray violence on the news and get us to be in fear and hate.
    If we continue with hatred, we will destroy this planet and it will be the end of our civilization. Instead, fuel love for humanity. The energy of love is the only thing that can change this war. Look up how everything is energy in this world. And the dark forces, the satanists, cannot survive if this planet moves into a higher Schumann Resonance which comes from the energies of love. Their bloodlines will die off. We need to unite our religions and races to love one another and pray for peace. We can all have our separate religious beliefs, but we need to unite as one right now in love. Look up how everything has been proven to be energy by Quantum Physics and how our earth is receiving energies that we have never seen before, through the sun. We are receiving help from higher forces. If the energies from the sun get higher and higher, the illuminati dark forces will not be able to live on this planet. We need to help this happen by fueling unity and love.
    Look up the Abrahamic Reunion in Israel and how Muslims, Jews, Christians and Drudes (Islamic) people have come together to pray for peace. The last prayer event resulted in a rainbow circling the sun. And there was a cease fire and peace for a bit. We need to continue this trend. This is the way we help this world. Praying and meditation has proven to fuel energy to create all types of incredible miracles. We are the ones we are waiting for, do not fuel their hatred, fuel the unity of our hearts and minds.

  • Warriors of The Rainbow

    Ben Fulford is contel pro agent. He is being used to fuel hatred.

    Here is proof that the illuminati bloodlines are trying to fuel hatred for both Muslims and Israelis. They are playing all of us and controlling these two areas to keep the fighting and hatred going so that it can be used to fuel wars. If the illuminati disappeared, there would be hardly any wars or hatred on this planet.

    Here is proof the illuminati are putting out fake photos of Israeli people…
    Exclusive Video: Tuvia Grossman Meets Soldier Who Saved His Life
    by HonestReporting

    In 2000, the media published a photo of Tuvia Grossman,
    a Jewish student from Chicago — bloodied and battered
    – crouching beneath a club-wielding Israeli policeman. The caption identified him as a Palestinian victim of Israeli brutality — with the clear implication that the Israeli soldier was the one who beat him.
    In fact, the policeman saved his life.

    Here’s another news smear campaign put out about israelis. See how they frame people.

    2) Youtube video “Can you Shoot Your Gun for Us?”
    by HonestReporting

    A couple who had their Jewish son killed by Pallistineans
    was interviewed by Brian Gumble who smeared the grieving parents on tv.

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